Why FC Barcelona are on the verge of bankruptcy | Oh My Goal

3 nov 2020
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The situation is critical at FC Barcelona. The club may have to declare itself bankrupt in January 2021! This would be terrible news for a club that’s been struggling for years and even more so with the coronavirus situation. The covid-19 pandemic has hurt Barça so much that the club is on the verge of bankruptcy...But how did FC Barcelona end up like this? Is covid the only reason to blame? Yes and no..
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  • Do you think Barça will come out of this global crisis without a negative impact on their results?

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My Goal2 månader sedan
    • @The Kremlin bruh

      Tiax03Tiax0318 dagar sedan
    • Let's hope so

      MidoYTMidoYT2 månader sedan
    • @The Kremlin You mean tapnaldo?

      M MM M2 månader sedan
    • @David Moheb You realize this video is about barca and the figure of barca is Messi right?

      shamsudeen m ashamsudeen m a2 månader sedan
    • I wish Barca will get bankrupt

      Ikko AfeefIkko Afeef2 månader sedan
  • Hopefully they end up in the second division. hahaha. HALA MADRID!

    Not AlexisNot Alexis16 dagar sedan
  • The Barca Time is over Messi, Piqué, busquets are to old

    Marc aus U.Marc aus U.19 dagar sedan
  • Barca's problem was not selling Neymar, It was thinking Neymar leaving was the only hole in the team worth investment and throwing 422 million in three players to play out of position to replace him. All of this with an aging defense and a lack of leadership in midfield equaled what we are seeing right now.

    J davalosJ davalosMånad sedan
  • I don’t think so

    Odair SantosOdair SantosMånad sedan
  • barcelona is in 9th place right now, an aging overpaid players core, messi will leave 2021 on a free transfer, a huge dep... they should look over to germany were the great hamburger sv (won the uefa cup and the champions league in the 80s; never been out of the first division from 1963 till 2018 - and haven`t been back since...) also thought he was invincible... barca fans get ready for battleing the likes of getafe and levante for midiocrity....

    Max HeimannMax HeimannMånad sedan
  • man if they'd let messi go when he wanted to leave then they wouldn't have faced this problem

    Gokul KannaGokul KannaMånad sedan
  • The crazy moustache neuroanatomically polish because undershirt initially grab until a rhetorical grandson. loose, romantic distance

    halim khanhalim khanMånad sedan
  • First they had the best players of South America in one team,Now it's like any other European team.

    Akshit SinghAkshit SinghMånad sedan
  • Don't worry Barça fans, there is always some random Chinese billionaire with some money to spend

    NSNSMånad sedan
  • Finally some positive news in 2020!!!

    EEMånad sedan
  • If Bartomeu didn’t buy Vidal, Paulinho, Coutinho and Dembele. Barca wasn’t near this situation

    Eli MaduroEli MaduroMånad sedan
  • No more poaching our stars then.. good

    Liverpool FCLiverpool FCMånad sedan
  • Barca should sell Messi at early season but they didn't

    Agung WahyudiAgung Wahyudi2 månader sedan
  • To all Liverpool fans, this is why fsg spend money carefully on players. Now, look at Barcelona. So please stop criticising fsg board of directors.

    Ric Kyi LFC Vlogs44Ric Kyi LFC Vlogs442 månader sedan

    Mohammed AbdinoorMohammed Abdinoor2 månader sedan
  • Fans: u might want to put on ur jacket BART bartomeu: nah imma get comfy on my self seated Barcelona embroided sofa

    Mohammed AbdinoorMohammed Abdinoor2 månader sedan
  • Now all the talent of la masia will go to Real Atletico Ajax etc

    Lost in KansaiLost in Kansai2 månader sedan

  • Barca has to decrease the salaries of the players, management should be rebuilt and the like problems should be solved

    Mohammad AdolMohammad Adol2 månader sedan
  • I am a real Madrid fan but I want barca to stay they are good rival

    Rehan HussainRehan Hussain2 månader sedan
  • Perez is the best President ever

    Amhar IhsanAmhar Ihsan2 månader sedan
  • When Ronald kicks Suarez instead of KreizMann

    Bacon HairBacon Hair2 månader sedan
  • Who was that guy who resigned someone tell me

    Hope nkuluHope nkulu2 månader sedan
  • Bro I've seen this coming for 10 years now hahaha as Real Madrid its hilarious to see, they tried to copy us with everything, even trying to renovate their new stadium like us knowing damn well they couldn't afford it. They pretty much got some of the project built for free since they didn't pay the construction company's now they will get sued hard lmfao!!!!

    JETJET2 månader sedan
  • No surprise barcelona is a corrupt club, even before sleeper agent bartemeou. They don't pay construction workers, they bribe officials, they spent more money on transfers then any other club in the world the last decade, Even to sign players like neymar they paid his dad under the table 40 million just so he wouldn't choose real madrid.

    JETJET2 månader sedan
    • real madrid is more corrupt.

      Niall CraigNiall Craig2 månader sedan
    • Spot on

      Jefferson Ch • 20 years agoJefferson Ch • 20 years ago2 månader sedan
  • As a Getafe fan I don't wish this upon Barcelona but man why are you putting that much of your revenue into your players? It was never gonna work even before the pandemic. They had so much wages into their players and revenue isn't reliable. Hope they can make it out though!

    Marco Rojas-VazquezMarco Rojas-Vazquez2 månader sedan
  • Good, their fans are toxic.

    Chad McFlyChad McFly2 månader sedan
  • The problem is that Barca overspending transfers were the blame due to bad management by the boards. With or without the problem present of Covid-19. Blaming Covid-19 is just an excuse. I wouldn't be surprised if someone rich enough especially foreign decides to buy the Catalan club. Changing it to having an actual owner. I am sure the fans are more willing to accept foreign ownership (Middle-East royalty) than letting someone from Madrid or other people that don't support Catalonian independence.

    David ZhengDavid Zheng2 månader sedan
  • What Kevin i only know covid

    Nyakier MattaiNyakier Mattai2 månader sedan
  • This shows that no matter how big ur empire is..it can always fall

    Ayush RoyAyush Roy2 månader sedan
  • Barca is the 4 richest club in the world

    Sisi DSisi D2 månader sedan
  • All money talk doe?? Players just doing it for money nowadays if I played for Barcelona I would stay in for the love of the game and not leave for money! Money changes lots of ppl smh

    Black SixtwosixBlack Sixtwosix2 månader sedan
  • Bartomeu had the chance to gain $700m off the head of Messi if they had let him go to @ManCity. But nope. If I go down, you go down.

    rinzorinzo2 månader sedan
    • messi is an old player. Nobody would buy him for $700M.

      Hendru AjibHendru Ajib2 månader sedan
  • You and your fake videos

    VV2 månader sedan
  • Josep Maria Bartomeu is basically Steve Dale, but Spanish.

    Tarkan BashllariTarkan Bashllari2 månader sedan
  • Why braca left Neymar and suarez leave the club?

    kavin gunalankavin gunalan2 månader sedan
  • We fans can raise funds for the club we love

    Shafique AhmedShafique Ahmed2 månader sedan
  • In that case Narcs should stop trying to but player they don't need.

    Ernest OnwonaErnest Onwona2 månader sedan
  • Is have been 121 years barca playis 😢😢 is over for barca

    Aleksi PupiAleksi Pupi2 månader sedan
  • Over paying for players a total mismanagement by bartomuo

    Ridwan AliRidwan Ali2 månader sedan
  • That serves them right for being corrupt

    jas cjas c2 månader sedan
  • play for the badge not for money, thats what happen in Manchester United

    Fajrul AzaliFajrul Azali2 månader sedan
  • Guys let's donate

    LES VENTURELES VENTURE2 månader sedan
  • Bartomeu was making me hate Barcelona , but the good thing is he’s not the president of Barcelona 😸😸

    Selam AschaleSelam Aschale2 månader sedan
  • here's why real is the bigger club

    Rowan HulstRowan Hulst2 månader sedan
  • Paying all their earnings as salary to one man”MESSI

    Ebuka ChiokeEbuka Chioke2 månader sedan
  • If I was Lionel Messi,I’d be accepting transfer options about now

    Ivan MartinezIvan Martinez2 månader sedan
  • This is a simple case of bad money management and basically gambling. Gamblers borrow more and more to try to cover other debts but ultimately just create bigger & bigger holes elsewhere. Transfers like Coutinho, Dembele, Griezmann were nothing more than gambles. They couldn't afford those players at that time but decided to gamble and buy them anyway. They forgot how football truly works and that you need a TEAM, not just good individuals. Real Madrid didn't win a Champions League for 12 years with a whole bunch of mega stars in their team! These are lessons that Barca should have known and because of this, should have avoided to buy Coutinho, Dembele and Griezmann. The president who bought those players wanted a "quick way out" of his problems. He was so sure that those players will instantly win him a Champions League title and all the money will flow back quickly. That's what gamblers do, they chase their losses. They should have used the Neymar money ($222 mil) as a gift and paid their debts, slowly rebuilt with fresh, young and inexpensive players. But too late. Classic money management mistake which only monkeys and uneducated idiots can make.

    LnBK52LnBK522 månader sedan
  • 2030 no fc barcelona

    Hasn AlHasn Al2 månader sedan
  • Barca have like 6M plus fans / followers on their youtube channel. If each one of them contribute a nominal amount of like USD 155, they can literally pay off the entire debt of USD 930 million. Just a suggestion. Desperate times call for desperate measures. There wont be a better time to show your love and support for the club.

    Mubeen BhagwaniMubeen Bhagwani2 månader sedan
  • Honestly Bartomeu is the best Real Madrid president like cmon he destroyed their greatest rivals Barcelona in just 2-3 years 😂😂

    AbisonDaGoatAbisonDaGoat2 månader sedan
  • The situation is so stupid that is make me laugh even why they spent money that these need on Griezmann, de Jong Neto Neto Neto!! 😆 they should sell Coutinho and dembele and umtiti long time ago umtiti not becuase i do not like him he is good player but to make some money one year ago Bartumeu left barça almost dead and he want to make the super league and signed for barça to play on it because he made a big mess in barça it just incredible stupid

    Sebastian ZetSebastian Zet2 månader sedan
  • Barca doing a Leeds

    Paul K SunnyPaul K Sunny2 månader sedan
  • They should have sold messi to Man City

    I Am LegendI Am Legend2 månader sedan
  • Barcelona has fallen

    I Am LegendI Am Legend2 månader sedan
  • It was nothing less than this situations.Bartomeu knew that he could not handle it so to get rid off and to stuck others he may have left. I don't the whole story but coward people always do like this. If he had had capabilities he could slap the mouths of his critics by his leadership and well handling.

    Usman AliUsman Ali2 månader sedan
  • Tbh, messi's salary is just ridiculous. I mean he's just a footballer not a doctor or whatnot.

    Haris RaharjoHaris Raharjo2 månader sedan
  • Sell Messi to United

    TARUN K. KHATTATARUN K. KHATTA2 månader sedan
  • Ronald koemann defend Messi from Setien's criticism seworld.info/will/aG-Zy8-ZaKh4nXU/video

    FREAKFREAK2 månader sedan
  • Bartomeu is the reason for all this mess.

    Nikhil NaikNikhil Naik2 månader sedan
  • I knew this was the highest paid squad but I never thought it was this much. How they want expect to renew messi if they can’t even afford his salary? I guess if he stays it will mean that he loves Barca more than money which I doubt

    joe chombojoe chombo2 månader sedan
  • 8A2CA going to 8ANK2UPT

    Plastic AgePlastic Age2 månader sedan
  • Selling messi would be good for both messi and barcelona's economic balance

    9B09Dhruvan R9B09Dhruvan R2 månader sedan

    RoyRoy2 månader sedan
  • Ah, la liga will gonna be another farmer league

    Islamitisch verdedigersfrontIslamitisch verdedigersfront2 månader sedan
    • Aqokwwo.....liga petani...yg juara antara di duo madrid..kwwkwk

      Choky nurikhsanChoky nurikhsan2 månader sedan
  • The glaring solution is SELL PESSI!!!...common, what's the worst that could happen? Going trophy less?! Tell another joke!

    Wisdom WisdomWisdom Wisdom2 månader sedan
  • Two Words: Sell Messi

    Lord VageLord Vage2 månader sedan
  • Hey

    RiftZeeYRiftZeeY2 månader sedan
  • Here's how marketing works in Barcelona; First buy a $100million player ,make him play shit, Second ,loan him out to a club that beat you miserably to become UCL winners, then have to pay a hefty price to the first club because that player won the ucl for some other team.

    souvik sikdarsouvik sikdar2 månader sedan
  • I wished that bad things happened to Barça but I meant become a UEFA Europa League team but this is heart breaking

    Christian TDWChristian TDW2 månader sedan
  • Can’t they just get 200 mill as they pass go

    michael lynchmichael lynch2 månader sedan
  • There's only one way Sell Messi. His wage will be off & if they can get a transfer price also then awesome. But it will be a tough decision. Although he himself wanted to leave.

    Fahad DaniyalFahad Daniyal2 månader sedan
  • Barto, abidal & co. of the culprits robbed the Barca’s hard earned money through corruption, fishy recruits , dirty under the table deals, miss management, senseless squandering,.etc

    Dimuthu DissanayakeDimuthu Dissanayake2 månader sedan
  • We will get a new cruyff Remember when cruyff came Barça situation were like this. History repeating itself

    v pv p2 månader sedan
  • I am a Barca fan #Barca

    Timothy O'HalloranTimothy O'Halloran2 månader sedan
  • 2015:Messi, Suarez, Neymar, Iniesta, Xavi 2020:Messi...

    Ben AndersonBen Anderson2 månader sedan
  • they are stupid they could have sell lionel messi but they refuse and now look what will happen to them they facing this mess goodluck

    VecciVecci2 månader sedan
  • I miss this guys talking😃

    ObtidexObtidex2 månader sedan
  • Can you guys make a video about what the hell happened to Charly Musonda

    Laurent AndreLaurent Andre2 månader sedan
  • Love how they say “after tax” even thought Barca doesn’t even pay tax

    Ludvig HeltLudvig Helt2 månader sedan
  • Why don't they borrow money from man city and let the GOAT Leve it would definitely be a big relief for both the club and player. Manchester city is well financed and they can definitely afford MESSI'S big payroll also they could finance Barca nicely

    Leo foreverLeo forever2 månader sedan
  • this will never happen reason: the have players like messi , ter stegen , griezmann and many more these alone will bring at least 500 mil Euros plus the have a big stadium they could sell in worst case scenario plus the companies they have deals with : audi , nike , rakuten ... etc won't mind saving the club for somthing in exchange and last thing: la liga itself barca club bring millions of fans a year to the city of barcelona and spain in general a lot of companies are paying million to have streaming rights just for barca and alot of ppl will stop watching la liga without barca cause it will be like the french league ( only 2 strong teams) hope barca changes to 2015 days

    ZXC PlantzookaZXC Plantzooka2 månader sedan
  • they need to delete the whole club but keep messi and ter stegen the fans, and the staduim then restart everything

    ZXC PlantzookaZXC Plantzooka2 månader sedan
  • 2015: MSN 2018: MS 2020: M 2021:...

    Mina AhmedMina Ahmed2 månader sedan
  • Really 142 million for countinho, while Ronaldo is 100 million ,Barca should have some brains in their management, they should have loaned out players 80 20 ratio,significantly reduce their wage budget, should have sold players like rakitic,Suarez for Atleast 30 million, should learn that manu brought a fridge for 80 million

    PRPR2 månader sedan
  • Lets see what happen this season....... Hoping for atleast someting good

    TabrezTabrez2 månader sedan
  • Poor Barcelona

    Tangeni IiputaTangeni Iiputa2 månader sedan
  • I love soccer stories

  • Barcelona in debt while Real Madrid is building a new stadium

    soccer dudesoccer dude2 månader sedan
  • Sack Pique and Sergio Bosquetes

    Hamed HosseiniHamed Hosseini2 månader sedan
  • ohmygoal pls explain the free kick inside the box during ajax’s game

    vette boyyvette boyy2 månader sedan
    • indirect free kick. search google

      CleanCodeOnlineCleanCodeOnline2 månader sedan
  • The Director said he'll get Klopp but I swear even Klopp is not gonna help Barca from going bankrupt

    TheYouInarTheYouInar2 månader sedan
  • So they got a loan from a company who was involved in 1MDB case.My foot....

    furrycheetah2000furrycheetah20002 månader sedan
  • years of robbing trophies has come to bite Barcelona in the ass

    Justin eisJustin eis2 månader sedan
    • Lol who is talking Madrid fan 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂. Go and ask to anyone from league they will tell you ,how referee helped them to win last 2 champions league

      prasanna kumarprasanna kumar2 månader sedan

    REZART 1912REZART 19122 månader sedan
  • How we can stop this : 1 sell griezmann 2 sell Braithwaith 3 use and trust on La Masia players 4 Get a good sponsorship 5 we can do what Chelsea did and Real Madrid are doing, Don't buy any players for a season, unless they are free of cost

    NJNJ2 månader sedan
    • @JBonk Gaming o

      NJNJ2 månader sedan
    • even for free player, the club still need money to pay their agent fee & signing fee.- Pogba agent fee 15M++ and signing fee 10M++. the only option sell rotten player and use youth / la masia players.

      JBonk GamingJBonk Gaming2 månader sedan
  • FFP?

    JBonk GamingJBonk Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Barca on 2nd division ?

    LeonLeon2 månader sedan
  • Ha Ha barca is suffering with paying bills. Real is renovating their stadium... CLASSS.....

    Saffat TechSaffat Tech2 månader sedan