Who was Cristiano Ronaldo's football mentor? | Oh My Goal

19 nov 2020
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Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the best footballers in history. His talent and his strength of character have taken him to the top of the beautiful game. But one man helped him follow the right path to become a true legend. Do you know who we’re talking about?
Discover who CR7’s mentor was at the start of his career, when he first joined the Portuguese national team. An exceptional player who put Cristiano Ronaldo on the road to success.
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  • Who is your football example?

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • Cr7

      The Bansode FamilyThe Bansode Family29 dagar sedan
    • CR7

      Sandra CRSandra CRMånad sedan
    • Cristiano Ronaldo

      Aditya Pratap SinghAditya Pratap SinghMånad sedan

      Tangeni IiputaTangeni IiputaMånad sedan
    • Messi

      Pandelis MitsionisPandelis MitsionisMånad sedan
  • I think giggs and Scholes would disagree

    james samujames samu23 dagar sedan
  • Don't forget he idiolized Rui Costa too

    SK UsaidSK UsaidMånad sedan
  • The 🐐 CR7 mentored only by the legend Luís Figo!

    justsimjustsimMånad sedan
  • I used to hate Ronaldo at one point,until I saw the story behind

    P U-jinP U-jinMånad sedan
  • Oh My Goal: uploads a proper video Me: Finally Suggestion: Focus on Other Players as well

    Pokémon Trainer V-KidPokémon Trainer V-KidMånad sedan
  • Soon ronaldo will take either dybala or joao Felix under his wing

  • Point of correction he is not one of the greatest he is the greatest

  • who misses figo on the right wing during 2006 wc

    Irtaza studioIrtaza studioMånad sedan
  • Cr7 best player ever

    Cezar PutCezar PutMånad sedan
  • Messi 👑👑👑👑💪💪💪

    Rayya __00Rayya __00Månad sedan
  • Let's just say it! The thumbnail was enough to get the news and Oh My Goal made it a 5 minute Video. 🥴

    Aswin LoKiAswin LoKiMånad sedan
    • To teach kids like you who reigned over Portugal before CR7

      justsimjustsimMånad sedan
  • I'm just glad Ronnie didn't turn out to be a traitor like figo

    LLMånad sedan
  • His only mentor was SAF stfu oh my goal

    Spandan DasSpandan DasMånad sedan
  • My mentors are chicharito and cr7

    Alex ChavezAlex ChavezMånad sedan
  • Make video on alcantara brothes

    mohammad Irfanmohammad IrfanMånad sedan
  • Siiiiiiiuuuuuuuuuu 🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐🐐

    Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
  • This voice on this video is lazy

    chaotic sillychaotic sillyMånad sedan
  • 💙💙 seworld.info/will/r4Temcytbat6nIE/video

    dzair Kora - دزاير كورةdzair Kora - دزاير كورةMånad sedan
  • Do you want cristianio to play with me

    Bukayo sakaBukayo sakaMånad sedan
  • Mainchester united 😂

    original gangsteroriginal gangsterMånad sedan
  • Interestting no of dislikes is 7

    Mohammad SafwanMohammad SafwanMånad sedan
  • Make a video about cristiano’s idol in football

    Yofende LouisYofende LouisMånad sedan
  • No body Absolutely nobody Oh my goal man's voice : Main-chester United

    TCC DeoxysTCC DeoxysMånad sedan
  • Messi #GOAT

    Mehboob ShaikhMehboob ShaikhMånad sedan
    • @Cule4Ever but here you are... stfu

      Carlos PCarlos PMånad sedan
    • @Cule4Ever and this is a ronaldo video. Go to any messi video and see the replies for "ronaldo is the 🐐" comments. Every single messi fan would be disrespecting cr7 with penaldo comments and laughing emojis

      Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
    • @Cule4Ever lol i've just stated my opinion. I am not a fan boy like the one below me(aneek mandal) to name messi as pussi or messi fanboys to ronaldo as penaldo. Both are great👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

      Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
    • @RMĀ CR7 Not again bruh...Stop the war

      Cule4EverCule4EverMånad sedan
    • Pussy is just overrated for his dribbling Cr7 is a complete player with advanced techical and physical abilities and is also one of the best assisters with 270 assists

      RMĀ CR7RMĀ CR7Månad sedan
  • FFS

    MANpro 107MANpro 107Månad sedan
  • Last time I was this early there were no comments about *last time I was this early*

    Wilfred RajWilfred RajMånad sedan
  • 69 assists, noice Cristiano, defiantly his best record so far

  • now, who was mentored by cristiano at portugal national team? bruno penandez or bernardo silva or Andre Silva?

    Alghiffary SikumbangAlghiffary SikumbangMånad sedan
    • @Ab cd or vihrat kohli

      Alghiffary SikumbangAlghiffary SikumbangMånad sedan
    • Cr7 junior👀

      Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
  • howcome when charli says she wants hundread million you guys blame her but when ronaldo says he just doesnt wanna be the best for only his country he wants to be best in history isnt being the best in your country also enough

    Awande MangaliAwande MangaliMånad sedan
  • He already the best in the world and all time in history

    Fahim MafFahim MafMånad sedan
  • He need to be serounded by great people??????? He doesnt need broo

    Fahim MafFahim MafMånad sedan
  • 4 dislikes are messi fans

    RafuRafuMånad sedan
  • 0:15 awesome-girls24.online

    Татьяна МирошниченкоТатьяна МирошниченкоMånad sedan
  • 2:13 Nice 😏

    Lovro BevandaLovro BevandaMånad sedan
  • Isn’t it weird that both Messi and Ronaldo’s mentors wore their future numbers? Ronaldinho/Messi-10 Figo/Ronaldo-7

    Etai ReuvenyEtai ReuvenyMånad sedan
    • Alien stuff👽👽

      AkshatAkshatMånad sedan
    • Lol damm

      Simon PierreSimon PierreMånad sedan
    • @King TMG Figo wore #10 in Madrid

      justsimjustsimMånad sedan
    • And ronaldo Madrid same has figo

      King TMGKing TMGMånad sedan
    • The students wanted to succeed and surpass the masters

      Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
  • Bring back the old oh my goal

    Cristiano Ronaldo 7Cristiano Ronaldo 7Månad sedan
  • 69 assists 😳 he sus

    Mario GarciaMario GarciaMånad sedan
  • his mentor was wilfried bony

    Mario GarciaMario GarciaMånad sedan
  • early gang

    ThatsBrxdyThatsBrxdyMånad sedan
  • Ronaldo is the craziest and awesome player

    Christian PercyChristian PercyMånad sedan
    • Agreed Watch this video about him seworld.info/will/aXmprbrZgpasnGA/video

      TCC DeoxysTCC DeoxysMånad sedan
  • Last time I was THIS early Manchester Utd were top of the world. You can tell how long it’s taken for me to be early 😂

    R.H.A Studios.R.H.A Studios.Månad sedan
    • Haha it’s been ages

      H ZH ZMånad sedan
  • 69 assists coincidence? I think not.

    Respect Marcus RashfordRespect Marcus RashfordMånad sedan
    • Nice

      Superomario27Superomario27Månad sedan
  • Cristiano’s mentor was Quaresma

    Nick RonaldoNick RonaldoMånad sedan
  • I bet his mentor was zlatan but he is too shy to reveal it....

    Eden Fatzard's MemesEden Fatzard's MemesMånad sedan
    • @TCC Deoxys nice i watched it

      Marlon DalliMarlon DalliMånad sedan
    • seworld.info/will/aXmprbrZgpasnGA/video

      TCC DeoxysTCC DeoxysMånad sedan
    • No way 😂😂😂😂 what did zlatan do ?🤣🤣🤣🤣

      Marlon DalliMarlon DalliMånad sedan
  • "My first football mentors were lingardinho and phil jones" -cristiano ronaldo

    messi forevermessi foreverMånad sedan
    • @Anubhav Kumar ok your saying ligardinho doesnt have a body of a 21 year old

      Phil jones hehePhil jones heheMånad sedan
    • @grace mahoro Cris has a body of 21 year old.So lingardinho is his idol.

      Anubhav KumarAnubhav KumarMånad sedan
    • lol

      Munib FarahMunib FarahMånad sedan
    • @Wazza THFC yesh

      grace mahorograce mahoroMånad sedan
    • Does not make sense as ronaldo is older

      grace mahorograce mahoroMånad sedan
  • No one help Ronaldo he was jxt a hardworker and reached his mark😊

    Abuz yarmo channelAbuz yarmo channelMånad sedan
    • @Gabriel Uwalaka yes

      Hehee boiiHehee boiiMånad sedan
    • Alex Ferguson helped him

      Gabriel UwalakaGabriel UwalakaMånad sedan
  • King CR7 👑❤️

    harsh jaiswalharsh jaiswalMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/eo2qy6qob3t5nZs/video😂😂🙌🙌

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  • When the 2nd Goat 🐐 was born 🔥🔥

    Joseph DanielJoseph DanielMånad sedan
    • @Joseph Daniel I also respect messi and love him.You can also have your own opinion

      Tashfeen 1919Tashfeen 1919Månad sedan
    • @Tashfeen 1919 That’s your opinion.But I respect Ronaldo

      Joseph DanielJoseph DanielMånad sedan
    • @Joseph Daniel Nah ronaldo🐐🐐🐐

      Tashfeen 1919Tashfeen 1919Månad sedan
    • @Etai Reuveny Yes Messi is the 🐐

      Joseph DanielJoseph DanielMånad sedan
    • Messi=🐐 Like if you agree

      Etai ReuvenyEtai ReuvenyMånad sedan

    Abuz yarmo channelAbuz yarmo channelMånad sedan
  • I need 50 likes😂😋.....

    my namemy nameMånad sedan
  • Hello there

    Abhi KunalAbhi KunalMånad sedan
  • Last time I was this early Nottingham Forest won championship league

    Rikyz YTRikyz YTMånad sedan
    • @Rikyz YT oh I thought u were talking about the second division (*_*)

      DevadarshDevadarshMånad sedan
    • @Subha V thats the thing. I have never been this early cause back then there was no SEworld lol🤣🤣

      Rikyz YTRikyz YTMånad sedan
    • Reminds me of Roy Keane

      justsimjustsimMånad sedan
    • @Alex Quintana I think he means it's been a while since he's been this early

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    • What i dont get it?????

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  • Can i get a heart plz. 74 th like 280 view

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  • CR7 God

    Shirish LimayeShirish LimayeMånad sedan
  • Best player ever 🐐🐐🐐

    t7 dripzt7 dripzMånad sedan
    • Siiiiiuuu

      Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
    • No doubt Please watch Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest player ever seworld.info/will/aXmprbrZgpasnGA/video

      TCC DeoxysTCC DeoxysMånad sedan
  • hello

    ANO123ANO123Månad sedan
  • we all ne its sir alex fergunson

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  • His mentor was only one And that's SAF ❤️👏🙌

    Jayesh JainJayesh JainMånad sedan
    • Cristiano Ronaldo the greatest player ever seworld.info/will/aXmprbrZgpasnGA/video

      TCC DeoxysTCC DeoxysMånad sedan
  • Yesss I'm first for a change

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    • Nevermind you guys are waaaay too fast

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  • Cmon we all know Ronaldo had poster of Akinfenwa on his wall as a kid

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    • So did lingardinho

      Santhosh RSanthosh RMånad sedan
  • 4th

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  • Love you videos

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  • CR7 forver in my heart

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    • Cristiano ronaldo in 2021 😲😲 seworld.info/will/rq-6rci8nWt4vYU/video don't miss it

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    • @Ayushmaan Sharma Did we tell u your fav player was Shit?

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    • @Ayushmaan Sharma thats a lame roast. Come up with a good one.

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    • @Ayushmaan Sharma such a random roast??? Transgenders??? Bro are u 7

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