Oh My Goal's predictions for the Champions League 20/21 round of 16 | Oh My Goal

14 dec 2020
108 029 visningar

Barcelona, PSG, Juventus, Real Madrid... Which clubs are going to qualify in the Round of 16 of the Champions League ? After today's draw, Oh My Goal give you their predictions through Bruce's voice. Who are our favorites in this Champions League round?
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  • Round of 16 will be AWESOME! Which of these games you can't wait to see?

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • PSG will win!!!!! 100%

      Victor FengVictor FengDag sedan
    • Ffd

      Aidan DiasAidan Dias2 dagar sedan
    • Dvd no do TV TX ghfgdfgg FL GM hhh mom you how up go on global so do ggg FL do to FL do

      Aidan DiasAidan Dias2 dagar sedan
    • Dyffhggggg an DV Jo do to

      Aidan DiasAidan Dias2 dagar sedan
    • CNC co do go do hjbv go to dyrh errrre

      Aidan DiasAidan Dias2 dagar sedan
  • Lazio to win against bbayern

    ita faheyita fahey7 timmar sedan
  • PSG 3-1 Barcelona Barcelona 2-2 PSG through Atletico Madrid 3-1 Chelsea Chelsea 1-2 Atletico through Liverpool 3-2 RB RB 1-1 Liverpool through Real Madrid 2-1 Atalanta Atalanta 2-4 Real Madrid through Porto 0-2 Juventus Juve through 4-1 Porto Sevilla 2-1 BVB BVB through 3-0 Sevilla Lazio 2-2 Bayern Bayern 3-0 Lazio Gladbach 3-1 Manchester City Manchester City 2-1 Gladbach through

    Zachariah AhmedZachariah Ahmed9 timmar sedan
  • I agree with all of them except the Liverpool vs Leipzig, I think Liverpool will reach the quarterfinals

    Abdulrahman AlmahmoodAbdulrahman AlmahmoodDag sedan
  • barca lepizig chealse juve real like if u agree bye

    warde wadiwarde wadiDag sedan
  • Umm Leipzig lost to BVB you know I disagree Liverpool will lose

    NajdiballNajdiballDag sedan
  • Barcelona have improved so much since you made this video

    4gility4gilityDag sedan
  • chelsea will win 3-2 to on agg

    EmrikEmrik2 dagar sedan
  • who is this dude?

    rainhard Siregarrainhard Siregar3 dagar sedan
  • You know who’s boring besides Liverpool this guys voice and attitude I want the guy who commented before back

    Armando DiazArmando Diaz3 dagar sedan
  • My prediction : -Barca vs PSG => Barca -Atletico vs Chelsea => Atletico -Leipzig vs Liverpool => Leipzig -Atalanta vs Madrid => Atalanta -Porto vs Juventus => Juventus -Sevilla vs Dortmund => Sevilla -Lazio vs Bayern => Bayern -Gladbach vs City => Gladbach

    Garis KhatulistiwaGaris Khatulistiwa4 dagar sedan
  • i think galdbach will lose against city

    Sambhav GandhiSambhav Gandhi5 dagar sedan
  • Barca is gon destroy psg again, sorry Neymar but it's gonna happen

    Merphy MposhiMerphy Mposhi6 dagar sedan
  • My predictions Barcelona vs PSG: Barcelona will advance Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid: Atletico Madrid will advance Liverpool vs Leipzig: Liverpool will advance Real Madrid vs Atalanta: Real Madrid will advance Juventus vs Porto: Juventus will advance Dortmund vs Sevilla: Dortmund will advance Bayern vs Lazio : Bayern will advance Manchester City vs M’gladbach : Manchester City will advance

    Someone V.2Someone V.28 dagar sedan
  • im sad that PSG will win for sure vs barça

    Grid YmerajGrid Ymeraj11 dagar sedan
  • Barca vs PS Jayyy

    Josh Victor CabunocJosh Victor Cabunoc11 dagar sedan
  • I have a question? 🙋‍♂️who would win Barca or psg

    Luis PanjojLuis Panjoj12 dagar sedan
  • Lazio are the weakest team? Wtf is this lad saying man I'm lost

    match highlights HDmatch highlights HD12 dagar sedan
  • I'm not a liverpool fan but predicting Leipzig to reach the quarter finals wasnt a good choice

    RealityReality12 dagar sedan
  • Now oh my goals point on Liverpool being sloppy this season stands

    Yeetus DeleetusYeetus Deleetus13 dagar sedan
  • psg vs barca tho

    kiran Mandkiran Mand13 dagar sedan

    GamingTimeGamingTime13 dagar sedan
  • Rip Gerard Houlier.

    GamingTimeGamingTime13 dagar sedan
  • Correct

    Biji CLBiji CL14 dagar sedan
  • Last 8 in my opinion Barcelona Atletico Madrid Liverpool Borussia Dortmund Juventus Bayern Munich Manchester City Real Madrid

    Super Duper LuckySuper Duper Lucky14 dagar sedan
  • Me when Oh My Goal says Chelsea vs Atletico Madrid will be a good game: 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂 my dude...

    Daniel CoronaDaniel Corona14 dagar sedan
  • If Barcelona get Eliminated by PSG in the round of 16 I want to say this "Koeman out"

    Jesus SamperioJesus Samperio15 dagar sedan
  • My prediction (Total in 2 legs) Chelsea vs atl.madrid 2-3 Psg vs barca 4-2 Liverpool vs leipzig 4-3 Bayern vs lazio 7-2 Juventus vs porto 4-1 Sevilla vs dortmund 2-5 Rma vs atalanta 3-1 Man.city vs gladbach 4-1

    KennuKennu15 dagar sedan
  • You were almost right. Sevilla will knock out this aweful Dortmund team. Liverpool will prevail vs liezpeg

    Dr. DiazDr. Diaz15 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool are still gonna win btw

    XELEQXELEQ16 dagar sedan
    • What if no?

      Lars HorvatLars Horvat9 dagar sedan
  • save yourself from injuries chelsea players !!!

  • Can't wait for Liverpool FC to proof you wrong, Look at the bright side, we have been excellent with injuries, just imagine a full fleshed Liverpool 😏😏

    Billy TabotBilly Tabot16 dagar sedan
  • This guy is like that nerd in Chemistry Lab

    Sutapa MitraSutapa Mitra17 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool leipzig is the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard

    Clone GamingClone Gaming18 dagar sedan
  • Leipzig Chelsea Bayern B.monchengladbach Sevilla Real Madrid PSG Juventus

    M7amed YTM7amed YT19 dagar sedan
  • Now Trippier has been banned and Costa has terminated his contract

    Rohith RamanRohith Raman19 dagar sedan
  • Go Mönchengladbach go go

    Insert NameInsert Name19 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool will win

    Aaron GovenderAaron Govender19 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool will win

    Fishy BrotherFishy Brother21 dag sedan
  • This guy is mentall get the other guy on lipzin over liverpool shuuuuuuush

    Santiago BihariSantiago Bihari21 dag sedan
  • Yall surely underestimating lazio and Porto

    NathanNathan21 dag sedan
  • I honestly agree with everything except Liverpool come on! Just because of their injuries jurgen kloop has so much squad depth and very good with swapping injured players who agrees? Surely I'm not the only one thinking that 👇🏻

    Gavi ShapiroGavi Shapiro23 dagar sedan
  • wtf liverpool won 7-0

    • glory hunter, that was like a week ago tf?

      Ahmed HaythamAhmed Haytham23 dagar sedan
  • Except RM vs Atalanta

    Danush JayakumarDanush Jayakumar24 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool struggling? They r 1st in the premier league with a 4 point lead btuh

    Hema SasHema Sas24 dagar sedan
  • Mate I think Chelsea will win against Athletico as they have a depth in the squad and are in fantastic form

    Krishay GoradiaKrishay Goradia24 dagar sedan
  • This is why Americans should stay far away from football

    Clarissa WongClarissa Wong24 dagar sedan
  • chelsea will win

    Manjari AgrawalManjari Agrawal24 dagar sedan
    • U can't even beat arsenal how are u gonna beat Atletico Madrid.

      RasRas21 dag sedan
    • Maybe

      1234 О1234 О23 dagar sedan
  • Monchenglabach vs City- idk Lazio vs Bayern - bayern are favorites but lazio aren't easy like barca hard to tell Atalnata vs real - easy atalnata Juve will win the ucl cause we have federico bernardeschi

    RID X GAMINGRID X GAMING24 dagar sedan
  • My prediction for the final is Juve vs Bayern

    Chacho CarreraChacho Carrera25 dagar sedan
    • Juve vs Liverpool, or juve vs real

      1234 О1234 О23 dagar sedan
  • Paolo rossi Maradona gerrard

    colm conneelycolm conneely25 dagar sedan
  • liverpool are suffering. also liverpool: most goals and most passes in prem

    Zhe YangZhe Yang25 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool are destroying the preme nigga

    PaulThePrincePaulThePrince25 dagar sedan
  • Barcelona could win with dembele messi ansou fati

    Samuel CarcamoSamuel Carcamo25 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool are easily beating leipzing

    Abdurrahman MohammadAbdurrahman Mohammad26 dagar sedan
  • You Guys dont no Any think about football

    Milos OsborneMilos Osborne26 dagar sedan
  • Oh my goal: This season Liverpool are boring so we predict that Leipzig go through. Liverpool after winning 7-0 on away: And I took that personally.

    Rida RamlawiRida Ramlawi26 dagar sedan
    • 7-2to villa lmao

      Miro StenroosMiro Stenroos14 dagar sedan
    • Leipzig did a 3:3 against Bayern and were thee better team don't underestimate

      Ny235Ny23522 dagar sedan
  • CR7 bout to get ripped apart by our Lord and Saviour Wilson Manafá

    Diogo OliveiraDiogo Oliveira26 dagar sedan
  • The amount of disrespect given to Liverpool I’m this channel is simply schoking

    Ali MeraliAli Merali26 dagar sedan
  • Lauda ku6 bhi bolta he 😂😂

    026_ aniket026_ aniket26 dagar sedan
  • This is inncorrect y'all will see barca will win !!!!!!!!

    abdul farrukhabdul farrukh26 dagar sedan
  • This guy is part of the LGBT Community nothing wrong with that tho 🇱🇮🇱🇮

    Yacob DegoalenYacob Degoalen26 dagar sedan
    • *LGBTQ

      Pro NetworkPro Network25 dagar sedan
  • Nah, right now, Liverpool is back at the first spot after beating Spurs. Liverpool will win

    Michael TranMichael Tran26 dagar sedan
  • Lol it's one thing to read the script but he's showing himself reading it

    Emran AhmedEmran Ahmed27 dagar sedan
  • I agree

    ZainElDin AhmedZainElDin Ahmed27 dagar sedan
  • Bullshit lol 😆😆

    KING'S WORLDKING'S WORLD27 dagar sedan
  • You stupid Liverpool will win

    Yusuf LulatYusuf Lulat27 dagar sedan
    • You lied! 😂😂😂

      SALKA JRSALKA JR26 dagar sedan
  • I am here after 7-0 win for Liverpool,,,, so what were you saying

    Leyon ChowdhuryLeyon Chowdhury27 dagar sedan
  • Trash predictions liverpool have smacked Tottenham and just got a 7-0 with palace

    Hussein KhalifeHussein Khalife27 dagar sedan
  • man city will never win the champions league

    Aidyn FangAidyn Fang27 dagar sedan
  • Dumb af

    Harish MuruganHarish Murugan27 dagar sedan
  • Nobody: This guy: pSgeEiEi 0:20

    Enoc ValdesEnoc Valdes28 dagar sedan
  • Quarter finals teams: Man City Bayern Munich Atletico Madrid Liverpool Juventus Barcelona B.Dortmund Real Madrid

    Paras 92bParas 92b28 dagar sedan
    • Lazio? Any changes?

      1234 О1234 О3 dagar sedan
  • Leipzig are you joking me

    Uel SolomonUel Solomon28 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool is gonna win, Mark my words

    Saahil BhagatSaahil Bhagat28 dagar sedan
    • Maybe, it possible

      1234 О1234 О23 dagar sedan
  • 0-7 is all I am saying mate I don’t know how u say Leipzig oh ya and top of the league

    Caiden MeadonCaiden Meadon28 dagar sedan
  • Who else is watching this after crystal Palace 0 Liverpool 7😂😂

    Lewis RopLewis Rop28 dagar sedan
    • I am. Ind its show that Liverpool are strongest now

      1234 О1234 О23 dagar sedan
  • Agree with all except the liverpool one.

    The VeteranThe Veteran28 dagar sedan
  • I love the thumbnail. I love how both Barca and PSG made it despite playing eachother

    Liam woodruffLiam woodruff28 dagar sedan
  • liverpool: suffering meanwhile: liverpool win 7-0 away

    Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein28 dagar sedan
    • @Albert Einstein you're welcome but im not a man utd fan btw

      Loyd EricsonLoyd Ericson10 dagar sedan
    • @Loyd Ericson thank you for being more clear and more realistic than other people who think MU will win the league

      Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein10 dagar sedan
    • @Albert Einstein i didn't say that man utd is going to win the league i was referring to man utd vs burnly match if man utd win they will be taking 3 points and will be first until next match day

      Loyd EricsonLoyd Ericson10 dagar sedan
    • @Loyd Ericson dream on, couple of weeks ago everyone saying MU sucks and when they win a couple of matches "MU is going to win", wow

      Albert EinsteinAlbert Einstein10 dagar sedan
    • @Yeetus Deleetus yeah liverpool really need a perfect replacement of virgil vd

      Loyd EricsonLoyd Ericson10 dagar sedan
  • Did he really just say Lazio is the weakest team in the last 16

    George MuradGeorge Murad28 dagar sedan
    • @George Murad porto has more experienced players like pepe but i agree lazio plays better football

      YEPYEP26 dagar sedan
    • Yea but I think porto is

      George MuradGeorge Murad26 dagar sedan
    • If you look at the team rating then they are

      YEPYEP26 dagar sedan
  • Guardiola will lose

    BluezzyyBluezzyy29 dagar sedan
  • Bruh how is Leipzig going to win against liverpool that is never happening

    Mahfooz AliMahfooz Ali29 dagar sedan
  • 1:45 when they said Joao Felix was overated

    David MeloDavid Melo29 dagar sedan
    • Who didn't?

      Shalin ThapaShalin Thapa26 dagar sedan
  • No one: This guy: Its CR7 show. Yes its gonna be a penalty show my friend.

    Aarin RegmiAarin Regmi29 dagar sedan
    • Maybe... probably... but the truth is, it doesn't matter. If he scores, penalty or not, it will be called the CR7 show...

      Luis CaetanoLuis Caetano28 dagar sedan
  • I hate you oh my goal,how dare you disrespect Liverpool like that.trust me when Liverpool goes to the quarter final you will shut up

    Jiraphat PanomnitkusonJiraphat Panomnitkuson29 dagar sedan
  • Barca will upset

    Emmanuel MorosEmmanuel Moros29 dagar sedan
  • I’m telling you: no one thought Ajax would eliminate Real Madrid and Atletico would eliminate Liverpool. I’m going to be brave and say this: for the third season in a row, the European champions will exit the champions league in the round of 16 after a shocking loss at home

    Cristian OrdonezCristian Ordonez29 dagar sedan
    • I hope so

      Omar HibaOmar Hiba28 dagar sedan
  • My winners : real madrid , atletico madrid , dourtmaund , liverpool , barcaloena , man city , juventeus , bayren

    شيماء درويش ابراهيمشيماء درويش ابراهيمMånad sedan
  • First of all the Arabian sultan Mo Salah will take liverpool to the quarter finals. And Messi, Ansu Fati, Dembele and Coutinho (the last season UCL winner) will win over PSG Just grab your shirt, sit back relax and enjoy. Watch it 😌

    Moammel JanjonMoammel JanjonMånad sedan
  • This guy Is definitely a united or city fan

    RamizRamizMånad sedan
  • 👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎👎

    Magda ArturMagda ArturMånad sedan
  • Leipzig ain’t selling their star defender in between a season to a team they facing in feb also we are on top to sign him in summer. They can sign alaba who is close to leaving. Also we can’t underestimate lazio it’s football anything can happen a upset too.

    Perfect ChampionsPerfect ChampionsMånad sedan
    • @Aun Maqsood yes we will but in summer I want in winter but that’s not possible is summer it is

      Perfect ChampionsPerfect Champions28 dagar sedan
    • Also, Upamecano is linked more heavily with Bayern, and I believe they are the favorites to sign him.

      Aun MaqsoodAun Maqsood28 dagar sedan
  • "Liverpool out" Ridiculous

    معاذ محمدمعاذ محمدMånad sedan
  • I think SevillaFC will win thanks to the new signings and Lopeteguis stragetys

    Alfonso Herrera GómezAlfonso Herrera GómezMånad sedan
  • Omg a face reavel

    quran tvquran tvMånad sedan
  • "Lol Rb lebzig win against Liverpool"

    sara tannersara tannerMånad sedan
    • That's what people said last year before Leizpig reached the semi-finals. Never count anyone out.

      zizoegy8460zizoegy8460Månad sedan
    • It's possible anything is

      TTV SquadTTV SquadMånad sedan
  • FCB will win

    Halima PaweenHalima PaweenMånad sedan
    • FC Barcelona you mean?

      1234 О1234 О23 dagar sedan
  • Psg will be ahead of Barça (1-0 on aggregate)until the 90min when messi will score a sublime free kick and barca will be through on away goals. I wish if this would happen.

    Front RunnerFront RunnerMånad sedan
  • I think Chelsea should go through because of Giroud's 4 goals against Sevilla.

    Aarit's WorldAarit's WorldMånad sedan