5 times José Mourinho showed he was the big boss | Oh My Goal

10 dec 2020
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Jose Mourinho is the BOSS. Whether Real Madrid, Chelsea, Manchester United or Tottenham Hotspur, Jose Mourinho let’s everyone know who is in charge. That’s why Jose Mourinho is the BIGGEST boss of all.
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  • Quel sera le classement de Tottenham cette saison?

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • @joxzsh u think we gonna read this?

      RuckusRuckus13 dagar sedan
    • How will Tottenham rank this season? 2nd. City or Liverpool will scrape a win. Liverpool's injury crisis isn't looking good, although I do support them. Chelsea may also be a contender, with all the transfers. But Mendy (Chelsea's best keeper) might not cut it against Alisson, Lloris, or Thomas Ederson. Tottenham Hotspur's exposed tactics might not be good, even we can find them on Onefootball or the SEworld channel "Football Made Simple". But players like Kane, Son, and Hoijberg being in long-term form and improving, Tottenham may also be seen lifting the EPL trophy. Man City, I don't have much info about them, their quality and consistency is just plain scary for other title contenders. Liverpool F.C, they have won trophies, and have a really good team, but injuries could make a significant difference in team quality and tactics. Not individual tactics, but VVD was a big part in defensive quality and tactics. But many other players crucial to the Liverpool squad are also suffering from serious injuries. However Jota's form is outstanding, which may be a good substitute for some lost team quality. Manchester United really has been struggling, but the January transfer market may be a key factor in their resurrection, having a huge budget. But they will just hold on to their skill with players like Bruno Fernandes, Rashford, and Martial. Paul Pogba will probably be sold to Juventus since their midfield would be their only major location on the pitch that needs to be improved. De Gea is becoming worse and worse, and I think they should swap keepers with another team. (I think a good transfer would be De Gea + 90 million for Donnarumma. Arsenal are currently 15th on the league table, with players like Abumeyang and Xhaka being in dreadful form. I think an unexpected team will come over them in points by the end of the season, and no, I don't think they will be relegated to the championship. Overall, the January transfer window seems to be playing a significant part in team improvement in the Premier League.

      joxzshjoxzsh25 dagar sedan
    • seworld.info/will/g5zbmLC0e4h51nk/video

      CursedEditsCursedEditsMånad sedan
    • Will j’ose win the league at Tottenham, thank me later.

      IIMånad sedan
    • Translation: With Jose where will Tottenham Rank?

      Mohnish KrupaleMohnish KrupaleMånad sedan
  • If Zlatan agree that you is the best. That mean you're & he respect Jose Mourinho so much!

    Amar RahimiAmar RahimiDag sedan
  • He ruined Kaka

    Shashank SharmaShashank Sharma11 dagar sedan
    • Kaka was already ruined before Mourinho

      Ilunga d'AlvaIlunga d'Alva4 dagar sedan
  • The problem with modern day players is some of them aren't use to having a big bad boss like Jose back in the 2000s that Chelsea team loved Jose no matter what same with Sir Alex with United. If Sir Alex was at United now these players would able to handle his strict discipline mentality because they prefer the good vibes. That's why LVG and Jose didn't get on with the players because some of these players are spoiled with money and focused more on social media.

    Mojo KMojo K12 dagar sedan
  • Inter achieved only bcz of JM

    Senthil TpSenthil Tp16 dagar sedan
  • Zlatan once took on mourinho and than zlatan lost his height by two feets

    rohit yadavrohit yadav17 dagar sedan
  • This is not completely true. In that Inter match Mou left Ibra in the pitch, cause we wanted him to score again, and to be the top scorer of the league, it was the penultimum match of the season. In fact Ibra wins the ranking, scoring other two goals in the last match.

    Ben GoshiBen Goshi19 dagar sedan
  • Yeah boss in wanking his words

    Roger MooreRoger Moore21 dag sedan
  • Always listen to this man cause he got Chelsea and porto the champions league

    Samual StalinSamual Stalin22 dagar sedan
  • "Julio Sezrrrr the Goalkeprrrrrr"

    Sayan SenSayan Sen23 dagar sedan
  • Varane at 19 was playing better than Pepe, and most importantly, wasn't screwing up, buy making penalties and dropping the opposition in dangerous areas of the defence. If you watched that season, Varane playing, you will understand perfectly why he has a starter.

    Sahla. HDPSahla. HDP23 dagar sedan
  • Klopp's his dad

    Syed HussainSyed Hussain23 dagar sedan
  • That guy that pauses the video and asks us to sub is so annoying.

    bella storybella story24 dagar sedan
  • The big bus

    Gaeguri ShieldGaeguri Shield24 dagar sedan
  • He has showed alli, who is the boss

    Sports CuratorSports Curator24 dagar sedan
  • Muricans talk about “football” stories? No thanks!

    Jackson TranJackson Tran24 dagar sedan
  • Didn't seem to lie about pogba. No disrespect

    Chevon KellerChevon Keller24 dagar sedan
  • players 99% win the game coach 0% a toxic coach... so wat now for totemham u ruin the club jose stupido.

    Inswang Jeff Ka Gags T.V.Inswang Jeff Ka Gags T.V.25 dagar sedan
  • How neymar was able to recover better during his injury in 2014 wc

    MaN 0f GaMingMaN 0f GaMing25 dagar sedan
  • Give to any team Mourinho and Zlatan and let them do the rest

    BIG DADDYBIG DADDY25 dagar sedan
  • this is a video about NOTHING

    Gerry HallenGerry Hallen25 dagar sedan
  • Not Entirely true, zlatan wanted to win the best scorer and needed 1 goal and he was upset that the team weren’t helping him score

    Robin SjödinRobin Sjödin26 dagar sedan
  • Love oh my Goal when talking about zlatan Ibrahimovic

    Mumo LyonMumo Lyon26 dagar sedan
  • Mess with Cristiano! Surely you know who's the boss

    bHm CR7bHm CR726 dagar sedan
  • The most popular coach besides Ferguson

    Juan LouisJuan Louis27 dagar sedan
  • He hate Manchester United ..He destroyed them single handedly & get big pay cheque ..

    El ErmanoEl Ermano27 dagar sedan
  • If Simeone leave I would love to see Mou manage Atleti.

    Hasanul BannaHasanul Banna27 dagar sedan
  • Charismatic

    Ahmed OmanAhmed Oman27 dagar sedan
  • I wish Jose acts at least one role in Hollywood one day. He would be an amazing star. His character is unbelievably strong.

    Salem GheitSalem Gheit27 dagar sedan
  • With the money he has spent over his managerial career he could have conquered the modern football but Ending him Saying 'Special one'

    Bush PangsatabamBush Pangsatabam28 dagar sedan
  • Could you please stop the disruptions?

    Omer RavehOmer Raveh29 dagar sedan
  • Jose has aged like a fine wine

    BigTimeGurterBigTimeGurterMånad sedan
    • Aged a few years last night after firmino's winner

      Steve NicolSteve Nicol28 dagar sedan
  • this voice is love

    13 AAHAV YADAV13 AAHAV YADAVMånad sedan
  • Mourinho é vencedor mas não é futebolista de corpo e alma He is a manager not a footballer...

    Alberto Chirindza ChirindzaAlberto Chirindza ChirindzaMånad sedan
  • Zlatan: “ I can kill for Mourinho “ says it all. JOSE The GOAT 🔥

    Lord KalluLord KalluMånad sedan
  • Mourinho is a crazy but wise man

    TS Tech TalkTS Tech TalkMånad sedan
  • Only 5? I can tell you 50.

    United is BestUnited is BestMånad sedan
  • boos correction boss

    Arush AdhikariArush AdhikariMånad sedan
  • if mourinho was my boos i would play for every club he manages

    Arush AdhikariArush AdhikariMånad sedan
  • The most recent example - Mourinho bossing Dele Alli.

    Vinz WVinz WMånad sedan
  • just so u know ..i disliked this video for the midway interruption..wtf man..keep it at end or start..not mid

    TrIAL TaKeRTrIAL TaKeRMånad sedan
  • Zlatan once went to Mourinho's house, Zlatan was the guest

    ZÁM YTZÁM YTMånad sedan
    • Zlatan wanna know your location

      VibhavVibhav16 timmar sedan
    • Nope Zlatan couched mourinho

      VibhavVibhav16 timmar sedan
    • Half the peeps in the reply section haven’t heard Zlatan facts

      Nimrah FatheenNimrah Fatheen9 dagar sedan
    • Lol 🤣🤣

      MoMo9 dagar sedan
    • Dead reply section

      Jaya IyerJaya Iyer12 dagar sedan
  • How I wish I could go back to 2005

    Benjamin TanuwiraBenjamin TanuwiraMånad sedan
  • When he tells that a player is bad he doesnt always mean it. Mourinho do this because he want to motivate his players and always wants more from his players for him even if you had the best mach of your life he will not be surprised because he alwas wants more from you. He deserves ous respect and I can tell he is one of the best menegers ever.

    TheDamnHeroTheDamnHeroMånad sedan
  • Manchester United biggest mistake is replace him with Ole.

    Koleng AndiKoleng AndiMånad sedan
    • Nope.

      Abz 16Abz 16Månad sedan

    Ahmed YaseenAhmed YaseenMånad sedan
  • Pepe is far from a hard man, spineless player in fact, Mourinho is a don!!!

    George JohnsonGeorge JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Pepe is far from a hard man, spineless player in fact, Mourinho is a don!!!

    George JohnsonGeorge JohnsonMånad sedan
  • The reason he didnt win the league with utd was because he was used to coach players who were willing to end their career for him and at utd he was given man babies like pogba and martial. Their incompetence is more clear when ole is trying to replace them

    yky 565yky 565Månad sedan
  • The manager has to show who's the boss or else the players and their agent (if you know who I mean) shit their club and manager

    Nimish LondheNimish LondheMånad sedan
  • I hate the person who tells me to sub

    ShiswamyShiswamyMånad sedan
  • Now i know why man utd get rid of him.. He doesn't like all the players. And of course, the club cant afford his demand to buy every player that he wants

    Muhammad Ammar IsmailMuhammad Ammar IsmailMånad sedan
  • Changed your name from soccer to football

    Lolo HulloLolo HulloMånad sedan
  • I love Jose he doesn't do personal stuff he does what Job requires him to do. I can say that if Jose Keeps going with Spurs as he is Spurs will probably Win coming from Utd Fan.

    Ayan BeigAyan BeigMånad sedan
  • Now man u fans can realize jose was right about those players

    What To say?What To say?Månad sedan
  • Son became sonaldo Lingard became lingardinho Under Special One

  • Barca need Mourinho type of coach to control the dressing room

    Muhammad MubashirMuhammad MubashirMånad sedan
  • Yes, Jose is the Boss, follow his philosophy and train hard and you will be the champion !!!

    Sunny ChowSunny ChowMånad sedan
  • Managers with the most trophies

    Sho ShadzSho ShadzMånad sedan
  • Professor JM🔥❤

    Happy LifeHappy LifeMånad sedan
  • To beat Jose is hard and he has a very cold heart to bench the best players to win the match

    Athreya VijayAthreya VijayMånad sedan
    • Very hard to defeat

      Athreya VijayAthreya VijayMånad sedan
  • Of course, he showed he can help spurs with the audi cup 40 times.

    The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • Does Pepe and Ramos get along very well?

    Tümëłøw ÞùmñīľàTümëłøw ÞùmñīľàMånad sedan
  • Man Utd won Europa with Mou and which Ole can never 😂

    Inazuma11playInazuma11playMånad sedan
    • And why you even comparing the 2, when they're in 2 different jobs, with different objectives, and different level of players, Jose was winning with, title winning veterans, Zlatan, Rooney, De Gea, Pogba, give Ole Zlatan, Rooney etc legends, and Zlatan would have won Ole those 3 trophies, that's why he brought Cavani, a winner, has Pogba, a winner, Bruno, a leader, with winning mentality, he gave youth a chance & finished 3rd, Jose factually, would struggle to get 4th, with the youth Ole had to deal with last year

      Jean- paul WaltersJean- paul Walters26 dagar sedan
    • And Ole beat PSG twice, something Mourinho could never do

      Jean- paul WaltersJean- paul Walters26 dagar sedan
    • The europa is for losers

      Steve NicolSteve Nicol28 dagar sedan
  • Some so called pundits are saying Harry Kane will not perform under Jose..Shhhh.. He's the real boss

    Rajat kundu 1 8 1 1 0Rajat kundu 1 8 1 1 0Månad sedan
  • New record by messi seworld.info/will/mGy8zdfcZnxqznE/video

    CYRUSCYRUSMånad sedan
  • If Mourinho wins the PL with Spurs then I'm sure he goes clear of SAF

    PurushothamanPurushothamanMånad sedan
    • 😂😂 i laughed hard at this!! No one will go past SAF .

      Rahim KhanRahim KhanMånad sedan
  • The dude is annouing

    Jason CommiesieJason CommiesieMånad sedan
  • I should consider putting Mourinho as my dream xi manager.

    S. PaulS. PaulMånad sedan
  • For those of you who don't know who the horseman was he is bojack horseman

    Aso HamaAso HamaMånad sedan
  • Mou didn't hate his players at United. They were pathetic. And still he managed to get success out of them.

    Nigel NyoniNigel NyoniMånad sedan
  • That’s true lol

    Vision fishyVision fishyMånad sedan
  • I pray whoever reads this become successful in life

    Bronto EducationBronto EducationMånad sedan
  • When they covered united they forgot about the 1-6 xDDDD

    AryavPlaysAryavPlaysMånad sedan
  • Mourinho is a blessing for football

    The wizard 10The wizard 10Månad sedan
    • Of course, he showed he can help spurs with the audi cup 40 times.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • A bit more context on the Ibra one, it was against Sienna in 2009, Inter were crowned Serie A Champions the night prior to the game, so all the players, including Ibra, went out and celebrated, knowing full well that Mourinho was going to be fuming. They were all hungover and, if you watch the highlights (they're on SEworld, just search Inter - Sienna 2009, the thumbnail is a picture of Ibra if I can remember correctly), you'll see that he was extremely tired and was devoid of all motivation to play, he asked to be subbed off so many times but Mourinho kept him on the pitch for two main reasons, first, he wanted to teach him a lesson, and secondly, he wanted Ibra to be Capocannoniere (top scorer in Serie A), Mourinho knew the goal would matter and, in the end, it did. Ibra scored 25 goals in Serie A that season, and the 2 runner-ups scored 24 (it was Diego Milito and someone else, I think). It was extremely funny, though, when Mourinho used his last substitution on Julio Cesar, Inter's GK at the time, best part it, he was laughing while being subbed off, I seriously recommend you all to go see it, one of my favourite moments from Mourinho.

    Ibra AbdEl-HamidIbra AbdEl-HamidMånad sedan
    • I found the link: seworld.info/will/eW7Pzb7een2W2IE/video

      Ibra AbdEl-HamidIbra AbdEl-HamidMånad sedan
  • Hi

    Sherali PirnafasovSherali PirnafasovMånad sedan
  • Avoid psycho if possible.

    im inim inMånad sedan
  • He's the guy you bring home to beat your parents😂😂😂😂😂

    Ayushmaan SharmaAyushmaan SharmaMånad sedan
  • I f mourinho called pogba a virus in 2020 it would have been racist.

    Heinrich MunikaHeinrich MunikaMånad sedan
    • STFU it’s not

      Ødegåård تت 21Ødegåård تت 21Månad sedan
  • Man utd became second in mou's career .....

    Mohammed YasimMohammed YasimMånad sedan
    • @The Wumpus u dont underestimate him,he wont ucl with port (underdog team),who do u think can achieve that,even pep didnt ucl with man city and bayern,,the only who can come near is klopp,i do like pep's barca than any other team but sure mourinho is a special one

      Mohammed YasimMohammed YasimMånad sedan
    • Of course, he showed he can help spurs with the audi cup 40 times.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • I keep on disliking these vids if u dont delete that self promo in the middle of the vid

    Crish :DCrish :DMånad sedan
    • @Indomie Panggang do ya think that im crying? That is annoying af

      Crish :DCrish :DMånad sedan
    • Cry

      Indomie PanggangIndomie PanggangMånad sedan
    • That is the copyright.

      Lateef AyinlaLateef AyinlaMånad sedan
  • 0:17 😂😂😂

    MxMxA_123MxMxA_123Månad sedan
  • I sink oh my goal is righst

    Abdullah bin AhmedAbdullah bin AhmedMånad sedan
  • Jose is a villian to those who doesn't work hard ( ggmu) But a father to those who works hard (ggtu) 🔥🔥🔥❤️

    sreehari msreehari mMånad sedan
    • Of course, he showed he can help spurs with the audi cup 40 times.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • Mourinho's getting milked these days.

    Trisamie InsilayTrisamie InsilayMånad sedan
  • Man United should regret sacking him. They should have given him some more time , like how they are giving Ole now He never had ego. He only hated attitude of s few players

    Padmini HPadmini HMånad sedan
    • I never will understand why people talk like him failed in Manchester, him won efl cup and Europe Legue. 😀

      Antonio PalmieroAntonio Palmiero12 dagar sedan
    • ​@mohd nabil what's the point of scoring a lot if you concede a lot ... united is a weak team .. and we see that in real tests .. only attacking will not get you titles.. good defending will get you titles

      Mohammad IbrahimMohammad Ibrahim23 dagar sedan
    • with park the bus strategy? come on.. with ole united got 5 goals more than 5 times

      mohd nabilmohd nabil23 dagar sedan
    • Yeah, most, if not every successful team has egos, donut, you think if Real Madrid, with their 3 peat CL team, still would have won them titles, if they didn't have the egos, and self belief, the likes of Ronaldo, Ramos, Bale, Kroos, egos like them, with out that egotistical mentality, MSN, you don't think any of them 3 world-class talents aren't egos, if it weren't for their egotistical mentality, and self belief, they wouldn't have done the treble, they did that year, the man himself that your arguing for, Jose Mourinho, came in, called himself the special 1, had a huge ego, and self belief, that he was the best, and he showed, it's not about egos, it's about having the self belief, and channeling your ego, to knowing how good you are, and showing everybody, how good you are, by winning the biggest and best trophies, something Mourinho has shown

      Jean- paul WaltersJean- paul Walters24 dagar sedan
    • finished 3rd, behind peak Liverpool, and a stacked City squad, (bar CB), with Maguire & Lindelof, (tweedle di, and tweedle dumbest) at the back, (which is why he wanted a CB in the summer, and wasn't given 1), which was embarrassing saying they couldn't convince Pau Torres or Badiashielle to join, yet alone his 1st choice Upamecano, and now have been left with these duds at the back, Lindelof, not being his CB, Jose got Bailly & Lindelof, Ole has only been given Maguire, so he deserves to be given, another 1, saying were 5 points off Liverpool, with a game in hand, every manager deserves backing, Mourinho got his 2 in Bailly and Lindelof, and was still complaining

      Jean- paul WaltersJean- paul Walters25 dagar sedan
  • Hahahaha thats filthy man U shitty team for ya, career destroyer club i.e van gaal, Moyes, di Maria, Sanchez, lukaku, mikiìtarian, pogba, and special one of course and fan will blame it all on players and managers.... shit ass club in English PL team

    Nishan ShresthaNishan ShresthaMånad sedan
  • His stint with Utd was best moment for his career ..like literally coming 2nd with that shit team

    Mayank GuptaMayank GuptaMånad sedan
    • against a Chelsea team that boasted the averageness of Drinkwater, Bakayoku, Morata, Cahill, Luiz, Liverpool basically Salah, Mane, Firmino FC, Arsenal aka Sanchez FC, and Bottleham Hotspur, crap squad, good first eleven

      Jean- paul WaltersJean- paul Walters26 dagar sedan
  • Tactically Jose is really the choosen one...

    • beginers luck 😂😂😂

      Inswang Jeff Ka Gags T.V.Inswang Jeff Ka Gags T.V.25 dagar sedan
    • @R S There is no doubt and not arguable Jose is great, just lead Spurs to the title shutting all bias haters' month !!!

      Sunny ChowSunny ChowMånad sedan
    • Of course, he showed he can help spurs with the audi cup 40 times.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
    • No doubt. Can't agree he is arguably the best ever. If he wins something with Spurs. That will be icing on the cake.

      R SR SMånad sedan
  • 69

    Larry CaguanaLarry CaguanaMånad sedan
  • Their video on second channel as got copyright

    Kunal & KeerthanaKunal & KeerthanaMånad sedan
  • Nice than ever

    Sweet Priyanka ChopraSweet Priyanka ChopraMånad sedan
    • Everybody knows you're not a girl.

      Niellezwe HDNiellezwe HDMånad sedan
  • Danny Rose tried crossing Mourinho his been missing ever since 😂😂😂😂

    Colt45 &KalasnikovColt45 &KalasnikovMånad sedan
    • Currently playing for U-23s

      Harikrishnan K MohanHarikrishnan K Mohan26 dagar sedan
    • So true😂😂😂😂

      Robinson AyukRobinson Ayuk28 dagar sedan
    • Of course, he showed he can help spurs with the audi cup 40 times.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
    • just like every cross he does in the pitch smh

      Rafaa XDRafaa XDMånad sedan
    • 😆😆😆

      Niellezwe HDNiellezwe HDMånad sedan
  • Griezmann 2.0 was invisible

    GhostGhostMånad sedan
  • Number 6: Danny Rose.

    Abhin AnthonyAbhin AnthonyMånad sedan
    • Of course, he showed he can help spurs with the audi cup 40 times.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • Guys as its our voice Pls make a video on qatar hosting 2022 world cup is a disgrace

    Abhideep JainAbhideep JainMånad sedan
    • they made it wc should only be in europe africa and south america

      Irtaza studioIrtaza studioMånad sedan
  • Rest In Peace Paolo Rossi

    Football DaysFootball DaysMånad sedan
  • I sink He is One of the Best managers

    Sinan Shanavas 4Sinan Shanavas 4Månad sedan
  • why did Jose hate pogba the real reason

    Ace Ramsey DanielAce Ramsey DanielMånad sedan