9 incredible young talents that most people haven't heard of | Oh My Goal

18 nov 2020
77 056 visningar

Gravenberch, Szobozslai, Daka... All these names are not that familiar, right? Well, all these players are probably future superstars in the making... But you still don't know them! Gravenberch, Adeyemi, Szobozslai: discover 9 unknown but incredibly talented players in this video!
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  • What other young talents do you know?

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • Beriaha

      Gladys NavarroGladys Navarro21 dag sedan
    • All Hungarian Youngsters probably

      Erzsébet Bogosné HelmecziErzsébet Bogosné HelmecziMånad sedan
    • Lautaro Martínez and Thiago Almazán the future Messi

      Can dis Burrito get 1k before 2021 ?Can dis Burrito get 1k before 2021 ?Månad sedan
    • Percy Tau I’m South african

      Football DaysFootball DaysMånad sedan
    • Greenwood

      JustPendo euJustPendo euMånad sedan
  • i new alll of them

    Thekiso TlhacoaneThekiso Tlhacoane7 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Tommy ffTommy ff13 dagar sedan
  • Hungarian is the only good player

    The Philosophy ClubThe Philosophy Club16 dagar sedan
  • kudus

    PAUL SPAUL S17 dagar sedan
  • me knowing every single one

    Nedim BegićNedim Begić27 dagar sedan
  • Numebay gang

    NumebayNumebayMånad sedan
  • What about manor Solomon

    ariariMånad sedan
  • I knew 8 of them but I only knew them cause of FIFA

    Monty StewartMonty StewartMånad sedan
  • I've heard of them I'm a big football fan and I play FM and I love buying young talents

    Cinco Football VidzCinco Football VidzMånad sedan
  • yea another video

    James MwangiJames MwangiMånad sedan
  • What up with africa and football

    ReezyPlayzReezyPlayzMånad sedan
  • I literally know all of these and I think most people do

    Gunner JamesGunner JamesMånad sedan
  • Alexander Sørloth❤️💙

    Kasva YzKasva YzMånad sedan
  • Kulusevski has to be on thelist

    Marko ArandjelovicMarko ArandjelovicMånad sedan
  • His name is Alexander Sørloth I know it because i am from Norway How do Sørloth come on this list All in Norway know who Sørloth is

    RunsheRunsheMånad sedan
  • Nikola Vlasic???

    Mihael PMihael PMånad sedan
  • Patson Daka is great.. from a fellow Zambian

    Rodney MoongaRodney MoongaMånad sedan
  • Sorloth isnt that good, he'll prob flop at Leipzig. Just wait

    AllFootballDailyAllFootballDailyMånad sedan
  • Maybe Red Bull is experimenting in Salzburg. And I think they read the fifa 20 career mode hidden gems article.

    Arju MahalanabishArju MahalanabishMånad sedan
  • I know these guys on my fifa career mode I am their manager and we play a 424 formation Its very hard to give all of them play time

    unique groupunique groupMånad sedan
  • I thought why my name is not here but then I read the Title carefully its for unknown talents 😁😁😁

    Jitender SinghJitender SinghMånad sedan
  • 4:50 ehem ehem ehem

    anonymous awesomeanonymous awesomeMånad sedan
  • Daka🔥🔥🔥🇿🇲🇿🇲

    Chishimba MilongoChishimba MilongoMånad sedan
  • LOL !! Irish guy has called Sorloth a flop .

    Aarav GpAarav GpMånad sedan
  • I ive heard of all of these players... sorry Oh My Goal but you get your ideas from us the Fans in the Comments before you make the videos🤔

    Kokio22 MUFCKokio22 MUFCMånad sedan
  • The narrator of this vid sounds like a person playing a game in an ad

    Adil WayyanAdil WayyanMånad sedan
  • Sorloth is 25 and didnt made any impact on bundesliga he is shite

    Football_Fanz27Football_Fanz27Månad sedan
  • if you are a football fan all of these players are well known ...

    pattibjeepattibjeeMånad sedan
  • I do know about szloboszlai

    dogedogeMånad sedan
  • Everyone who’s ever played fm be like 😴

    Luke FN27Luke FN27Månad sedan
  • Daka😙😚😙

    Sunday sinyangweSunday sinyangweMånad sedan
  • I literally know all of them apart from Brenner

    黄先生黄先生Månad sedan
  • You forgot enock mwepu in the list... He is also currently playing at RB Salzburg You gotta check him out.

    samy t3chsamy t3chMånad sedan
  • You may look Roma's two young defenders Roger Ibanez and Marash Kumbulla, as for Ibanez he do well to put Zlatan down last match againts Milan

    Leo SuwandiLeo SuwandiMånad sedan
  • I heard of all of these lol

    Adir ChowdhuryAdir ChowdhuryMånad sedan
  • click here very super best talents of the world seworld.info/will/bZq6nrSllYSgx3k/video 😍😍👌👌

  • reminiscent of Pogba... joke.

    Adi ParditaAdi ParditaMånad sedan
  • Karamoko dembele

    Mannah MyezaMannah MyezaMånad sedan
  • Pardon daka 🇿🇲

    Josh MutasonJosh MutasonMånad sedan
  • Ivan toney

    Dwayne MorrisonDwayne MorrisonMånad sedan
  • only norwegians know sorloth

    RenoxRenoxMånad sedan
  • As a Zambian........I'm actually happy to hear Patson Daka's name on this channel 🔥🔥🔥 he deserves it 🇿🇲🇿🇲🇿🇲

    Emmanuel NawaEmmanuel NawaMånad sedan
  • Adeyemi looks like Marcus rashford

    Ng. LeonardoNg. LeonardoMånad sedan
  • Re uploaded

    Ng. LeonardoNg. LeonardoMånad sedan
  • Re uploaded

    Ng. LeonardoNg. LeonardoMånad sedan
  • Everyone will remember Daka if you have played FIFA 20 mobile

    Ansh KotianAnsh KotianMånad sedan
    • Absolute beast in the game

      Ansh KotianAnsh KotianMånad sedan
  • Finally I thought I was the only person to know these guys

  • I Knew 7 out of the 9 talents. 👍

    Youtube DoctorYoutube DoctorMånad sedan
  • Patson Daka my country mate ❤️❤️

    Peter MusolePeter MusoleMånad sedan
  • I already know szbososzai

  • Where is Doku heisvery good atacker and techinical

    Dion De ProftDion De ProftMånad sedan
  • 1:50 Juve Barca and Bay aj???

    PenguinBoiSaysHiPenguinBoiSaysHiMånad sedan
  • I've heard of Patson Daka he scored 2 goals last pre-season The team i support

    Siciid YaasiinSiciid YaasiinMånad sedan
  • You pronounced Dominic Szobozslai's name wrong it's " soh-bohs-lah-ee" . But the 'ee' sound is short. Rabona Tv has done brilliant work in explaining what type of player he is!

    Bishad kafleBishad kafleMånad sedan
  • Everybody knows Ryan gravenberch

    StrikingblazerStrikingblazerMånad sedan
  • I mean who hasn't heard of patson daka

    StrikingblazerStrikingblazerMånad sedan
  • red bull teams are actually really good at finding young talents,1st upamecano, then karim, zobo something , quata, alexander/ i know im butchering these names sorry ;-;

    Honey singhHoney singhMånad sedan
  • wheres dean henderson

    Sally GoldbergSally GoldbergMånad sedan
  • lets go patson daka lets go zambia

    Henry BwalyaHenry BwalyaMånad sedan
  • Ik all of them 😂

    Gumball993Gumball993Månad sedan
  • You also forgot about Manor Solomon

    Yaniv SYaniv SMånad sedan
  • interviewer: how many wonderKids do you have RB Salzburg: yes

    Yassine OUZRIYassine OUZRIMånad sedan
    • underratedcomment.com

      jasmina milićevićjasmina milićevićMånad sedan
  • Nice

    Romeo KatoRomeo KatoMånad sedan
  • i only know sorloth

    Gamez immortalGamez immortalMånad sedan
  • sorloth is 24 lol

    DrBlastBoi-F2P PLAYERDrBlastBoi-F2P PLAYERMånad sedan
  • I want another video like this

    Manish DhawdeManish DhawdeMånad sedan
  • Klopp should definitely sign these players

    benz roycebenz royceMånad sedan
  • I know all of them. I am playing football manager 😅

    Chesstk KavChesstk KavMånad sedan
  • Kasper Dolberg?

    Santhosh RSanthosh RMånad sedan
  • Luqman Hakim 18years old KV KORTVIJK

  • 1:51 psj ?? Which team is that ?

    Tamaghna BiswasTamaghna BiswasMånad sedan
  • I'm a talent but nobody's heard of me

    21 carrots gang21 carrots gangMånad sedan
  • adeyemi is op in career mode

    HypahHypahMånad sedan
  • szoboszlai whill be at euro like renato sanchez(just at euro when he shined)

  • Antony is a baller

    Jeremiah MJeremiah MMånad sedan
  • Luka sucic is a beast

    Jeremiah MJeremiah MMånad sedan
  • What do you mean everyone knows them

    Jeremiah MJeremiah MMånad sedan
  • Dhaka is known player due to transfer news 😂

    Rahul.R RRahul.R RMånad sedan
  • They just checked out the highest potential players on fifa

    Jaden ShankarJaden ShankarMånad sedan
  • Ok I have heard of all of them

    rkp bayernrkp bayernMånad sedan
  • Szoboszlai is Arsenals, Real Madrid and AC Milan's target not Barca's.

    Yasser aliYasser aliMånad sedan
  • Julian Brandt also a underrated footballer

    Harsh KumarHarsh KumarMånad sedan
  • Wheres Adira Pedrosa

    Axel GarciaAxel GarciaMånad sedan
  • Karamoko dembele, eduouard michut

    Khumo MotloutsiKhumo MotloutsiMånad sedan
  • 3:45 I think you need to rewatch the past video you guys make about salzburg

    norita sumairinorita sumairiMånad sedan
  • I already no everybody in this list

    jane mainajane mainaMånad sedan
  • Oh My Goal you forgot to include the rising star of Lyon Ryan Cherki

    abthitheboss gamingabthitheboss gamingMånad sedan
    • Coz everyone knows him already

      04 ASVP04 ASVPMånad sedan
  • Kudus wamangituka

    Yassin aftvYassin aftvMånad sedan
  • I knew only Patson Daka

    Aku SaloAku SaloMånad sedan
  • Make

    Andreas SvejstrupAndreas SvejstrupMånad sedan
  • Jeremy Doku.

    saidjo sissokhosaidjo sissokhoMånad sedan
  • me

    Pikk SugerPikk SugerMånad sedan
  • When u pick a talented player who should be the super star so please let us know which teams are their favourite

    Karan SawantKaran SawantMånad sedan
  • Please tell us about special talents in Barcelona or Barcelona academy

    Karan SawantKaran SawantMånad sedan
  • Salzburg know how to make players

    Mohamed Ashjau AslamMohamed Ashjau AslamMånad sedan
  • Domink Szoboszlai will be one of the best player in the world one day!

    MeliooodafMeliooodafMånad sedan

    Draken BolibombaDraken BolibombaMånad sedan
  • I love ajax they have such a good youth

    Nicolas GaleslootNicolas GaleslootMånad sedan
  • PASTON DAKA🇿🇲 and Enock Mwepu🇿🇲 you have zambia behind you!

    Khumbo MunsakaKhumbo MunsakaMånad sedan