Maradona's reaction to the Icardi and Maxi Lopez scandal | Oh My Goal

27 nov 2020
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Diego Maradona’s comments about this one Argentinian REALLY encapsulated who he was as a person. Diego Maradona’s death reminds us of this one quote that let us know how he felt about a big dramatic issue in Argentina. Rest in peace Diego Armando Maradona.
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  • Maradona RIP 🙏🕊️🇦🇷⚽😭

    Popoola KejiPopoola Keji9 dagar sedan
  • Quando chiamo cornuto ad una persona,dico lopez,non più cornuto

    Giancarlo FermarikaGiancarlo Fermarika20 dagar sedan
  • A legend, A rebel, Maradroga...

    Lionel Jose DuterteLionel Jose Duterte25 dagar sedan
  • Maradona was an amazing player I love him so much he was a wonderful human being. During his era he didnt have the kind of money & facilities being offered today. He was extremely talented ahead of his time very grounded and loved by everyone Amen Diego May your soul Rest in piece. There will never be another you.

    Georgie LoboGeorgie Lobo27 dagar sedan
  • The end made me cry😭 Rest In Peace

    Antonio IorioAntonio IorioMånad sedan
  • in one of these videos, it said Wanda got famous from her hook up to Maradona at only 20. She’s been passed around by players more than the ball. ⚽️

    myamoe thawthawmyamoe thawthawMånad sedan
  • 0:55 god i. Miss him.. Soo much

    Muhammad SahirMuhammad SahirMånad sedan
  • Vitalyzdtv

    MUST SEEMUST SEEMånad sedan
  • Maradona a legand a hero an honest man he will be mist RIP

    conor carrollconor carrollMånad sedan
  • Cover how ozil criticized china and is now not playing football. He is being punished for his beliefs and standing up for human rights in china

    jack barrowjack barrowMånad sedan
  • Whats the last soundtrack?

    Rehan KhalidRehan KhalidMånad sedan
  • Integrity? Lol. Maradona is a blatant cheat - and he got rewarded for it, too

    Adam MarshallAdam MarshallMånad sedan

    Gab SaavGab SaavMånad sedan
  • Maradona could sleep the whole Argentinian teams wife. But he is a honourable man. Fck the traitor

    AceGhostificationAceGhostificationMånad sedan
  • Icardi infame

    Enrico CicciaEnrico CicciaMånad sedan
  • You guys have a head quarters? Wow

    Ali KhaledAli KhaledMånad sedan
  • Rest in peace to a legend 🙆‍♂️

    Dwane WalkesDwane WalkesMånad sedan
  • Wanda Nara became "famous" for dating Maradona when she was 18 yrs old. She's nothing but a blood sucking gold digger parasite

    Sergey DCSergey DCMånad sedan
  • Wanda the black widow? Icardi Who? The decerebrated brat?

    Massimo Maria MoroMassimo Maria MoroMånad sedan
  • me mata que hayan traducido "cabeza de termo" jajajajaja

    jorged06jorged06Månad sedan
  • Kinda hypocrite coming from him...

    jp jpjp jpMånad sedan
  • Throwing stones.

    Only4commentsOnly4commentsMånad sedan
  • This is why Incardi cannot succeed @ PSG Karma is A Bitch same for his wife Justice have been served. God not sleeping Amen 🙏

    Ultra TrumpUltra TrumpMånad sedan
  • Fake

    Marwan OkalMarwan OkalMånad sedan
  • Love diego but... a man who probably has 20 illegitimate sons around the world really should stfu!!! Icardi took care of three maxi lopez kids when he was 21. Maradona left his sons without a father ..

    Mk MMk MMånad sedan
  • Legend 🙏🙏🙏

    Ahmed KhamisAhmed KhamisMånad sedan
  • Icardi so many options yet u take the wife of a friend smh

    Edisson SantanaEdisson SantanaMånad sedan
  • I'm sorry but as much as i respect Diego the magician he was this video is full of shit. Diego was nobody to talk about right and wrongs he was well known for doing countless stupid things in life including messing with another mans woman. Effectively if this even was accurate and not made up Diego would have literally zero right to judge or talk about another person doing wrong in this sense. Amazing how just because somebody dies people paint them out like a saint it's ridiculous.

    DanielDanielMånad sedan
  • Maradona was a man who had values a role model despite the bad publicity

    romeo muzendaromeo muzendaMånad sedan
  • Maradona- nobody is perfect

    Skinny PSkinny PMånad sedan
  • When Lopez’s children will grow up old enough to understand stuff like this they will disown their snake mother and coward stepfather. Maxi Lopez was offered help by mafia into sorting out Icardi and he showed the man he is by preventing this. Icardi is a pos human being and so is his wife!

    Petr PerPetr PerMånad sedan
  • ronaldo comment is right

    Warzer SwaraWarzer SwaraMånad sedan
  • There is a similar story in the cricket world in India and the players involved belong to the so called Tamil culture famed for sanctity in marriages.

    T DhanasekaranT DhanasekaranMånad sedan
  • talk about a voice crack!!!! (1:25) No worries we all get them

    Quincy ShadrickQuincy ShadrickMånad sedan
  • Rest in peace

    Carlos RochaCarlos RochaMånad sedan
  • Here in argentina when a friend flirt with your girl we call it "the Icardi" lol

    Tana •Tana •Månad sedan
  • Diego Maradona isn't loved for nothing, not only was he loyal, but he lived his life his own way. He was a beast that will fear nothing. R.I.P The one and only, Diego Maradona...

    Maher NoorhusseinMaher NoorhusseinMånad sedan
  • Your video has the wrong title dude.

    Rory PérezRory PérezMånad sedan
  • Don Diego wasn't always on the right side, but he was determined, he was willing to protect what he believed. And most, he admitted it. RIP legend.

    Przemysław FrankowskiPrzemysław FrankowskiMånad sedan
  • You guys don’t have respect for dead people or self respect

    rdurduMånad sedan
  • Nice

    Romeo KatoRomeo KatoMånad sedan
  • Stop using Maradona for views

    Joshua Ainley FentonJoshua Ainley FentonMånad sedan
    • That goes out to all football SEworldrs

      Joshua Ainley FentonJoshua Ainley FentonMånad sedan
  • A controversial legend

    captribble hvcaptribble hvMånad sedan
  • Ok, now Oh my Goal has made a LOT videos on Maradona. Hope you are not monetising these .... Please stop taking the revenue out of a person's death.

    AnonymousAnonymousMånad sedan
  • Bullshit channel this become ... 5 sec video clinched to 5 min shit

    Baaz GAMINGBaaz GAMINGMånad sedan
  • Click bait

    VintayearVintayearMånad sedan
  • We will miss you Diego Maradona

    Lovemore MhuriyengweLovemore MhuriyengweMånad sedan
  • Love you Rebellious,love you the greatest of all time,love you the most fearless footballer in the world🥰🥰🥰!

    ZAK's PhilosophyZAK's PhilosophyMånad sedan
  • we not gonna ignore how they have almost 20 videos on this dude

    koobkoobMånad sedan
  • Who is Icardi?? Not interested in knowing in the views of Icardi as well. Millions of fans of Maradona love Diego A. Maradona. Will always will. RIP Diego.

    Anil Kumar Suvvaru VenkataAnil Kumar Suvvaru VenkataMånad sedan
  • Maradona was a passionate one( ・ั﹏・ั)

    Harry VermaHarry VermaMånad sedan
  • i don't think oh my goal is ready to forget about Diego Maradona

    GSF4lifeGSF4lifeMånad sedan
  • Why does CR7 Raise His hand when his teammates Score?Like so oh my goal can see

    EggEggMånad sedan
    • that is a stupid question dude

      AthaRva KaLeAthaRva KaLeMånad sedan
  • The next few videos will be about maradona. Oh my goal are using this time as an advantage to get more views

    sentipokla lkrsentipokla lkrMånad sedan
  • If Fergie dead, Old Trafford will be rename. If Raul dead, Bernabeu will be rename. How about Juventus?

    Mr. FactMr. FactMånad sedan
    • Not every club renames their stadium when a club legend dies

      Criostoir GeoghanCriostoir GeoghanMånad sedan
  • Suprisingly, this guy's voice suited this topic

    Muhammad Amir QawiemMuhammad Amir QawiemMånad sedan
  • Maradona has f*cked icardi' wife . Lol. It was a big controversy here in Argentina. But she wasn't married then

    Be PositiveBe PositiveMånad sedan
  • @2.13 you can see the coke he was sniffing on the glass surface

    Παύλος ΧαλκίδηςΠαύλος ΧαλκίδηςMånad sedan
  • Diego lives on forever.

    Satinder Pal SinghSatinder Pal SinghMånad sedan
  • I’m happy that Icardi will be viewed as a piece of shit in Argentina. Leo did right by not bringing him into the Argentina’s national team, his and Diego’s views were same. I hope icardi will rot somewhere and hope that Lopez will get his kids back

  • golazo💔

    Moneychester UnitedMoneychester UnitedMånad sedan
  • He is the fan of che guovero so he is straight forward on any thing

  • What happened to Zambia notional team, After winning the afcon 2012.

    Joseph ChikonkwaniJoseph ChikonkwaniMånad sedan
  • So That's why Argentina Association doesn't call Icardi to Squad?

    Deba's SoccerDeba's SoccerMånad sedan
    • @ArTiC Nessi But they should call him! He's good & they need him for 2022 World Cup!

      Deba's SoccerDeba's SoccerMånad sedan
    • I mean he's kinda shit too. He played like 5 games last season.

      ArTiC NessiArTiC NessiMånad sedan
  • Everyone blames Icardi. Meanwhile *Wanda*-: 🤫🤫🤫🤫

    Rajat MondalRajat MondalMånad sedan
    • 🐍

      Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan

    Ranjit DebbarmaRanjit DebbarmaMånad sedan
  • Can u please stop making videos all about maradona Please y’all just using him for money now

    Offcial. xbeast21Offcial. xbeast21Månad sedan
  • R.I.P Diego MARADONA You are a great human being Legends lives forever one of the best player in world you will be remembered forever in our hearts🙏⚽️🇦🇷😭

    Zef BegirajZef BegirajMånad sedan
  • He was gone.... but his soul was still in our heart. He will be remember as the best footballers in history! Like his quote: "If I die, I want to born again for being footballers and I want to be Diego Armando Maradona again." Rest in Peace, Diego. Thanks for everything. 🇦🇷🕊

    NixiitoNixiitoMånad sedan
  • 🐍🐍🐍🐍

    Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
  • Maradona was a guy who loved life and was loyal. Truly one of kind in a world full of plastic people.

    Marcus HollowayMarcus HollowayMånad sedan
  • Wanda is seriously ugly too. I'll kick her even if she throw herself at me.

    t3n9t3n9Månad sedan
    • 🐍

      Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
  • Ur making videos with Maradona to get viewers cuz he died u have no respect

    Phiwas zakhosPhiwas zakhosMånad sedan
  • Maradona was a legend

    FioCastro1FioCastro1Månad sedan
  • There are three main things you have to do in life 1. pay tax 2.make mistake 3.die

    Richardo LewisRichardo LewisMånad sedan
  • What an inspiration

    Tangeni IiputaTangeni IiputaMånad sedan
  • I'm actually glad wanda broke up with lopez, now lopez can find a wife that's not a cheating bitch

    Tekkz FootballTekkz FootballMånad sedan
  • ❤️❤️❤️LEGEND never dies🙏🙏🙏😞🇦🇷🇮🇳

    Sayonil SenSayonil SenMånad sedan
  • _RIP🖤to the🖤person who🖤was from the🖤greatest to touch🖤a ball.🖤Rest in🖤peace Diego🖤Armando 🖤Maradona.🖤you are🖤eternal. You🖤dont die._

    Jonathan AntounJonathan AntounMånad sedan
  • Lol funny how much they're trying ro profit over hos death, keep up wirh the disgraceful content!

    Willy ShowWilly ShowMånad sedan
    • Damr true

      Tana JoyTana JoyMånad sedan
  • To a what the hell happened happend to man u again

    shalle sheikhshalle sheikhMånad sedan
  • The legend Maradona is recognised for one of his most iconic goal "The Hand Of God"... But in reality he was himself THE HAND OF GOD, a true legend, he rose from ashes and became a symbol of hope for all his countrymen and an icon for the world. THIS IS HIS LEGACY!! RIP LEGEND, you may have parted way with us but you shall never be forgotten 😢😭

    Anime x GamingAnime x GamingMånad sedan
  • Maradona 👇👇👇👇👇

    Futbol YetenekleriFutbol YetenekleriMånad sedan
  • Icardi stole his best friends wife. They may have been going through a rough patch but bro could've had some self control an waited them to actually get divorced. Guess he never learned about pals before gals. R.I.P Maradona

    Liyema GxenyaLiyema GxenyaMånad sedan
    • @Liyema Gxenya you right. I think that’s why Icardi not in the Argentina National team anymore

      Charles HenriquezCharles Henriquez28 dagar sedan
    • @Ozzi 111 bruh I said COULD HAVE he didn't have to go for her especially since now his career is ruined

      Liyema GxenyaLiyema GxenyaMånad sedan
    • ok so get with your friend's ex after they end there relationship 🙄 yah what a good friend RIGHT cause that's what friends do to there friends GIRLFRIEND ...smh

      Ozzi 111Ozzi 111Månad sedan
    • Wanda was also in fault. Who the fuck leaves their husband for their best friend.

      ArTiC NessiArTiC NessiMånad sedan
  • Never thought Oh My goal will fall this much that after a Legend's Death.

    Abhi SinhaAbhi SinhaMånad sedan
    • I agree.They are milking his death.Such shamelessness!

      Ashish MehtaAshish MehtaMånad sedan
  • BYE FOREVER ICON 😭😭😭😭😭😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😭😓😓😭😭!!!

    mario2006bg TTVmario2006bg TTVMånad sedan
  • Diego,always in our hearts....

    RS SixteenRS SixteenMånad sedan
  • 0:42

    Joseph ClarkJoseph ClarkMånad sedan
  • I think maxi lopez cry after death diego maradona and watching this video

    Jadon MikeJadon MikeMånad sedan
  • I wish watching what the hell happend to icard and maxi lopez returns to how level

    Jadon MikeJadon MikeMånad sedan
  • Why would we care about a drug addict's opinion? Lol

    ryoga barianryoga barianMånad sedan
    • Why would anyone in the comment section care about a coldhearted fool's opinion? Lol

      Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
  • Football’s biggest cheat

    ElectricElectricMånad sedan
    • @Ab cd your a snake weirdo

      ElectricElectricMånad sedan
    • @Electric 🐍🐍

      Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
    • @Ab cd 🖕🏻 you don’t watch football do u

      ElectricElectricMånad sedan
    • Wanda nara is, 🐍🐍

      Ab cdAb cdMånad sedan
  • He may have had issues but he was just and fair

    kenneth Denzelkenneth DenzelMånad sedan
  • stop milking him

    Uzair FarooqUzair FarooqMånad sedan
  • @Røb

    Maynor JacintoMaynor JacintoMånad sedan
  • Maradona was so committed to Argentina he flipped off a bunch of nirgerians

    sandy motleysandy motleyMånad sedan
  • I can't hide my emotions this made me cry.... May be not only for me, almost every single one who watch this video may had single droplet from eyes

    Fedro Game DesignerFedro Game DesignerMånad sedan
  • Idk about you but I kinda feel that oh my goal are taking advantage of his death. He died yesterday and they've already made like 6 videos about him

    Cla LaCla LaMånad sedan
  • RIP 🪦 legend ❤️🕊

  • He will live forever in all true football souls...!

    BelfastBoyBelfastBoyMånad sedan