5 biggest curses in football | Oh My Goal

27 okt 2020
341 641 visningar

FIFA, Drake, AC Milan’s #9… so many different things can be cursed. But in this video, you find out about the WORST curses that exist in football! Find out more about these curses in our latest Soccer Story.
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  • What is the most cursed thing in football?

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My Goal2 månader sedan
    • Ur mom

      Lxcid TezzaLxcid Tezza3 dagar sedan
    • Cavan broke the curse

      Mujeni_GamerMujeni_Gamer8 dagar sedan
    • Aaron Ramsey’s curse. No doubt

      Boudi AlyafiBoudi Alyafi9 dagar sedan
    • @Gaurav Koirala yes

      REYRVDM10REYRVDM1010 dagar sedan
    • @Bobux Yes 😂😂😂😂😂😂

      Avreet SinghAvreet Singh11 dagar sedan
  • You forgot England with penalties

    Jonah KennedyJonah KennedyDag sedan
  • This video was made in my birthday

    Asbonge ChiliAsbonge Chili3 dagar sedan
  • You did not include the "curse of being a World Champion" in this list... From 2010 onwards every defending FIFA World Cup champion has been knocked out in the Group Stage .... Hope this curse is broken by France in Qatar 2022 ....

    Sangita GhoshSangita Ghosh6 dagar sedan
  • Messi --final cuse 😂😂😂

    [11A] Yash Mehra[11A] Yash Mehra7 dagar sedan
  • Just like how city messes it up in the quarter finals for sterling.

    Aatif ShawkatAatif Shawkat8 dagar sedan
  • But I wanted to be 9 when a I become a footballer. And I am 9

    Aatif ShawkatAatif Shawkat8 dagar sedan
  • i like this guy's voice

    Hømie YessirHømie Yessir9 dagar sedan
  • Chelsea 72 million curse, barcelona transferring players to atletico curse

  • my guy is a beast in that number

    Gqom NationGqom Nation11 dagar sedan
  • omg

    Ramesh GiriRamesh Giri11 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe S Photo Is Already On Fifa Mobile s Starting Screen😂

    SYG丨 Snax 0pSYG丨 Snax 0p11 dagar sedan
  • Cavani is doing good as number 7

    Basil MageedBasil Mageed12 dagar sedan
  • The Mexico curse all started when the Robbin incident happend

    Insta Siquema123Insta Siquema12312 dagar sedan
  • The Ramsay curse is stupid 🤦‍♂️

    Manuel Baut104Manuel Baut10412 dagar sedan
  • if ronaldo beckham cantona and best wore a number no way its cursed.

    ShRiNgLeTiNgLeShRiNgLeTiNgLe13 dagar sedan
  • Your so wrong cavani have 4 goals already and the best comeback vs southampten

    GAME MODSGAME MODS14 dagar sedan
    • Yeah Sanchez has more

      Manuel Baut104Manuel Baut10412 dagar sedan
  • Yes i know about cavani

    Manager AM-TSManager AM-TS14 dagar sedan
  • Cavani have broken the number 7 curse

    DC DolloDC Dollo14 dagar sedan
  • Who's watching cavani ball now in Nov and dec I don't think the curse has gotten to him yet

    Toluwani IremideToluwani Iremide15 dagar sedan
  • The only FIFA cover players the cannot be coursed is the only g.o.a.t.s Messi,Ronaldo

    Hergi ToliHergi Toli16 dagar sedan
  • Wherever ronaldo goes he curses no 7

    Disguised BreadDisguised Bread17 dagar sedan
  • Mexico gets robbed and fifa hated us!

    Zee bruhZee bruh17 dagar sedan
  • Yes,indeed

    MQD 1404MQD 140417 dagar sedan
  • Cavani has done good with the number 7

    D22 23D22 2317 dagar sedan
  • Cavani is a BEAASSSTT

    Hydra RexHydra Rex18 dagar sedan
  • Do you know what your on about

    D WD W19 dagar sedan
  • World Cup group stage curse of former champion?

    Mousumi sahaMousumi saha19 dagar sedan
  • I'm Mexican the Mexico curse hirts

    Esau MondragonEsau Mondragon19 dagar sedan
  • Mexico curse is because the Bulgarian goalkeeper from 94

    Vladimir PutinVladimir Putin20 dagar sedan
  • If messi and ronaldo had Ramsey curse humans will be extinct

    Team PhantomTeam Phantom20 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think Cavani worries mutch about the number 7 at this point😂

    MrRight 0407MrRight 040720 dagar sedan
  • Cavani has broken the curse

    Builder playzBuilder playz21 dag sedan
  • Cavani is killing it

  • The drake curse that was on Aubameyang is still on him

    BranduckBranduck22 dagar sedan
  • "Oh Cavani, run you fool" 😂😂I'm dying of laughter

    Cliff PotexCliff Potex23 dagar sedan
  • I think the biggest curse in football is the Netherlands always coming second in world cups 1974, 1978, 2010 (men’s) ,2019 (women’s) 🤔

    2TwinBros2TwinBros23 dagar sedan
  • I do not need to worry about the curse for my team because it already has one. (SL Benfica)

    Daniel PiresDaniel Pires24 dagar sedan
  • Zlatan doesnt wear no 9 jersey No 9 jersey wears him

    Muhammad khanMuhammad khan25 dagar sedan
  • 🥰 Your voice is awesome .

    GhastlyGhastly25 dagar sedan
  • I think I saw Severus Snape on the Thumbnail. Did you?

    Zuhayr ChaudryZuhayr Chaudry27 dagar sedan
  • fact: ronaldo was number 9 for a short time that broke the curse

    Alphan GunvaranAlphan Gunvaran27 dagar sedan
  • This is probably the best superstitious video I've ever seen 😂

    Kowshik Roy MunnaKowshik Roy Munna28 dagar sedan
  • What about the Champions league curse

    Feboss 1246Feboss 124628 dagar sedan
  • You always talk about the curses. It makes me think maybe you're te one who curse them all.. yes!! It's true !!

    Mix ArtMix Art29 dagar sedan
  • Mexico Curse makes me sad I'm Mexican and all I want is mexico to win

    Christian NavaChristian Nava29 dagar sedan
  • There is also the curse with galatasaray who just won against fenerbahce in their stadium for 22 years

    İhsan Canİhsan CanMånad sedan
  • 1:23 LOL Reus

    Yat Hin NGYat Hin NGMånad sedan
  • Well now cavani has been playing amazingly

    Moth GamerMoth GamerMånad sedan
  • Raptors win the Playoffs when drake supporting this team. I guess you need kwahi to break th curse.

    cholid habibby nosyacholid habibby nosyaMånad sedan
  • I know why cavani got the 7 because he is going to fix it

    Rayqaza 29axillRayqaza 29axillMånad sedan
  • Don't insult my hero like that MISTER

    zaidar adnanzaidar adnanMånad sedan
  • i know about the ramsey curse

    itai Aalsvelitai AalsvelMånad sedan
    • Already

      itai Aalsvelitai AalsvelMånad sedan
  • Man utd. Number seven after Ronaldo left

    Chiranjivi TimsinaChiranjivi TimsinaMånad sedan
  • I'm here after cavani scored a double vs Southampton in a comeback win

    Kervin JohnsonKervin JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Not a curse. Messi and cr7 have been on cover moretimea

    Florence BaahFlorence BaahMånad sedan
  • Benfica’s curse???

    Acer EhabAcer EhabMånad sedan
  • FIFA 18 Cr7 Fifa 19 Neymar

    Ujan ChattopadhyayUjan ChattopadhyayMånad sedan
  • Looks like the curse is finally getting to messi

    NathangamerZ 29NathangamerZ 29Månad sedan
  • Ummm Mexico beat Germany in the World Cup and it was the last 16

    Spxxdy ay πo π ツSpxxdy ay πo π ツMånad sedan

  • Cavani broke the curse

    Indira Aruwa-OcholiIndira Aruwa-OcholiMånad sedan

    Raiyan LabeebRaiyan LabeebMånad sedan

    Zavi KibaZavi KibaMånad sedan
  • Well there is no curse on FIFA cover You can take the example as Ronaldo and Messi

    Jamal NasirJamal NasirMånad sedan
  • OK, I know the FIFA Cover curse, but VVD was on it in 2020 so....

    MaxdinokMaxdinokMånad sedan
  • Reupload

    Justin Y's lawyer 1⃣Justin Y's lawyer 1⃣Månad sedan
  • cavani nailed it in last match

    aditi saraaditi saraMånad sedan
  • cavani is actually pretty good a man u he scored 2 goals and made an assist in his latest game

    Rameez MissraRameez MissraMånad sedan
  • Who said that the no. 7 is a curse you doughnut

    Elijah SsekandiElijah SsekandiMånad sedan
  • The Barcelona curse at the enoeta stadium

    Omar HaajiOmar HaajiMånad sedan
  • In the match against sousthampton cavani was on fire because he scored 2 goals and provide 1 assist in the manchester remontada

    Sawsan BarbarjiSawsan BarbarjiMånad sedan
  • Aaron ramasey

    Krissy DresslerKrissy DresslerMånad sedan
  • Cavani signed Man United on circumstances 🤧

    Harry VermaHarry VermaMånad sedan
  • 1:19 don’t worry I’m just screaming FBI!!!

    bulletL2bulletL2Månad sedan
  • I swear the narrator will kill me🤣🤣🤣🤣

    Old Vibe ANDYOld Vibe ANDYMånad sedan
  • Alan when he sees he’s in the thumbnail for a football video *wut*

    Exploding GamesExploding GamesMånad sedan

    FgotSiqinsFgotSiqinsMånad sedan
  • It’s not number 7 that is cursed it’s Manchester United itself

    Har OrHar OrMånad sedan
  • This page just recycles content when it runs out smh

    Muhammad Abdullah zamanMuhammad Abdullah zamanMånad sedan
  • Son has number 7

  • world cup winner curse*

    eniolaCafu mosesRonaldinhoeniolaCafu mosesRonaldinhoMånad sedan
  • Yaya Toure curse on Manchester City.

    Kunal TapadarKunal TapadarMånad sedan
  • The FIFA cover curse Is fake.. Ronaldo and Messi both have been on it multiple times and both are rocking it till date...

    Twinkle PandeyTwinkle PandeyMånad sedan
  • Best video ever

    Raghav NaithaniRaghav NaithaniMånad sedan
  • Ronaldo and messi both were in fifa cover

    Franklin SavalaFranklin SavalaMånad sedan
  • Ngl Ramsey has a pretty good KD ratio

    FuzzyChaiFuzzyChaiMånad sedan
  • This is gonna be wrong But I think haaland will be on the cover of fifa 22

    Symple LukasSymple LukasMånad sedan
  • All i cant say who

    Simon PierreSimon PierreMånad sedan
  • you just challenged zlatan now u gonna see him lift the treble with the ac milan no. 9

    Gazala ShaikhGazala Shaikh2 månader sedan
  • 0:03 This shows Cavani didn’t listen to Di Maria’s advice.

    Arah UlayeArah Ulaye2 månader sedan
  • The cover is not cursed for cr7 fifa 19

    TriTheTree OFFICAL GamingTriTheTree OFFICAL Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Where is man uniteds #7 curse

    Nikhil PradhanNikhil Pradhan2 månader sedan
  • Where is the curse where world cup winning team loses their first match in next world cup

  • Spurs

    Aryan NarulaAryan Narula2 månader sedan
  • I expected the Netherlands Curse and the Champions Curse

    EMAN imatesEMAN imates2 månader sedan
  • Mbappe is also injured now

    Hitesh DharmaniHitesh Dharmani2 månader sedan
  • What about the Fifa world cup champions curse. Champions lose in the group stage.

    Aghilan Naythean SinnaparAghilan Naythean Sinnapar2 månader sedan
  • 4:35. PremEEr league 😂 😂

    Aklil HaqkhwaAklil Haqkhwa2 månader sedan
  • 0:16 SENchez who's SENchez? MBAPay? Who's that. This American narrator is overacting.

    Conversation ClassesConversation Classes2 månader sedan