4 goalkeepers who were never supposed to play in goal | Oh My Goal

15 dec 2020
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Goalkeepers don’t necessarily play in this position from the offset. There are many who started as outfield players before ending up in the goal. While some players want to do this, that’s not always the case for others. Here are 4 goalkeepers who were never supposed to play in goal!
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  • Which player should have been a goalkeeper? (wrong answer only)

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • Harry kane

      Lmqko zLmqko z15 dagar sedan
    • @Golden Cell lol i agree

      KO PLAYZ GamingKO PLAYZ GamingMånad sedan
    • neymar because he is good at diving:-}

      shawn van buurenshawn van buurenMånad sedan
    • Of course Neumar

      Amrik SinghAmrik SinghMånad sedan
    • Lingard and Phil Jones

      Horvath Tamas PhotographyHorvath Tamas PhotographyMånad sedan
  • That explains why Ederson has such a strong foot and can assist given the chance to

    Nathan KondoweNathan Kondowe3 dagar sedan
  • suarez he would carch the ball with his teeth

    pickleys yeetpickleys yeet15 dagar sedan
  • What about memo Ochoa

    Landon OrdunoLandon Orduno17 dagar sedan
  • Am surprised not to see kepa in the list

    RobinRobin21 dag sedan
  • I'm 9 years old I started to play as a goalie when I was 8 years old. My dad was one my three brothers and my uncle was one I'm pretty good

    Shiu HussainShiu Hussain26 dagar sedan
  • I was not supposed to be goalkeeper either. I played as a winger

    Shiu HussainShiu Hussain26 dagar sedan
  • What the hell happened to Harry Maguire?

    Vito plays UwuVito plays Uwu27 dagar sedan
  • Ederson was supposed to be a Karate teacher

    The Lethal SeagullThe Lethal SeagullMånad sedan
  • Outfield players are really good goalkeepers

    Rahimi _7Rahimi _7Månad sedan
  • Mike wisowski should be a goalie he would be the best

    Jack CareyJack CareyMånad sedan
  • Lloris was a tennis player

    Mika CannemeijerMika CannemeijerMånad sedan
  • Ederson is like a midfielder because of his passing range

    1699 Abhishek Kumar1699 Abhishek KumarMånad sedan
  • Where's Manuel Neuer? He first joined Schalke as a striker.

    Elijah Edric GuintoElijah Edric GuintoMånad sedan
  • Suarez

    Hafa DjHafa DjMånad sedan
  • Ter stangn

    Zuhoor EllahiZuhoor EllahiMånad sedan
  • You look at Buffon when he was young now hes one of the best goalie of all time

    Jorge KouloumentasJorge KouloumentasMånad sedan
  • T f what about ter stegen he was a striker

    Alex_MBAlex_MBMånad sedan
  • C

    Sergiotad23Sergiotad23Månad sedan
  • What about ter stegen

    Naruto SasukeNaruto SasukeMånad sedan
  • Buffon looks like a grandfather

    WhoseAquaWhoseAquaMånad sedan
  • Cool

    Nec FloNec FloMånad sedan
  • Are you kidding me ?? Where is Neuer ???

    George TsaknakisGeorge TsaknakisMånad sedan
  • Schmeichel also

    William GrønbechWilliam GrønbechMånad sedan
  • its ederson moares not ederson more eyes

    syed mohammad hussainsyed mohammad hussainMånad sedan
  • Rene higuita

    Rahil MittalRahil MittalMånad sedan
  • Petr Čech started as a striker :)

    Patrik's football madnessPatrik's football madnessMånad sedan
  • Lloris used to be a striker and he was in goal at training as a joke and the trainers were impressed by him he was playing 3rd division French league striker

    Hilton De GraafHilton De GraafMånad sedan
  • Well we all know neuer is just a legend and could even play out field

  • People that were supposed to play in goal Neymar🤣😂🤣

    Rahim UddinRahim UddinMånad sedan
  • How about Manuel Neuer?

    LeoLeoMånad sedan
  • Rui Patrício was a striker when he arrived at Sporting acadamy

    Bernardo CanelasBernardo CanelasMånad sedan
  • Ter stegen bruh

    SippinCariSippinCariMånad sedan
  • I used to be made fun of because I was too "small" to be a goalkeeper, kind if like keylor navas. Now i'm the tallest guy in the u-15 team 😎

    Zidane HDZidane HDMånad sedan
  • It seriously feels like Neuer should be on this list , man plays higher up the pitch than a centre back

  • Hugo lloris was a tennis player as a kid thats why hes world class with his hands and could be better with his Foot

    Erik FrederiksenErik FrederiksenMånad sedan
  • Where is nuaer oh ya he is half midfielder and half goalkeeper

    StiCK is MeStiCK is MeMånad sedan
  • What about kepa

    Kieran McgeoghanKieran McgeoghanMånad sedan
  • Tibo could have been the tallest fullback

    Timilehin FamorotiTimilehin FamorotiMånad sedan
  • Explains edersons crazy kicking tbf

    HydrominantHydrominantMånad sedan
  • Oh my God! In my school everybody just likes to score goals so everybody is literally up front and Im the goalie when the team gets the ball they score on me!

    Raahim ZuberiRaahim ZuberiMånad sedan
  • Everyone has to agree that Neymar jr would be the best keeper ever. With diving skills that good, it would be impossible to score past him.

    Top CornerTop CornerMånad sedan
  • Where’s Luis Suarez?

    Relenter ORelenter OMånad sedan
  • What about my boy Manuel Neuer he played midfield

    Slinky火Slinky火Månad sedan
  • Sir Harry Kane???

    L1V35H R4M4NL1V35H R4M4NMånad sedan
  • And Fernando Torres started as a goal keeper

    Nux TakuNux TakuMånad sedan
  • they dont even know how to pronounce gullit why am I even surprised they are all american

    matthew dawkinsmatthew dawkinsMånad sedan
  • In the reverse, Fernando Torres started as a goalkeeper by the way.

    Kay FootballKay FootballMånad sedan
  • I am not gonna lie but Ederson stays more at LB position at City then at GK

    MiltonMiltonMånad sedan
  • david de gea one was obvious

    Mohamed Ashjau AslamMohamed Ashjau AslamMånad sedan

    Bishal AchhamiBishal AchhamiMånad sedan
  • Courtois's sister plays handball not volleyball

    Fred BolkiahFred BolkiahMånad sedan
  • Sir Harold Kane Made my day 🤣🤣🤣

    Ashwath KrishnaAshwath KrishnaMånad sedan
  • where is ter stegen?

    cogi cogi 31cogi cogi 31Månad sedan
  • correct me if I am wrong but wasn't ter Stegan also a outfield player turned goal keeper

    AMAMMånad sedan
  • They are all very good keepers what would we do if they plsyed as outfield players

    extratypical gamerextratypical gamerMånad sedan
  • Who thinks that oh my goal should make another video about players who started out as goalkeepers

  • In the begin want to be a keeper but Im a atacker

    AsherrAsherrMånad sedan
  • What a history lesson. Getafe in third division!!! 😯

    SSMånad sedan
  • No wonder de gea is the worst goalkeeper

    Hautfadi Nyembue-NyembueHautfadi Nyembue-NyembueMånad sedan
  • ter stegen and neuer will be here

    Paul M GeorgyPaul M GeorgyMånad sedan
  • Kepa wasn't supposed to be a goalie

    Lindokuhle ButheleziLindokuhle ButheleziMånad sedan
  • First I was a goalkeeper now I am a striker

    Karthik PradeepKarthik PradeepMånad sedan
  • Even Kelleher he started at striker but then the keeper at their side quit so the father of kelleher told the coach that Kelleher would play in goal so he played the first game he played the ball swerved through the air and passed through him but then had a good game and that’s his story!!! 🙏

    Ali MeraliAli MeraliMånad sedan
  • Man said aidrean not adrian😂

    NDL EnforcementNDL EnforcementMånad sedan
  • I think Manchester United should make david play front, I bet he is better than martial

    Binu ShabuBinu ShabuMånad sedan
  • How about what the hell is happening to vinicius jr. ???

    Sean NaveedSean NaveedMånad sedan
  • Football idea : What the hell is happening to FC Barcelona (again) ???

    Sadman TahmidSadman TahmidMånad sedan
  • All left back being goal keeper....now i feel threaten cus i play in that postion too😑

    Anima RoyAnima RoyMånad sedan
  • What about terstegen

    Terone BarrettTerone BarrettMånad sedan
  • What about teddy terstegen ?

    Terone BarrettTerone BarrettMånad sedan
  • You miss out on Ter Stegen, was a striker before been a keeper.

    Murshid JengMurshid JengMånad sedan
  • De Gea better as a striker for Man Utd

    Arpit BanerjeeArpit BanerjeeMånad sedan
  • every GK starts as an infield player, the position is undersold in youth levels

    In The Deep With EGGSY The CriticIn The Deep With EGGSY The CriticMånad sedan
  • U forgot Haward

    Elio HasaElio HasaMånad sedan
  • Even Ter Stegen was a good outfield player

    Anish BhawalAnish BhawalMånad sedan
  • Jesus u have 2.5 million subscribers with theses fake n shitty videos

    Satya RanjanSatya RanjanMånad sedan
  • what about ter stegen.

    25-Karman Handa25-Karman HandaMånad sedan
  • Ter stegen was a midfielder

    YYComps-match compilationYYComps-match compilationMånad sedan
  • All are one of the best goalkeepers currently(except de gea who has lost form)

    • He has been good for man utd in the recent months. It's just that maguire and lindelof don't play good

      Nux TakuNux TakuMånad sedan
  • ter stegen also used to play as a striker for u 12 gladbach

  • Ter stegan was first a striker

    Tanduy LAMTanduy LAMMånad sedan
  • Where is lingard 😆

    YuGPaTeL10YuGPaTeL10Månad sedan
  • Where is Victor Valdes?

    Dede Lutumba MpongoDede Lutumba MpongoMånad sedan
  • Ter stegen also played striker

    Richard MohammedRichard MohammedMånad sedan
  • 1:31 My case 😅

    SebastiánSebastiánMånad sedan
  • Goalkeeper is the most important position!!!

    SebastiánSebastiánMånad sedan
  • I was the only kid that actually liked to play as Goalkeeper? 😑

    SebastiánSebastiánMånad sedan
  • Ter stegen also told that he wanted to play as a striker

    otteri nariotteri nariMånad sedan
  • And kyle walker is the player who was never supposed to play out field

    Kanchan HandeKanchan HandeMånad sedan
  • Kelleher too

    Ashley TanAshley TanMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/fGrOxt3OrXR4zWg/video

    KliotanKliotanMånad sedan
  • Ruud gullet 🤦🏿‍♂️ You don't pronounce the g.. You say it with an "h"

    joshy SkLzjoshy SkLzMånad sedan
  • Players who were not meant to play football or outfield

    Jeffrey 127Jeffrey 127Månad sedan
  • Buffon is the best, I really admire his love and passion for football 😍

    Kiki MKiki MMånad sedan
  • Ter stegen

    WithAlimt10 GamingWithAlimt10 GamingMånad sedan
  • Buffon is the best keeper ever. The fact that he wasn't supposed to is...

    Nathan DesmondNathan DesmondMånad sedan
  • Make a story about figo

    Tony OkonjiTony OkonjiMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/nrHLnp2YgoFi1Wg/video Abdul Razack goals

    Kipo Eric Abdul MajeedKipo Eric Abdul MajeedMånad sedan
  • Courtois is actually wanted to be playboy.. But he always rejected by girls.. That's why he come to football who stole other's girl friend...

    Neel The RockstarNeel The RockstarMånad sedan