10 players paid a fortune to sit on the bench | Oh My Goal

6 nov 2020
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Some players are paid a fortune in the football world. But sometimes these same players are paid...to not play. Özil, Bale, Hazard, Kepa, Mata, Draxler...Discover the impressive list of players paid a fortune to not play for their clubs.
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  • nobody talking about how he said ozil's name?

    Alex B FIFA 21Alex B FIFA 217 timmar sedan
  • Naby Keita

    Adil MohamedAdil Mohamed3 dagar sedan
  • Petition for ozil to COME BACK >:(

    Mr CranberryMr Cranberry3 dagar sedan
  • POGBA!

    gheeshingheeshin4 dagar sedan
  • Can't see Ozil like this. See Arsenal is struggling. Think him with Grelish and Watkins. What a trio it would be.

    Automotive EnthusiastAutomotive Enthusiast5 dagar sedan
  • Seriously! The thumbnail should be of Gareth Bale!! He is the king of the benches and Golf yards.

    TheTBTheTB6 dagar sedan
  • who noticed it said ole gunnar solksjaer when it was christian eriksen saying that

    Sid AgarwalSid Agarwal7 dagar sedan
  • I hope Real terminates Hazard's contract.I swear he is made out of glass

    Darius AnghelDarius Anghel7 dagar sedan
  • Marcelo is another one.

    IgosuarezIgosuarez8 dagar sedan
  • i am a man united fan and van de beek should play more cuz he only played in the 1st matchday against palace

    Maddyadi gamingMaddyadi gaming8 dagar sedan
  • His eyes are offside....

    Shaun CummingsShaun Cummings8 dagar sedan
  • Mata is justifiable. He's a great example and professional to have in the dressing room. Always committed and respected.

    Jonathan RodgersJonathan Rodgers9 dagar sedan
  • When you said mesut ozil You could have said it better

    Carlosboii123Carlosboii12310 dagar sedan
  • The guy who won France a Euro Cup is benched 24x7 oof

    Human DemonHuman Demon11 dagar sedan
  • Perisic

    Mislav IvkovicMislav Ivkovic11 dagar sedan
  • No one is worth what these players get per year.

    David KnightDavid Knight11 dagar sedan
  • If ole want to buy good players i bet he would put them in bench like Van De Beek.

    CEO KrabsCEO Krabs12 dagar sedan
  • Who’s Mezut Azil ?!

    Antonio LimaAntonio Lima12 dagar sedan
  • It’s annoying how we signed van de beek and isn’t getting played and isn’t getting played of mc tominay

    Leerxy Assist The GodLeerxy Assist The God12 dagar sedan
  • Jesse lingard

    Masilo MolemoMasilo Molemo12 dagar sedan
  • Il have no probz with that

    FDS FDSFDS FDS13 dagar sedan
  • Arteta out

    Aayan SidikiAayan Sidiki13 dagar sedan
  • Wow bad experience for the guys ....please everyone subscribe to my channel (The challege) thank you

    The challengeThe challenge13 dagar sedan
  • It Riyad Marhez

    Lukholo The Vision 09Lukholo The Vision 0913 dagar sedan
  • U forgot Couthino literally a scam cuz if his salary

    Kenny-YKenny-Y13 dagar sedan
  • Ozil Please join Juventus


    Atang BanyatsangAtang Banyatsang14 dagar sedan
  • Hazard is embaresing ro Ronaldo

    Rainbow AdRainbow Ad14 dagar sedan
  • I dnt understand this coaches....

    justice matomejustice matome14 dagar sedan
  • Jese should be on this list

    Λάμπρος ΜακρήςΛάμπρος Μακρής14 dagar sedan
  • Nobody Oh my goal: Kaypa

    Alfie 568Alfie 56815 dagar sedan
  • Why isn't the Liverpool bench included? Keita, started a handful of games in a few seasons. Thiago, who arrived after dominating performances at Bayern, to be sidelined to several different issues all season so far.

    UnknownUnknown15 dagar sedan
  • CC on Narrator: eden hazard Subtitle: aiden nazar

    dickens Dickaladickens Dickala15 dagar sedan
  • Not their fault

    Koleng AndiKoleng Andi15 dagar sedan
  • Yannik bolasie in Everton

    Johnson ChizunguJohnson Chizungu15 dagar sedan
  • Ozil got mistreated so much

    SAJMKA15 _SAJMKA15 _15 dagar sedan
  • Lmao most of list are reatrd uefalona

    Sena RayzenSena Rayzen16 dagar sedan
  • Of you call it soccer then you aswell miss pronounce everything else

    MegaslothtoesMegaslothtoes17 dagar sedan
  • VDB is a good player -_- And no one expected him to be a so-called “signing of the summer” He was brought as a backup midfielder

    Gaming StuffGaming Stuff17 dagar sedan
  • Why do they get yank commentators to do these when they are clearly clueless about what they are talking about and cannot pronounce any of the names properly. These videos are poor and do not explain any detail of the reasons on why each player is on the bench.

    Aldo ZilliAldo Zilli17 dagar sedan
  • Lingard in Man U is another case. Lol

    Conrad YongConrad Yong17 dagar sedan
  • All of you needed by one club even Ozil☺ Guess?

    L NML NM17 dagar sedan
  • How about Jesse Lingard

    Tobbybarz ninjasTobbybarz ninjas17 dagar sedan
  • Winston Bogarde comes to mind.

    @da_king@da_king18 dagar sedan
  • And i cant get salary if i sit one the bench all day long

    Raiden KaliszRaiden Kalisz18 dagar sedan
  • Didn't know ole wanted to play on the bench

    Shad HarckShad Harck18 dagar sedan
  • China

    Shad HarckShad Harck18 dagar sedan
  • Jese was monestor🐆 and now he is just oh shit🥺

    Haaji BaabaHaaji Baaba18 dagar sedan
  • griezemann is overrated

    Shayan DeyShayan Dey18 dagar sedan
  • Lol ozil's face on the thumbnail looks like he sat on that bench from when he was born

    AmazaynAmazayn18 dagar sedan
  • Mesute erzil

    Matthew mMatthew m19 dagar sedan
  • Donny van de Beek is not a shit Player you fool he is benched by world class players ie Pogba and bruno

    Tarush AgrawalTarush Agrawal19 dagar sedan
  • Edinson cavani. Man utd.

    shlo goldschmidtshlo goldschmidt19 dagar sedan
  • It's not Özil's fallt. His only sin is that he supports Erdogan. I hate Erdogan let's make it clear but forcing him to sit on the bench because of his political beliefs is also really disgusting.

    Dániel PintérDániel Pintér20 dagar sedan
  • Özil should concentrate his mind on football

    Horse PowerHorse Power20 dagar sedan
  • why is griezmann on the bench?

    Mufaddal NajmiMufaddal Najmi20 dagar sedan
  • Eden will comeback soon🔥❤️

    Roopam mazumderRoopam mazumder20 dagar sedan
  • Football is a business not a sport played by mercenaries watched by fools.

    David MorrisDavid Morris21 dag sedan
  • Bullshit. Mata and van de Beek just because of Manchester United banner.

    mr Hannanmr Hannan21 dag sedan
  • Beside Özil and Bale it shows that other guys were simply overhyped.

    Dawid WiencekDawid Wiencek21 dag sedan
  • This is a really good of life, u’re still getting paid, but you don’t play. Kepa is a really a good example to the youngster 🤣

    Firdaus Abdul AzizFirdaus Abdul Aziz21 dag sedan
  • eden hazard

    Jêrémy HãzárdJêrémy Hãzárd21 dag sedan
  • Which big team wants Ozil? Barca? Bayern? Man City? Liverpool? They can have him!

    Gee AritaGee Arita22 dagar sedan
  • The pronunciations r so bad haha

    Oliver WengOliver Weng22 dagar sedan
  • 16 million dollars for warming the bench.. Not at all s bad job ozil..

    TechTubeTechTube22 dagar sedan
  • Alex Sanchez should also be there.

    Adilson MiguelAdilson Miguel22 dagar sedan
  • I love this channel becoz it's voice is very clear and easy to understand not too fast not too slow....American accent are bit difficult to understand for the Indians specially....but it is very understandable

    48 Swarnadip Dutta48 Swarnadip Dutta22 dagar sedan
  • I really feel jealous for these guys, like who the hell refuses to be paid millions by not doing anything

    Journey of CertaintyJourney of Certainty22 dagar sedan
  • Me (in my head): There is definitely no additional pronunciations of Mesut's surname than the 463 that already exist. This video: OH-ZEEEEELL

    cicstommycicstommy23 dagar sedan
  • Lucky Ozil is not involved in current status of Arsenal. Have a last laugh to the bank.

    Kassim BorhanKassim Borhan23 dagar sedan
  • Ozil is a lazy bastard with no stomach for a battle. Gunners should make him wash the dressing room toilet.

    Romano DomRomano Dom23 dagar sedan
  • Dont forget the master chicharito Hernandez hes a bench born nature even on MLS he suck

    Juan CamposJuan Campos23 dagar sedan
  • Wait up is Lingeard not a player anymore 😂⚽

    Alvin TitoAlvin Tito23 dagar sedan
  • and its not his fault..

    Epit EpitEpit Epit23 dagar sedan
  • Stupid post! Players do not put themself on the bench. You need to look at management for buying them.

    Anthony GittensAnthony Gittens24 dagar sedan
  • winston bogarde ? anyone ?

    SwordsmanSwordsman24 dagar sedan
  • Grizy made the worst choice of his life.. when he was a GOD for ATl. Madrid... He gonto barca to stay on the bench..

    Paul HapenciucPaul Hapenciuc24 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/jae-sNGqbWdpv4U/video the best performance for ozil in his first match at Wembley

    Jesus is comingJesus is coming24 dagar sedan
  • Mezut azil. Americana at its best.

    breakdown461breakdown46125 dagar sedan
  • Wow... Rich man is stupid...

    You TubeYou Tube26 dagar sedan
  • Harzad

    Quince johns jr.Quince johns jr.26 dagar sedan

    HASH VLOGHASH VLOG27 dagar sedan
  • I want Ozil Bale & Eriksen

    Shah kahan27Shah kahan2727 dagar sedan
  • Vdb should not be here

    Zochhuanawma ZoteZochhuanawma Zote28 dagar sedan
  • Jose also put bale on the bench he don't need to be regular starter

    Zochhuanawma ZoteZochhuanawma Zote28 dagar sedan
  • 1:57 those fans in the back like they were soooooooooo happy at the moment but then like 😂😂 poor madrid fans well atleast they have got Vinicius who's making Benzema angry 😂😂

    AryavPlaysAryavPlays28 dagar sedan
  • This is why I don't follow football. Rugby for me .

    Blue PeterBlue Peter29 dagar sedan
  • It’s not Van de beek fault it’s the managers fault

    Manuel Baut104Manuel Baut104Månad sedan
  • U know why özil doesn't play no more.... it's because he's a Muslim 😔😔....enough with racism

    Dêrbajï quavoDêrbajï quavoMånad sedan
  • I don’t think it’s Van De Beeks fault for not playing a lot. That I think is Oles fault

    Louisb279 YTLouisb279 YTMånad sedan
  • Ramsey as well at Juve.

    Reiner BraunReiner BraunMånad sedan
  • Riyad mahrez jas a different case racist coach dosnt play him even if he scores a hatrick in previous game

    Ishan MuhammedIshan MuhammedMånad sedan
  • Ighalo was not mentioned for man united

    Henry UzowuruHenry UzowuruMånad sedan
  • Ozil should go back to Schalke. He will find his form there. The team also needs someone like him to boost the morale of the squad. They are struggling

    Surya ChandrasekaranSurya ChandrasekaranMånad sedan
  • No Sanchez, what a shame!

    Sahaj GautamSahaj GautamMånad sedan
  • Bernardo does not get paid to sit on the bench I take offense

    Tristan KirklandTristan KirklandMånad sedan
  • Cladio bravo

    Prakash DixitPrakash DixitMånad sedan
  • Why does greizmann in the thumbnail looks like Justin beieber

    Neerav ChaudharyNeerav ChaudharyMånad sedan
  • Arteta: Ozil does not fit my plans Arsenal: Having scored a goal since

    Casper JosiahCasper JosiahMånad sedan
  • Van de beek plays quiet often

    Kieran fletcherKieran fletcherMånad sedan