Demba Ba: the man who has always stood up to racism | Oh My Goal

9 dec 2020
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Demba Fait stopped the Champions League game between PSG and Basaksehir after the 4th official made racist comments towards Pierre Webo, the Istanbul club’s assistant coach. Demba Ba couldn’t let that stand. He rose up against racism and said enough is enough. No more racism and no more football tonight.
But Demba Ba has always been a very engaged footballer when it comes to racism. He’s also been involved in the fight against injustice and the violation of human rights. In short, Demba is a hero, and the proof is in this video.
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  • Say no to racism! ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • this wasnt racism idiots

      Radu ClimRadu Clim23 dagar sedan
    • What racism? He's being investigated by UEFA along with the turkish team for calling the romanians "gypsies" in the same match he accused Sebastian Coltescu of racism. He called Sebastian Coltescu to apologize (confirmed by N'Doye, a co-national of Demba Ba), after he made a target out of Coltescu. Naah fam, they should get fined for hurting this guy's carrier. And yeah, Demba Ba is black, am I racist for saying it?

      Claudiu PaunClaudiu PaunMånad sedan
    • Yes, say no to racism for sure! But that's not racist man...

      Whiteqin 0762Whiteqin 0762Månad sedan
    • Demba Ba is so stupid that even knowing the context in which " that black guy" nothing racist about it has been used he still doesn't understands the words that come out of his mouth. Overreacts and creates the most pitiful moment in sport.

      High AsakiteHigh AsakiteMånad sedan
    • Explanation:

      Fab' AFab' AMånad sedan
  • Say no to racism but say no to black lives matter too

    EetuEetu4 dagar sedan
    • And that was not even racist

      EetuEetu4 dagar sedan

    frenzel sebastianfrenzel sebastian6 dagar sedan
  • I love the way the player's Left the pitch if the player's will continue doing this racism will stop in football.

    Grace OkenwaGrace Okenwa10 dagar sedan
    • No offense but you do realize the black guy was being racist to the ref by calling him a gypsy right?

      Nicardo HollandNicardo Holland8 dagar sedan
  • Why the hell Black dudes gets offended if someone addresses them as a black guy bruhh ... This Shit is so stupid 😑

    Vidyarthi DasVidyarthi Das20 dagar sedan
  • HEY! YOU SAID BLACK PLAYERS. TAKE THE VIDEO DOWN NOW. YOU ARE CANCELED. You did exactly what the referee did. This world is so stupid.

    THINGS I DOTHINGS I DO22 dagar sedan
  • Hopefully this will reach out to the right people and spread the word and message

    Rockin Andy CRockin Andy C22 dagar sedan
  • I LOVE ROMANIAAAA💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻🖕🏿BLACK

    AndreiAndrei22 dagar sedan
  • Look: So Oh My Goal made this vid saying the fourth official was being racist for calling someone black ( I think it was the assistant manager) and everyone thinks that’s not racist but what is racist is someone saying ‘in my country Romanians are gypieses’ and Oh My Goal ignored that.

    Wolf GamerWolf Gamer23 dagar sedan
  • So your skin is black and someone is telling you "the black guy" and is racism, you are romanian and someone call you gypsy and that's not racism...ok that's not the big problem here...the big problem it's all this circus made around one word "negru" that mins black " and the guy is actually black..." I go out many times with my black friends and always because I am the only white guy they address me with " white guy" or "the white guy" I am not upset because that's the colour of my skin and I am proud of that so the black guys should be proud of their own skin !!! All lives matter in the new world !!!

    BeGreatBeYou!BeGreatBeYou!25 dagar sedan
  • He said negro thats where the problem comes in

    Djelectron254Djelectron25425 dagar sedan
    • @Djelectron254 how? Let's me tell you what happen and then we can talk The assistant manager was protesting and said "in my country Romanians are gypsies" then the 4th referee told the first referee to give him a yellow card and the first referee ask who and the 4th referee said "to that black guy over there" in romanian that is "acelui negru de acolo" and the black guy thought he said negro, but anyway the black guy is the racist one cuz he told the referee they are gypsies

      Alexandru TFAlexandru TF20 dagar sedan
    • @Alexandru TF he should have asked for his details through the communication system

      Djelectron254Djelectron25420 dagar sedan
    • He said negru not negro, negru in romanian means black, but it sound like negro so the black guy thought he said negro, don't talk if you don't know what happen

      Alexandru TFAlexandru TF20 dagar sedan
  • Demba Ba👏🏿

    Saad MajeedSaad Majeed28 dagar sedan
  • #Respect

    Hafizur MahdiHafizur MahdiMånad sedan
  • Is this real life? I feel like this is an episode of South Park. And the SJW that made this video thinks he's a hero. The romanian official said "black guy". That's all he said. If we are going to crucify people for that, we should also punish people for callim him "the romanian official" becausr what is that supposed to mean? You should just say "the official". What does romanian have to do with this? This is clearly racial. Unbelievable...

    Adrian MargeanAdrian MargeanMånad sedan
  • Racism for saying his skin color is black. I think the referee should have called him "a white man"

    Theodor Valentin GhițăTheodor Valentin GhițăMånad sedan
  • „Romania - France, 13.02.2002. The French made us "gypsies" - it was not considered racism. Irina Begu - Caroline Garcia, the first round of the Charleston tournament, 2016. "I can't believe I'm being beaten by a gypsy," Caroline Garcia said at the end of the game - was not considered racism. CFR Cluj - Slavia Prague, 20.08.2019. Supporters of the opposing team chant "gypsies, gypsies" - the match continues, it is not considered racism. Naples - Steaua Bucharest, 2010. The Italians tell us that we are "a race of shit, a race of shitty gypsies" - the game is played, it is not considered racism. Simona Halep - Sloane Stephens, June 10, 2018. Halep wins Roland Garros. "A Romanian woman won at Roland Garros", is the message that accompanies the photo, and the character that appears in the cartoon shouts in the streets: "Old beasts, old beasts" - "just a cartoon", is not considered racism. Sebastian Colțescu says "give him that black card", without denotative connotation. The match PSG - Bașakșehir stops, the players leave the field, everyone molests him and is accused of racism

    Raul BeniRaul BeniMånad sedan
  • As usual, the racist shout racism, weba is the racist

    Psychotic ChannelPsychotic ChannelMånad sedan
  • I’m sorry but this is not racism.

    Gabriel NiculaiGabriel NiculaiMånad sedan
  • Yes the 4th official said "this black guy" but I don't get how it's racist at all. He never gave any opinion on it at all, simply mentioned a fact. Yes, it sounded racist before as he said ne*** but then he explained it saying that that's simply the Romanian language... And before any of you attack me, I'm in no way shape or form supporting racism, I hate it. But what the 4th official said is not good for sure, but it's not to a point that is racist because again, he didn't compare or gave opinions based on the skin color. However, there's arguably name calling as we've heard him say Ne***, but the man again, explained that it's the Romanian language. What real racism looks like is for example, making monkey noises and throwing bananas, in the case of Balotelli. Or like the case with Moussa Marega once, where fans started attacking him with chairs and racially abusing him by making monkey noises.

    Whiteqin 0762Whiteqin 0762Månad sedan
  • Webo: Stands againt racism Also Webo: calls Romanians gypsies togther with the Instanbul basaksehir Me: Oh so he is against himself?

    GalaxiasGalaxiasMånad sedan
  • I guess everyone aint complaining bout gypsy .. we know what ‘no racism’ means... only for one particular group

    pancakestacpancakestacMånad sedan
  • I get a feeling people in oh my goal is gay

    Joab SmithJoab SmithMånad sedan
  • destroyng coltescus life because he sad black at a person that told the 3 referee gypse is not racism when in all other countrys romanians are gypses is that racism ,in 2020 people are wAY TO SESNIBLE WITH RACISM

    Kendama PanchiKendama PanchiMånad sedan
  • How can we sue UEFA for not obeying its own rules? The Romanian referee has just used a characteristic of a person like in an identikit (”portrait robot” in French), using a neutral word in his maternal language. NEUTRAL word, not racist! The teams had no grounds to leave the match. Both teams should lose with 3-0. Basaksehir officials (including Webo) should also be forbidden for life because of using racist terms previously (”gypsy” - towards the referees). The life suspension on grounds of racism was requested by Basaksehir president, Göksel Gümüşdağ. Also, Demba IS RACIST: he tweeted in April 2020: ”Bienvenue en occident , la où le blanc se croit tellement supérieur que racisme et débilité deviennent banalité.” (”Welcome in western world, where the whites believe themselves so superior that racism and debility became common place”). - This is racism, not ”bravo”.

    Ion BradIon BradMånad sedan
  • Demba Ba owes the official a very public apology.

    ngipiksaringipiksariMånad sedan
  • I need a black tea please ... oh no, I'm sorry I've offended you

  • yeap, bravo but now he comes under fire for double standards as himself used the phrase "white people" in a Twitter post earlier this year.

    Daniel IrimiaDaniel IrimiaMånad sedan
  • "Serious accusations of Racism" ya okay

    AngloAngloMånad sedan
  • 𝑁𝑂 𝑇𝑂 𝑅𝐴𝐶𝐼𝑆𝑀 ✊🏻✊🏼✊🏽✊🏾✊🏿

    FreddyCøugar_99FreddyCøugar_99Månad sedan
  • I hope Oh My Goal will make a video how wrong they are

    Muhd KazhimMuhd KazhimMånad sedan
  • Pierre Webo: "These gypsy referees making mistakes" 4th Official: "This guy needs to be sent off, he keeps calling us gypsy" Referee: "Which guy?" 4th Official: "The black one" Pierre Webo: WHY DO YOU HAVE TO SAY THE BLACK ONE?! Random Turk: "In my country, Romanians are gypsy" Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal: THANK YOU FOR STANDING UP TO RACISM! I hate to break it to you Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal, but you're a basic hypocrite. Not only that you go full white knight mode for calling a black person... well black, while you don't even care that the same person who is allegedly a victim of racism was racist a few seconds before being called "black". But you said "black" in the same video where you accused the referee of racism for saying "black", what does that say about you? either that you're racist with impunity or a hypocrite. So in other words Soccer Stories - Oh My Goal, check your double standards. La time I checked, Pierre Webo was indeed black but Coltescu wasn't a gypsy. Be careful, Mr.White Knight, you might support the racist side while standing up to racism. #JeSuisColtescu #NoToRacism

    Catalin MariusCatalin MariusMånad sedan
  • Soccer Stories, in first place Ba was the bad man in this story...Ba started to make the romanians gypsies, which is a racist thing(Not 100% sure about this information)...after his team got 3 yellow cards...and then the romanian refeere told to principal to give red to ,,the black guy", imagine if this game was played in an african country, the majority of players being black, then a white guy gets pissed of for some reason and the principal giving red to ,, the white guy", is that racism?? So many times romanian players was described as gypsies in footbal, and UEFA didn't moved a finger for it, and this time when ,,that black guy" is not even a racist act... it's mindblowing....!!!Sorry for my bad english, i'm just giving you my point...

  • Awfull video thought it was an ok channel. You guys suck

    star lolstar lolMånad sedan
  • are you even informed about the whole incident? bravo Demba for what? for having double standards? omg pls stop exploiting every incident just to make a news out of it... its a shame what media has become!

    Trending RomaniacTrending RomaniacMånad sedan
  • He is doing the right thing

    Rithvikiscool 64Rithvikiscool 64Månad sedan
  • wow i ve never seen such a ignorant channel time to unsub

    JackJackMånad sedan
  • Don't be fooled by an impulsive guy that jumps like a crazy animal and make noises when he thinks he heard something! He doesn't know what "negru" means and yet he jumped to accuse without questioning. Before judge Coltescu of racism, learn romanian language or watch this:

    Mihai ValeMihai ValeMånad sedan
  • I would like Demba Ba to explain why he is accusing all “White Europeans” ( expression written by him on twitter) of being racist? He is calling someone white here and that is an adjective that is unacceptable using his own train of thought. Please upvote.

    Alejandro BecalliAlejandro BecalliMånad sedan
  • Demba ba back in April "Welcome to the West, where white people think they are so superior that racism and powerlessness become commonplace," he tweeted, in French, before finishing in English with, "IT'S TIME TO RISE.".......double standard?

    dunca teodordunca teodorMånad sedan
  • "Serious act of racism" you are a joke

    No idea What to write hereNo idea What to write hereMånad sedan
  • Je suis Coltescu !_🇷🇴!!!

    narcis gabrielnarcis gabrielMånad sedan
  • That's funny, because in April the very same Demba Ba wrote on Twitter in French: "Welcome to the West, where the white (man) believes himself superior and racism is common place". Isn't it racist, to apply a trait to an entire race which is not your own, I mean this is the very definition of racism. The same Demba Ba has retwitted one message of the Turkish officials in which he denies the Armenian genocide, isn't that racist either or at least insulting? He also funded an association created by Kemi Seba who had several convictions for anti-Semitism, but for some reasons he is teaching everyone about racism. Now, it seems that if you describe a black person as "black", you are racist...

    Iustin TarachiuIustin TarachiuMånad sedan
  • This channel is a joke

    Fan of Valentina shevchenkoFan of Valentina shevchenkoMånad sedan
  • Look here and then speak.

    Cozmin Iulian94Cozmin Iulian94Månad sedan
  • I thought this vid was a troll and liked it. Then saw the whole history thing and disliked. I mean Webo literally called the ref "Gypsy" first, just cause he was from Romania which is insulting. Where was superhero Demba-ba at atm?

    PirjakPirjakMånad sedan
  • you mean the man who uses the racism in his advantage ? Do you guys analyze why he is doing things like this? He is a racist also, every time he is "defending" his rights go back 1 minute before, when he is calling people gypsies. Sorry, but oh my goal, you lost my respect. Promoting a racist as a guy who stood up to racism. Shame

    Robert DanacicaRobert DanacicaMånad sedan
  • I heard that VAR secretlyconfirmed that he was black... don't tell anyone

    Alex MysteryAlex MysteryMånad sedan
  • Demba is a BLACK snowflake

    Vulturu .XVulturu .XMånad sedan
  • Hats off bro

    Elizabeth HunsuElizabeth HunsuMånad sedan
  • say no to racism💪💪

    Jyothi JosephJyothi JosephMånad sedan
    • This is not racism

      George MoroitaGeorge MoroitaMånad sedan
  • Bro you talking shits, to say that Black guy isn't racism, isn't an insult, it's just a simply identification. You are more dramatic than girls, you just profit of this incident to make more views on youtube, you really stupid🤦

    Nick1 GamingNick1 GamingMånad sedan
  • Ba is a legend

  • This blacklivesmatter thing has gone too far and some black people think they're more important than anyone else. Any stupid reference to black color is considered rasism but no one talks about the fact that rasism works the other way round too and white people are being humiliated by black.

    Edward TamasEdward TamasMånad sedan
  • This has gone out of hand...

    Theo S.Theo S.Månad sedan
  • He is right

    Imraan Mohamed farahImraan Mohamed farahMånad sedan
  • No racism in identifying a black person as black. This is beyond ridiculous. But calling the Romanian officials gypsies was racist..

    Chris DChris DMånad sedan
  • I am romanian. That man wasn't racist at all and let me tell you why. In Romania "negru" means black. He was simply trying to point out a person from the crowd without knowing his name or his number. Giving the fact that it was a black man in a crowd of white men.. it seemed only logical to reffer to him as "that black man". If it were a white man located in a crowd of black men..that man would have said "that white man over there". Do you see my point?

    MadalunaMadalunaMånad sedan
  • This video is a disgrace and you are a fool. Webo , Demba Ba and the turkish team should be fined and suspended for what they did before this event and after it , for their slurs and insults that made the 4th referee called for the center to take notice of this situation. That is where the real racism was , this was just taken out of context and turned around as some form of racism to benefit their needs. Disgraceful players.

    AndreiAlxAndreiAlxMånad sedan
  • Don t be stupid man , since when black man is racism, ooo let me see he is whait, stupid guy

    r4r3kar4r3kaMånad sedan
  • You are a good man really

    Sharmake AbeesSharmake AbeesMånad sedan
  • Dudes, stop doing this when you were & still are the ones calling them black, and acting fake after that 🙂 One Gypsy did that, right?

    Mara BomMara BomMånad sedan
    • @Mara Bom of course i know stuff, that's why i am saying this.

      georgegeorgeMånad sedan
    • @georgeit was all about the way of talking about "gipsies" 😊 It's probably Better to talk after getting to know stuff

      Mara BomMara BomMånad sedan
    • Saying gipsy is not racist, cause gypsies can have all races, white, brown, black but it's maybe xenophobic. Its like saying kikes. Call an irish traveller a gipsy and I bet he won't be offended.

      georgegeorgeMånad sedan
  • You’re an idiot buddy. Demba might have been a victim before but it is not the case here. Quote. ‘’ why when you mention a black guy you have to say this black guy”…so… Demba acknowledges that black people exist and from my understanding he has a problem with the word ‘’THIS’’. What can I say, ‘’THIS’’ is the most awful racist word that can be used so it should be erased from the English vocabulary. Racism is a real problem in the world but let’s not blame the poor referee for all the racism in the world when he didn’t do anything else but describing the guy. Stop the hypocrisy.

    cristiancocoloscristiancocolosMånad sedan
  • You suck !!!! Soccer Stories!!!! I will unsubscribe right now!!!! So Demba insults all the referees saying that they are gipsy ! This being the reason that he got a red card ! And now Demba it’s the victim?

    Any sort of VideogamesAny sort of VideogamesMånad sedan
  • He said in Romanian, a Romanic/Latin language, "negru" which means black, so "ăla negru" means "the black one". The word "negru" does not have racial conotations, it only designates color.

    Tareboss T.Tareboss T.Månad sedan
  • If I was head of UEFA,I would definitely fine both teams for trying to abandon a game for silly matter. Now people are exploiting 'racism thing'. Ref had no negative intention. Stupid video

    simon mathewssimon mathewsMånad sedan
  • the hole racism thing make more racists then the racism himself

    Viața lu' FișPiViața lu' FișPiMånad sedan
  • You are so ignorant and you don't know nothing about our people and land . Romanian aren't gypsies , for you knowledge search gypsy and you will see what mean . The whole world doesn't know that we hate and if someone call me a gypsy i think i knocked out the guy in the next second

    UnerzetUnerzetMånad sedan
  • Demba, you should go into politics and advise Erdogan on racism matters. What do you think?

    Alex S19Alex S19Månad sedan
  • Oii for all those who speak but they don't know what about is this madness .

    UnerzetUnerzetMånad sedan
  • More like a serious example of stupidity. Just listen to the recordings before you start a witch hunt you bloody idiots.

    Adrian Andrei BaciuAdrian Andrei BaciuMånad sedan
  • That black guy just over dramatic

    addicz2addicz2Månad sedan
  • So let me understand this. In english it's okay to say "black guy", but in romanian is racist to say "barbat (guy) negru(black)". How does logic work woketards?

    mamatamamataMånad sedan
  • *Stood up to racism ? He promotes racism , he is a racist ! He is the real racist who called the referee a "gypsy" because he is romanian ! Thankfully , now UEFA is investigating him and the turkish staff . No wonder comming from a guy who supports Erdogan publicly, a mass murderer ! Oh, and have you seen his twitter account , no soon has he arrived in Europe he called all white people racist , ( isn't that racist btw ? white people ? If "black people " is racist so should white people )*

    Denisa LovinescuDenisa LovinescuMånad sedan
  • This is insulting! The ref was not racist. In Romanian it was not racist what the ref said. Even according to the French Law it was not racism. What is happening is pure slander. But having the nerve to teach the Romanians their own language, which he does not know is highly offensive and incredibly stupid. And Neymar, I think it was, is racist for saying that ref is not in Romania. So you cannot speak Romanian in France? This is racism!

    redlander55redlander55Månad sedan
  • Dude, the one who is comments this video. Seems to me that you are more racist than everyone. You don't even know the whole story. Now let's report your video for spreading false accusations. And you have the nerve of putting say no to racism

    Adi AdrianAdi AdrianMånad sedan
  • Am I the only one who thinks that the referee didn't say anything wrong? "Negro" in Spanish means black.

    xBrainZyxBrainZyMånad sedan
  • Welcome to 21st century, a time when everything you say can be interpreted as racist.

    Adi AdrianAdi AdrianMånad sedan
  • supporting ref

    Žan ToniŽan ToniMånad sedan
  • Demba Ba called the romanian refferees "gypsys". That's why he got the red card. When they tryed to identify him the 4th refferee said "the black one, go check his name". So, who is the racist one here? Obama was called "the first black president" and no one feelt offended. We all should make the difference between racism and hypocrisy.....for decades the west europeans are calling romanian people "gypsys" even in the papers or on tv and no one moved a finger. And yes, I am romanian and I don't give a sh** about you calling us like that....wake up world, we have bigger problems....

    Ionut PopaIonut PopaMånad sedan
  • I really think that the people there misunderstand the word „negru“. You can hear Webo repeating why you say negro and so on. I think that they understood the word in a bad way. And be honest if you go to a black guy and call him negru and he understands negro he would take this an insult. And everything what happened afterwards are emotions. Uefa should investigate this story and then take a decision. Even though the referee didn’t choose the right word I don’t think that he had racist intensions. And btw thats not true that we in Turkey see all Romanians as Gypsies. I mean we have many romanian players and a very popular romanian Coach in our league, Sumudica I love this guy, and I can say that we never ever insult them. I didn’t even know that romanians see gypsie as an insult i always thought that only albanians see that as an insult. So to sum up I think neither party had racist intensions, only a wrong vocabulary usage and maybe high emotions that caused everything. After a short talk with each other they can solve this problem. Hategan is a very good referee hope he doesn’t get any disadvantages because of this event.

    MAS-10MAS-10Månad sedan
  • That black man is not an racist comment you idiots. What is not right about it? Is there a problem with the colour black? If he has a problem about the colour of his skin then he should get some mental therapy. I wouldn't find it racist if someone was to call me that White Guy. I am happy and comfortable in the colour of my skin. Black and White are colours and there is nothing racist about it. Stop this B.S. nonsense.

    Ionut VrabieIonut VrabieMånad sedan
  • ‼‼‼‼‼ 1.Webo said "these gypsy referees keep making mistakes" 2.The 4th official heard him and told the central ref. To identify him he said "the black one" because he was surrounded by white people. BLACK. THE COLOR BLACK. JUST LIKE "BLACK LIVES MATTER". It's a color, no racism connection. But webo said "gypsy referees" and then also "in my country romanians are gypsyes", that is racist, not the color "black"

    LucasLucasMånad sedan
  • wtf . he call him that black guy . for be easy to his mate to give him a red card for injuries . negru mean black as color not as rasist meaning

    Russell ShelbyRussell ShelbyMånad sedan
  • demba ba...from a human to are lame easy...brainwashed...

    Gugulus AndreiGugulus AndreiMånad sedan
  • Rascism and Unequality will start to disappear when ,omg makes a video about Webo using racist slurs against romanians.Just Seeing one side of the story is wrong .If Refree can be criticised and humiliated for saying some racist comment,then why should Webo be spared.Racism is wrong ,but not seeing the refree's side is wrong.A person is recognized by his physical features if his name and jersey no is not known.This incident will not lessen racism ,instead it will spread more hatred

    Ayush MishraAyush MishraMånad sedan
  • ✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽✊🏽

    Williams IfeajikaWilliams IfeajikaMånad sedan
  • The guy a prick

    john scottjohn scottMånad sedan
  • Football has no room for racism

    Modou GayeModou GayeMånad sedan
  • This page is only going for views, not the truth. Didn't analize the full context. Shame on this page and the owner of it. Does not have a spine to stand up for the truth

    Ungur DariusUngur DariusMånad sedan
  • Let me understend , black is rasism ? This is maddnes , u like rasism like " romanian gypsy " but u dont like ' theat black guy " !!! This is politics not rasism !!! U are the rasit leting the people say romanian are gypsy !!!!

    soldan adriansoldan adrianMånad sedan
  • Just stop posting 10 videos about the same match or same death! In fact, how in the world is calling a black man black racist?

    Hajdučko SrceHajdučko SrceMånad sedan
  • Yeah. You guys think you're so virtuous by pushing this narrative. Have at it.

    Rachel DsouzaRachel DsouzaMånad sedan
  • Just say "guys"

    Mas NdonMas NdonMånad sedan
  • Demba ba is just an idiot. nothing more, not a hero in fighting with racism. Really low quality video

    a .aa .aMånad sedan
  • Calling a black man black became racism. The day the white man saw a black man as a slave and ship them all around the world to trade them.

    andrew sokhuluandrew sokhuluMånad sedan
  • I saw so many people, writing that Demba Ba first called Romanians as gypsies, and calling him a *black* person isnt a show of racism. To those shameless people, I ask how many times have their country thrown words on their enemies, does that excuse a natural crime as racism?!! NOT FOR ME. For Christians I quote from the James 2: 'My brothers and sisters, believers in our glorious Lord Jesus Christ must not show favoritism. 2 Suppose a man comes into your meeting wearing a gold ring and fine clothes, and a poor man in filthy old clothes also comes in. 3 If you show special attention to the man wearing fine clothes and say, “Here’s a good seat for you,” but say to the poor man, “You stand there” or “Sit on the floor by my feet,” 4 have you not discriminated among yourselves and become judges with evil thoughts? For Muslims I quote what Prophet Muhammad said "O mankind, your Lord is One and your father is one. You all descended from Aadam, and Aadam was created from earth. He is most honored among you in the sight of God who is most upright. No Arab is superior to a non-Arab, no colored person to a white person, or a white person to a colored person." For Hindus I quote from the Bhagavat Gita "सुहृन्मित्रार्युदासीनमध्यस्थद्वेष्यबन्धुषु | साधुष्वपि च पापेषु समबुद्धिर्विशिष्यते" Meaning that the yogis look upon all-well-wishers, friends, foes, the pious, and the sinners-with an impartial intellect. The yogi who is of equal intellect toward friend, companion, and foe, neutral among enemies and relatives, and impartial between the righteous and sinful, is considered to be distinguished among humans. To Atheists and others, science tells that, Skin colour is determined by pigments or chromophores: Melanin - a brown/black or red/yellow polymer produced by melanosomes in melanocyte cells. Haemoglobin in red blood cells in the superficial vasculature. Hence, we have no right to judge others on their skin tone. This is embarrassing. Calling someone black person isnt a small thing. It's not only an insult to that person, it is an insult to humanity and to Science and God.

    Dev's sports IQDev's sports IQMånad sedan
  • You have to understand the history, Black people are always victims of racism.

    Tha BanGTha BanGMånad sedan
    • History is history ; the present says that Demba Ba himself is racist : "Bienvenue en occident , la où le blanc se croit tellement supérieur que racisme et débilité deviennent banalité. TIME TO RISE" - Demba Ba tweet on 2 Apr 2020 ; so who's the racist now ? "Le blanc" is the same as "le noire". If "le noire" is racism then "le blanc is racism". Black people nowadays are taking advantage of this ! Enough with it; if this continues to happen , all the antiracism will become derogatory ; if you see racism where there's not , you will also fail to fight real racism.

      George SoareGeorge SoareMånad sedan
  • What a dumb title...meant to provoke....

    yoyehhyoyehhMånad sedan
  • BS

    P HarrisonP HarrisonMånad sedan
  • even the VAR says that guy is still black !! tell the difference between 'Black lives matter ' and Black Guy , The Romanian Referee never said 'negro' and this guy webo call the Referres gyesies since Min 1 , this is the reason why he receive RED CARD , JE SUIS COLTESCU ,

    Mario MariusMario MariusMånad sedan