3 reasons why reforming the Messi/Neymar duo is an amazing idea | Oh My Goal

12 dec 2020
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After Manchester United-Paris Saint-Germain, Neymar said that he wanted to reform his partnership with Lionel Messi. This comment caused a real stir. A normal reaction, reforming the Messi-Neymar duo is a brilliant idea! A lot of money will be required but it is still a brilliant idea though! Here are 3 reasons why reforming the Messi/Neymar duo is an absolutely brilliant idea.
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  • Leave Neymar only if they had Suarez this season he would have won the golden boot already. They create so many chances only to waste them all

    Umm Probably No oneUmm Probably No one14 dagar sedan
  • Mw watching today why Messi and neymar would be great to reform it then he said in 2021 hes free to go me realizing that 2021 is today me in 2 seconds happy he will leave BC team is bad

    LilCrewStudioTV StudioTVLilCrewStudioTV StudioTV16 dagar sedan
  • imagine with cr7

    ARYANARYAN21 dag sedan

    BABU LOHAR MediaBABU LOHAR Media25 dagar sedan
  • "Economic Miracle." AKA FFP Cheating

    Fred McBillyFred McBilly25 dagar sedan
  • MSN MS M Makes you wonder how did we get here

    NarrowNarrow26 dagar sedan
  • What others think: It would be good if Neymar plays with Messi in FCB. Me: What will happen.... if Messi reunites with Neymar......... in PSG?🤯

    Golden LegendGolden Legend28 dagar sedan
  • Bruh messi needs neymar and suarez and iniesta and xavi

    47 Cxrlxs47 Cxrlxs29 dagar sedan
  • why is this so dramatic

    malinmalin29 dagar sedan
  • FC MESSI, True

    Joshy JosephJoshy Joseph29 dagar sedan
  • Numebay

    NumebayNumebay29 dagar sedan
  • 2:40 don't you mean Barcalionel

    Mayiji NyikosaMayiji NyikosaMånad sedan
  • "even FC Oh my goal can afford him" 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    zaddy galzaddy galMånad sedan
  • But I know psg and barca will play in last 16 hopefully they talk together and come back

    Karma EslamKarma EslamMånad sedan
  • Messi, Aguero is also a good friendship and they may score a lot.

    Arghya kArghya kMånad sedan
  • Unconvincing against real , Juventus yet he has the highest player rating 7/10 for his teams for those games

    Sharad MohipSharad MohipMånad sedan
  • Messi should leave FCB NEXT YEAR 2021 he should join neymar PSG

    Kivito A KibaKivito A KibaMånad sedan
  • Pep in psg

    Subair ArimbraSubair ArimbraMånad sedan
  • I would Love to see Messi and Neymar again

    Marlena ZaborowskaMarlena ZaborowskaMånad sedan
  • Messi and neymar plz

    AyoSyNCツAyoSyNCツMånad sedan
  • it was 4 reasons

    itai Aalsvelitai AalsvelMånad sedan
  • Omg : no body could rival MSN BBC : good joke bro CR7 (ALONE) : hold my tea

    Fahim MafFahim MafMånad sedan
  • How true!! the Trio MNS..😘 had it not been for these 3 FC BARCELONA would have long lost into oblivion..with NS gone poor M trying Every trick possible all on his own to keep the ⛳ flying..Messi has given everything for his club maybe now its time for him to move on..🧡If he does imagine clubs waiting in line pushing and shoving each other to get him signed 😁😀!!!

    Kanili NKanili NMånad sedan
  • But do you really think that this is going to happen because every transfer window there's always Neymar to Madrid or barca it is so annoying seeing them

    Nishchal PardheNishchal PardheMånad sedan
  • The funny thing is that they play against each other in february!!!

    Felix #GGMUFelix #GGMUMånad sedan
    • Ya 😆

      The fate decides it would be ParisThe fate decides it would be ParisMånad sedan
  • MNM

    Roy VargheseRoy VargheseMånad sedan
  • Now ucl psg vs barca

    Ma SpaghettMa SpaghettMånad sedan
  • well... he can now barca vs psg round of `16

    Roy VargheseRoy VargheseMånad sedan
  • now they are against each other in ucl round of 16

    Saipranav ChallagundlaSaipranav ChallagundlaMånad sedan
  • This is what I have been wishing the whole year before they sold Suarez ;(

    AdithyaAdithyaMånad sedan
  • Neymar, mbappe and Messi 🙂

    Mr professor TrimMr professor TrimMånad sedan
  • I'm here , after seeing neymar win 11 dribbles against Lyon 🙂😔

    Mr professor TrimMr professor TrimMånad sedan
  • Manchester city swapping sterling and ageuro for neymar 😆. Then buy Messi for free. This will make them the most well known clubs in the world

    Mr professor TrimMr professor TrimMånad sedan
  • Messi to Psg

    King KingKing KingMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/oqPR3dXJaKGnqqM/video

    KliotanKliotanMånad sedan
  • Barcais only depended on Messi

    Mr RomanterMr RomanterMånad sedan
  • if messi comes neymars dream comes true he will play with messi and mbappe

    Mr. GamerMr. GamerMånad sedan
  • messi will let neymar down

    Emerson UrbanoEmerson UrbanoMånad sedan
  • Would love to see both of them @ city.

    Simon MuriithiSimon MuriithiMånad sedan
  • Tbh Messi can either go to PSG to reunite with Neymar or both can go to Man City. Either way I really just want him to get out of Barca.

    Matthew OuMatthew OuMånad sedan
  • Neymar👑👑👑

    SamuelSamuelMånad sedan
  • If Man city buys Neymar and Messi. That would be the biggest flex in football history

    Fabian TomlinsonFabian TomlinsonMånad sedan
  • Messi in psg ? Not possible if icardi remains there Better to sign ney to barca Barca are lacking LF after ney's departure

    UtV gOt No cHiLLsUtV gOt No cHiLLsMånad sedan
  • Nice

    Lionel Messi fans clubLionel Messi fans clubMånad sedan

    Ace Ramsey DanielAce Ramsey DanielMånad sedan
  • Actually its a horrible idea for Barcelona

    Hiru357Hiru357Månad sedan
  • A Braithwaite and Neymar duo would be better.

    The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • u should do What The Hell Is Happening To Davinson Sanchez Like so oh my goal can see

    Lorena PulidoLorena PulidoMånad sedan
  • Barca are no longer what they used to be

    Kevin J AntonyKevin J AntonyMånad sedan
  • remember messi will never go to psg because of wanda and icardi he cant disgrace argentina because of neymar

    Harshiv KapoorHarshiv KapoorMånad sedan
  • Messi wants to form his best duo Messi-Pep (legendary)💪 Welcome to Mancity Leo home of the best football on earth

    Enock MuchiriEnock MuchiriMånad sedan
  • Togethere wtf is that spelling

    Atanas ShekerletovAtanas ShekerletovMånad sedan
  • Barcelona < Real Madrid < Juventus

    fknosf dahbfiqwfhifknosf dahbfiqwfhiMånad sedan
    • @unofficial bruda what lol

      fknosf dahbfiqwfhifknosf dahbfiqwfhi29 dagar sedan
    • Plzz don spread hate

      unofficial brudaunofficial bruda29 dagar sedan
  • La Liga is dying, after a Decade with the best player, all of the stars are leaving.

    fknosf dahbfiqwfhifknosf dahbfiqwfhiMånad sedan
  • Mbappe would be the happiest striker in the world playing with Messi and Neymar. You will get enough chance to score a hat-trick every game.

    Tushar DasTushar DasMånad sedan
  • Philippe Mexes 👍👍👍

    Latino JohnsonLatino JohnsonMånad sedan
  • Here's the deal Messi won't go to psg if icardi is there

    Sanyat RahmanSanyat RahmanMånad sedan
  • *Suarez cries*

    Arneldir IArneldir IMånad sedan
  • I Want MSN 🔥

    Ajitha M SAjitha M SMånad sedan
  • U should also add Suarez as well

    Dylan DsouzaDylan DsouzaMånad sedan
  • I am a Barca fan and I think Barca have to sell Messi and build the team from scratch, start over, then go for titles

    Mansi GandhiMansi GandhiMånad sedan
  • Hello Oh My Goal, I'm A Football Fan And I Am Here To Request You To Make A Video About Nacho Fernandez. About His Incredible Story, About How He Fought With Type 1 Diabetes And Is Still One Of The Best Footballers. I'm A Diabetic Patient Too And I Would Really Love It If You Accept My Request.Oh My Goaler. Love Your Content❤️

    Super MultiverseSuper MultiverseMånad sedan
  • barca could also overcome the debt with the world bank debt

    Martin ChweyaMartin ChweyaMånad sedan
  • Request to pep please don't destroy their dream because it is helpful for messi career

  • Togethere 😂

    MohMohMånad sedan
  • Unless, Man city comes and buy both players, interesting !

    Jubil JohnJubil JohnMånad sedan
  • Fc messi should worried about them.

    Mohammad NehalMohammad NehalMånad sedan
  • But we want Messi in City and Ronaldo in United.

    Himanshu RajdevHimanshu RajdevMånad sedan
  • Messi to psg?m

    killing kings65killing kings65Månad sedan
  • "Unless Man City decides to spoil the party and buy both players" Ultimate ending😆😆🔥

    Dhanaraj SinghDhanaraj SinghMånad sedan
  • Son Kane duo is currently at peak

    DN SahooDN SahooMånad sedan
  • all madridistas be like : HAIL BARTOMEU!

    Vedant KothariVedant KothariMånad sedan
  • Everyone what think about Man city: lots of dollars ... Reality:

    The FIXCRUSHThe FIXCRUSHMånad sedan
    • A Braithwaite and Neymar duo would be better.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • Probably next there will be short movie Barcelona: A fallen club.

    Akash KumarAkash KumarMånad sedan
  • This is what I am talking about OMG! This has been the best video I have seen for a while

    ankit nairankit nairMånad sedan
  • Neymar wants messi to join PSG and Messi wants Neymar to join Barcelona! But Barcelona needs Neymar far more than PSG needs Messi!!🙏

    Ankit RoyAnkit RoyMånad sedan
  • Where is video of Girzman broken huwai deals

    Mohammed PatelMohammed PatelMånad sedan
  • What the hell happened to inter milan

    Astrid NoviantiAstrid NoviantiMånad sedan
  • What the hell happened to greece

    Astrid NoviantiAstrid NoviantiMånad sedan
  • What the hell happened to real madrid

    Astrid NoviantiAstrid NoviantiMånad sedan
  • And after what the hell happened to brazil

    Astrid NoviantiAstrid NoviantiMånad sedan
  • Next what the hell happened to uruguay

    Astrid NoviantiAstrid NoviantiMånad sedan
  • Psg will never win champions league if they pay 86m for a single player, instead signing raising stars!

    MR. XMR. XMånad sedan
  • Did Neymar will give Messi his number 10 jersey in Paris

    Dev SDev SMånad sedan
  • for 3-4 years everyone used to see psg as the club who doesnt respect ffp and spends on its will just bcuz of the qatari ownership.. but in last 1-2 years this blame has gone on manchester city instead....

    Aryan JangraAryan JangraMånad sedan
  • MNM 💥💥💥💥💥💥

    Dev SDev SMånad sedan
  • Every single football fan knows why. I frankly don't understand why this video was even made

    Nitalaksh GuptaNitalaksh GuptaMånad sedan
  • Now that I think about it, All of Messi’s close friends and long term teammates are out. Xavi( 2015 ), Dani Alves( 2016 ), Neymar( 2017 ), Iniesta( 2018 ), Suarez( 2020 ). Not to mention that Pique is injured, Ansu Fati is injured, and Busquets rarely even plays anymore

    Brian LiangBrian LiangMånad sedan
  • I am really missing SUAREŹ at this point , can you make a video telling what is happening to him in the present and what could happen in the future ?

    Himanshu YadavHimanshu YadavMånad sedan
  • Imagine Messi Mbappe and Neymar ...... This is lethal

    Rohan VastrakarRohan VastrakarMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/rmy3zJvNo6ujuqfc/video

    Notpersonalyattractive.Notpersonalyattractive.Månad sedan
  • Mbappe, Messi. Neymar in the same team? That would be thrilling

    Joseph KimaniJoseph KimaniMånad sedan
    • A Braithwaite and Neymar duo would be better.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • But why Paris If there is literally no competition in Ligue 1

    BeybladeismBeybladeismMånad sedan
    • Friendship matters

      apdiQani NeYmaR jRapdiQani NeYmaR jR29 dagar sedan
    • Messi is getting old so it might be good for messi

      FyperFyperMånad sedan
  • Bring back MSN in Atletico Madrid or PSG.

    BeybladeismBeybladeismMånad sedan
  • Oh My Goal should give this voice guy a raise.

    RexSirRexSirMånad sedan
  • Becoz messi can’t able to show his performance with out any good players around like neymar......... with out saurez neymar and ineista messi s nothin in recent days .......

    praveen kumarpraveen kumarMånad sedan
  • Deadly combination💥💥

  • Both messi and neymar reforming Suarez:

    Kanchan HandeKanchan HandeMånad sedan
    • A Braithwaite and Neymar duo would be better.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • Yeah but imagine MNM🥵unstoppable & in destructible

    Ajonggg :DAjonggg :DMånad sedan
  • I wish they came up

    Sameer SkSameer SkMånad sedan