6 players who broke promises they'd made | Oh My Goal

5 dec 2020
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Making promises is a risky business… Especially when it’s impossible to predict the future! Over the course of history, many footballers have seriously committed to doing something before doing the exact opposite right after.. Here are 6 players who did the opposite of what they promised to fans or their club.
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  • Now pirlo manages juve lol

    Mat SalvatoreMat Salvatore18 dagar sedan
  • well, pirlo actually got disrespected because of being old, he was not having time on the pitch so he decided to move to other club to play more.

    SoulSoul18 dagar sedan
  • Ac milan didn't want pirlo anymore cuz they thought he was to old

    Soe DelgadoSoe Delgado19 dagar sedan
  • You made a video where you said Pirlo was removed from AC Milan Now you say, he cheated. Wow..

    Abhishek BhardwajAbhishek Bhardwaj20 dagar sedan
  • Fabregas left arsenal and he wanted to come back but arsenal rejected him

    dannydanny20 dagar sedan
  • Its their career...who tf are you to call then traitors?

    Thurkhesan MuruganThurkhesan Murugan21 dag sedan
  • fabregas is lucky to be alive

    Joseph AfuwapeJoseph Afuwape22 dagar sedan
  • That is not true he made a promise liar

    Fifa BroFifa Bro25 dagar sedan
  • Cesc fabregas break his promise and make the right decision to join chelsea. If he rejoin arsenal, the only cup he will win is FA Cup.

    Muhammad Ammar IsmailMuhammad Ammar Ismail26 dagar sedan
  • Lets be honest Arsenal is not the same like before

  • Before suarez sighing he said Never block me when barca call me

    Lil vidsLil vids27 dagar sedan
  • Pirlo was fired he didn't want leave

    unknown vloggerunknown vloggerMånad sedan
  • 1:52 why does he say Manchester United with such disgust

    RDP ReddeadpunisherRDP ReddeadpunisherMånad sedan
  • Yep, agreed with the other 2 dudes. Pirlo was pushed out of Milan. I believed Milan only wanted to extend his contract for 1 year and Pirlo was looking for 2-3 years. Even when he played for Juve I still cheered for him.

    Badminton N Fly FishingBadminton N Fly FishingMånad sedan
  • They made promises but situation changes along with time and age

    Im on YouTubeIm on YouTubeMånad sedan
  • Arsenal is so involved in this

    Romeo KatoRomeo KatoMånad sedan
  • Nice

    Romeo KatoRomeo KatoMånad sedan
  • What about Ronaldo to mu

    Thé Sìlèñt KìllèrThé Sìlèñt KìllèrMånad sedan
  • Messi also do fake retirement

    Mishal tech & gamingMishal tech & gamingMånad sedan
  • Fabregas is the best example of this, not only did he say he wouldn’t play for Chelsea but also wouldn’t play under mourinho

    Mr. YeetMr. YeetMånad sedan
  • Ryan Jack?

    Paul MacDonaldPaul MacDonaldMånad sedan
  • You could tell fabregas was really planning to die, he literally said that and joined Chelsea this man wasn’t ok

    Eden 4vEden 4vMånad sedan
  • U should include the drama of messi as u include eto's drama

    ASH KetchumASH KetchumMånad sedan
  • Barca suck in the morning you crush 8-2 and atleti 4-0 wkwkwkwkwkwkwk

    Petra RalPetra RalMånad sedan
  • New record by messi seworld.info/will/mGy8zdfcZnxqznE/video

    CYRUSCYRUSMånad sedan
  • what has happened to the content? its low quality and ill informed now. Pirlo left because milan didnt want him and felt he was too old. He joined juve beacuse they respected him and pirlo wanted everyone to see he wasnt finished.

    Ananay JoshiAnanay JoshiMånad sedan
  • How they gonna pronounce suarez like that

    John MarstonJohn MarstonMånad sedan
  • Arsenal best players always end up leaving them

    Paddle JeezyPaddle JeezyMånad sedan
  • Metting manager means Manchester not arsenal lol hah

    Mohommed Ameen AhmedMohommed Ameen AhmedMånad sedan
  • Wasn't pirlo sold by Milan???

    The young WolfThe young WolfMånad sedan
  • 3:40 😭😡

    SG98FilmsSG98FilmsMånad sedan
  • These are just lies.. Suareź already promised Liverpools manager that when he gets an offer from Barcelona he would leave Liverpool... (Because That Was His Dream)

    Z Sports MalayalamZ Sports MalayalamMånad sedan
  • u didn’t add in messi’s promise to stay at barca 😭😭😭

    Yousif AlbeerYousif AlbeerMånad sedan
  • If Fabregas said that and did that liverpool fans would have actually killed him they tried to kill Richarlison and picford for injuring VVD and thiago

    Uzair CajeeUzair CajeeMånad sedan
  • 🇮🇹💯👌

    Freddy - WellzFreddy - WellzMånad sedan
  • Cesc oo Fabregas

    Ben MensahBen MensahMånad sedan
  • U r telling only half the story....Pirlo was sold a little forcefully and called finished....

    Vipin MVVipin MVMånad sedan
  • Pirlo did not deceive Milan, on the contrary ,Milan received him... He wanted to stay with Milan, but the board did not extend his contract.... The narrator got it all wrong on this one

    Ronny QuatreRonny QuatreMånad sedan
  • So biting somebody makes you switch clubs interesting..........

    Is that So?Is that So?Månad sedan
  • pirlo was sold

    Muhtady MahmudMuhtady MahmudMånad sedan
  • Fabregas call arsenal they didn't offer him a return instead they buy ozil so he went to Chelsea

    WhıtêjŕWhıtêjŕMånad sedan
  • So no zlatan Oh I forgot

  • I think you forgot Luis Figo. He made a promise to stay at Barca for many years but betrayal happened

    ELITEELITEMånad sedan
  • Be careful about what you say Oh my goal, especially about Pirlo! It is better not to release videos when you do not have ideas than to diffuse fake information. Unfortunately on SEworld, once channels have a lot of viewers, they start publishing a lot of crap.

    A CA CMånad sedan
  • Yeah

    Ahmad And Hamed And Eyad channel GroupAhmad And Hamed And Eyad channel GroupMånad sedan
  • i swear liverpool didnt want suarez anymore

    Daniel GumbezeDaniel GumbezeMånad sedan
  • “cool voice æ”

    legyxllegyxlMånad sedan
  • What about Carlitos Tevez??

  • U forgot when cristiano said he wont leave man united but then he went to real a season later

    Adam PlayzAdam PlayzMånad sedan
  • :v

    xuanbao Xb2103xuanbao Xb2103Månad sedan
  • Pirlo went to Juve because Milan didnt accept or offer him a contract extension

    MomentumYTMomentumYTMånad sedan
  • What about Michael Owen??????????????????

    Beena JosephBeena JosephMånad sedan
  • And when Messi said he will bring the UCL back to the Camp nou 🤣🤣

    Avi AnimatesAvi AnimatesMånad sedan
    • Everyone will make promises. He tried his best at that season. Scored 12goals and gave 3assist.

      Mohammed ZayedMohammed ZayedMånad sedan
  • Grizmaan and atletico

  • Lol Messi is Great at these(among all) 😎😎😎😁😁😁

    Aribam MustafaAribam MustafaMånad sedan
  • Milan didn't wanted Pirlo thinking that he was old

    PRPRMånad sedan
  • I think pirlo never got a contract

    Sami Gaming YTSami Gaming YTMånad sedan
  • I love the voice

    Mary MkamburiMary MkamburiMånad sedan
  • Pirlo not lie AC Milan just sold him .

    Kuy SoursdeyKuy SoursdeyMånad sedan
  • How bout someone who retired after his failures in 2 finals and then back again to wear his national jersey?

    Fizo WicaksonoFizo WicaksonoMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/jHCo16fPe6R8toU/video

    Abdel ahmatAbdel ahmatMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/jHCo16fPe6R8toU/video

    Abdel ahmatAbdel ahmatMånad sedan
  • When is the og voice coming back

    Madino MohamedMadino MohamedMånad sedan
  • Players who played for Juventus, and inter milan.

    Dave BoneraDave BoneraMånad sedan
  • But then l don’t blame Suarez cuz he was sold and he did want to say and Barca without Suarez is shit

    Tlangie MakhubelaTlangie MakhubelaMånad sedan
  • Messi and Barça next 😔😢

    Farhanul KamalFarhanul KamalMånad sedan
  • Why are most of the players here are related to "ARSENAL" ? .... LOL

    Debraj BorahDebraj BorahMånad sedan
  • In pirlo case, it is milan who dont want his service anymore until finally juventus makes the move. Thats why he is now become juventus legend 😎

    pianomanpianomanMånad sedan
  • I could tell by the title of the video that there was gonna be a lot of Arsenal players😂

    Abdullah HilalAbdullah HilalMånad sedan
  • Fabregas made an approach to Arsenal, but they didn't let him in, so he signed with the Blues. He kept his promise, as well as broke the promise.

    ShiveshShiveshMånad sedan
  • But Pirlo was forced out of Milan as he was too old to play, it's not his fault or traitor mentality!!

    Priyam BanerjeePriyam BanerjeeMånad sedan
  • plz react on vadym skylark pictures video his video is something else

  • As a Milan fan, Pirlo wasn't a traitor, he didn't stay because Allegri sent him away. He wanted to stay at Milan.

    Don't Enter This ChannelDon't Enter This ChannelMånad sedan
    • You're right, AC Milan management sold him

      Prisilia CindyPrisilia Cindy18 dagar sedan
  • Alegri is the reason pirlo leave milan, and thats the begining of juve dynasty.

    Ernest ChandraErnest ChandraMånad sedan
  • You said eto is a traitor but that means Messi is a traitor for retiring for international football then coming back

    Legends Never DieLegends Never DieMånad sedan
  • Simeone promise to sell watermelons

    Harsheet gargHarsheet gargMånad sedan
  • please make what the hell happened to matrial

    Amin TijaniAmin TijaniMånad sedan
  • Pirlo didn't have any choice but to leave Milan, they thought he was too old for the club.

    Rishit MahajanRishit MahajanMånad sedan
  • If you waited a year messi would be on this list too

    Midomav 123Midomav 123Månad sedan
  • It's a lie about Pirlo He never wanted to leave . It was ACM who sold him cause he was getting "OLD"

    Kanchan Kumar SarkarKanchan Kumar SarkarMånad sedan
  • How did you forget "La Decision" ??

    Bright Football !Bright Football !Månad sedan
  • Pirlo one is unfair bc ac Milan didn’t want him bc he was too old Juve wanted him so he accepted

    simon yeboahsimon yeboahMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/jWzZucrbemmeuqc/video

    Shubh KhattryShubh KhattryMånad sedan
  • No one's mention VIDAL promises before the match against Liverpool😂😂😂 "I'll cut one of my balls if they (Liverpool) qualify" 4-0 to Liverpool... You’re forgetting John Terry’s promise to keep his hands to himself

  • Ac Milan would not keep him because of his age. And then he joined Juventus

    Torkild Grøn-MartinsenTorkild Grøn-MartinsenMånad sedan
  • Who is here after barcelona lost against cadiz😭😭😭😭😭

    safari africa999safari africa999Månad sedan
    • 😂😂😂

      Marine GuideMarine Guide16 dagar sedan
  • This is all wrong Pirlo didn’t break any promises

    Abdullah ArafatAbdullah ArafatMånad sedan
  • Pirlo's transfer was in fact due to the serious injury. Where all the media said that he would not play as he did and that he was too old to continue. Milan betrayed him !!!

    Thiago BatistaThiago BatistaMånad sedan
  • Suarez promised not to celebrate at anfiel..and yes he did not.(4-0)ucl semi.

    anaci paulinaanaci paulinaMånad sedan
  • omg is out of ideas............legendsknow that this is reuploaded

  • What about luis Figo?

    neo.CR7neo.CR7Månad sedan
  • Suarez?? Steven Gerrard openly declared a year ago that Suarez only wanted to play for Barca and Liverpool, and bcuz Barca haadn't made an offer, Suarez said that he'll stay.. But a few weeks later, Barca came calling and he left... That's not a promise broken, that's just a misunderstanding for most of the fool people (you know whom I am referring to, right, Oh My Goal host?) and in case of Pirlo, he didnt say that he wasnt gonna join Juve, he just said that he wants to extend, but at that time, AC's president was kinda Bartomeu, who doesnt want good for the club... He didnt extend his contract and sold him to Juve

    Aryan JangraAryan JangraMånad sedan
  • Pirlo??????

    Tumelo MalatjiTumelo MalatjiMånad sedan
  • Icardi s bittreal to taking John Terry s girl

    Wezi MesikanoWezi MesikanoMånad sedan
  • You forgot cr7 said he will stay in man United and he went to real Madrid

    Spong BobSpong BobMånad sedan
    • you forget lm10 he wanted to retire but he change his mind such a hypocrite

      syed sheessyed sheesMånad sedan
  • 3:59 is that a bad thing? Messi did it also coming from a messi fan

    Tekkz FootballTekkz FootballMånad sedan
  • What about diego simeone?😂😂😂 "I will sell watermelon in the streets of madrid if juventus come back like utd and ajax"

    Christiano PulinaldoChristiano PulinaldoMånad sedan
    • You're forgetting Vidal I guess.

      Abhisek BhattacharyaAbhisek Bhattacharya19 dagar sedan
    • I appreciate the heart and reply oh my goal🔥🔥

      Christiano PulinaldoChristiano PulinaldoMånad sedan
    • Maybe at the end of his career? 🤷‍♂️😂

      Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • Well he did secretly😬😬

      Raton RoyRaton RoyMånad sedan
  • pirlo isn't a trader he went to juvie because mila no longer wanted him

    saru barailisaru barailiMånad sedan
  • Manuel neuer is missing in this list

    ֆJim BookyֆֆJim BookyֆMånad sedan
  • Pirlo didn't break any promises considering it was Milan who gave up on him. They called him old and thought he was washed up. If you expect loyalty, then show it yourself too. How about you make a video of clubs breaking their promises with players, like Pirlo, or the fans turning on them, like Maldini?

    billymemonablebillymemonableMånad sedan