How Zlatan Ibrahimović's wife turned him into a BEAST | Oh My Goal

2 dec 2020
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Zlatan Ibrahimovic is a BEAST but it’s mostly thanks to one person HIS WIFE! Check out more about the relationship between Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Helena Seger in our latest Soccer Story. Zlatan may be the most arrogant man in football, but he’s not the boss of the Ibrahimovic family!
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  • His wife is 12 years older than him? Surely he could have done better than that???

  • Listening to his accent feel like Listening atomic bomb

    All Around The WorldAll Around The WorldDag sedan
  • She probably bullied him and he liked it. Now he wears a dog collar around the house

    Ocean SeaOcean SeaDag sedan
  • Of course Zlatan is arrogant and bossy he is from the balkans.

    El MaxEl Max3 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful couple

    অভ্রনীল দেঅভ্রনীল দে6 dagar sedan
  • She is beautiful

    অভ্রনীল দেঅভ্রনীল দে6 dagar sedan
  • We see lizard in our but zlatan have Godzilla in his house

    aaaa6 dagar sedan
  • He is just an arrogant SOB.

    kartik paikartik pai9 dagar sedan
  • I have tremendous respect for you Zaltan Ibrahimovich by Steve Irungu Jermaine

    steve irungusteve irungu10 dagar sedan
  • I didn't know zlatan can hi kick like that.... yep god... Only football player that is not a puss

    kozmo kramerkozmo kramer10 dagar sedan
  • we want more of zlatan

    Star LineStar Line12 dagar sedan
  • Looks like transgender

    We like MusicWe like Music13 dagar sedan
  • That cut scene in the middle was funny but true bro good call

    Dišmas AngelDišmas Angel16 dagar sedan
  • Zlatan was already a beast before they got married. You beginning to disrespect zlatan. You getting me mad

    TseyboiTseyboi17 dagar sedan
  • It is good that she keeps him grounded at home for his own sake 🙏

    Daniels HDaniels H18 dagar sedan
  • sorry but she looks much too old for him. he looks like her kid.

    Bianca HotcaBianca Hotca18 dagar sedan
  • "She is even more Zlatan than Zlatan" Me imaging Ramos's and Pepe's ass getting kicked by her...

    sayan neogysayan neogy19 dagar sedan
  • Look at the comment section of any Zatan clip. Zlatan has a lot of gay fans that would luv to blow him.

    beorlingobeorlingo19 dagar sedan
  • That’s right he’s a SLAV!!!

    Sundjer BobSundjer Bob21 dag sedan
  • Why do footballers love older women. This is not funny 🤣🤣

    Adhah TottenhamAdhah Tottenham24 dagar sedan
  • Ayvayı yediniz oyleyse 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Ömür ÇelikÖmür Çelik25 dagar sedan
  • Emel mi 😈😈😈

    Ömür ÇelikÖmür Çelik25 dagar sedan
  • Pp training

    e ee e25 dagar sedan
  • Zlatan je Bog

    Reufik BegicReufik Begic26 dagar sedan

    Rambo CobraRambo Cobra28 dagar sedan
  • Source : simps

    Trixi NourTrixi Nour29 dagar sedan
  • Time to update zlatan.

    fadi azzamfadi azzamMånad sedan
  • Who is scrolling through the comments and laughing

    Hshsh BbshshshHshsh BbshshshMånad sedan
  • After that video I don t like her and don t even like Zlatan anymore

    Charlie BrownCharlie BrownMånad sedan
  • When the guy said " your football knowledge will be unbeatable ," I felt that Bcoz it is true I love oh my goal

    Kushagra BhatnagarKushagra BhatnagarMånad sedan
  • Plastic woman

    luca Warriorluca WarriorMånad sedan
  • Volim ovog covjeka sto je nas i poznat je u svijetu.

    Jasmin SecicJasmin SecicMånad sedan
  • Di atas Zlatan masih ada.. istrinya, bang Tigor juga rupa2nya the lord ini

    Joy AbdiJoy AbdiMånad sedan
  • Not zlatn ❌ZLARTAN✅ ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

    Renn LeitungRenn LeitungMånad sedan
  • she's

    Florin CFlorin CMånad sedan
  • If the virus don't go to zalatan than zalatan will go to virus 😂

    VibhavVibhavMånad sedan
  • I have met her here in malmö with his children a couple of years ago. All i will say is that he can get better. HAHAHAHAHHA

    Jusuf CrnalicJusuf CrnalicMånad sedan

    yunas saxeryunas saxerMånad sedan
  • Zlatan: I am Inevitable... His Wife: Really?

    Roberto RomarioRoberto RomarioMånad sedan
  • Zlatan is lion,but his wife is bengal tiger who kill barbary lion in ancient rome

    harith danialharith danialMånad sedan
  • It is me or this is like Goku who was the strongest mam in the universe but feared his wife?

    Ale - CS:GOAle - CS:GOMånad sedan
  • Παντόφλα! Χαχαχα Zlatan the greatest cf of all time! Respect

    Menelaos SavvidisMenelaos SavvidisMånad sedan
  • Leurs états de santé respectifs les empechent de s'approcher trop pres l'un de l'autre. 💖💖💖

    Celine DiorsCeline DiorsMånad sedan
  • All that money and fame and he marries a broad 11 years older than him what a dumbass.

    TheFreshestLyricsTheFreshestLyricsMånad sedan
  • Who's that cheeky dude who dared kick Zlatan at 2:37? Was it Bailly?

    Keith HiewKeith HiewMånad sedan
  • that's a demotion .. from god to lion/beast.

    Stack OverflowStack OverflowMånad sedan
  • Haha recently according to Italian media reports. Zlatan has been seeing a noted Italian reporter. The family has been staying away from Italy in Sweden.

    RonaFortnite NoobieRonaFortnite NoobieMånad sedan
  • zlatan's wife is 12 years elder than him

    Disguiser PlaysDisguiser PlaysMånad sedan
  • One Day, i will Turn Proffesional, for ARSENAL ....mark ma name

    Reuben FavourReuben FavourMånad sedan
  • I’m Swedish. I love when English people try to pronounce Swedish words. MALMOE EFF, HEILIENA SEYGAR

  • Helena Seyagay

  • I'd probably delete this video. Probably get your ass kicked.

    Ante KrslovicAnte KrslovicMånad sedan
  • Dude she is 50 and zlatan is 39

    kyrillos 213kyrillos 213Månad sedan
  • common dont fuckin interup the videos

    kian alizadekian alizadeMånad sedan
  • Put a Video about Novak Djokovic while he was a Footballer or Kobe Bryant or Giannis Antekounpo. Famous athltes that were playig football first

    M. S.M. S.Månad sedan
  • *SHE IS 50*

    LegolasLegolasMånad sedan
  • How many children they have?

    slomi slomslomi slomMånad sedan
  • Never thought Zlatan would get out-Zlataned

    Gabrijel LukendaGabrijel LukendaMånad sedan
  • So his wife is 48, older than Zlatan?

    Raheel RahmanRaheel RahmanMånad sedan
  • Why don't you do a video about péle

    K.O.F.I FAVORK.O.F.I FAVORMånad sedan
  • Hey how about a video about players who are too good but never won a balon d'or

    K.O.F.I FAVORK.O.F.I FAVORMånad sedan
  • "Fack... Even Slatan needs a *Sugar Mom* "

    Migue byteMigue byteMånad sedan
  • Zlatan put Sweden on the map 😂

    fabulous legendfabulous legendMånad sedan
  • Int not sejager, its seger

    Swe SpaitonSwe SpaitonMånad sedan
  • zlatan is scared of his wife

    Ahamed ShaAhamed ShaMånad sedan
  • Tbh diletta leota wanna smash with Zlatan 😂

    Jordy RamirezJordy RamirezMånad sedan
  • That was so cringy

    Ahmed AlmutairiAhmed AlmutairiMånad sedan
  • A Lion does not need to be taught to be a Beast

    vijith menonvijith menonMånad sedan
  • Zlatan ibrahimovic Is the BIG Legend Respect to Zlatan 👑⚽❤️💪😃

    Kacper PlataKacper PlataMånad sedan
  • Of course nordic wamen.

    Dark WizardDark WizardMånad sedan
  • The lion and lioness

    Thomas DThomas DMånad sedan
  • again.... title totally misleading

    Daniel NograjskyDaniel NograjskyMånad sedan
  • Impossible no one out zlatans ' zlatan

    king gitongaking gitongaMånad sedan

    DUSTY M-O-HDUSTY M-O-HMånad sedan
  • She looks evil

    Dante' MitchellDante' MitchellMånad sedan
  • Zlatan doesn’t play football, football plays Zlatan!

    Sunny ShahSunny ShahMånad sedan
  • Henpecked

    Min TombingMin TombingMånad sedan
  • There are very good wives are very few ie Christine Wairimu Wangeci by Steve Irungu Jermaine

    steve irungusteve irunguMånad sedan
  • Zlatan Ibrahimovich to me you are football wizard by Steve Irungu Jermaine

    steve irungusteve irunguMånad sedan
  • Bless them both!

    ChrisChrisMånad sedan
  • I went to school with Vincent (his second son)

    Jonathan KimJonathan KimMånad sedan
  • Zlatan doesn't live in Milan city Milan is the city in which Zlatan lives

    Pallanti AkbPallanti AkbMånad sedan
  • When Zlatan meets the wife of Zlatan who is more Zlatan than Zlatan

    Pallanti AkbPallanti AkbMånad sedan
  • She is more zlatan than zlatan😂😂😂

    Yadhu krishnaYadhu krishnaMånad sedan
  • Yes I enjoy it but am scared for him

    Isioma OssaiIsioma OssaiMånad sedan
  • She gets back to work when he retires so never

    Sem MulderSem MulderMånad sedan
  • His wife as him as a puppet

    promoting gamerspromoting gamersMånad sedan
  • How dare you American always mispronounce his name... Its Zlatan...not Zlat'n..... that's why he left the US and has gone back to Italy... You guys should offer him the statue of liberty as an apology

    suckitupbabesuckitupbabeMånad sedan
  • How does he know the wife is the boss? Is he a stalker?

    Paul EchiverriPaul EchiverriMånad sedan
  • If anybody's watched Baki the Grapppler, then Zlatan is Baki and his father might have told him to the thing to get stronger.😂😂😂

    Vaishnav NegiVaishnav NegiMånad sedan
  • Zlatan the lion of football

    Mir Mehran OdhoMir Mehran OdhoMånad sedan
  • Trash....

    obinna chukwuebukaobinna chukwuebukaMånad sedan
  • Någon svenne här eller

    Lova BraamLova BraamMånad sedan
    • 🙋🏻‍♂️

      Classic Car CustodiansClassic Car CustodiansMånad sedan
  • His wife is 50👀

    Nigga LipsNigga LipsMånad sedan
  • Zlatan is Ibrahimovic

    zedzedMånad sedan
  • Behind every great lion there is a greater lioness 🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁🦁 Simple as A little bit surprised that she's more than 10 years older than Zlatan, though.

    Ahmed M. H. IBRAHIMAhmed M. H. IBRAHIMMånad sedan
  • I like this channel and the speaker man is amazing the way he telling the news or story of footballers I enjoy listening you man and the long hair even is another beast, keep up that shitt your entertaining is fantastic and talented you got my five stars 🤣🤩👍🏾👊🏾

    Apdalle AthleticTMApdalle AthleticTMMånad sedan
  • seriously curly needs to stop coming in the middle of the vids

    DiGgYDiGgYMånad sedan
  • I always wondered if he had a wife

    Yash ShikhareYash ShikhareMånad sedan
  • Zlatan will beat her ass if she does s something I swear

    akar ayadakar ayadMånad sedan