Football's biggest divers | Oh My Goal

24 okt 2020
66 930 visningar

Suarez, Neymar and Ronaldo have all been known to go to ground after DIVING. And while nobody likes playacting or cheating, diving can help players like Suarez, Neymar and Ronaldo get an advantage. Find out more about football’s biggest divers in our latest Soccer Story.
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  • You missed salah

    rich frich f8 dagar sedan
  • What not Ramos

    סן ביןסן בין9 dagar sedan
  • Louis Van Gaal is also a diver Did you see his dive vs Arsenal in 2016?

    Rohith RamanRohith Raman16 dagar sedan
  • Deli Alli?

    Royce ThornewellRoyce Thornewell27 dagar sedan
  • Suarez 🤣🤣🙈

    Skhona NseleSkhona NseleMånad sedan
  • DEFINITELY Neymar, Suarez, Robben, Ronaldo (when at Utd as a young pup!) are the very, very worst!!!!

    OncNurseSpursSoccerChick ClaytonOncNurseSpursSoccerChick ClaytonMånad sedan
  • Irritating voice

    Omkar BarveOmkar BarveMånad sedan
  • i honestly hate this voice actor

    Blaze gamingBlaze gamingMånad sedan
  • Where's Anthony Martial who else See's Martial always diving

    Hlelo MsibiHlelo MsibiMånad sedan
  • Salah?

    Mark FatouhiMark Fatouhi2 månader sedan
  • Why didnt you put Mbappe

    Seungseo BaekSeungseo Baek2 månader sedan
  • I’m a bit disappointed u don’t mention my boy Bruno

    Jose MondragonJose Mondragon2 månader sedan
  • Zlatan doesn’t dive Players dive for zlatan

    KINGZACK HDKINGZACK HD2 månader sedan
  • You forgot ashley young

    J KeenanJ Keenan2 månader sedan
  • Where is Salah?😼

    Emmanuel JoshuaEmmanuel Joshua2 månader sedan
  • "Ronaldo doesn't dive much these days but in his earlier days when he used to dribble he dived alot" u trying to say something omg? 😏

    Egan D'SaEgan D'Sa2 månader sedan
  • What about cuadrado

    Veron _Veron _2 månader sedan
  • This guy sounds like he's never watched football.

    Nathan OkikioluNathan Okikiolu2 månader sedan
  • Where is ramos your not Going to put ramos. Where is diago costa???

    VXI_DaRyAVXI_DaRyA2 månader sedan
  • Anyone above a certain age knows that Jürgen Klinsmann is the real king of theatrical dives

    danielpassigmailcomdanielpassigmailcom2 månader sedan
  • On poda

    Gamer LordGamer Lord2 månader sedan
  • On poda

    Gamer LordGamer Lord2 månader sedan
  • U forgot mane 😂 he dives a lot

    ahmed adnanahmed adnan2 månader sedan
  • for me the best at diving is suarez. did you see his diving against PSG in the UCL? they were robbed!! Same as Ghana and Real Madrid. a lot of Africans still haven't forgiven him.

    Nwuba ChidubemNwuba Chidubem2 månader sedan
  • 70% of time it’s Neymar gettting fouled and not diving also in football career Neymar is the one who has been fouled and injured more

    rivary 7rivary 72 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo dives. To score a lower header goal like the one vs ajax

    Rosy RosyRosy Rosy2 månader sedan
  • how the f**k sterling is not on the list

    animeIQanimeIQ2 månader sedan
  • What about Ramos the diver. Ans busquets doesn't dive much often now and I dont even think he does anymore but what about Carrasco and Casemirio.

    Barca.xvhd'sCompsBarca.xvhd'sComps2 månader sedan
  • I get it Suarez when a bit too far😭😂

    Pxtato ChipzPxtato Chipz2 månader sedan
  • Messi ?

    Kai HennekeKai Henneke2 månader sedan
  • Barcelona's whole team:

    Gooob3rGooob3r2 månader sedan
  • If u put goalkeepers de gears ain't one of them

    Adnan AssafAdnan Assaf2 månader sedan
  • Why aren’t all the manu players here

    Titan maniacTitan maniac2 månader sedan
  • Neymar, Busquets, Ronaldo, Suarez biggest divers I've ever seen lol

    MbappeMbappe2 månader sedan
  • Ashley Young should be on the video

    DavidDavid2 månader sedan
  • OMG putting Ronaldo in the list only because he dived some years back, then i think Messi has to be on list too, he's dived on several occasions with 0 contact , ,check this out omg and remodel this video

    atharva vaidyaatharva vaidya2 månader sedan
  • You forgot two other diving kings who are Raheem Sterling and Sergio Ramos

    Victor EroVictor Ero2 månader sedan
  • Bruno Fernandes has entered the chat**

    Khaushik PrakashKhaushik Prakash2 månader sedan
  • neymar would win

    Nathan MugoNathan Mugo2 månader sedan
  • Lmao the list is based off rmd and barca players except zaha

    Matthew PowellMatthew Powell2 månader sedan
  • Why isn’t mbappe in this list Ask Uruguay fans and they will tell you that he’s 100% a diver

    David VillaDavid Villa2 månader sedan
  • King of Swimming Pools - Neymar

    Task ForceTask Force2 månader sedan
  • Where was Ramos?

    ZlatanZlatan2 månader sedan
  • Zaha is the only one who hasn't played in el clasico

    ZlatanZlatan2 månader sedan
  • You forgot karagounis

    vanessa vergonivanessa vergoni2 månader sedan
  • The fact is barca was full of oscar winners, crap play and bullshit.. interesting part is their fans are so fools n enjoy to be fools.. such an idiots!! Hahaha 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    crack kercrack ker2 månader sedan
  • Like

    Nilanjan RoyNilanjan Roy2 månader sedan
  • Sterling dived so well he got a pen even though he never got touched

    Roronoa ZoroRoronoa Zoro2 månader sedan
  • Why about Bruno fernandes

    Luqman AMLuqman AM2 månader sedan
  • Cringe video

    M.Sufyan SohailM.Sufyan Sohail2 månader sedan
  • No one can compete with ney

  • Messi is the biggest diver

    Malahnu_1 Mandi SadarMalahnu_1 Mandi Sadar2 månader sedan
    • He only dives on crucial foul Like what casemiro did Yesterday 😂

      advaithadvaith2 månader sedan
    • Joke😂 When he dives he gets up And he honestly says weather it's a foul or not

      advaithadvaith2 månader sedan
  • Haven't heard of Bruno eh?

    Rahul PandeyRahul Pandey2 månader sedan
  • Sergio ramos also dives a lot

    Kalangas SportsKalangas Sports2 månader sedan
  • For me it's ronaldo.....ronaldo falls even before the defender touches him....tht made him realize tht he is a tap in specialist ....nothing else ..

    Abdul RehmanAbdul Rehman2 månader sedan
  • Mbappe will surely win🤣😂😂

    Abhi's MusicAbhi's Music2 månader sedan
  • Cristiano ronaldo is not a diver

    Sham TesfaySham Tesfay2 månader sedan
  • 8A2CA produced the most divers

    Plastic AgePlastic Age2 månader sedan

    M. M.M. M.2 månader sedan
  • **sees Neymar with the ball** Me: we already know what’s gonna happen Friend: Yep

    Ilovemessi AlldayIlovemessi Allday2 månader sedan
  • Salah mane dives regularly

    Bakugo KatsukiBakugo Katsuki2 månader sedan
  • Where is Hazard?

    Hiranmay PatraHiranmay Patra2 månader sedan
  • Even Messi dribbles a lot but never dives like ronaldo or neymar

    Tril KsTril Ks2 månader sedan
    • Yeah but CR7 stopped diving a long time ago

      Michael ShivachiMichael Shivachi2 månader sedan
    • Even if he dives he gets up and claim for no foul Like how Casemiro did to him

      advaithadvaith2 månader sedan
  • neymar1

    mikel Christophermikel Christopher2 månader sedan
  • Salah?

    Admiral AckbarAdmiral Ackbar2 månader sedan
  • Where is fred,another brazilian

    Luka BritvicLuka Britvic2 månader sedan
  • Good vid

    keytickkeytick2 månader sedan
  • Pepe oh my God love it😂😂

    Erick ZanErick Zan2 månader sedan
  • GOATs are really good at diving. I don't know why 1 of them wasn't put in this vid.

    Fatih VišćaFatih Višća2 månader sedan
  • If there was a ball on dor for diving neymar could have won it by a milestone

    emily aleyoemily aleyo2 månader sedan
  • You idiots 😡 CR7 is the best player he don't need to dive . He even scores when he is injured

    Aditya RangariAditya Rangari2 månader sedan
  • Hello why is there no David Luiz everyone knows about that dive

    Farris El-GuindyFarris El-Guindy2 månader sedan
  • 3 barkans

    I'm MisbahI'm Misbah2 månader sedan
  • Sergio Ramos

    Nikolas SmulovitzNikolas Smulovitz2 månader sedan
  • Messi

    Nived JoshiNived Joshi2 månader sedan
    • Don't joke😂😂

      advaithadvaith2 månader sedan
  • As a Mexican fan I have a feeling Arjen is gonna be the 1st one mentioned in this vid 😔😔

    Henryk MartinezHenryk Martinez2 månader sedan
  • you forgot bruno fernandes

    FeportalFeportal2 månader sedan
  • U guys forgot abt neuer he dives alot

    Matthew SumMatthew Sum2 månader sedan




  • Jordi Alba is a huge diver

    Alex SkafAlex Skaf2 månader sedan
  • Mane salah lewandowski firmino

    Gurbakhshish SinghGurbakhshish Singh2 månader sedan
  • Bronze medal: Ramos Silver medal: Salah Gold medal: Neymar

    LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
    • @GAMING WITH AN INDIAN One or two times x 100 and that’s how many times he’s dived

      LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
    • @Sool Jr Anyway your greatest legend ever is still at OUR club: Bartomeu

      LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
    • @Sool Jr Mia San Mia❤ Mes Que Un Club❤

      LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
    • @Sool Jr You lost to Shakhtar Donetsk You lost to a team who was beaten by Lyon who was thrashed by us Bavarians

      LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
    • @Sool Jr Yep but every team (except Hoffenheim) got thrashed by my Bavarians Mia San Mia❤

      LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
  • Salah: hey, what about me? I deserve silver medal after Neymar! Ramos: yes, the UCL final was a dive, I am innocent. But I still dive a lot! How did OMG forget us?

    LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
    • @Rory Pérez Oh, I don’t really care about the 4-0 defeat that much any more. But Salah… Mané Mané! And bobby firmino dive a lot. I hate Liverpool. But only because of personal reasons and because the LFC fans are arrogant, and lots of the time, plastic. But I love Adrian and Karius Fun Fact: since the beginning of the 2018/19 season, no outfield player has made more mistakes leading to a goal in the EPL than VVD

      LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
    • Look this barcaDog fans Could not move on from a 4-0 defeat against Liverpool. MoSalah is the great!!!!!

      Rory PérezRory Pérez2 månader sedan
    • @Some Channel Yeah, but he wanted to stay on the pitch to commit a few more fouls before finally getting a red

      LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
    • @Lewangoalski but Ramos loves red

      Some ChannelSome Channel2 månader sedan
    • @Some Channel I know. But Ramos would rather accuse him of diving than receiving a red

      LewangoalskiLewangoalski2 månader sedan
  • It would be Neymar 1st and second and third would be nothing or they would be far behind. 😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣

    Projoel pro123Projoel pro1232 månader sedan
  • Remember suarez's dive in barca's 6-1 psg 😂😂😂

    The ButcherThe Butcher2 månader sedan
    • @Sool Jr referee's reaction was better

      Ir YejiIr Yeji2 månader sedan
    • Lol his reaction was better than the dive😂

      Sool JrSool Jr2 månader sedan
  • Ramona strait up against barca

    Willy PaleWilly Pale2 månader sedan
  • Where is messi?

    Anirai BindraAnirai Bindra2 månader sedan
    • @Zlatan Egohimovic I hate his toxic fans not player

      advaithadvaith2 månader sedan
    • @Barça Man City yes thats what I am saying🤦🏻

      advaithadvaith2 månader sedan
    • @Zlatan Egohimovic watch messi ronaldo poem video of OG then say😉

      advaithadvaith2 månader sedan
    • @Zlatan Egohimovic @Messi-Ronaldopolice

      advaithadvaith2 månader sedan
    • @Zlatan Egohimovic yes I used to do that I know I used to hate ronaldo thats true But not now

      advaithadvaith2 månader sedan
  • Ramos ramos ramos ramos ramos #diver

    A AA A2 månader sedan
  • Stop bullying neymar he is the best

    Joshprodoge FanJoshprodoge Fan2 månader sedan
  • Where is sergio ramos

    Papi KrishPapi Krish2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo hardly misses in oh my goal videos

    Ian JamesIan James2 månader sedan
  • After today ramos vs barcelono

    gyaza _gyaza _2 månader sedan
  • Busquets: I'm the bet diver of the Spain national team Ramos:Hold my 🍻🍺🍺beer

    Nigel WangaNigel Wanga2 månader sedan
  • Neymar is a dumb fraud

    Sebastian FutboleroSebastian Futbolero2 månader sedan
  • What about James Maddison and Jack grealish

    Tangeni IiputaTangeni Iiputa2 månader sedan
  • What about Sergio Ramos

    Richa FernandesRicha Fernandes2 månader sedan
  • The red card is disrespect & is sending Ramos on you

    Efela MokheleEfela Mokhele2 månader sedan