7 things you didn't know about Neymar's sister | Oh My Goal

6 dec 2020
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Neymar is a world superstar for Brazil and PSG but he’s had a reputation for missing games during his sister’s birthday! Who is Rafaella, Neymar’s famous sister and an instagram influencer. Learn more in our video about Rafaella, Neymar’s sister.
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  • This moment when the ucl finals begins and it's Raffaelas birthday

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  • I think that every year in her birthday, they go to the shower together. That's his birthday gift...

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  • Ohh so now they have started to stalk footballers relatives ass well.

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  • Anything with Neymar and his sister in the title or thumbnail I’m scared to watch

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  • Here is a new idea: “What the hell happened to Oriol Romeu” if you haven’t done it already.

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  • Her birthday is in March 11

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  • Neymar is like Zidane. They both get mad when people make fun of their sisters.

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  • "Guys my sister is pregnant!!! Im gonna be a dad!!!"

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  • Her birthday is mar 11 Barça vs psg is March 10, please no

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  • There is only one thing to know about her and everyone knows it 🙃

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  • Why would we need to know about her? she is just a nobody to most of us. Stupid and dumb video.

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  • Thought that was Karma rx in the thumbnail. Whoops.

  • She is in Brazil National olympic team for diving ... yet neymar is better diver than her😂

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  • Plot twist: Neymar's sister hires players to injure neymar so he can spend time with her on her birthday.

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  • She reminds me of someone Syrian or S. Korean.

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  • i hate both names

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  • 8th thing, she is dating Neymar. Oh sorry this is 7 things you DIDN'T know.

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