Why is the 2022 World Cup in Qatar a disgrace? - INVESTIGATION

15 dec 2020
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The 2022 World Cup will be very particular. It will take place in winter and...in Qatar! A country that has never hosted the World Cup before. But above all, the allocation process for the 2022 Qatar World Cup was the result of an extremely corrupt system. On top of this, Qatar is regularly accused of not respecting human rights, especially regarding foreign workers. So should we go to Qatar? Should we follow this World Cup on TV or boycott it?
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  • Do you think the 2022 World Cup should be relocated?

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • In Turkey

      sethplayzcsethplayzc4 dagar sedan
    • Yes

      Dog with PantsDog with Pants8 dagar sedan
    • @Shashvat Singh they’re gonna die either way since they would be already built either way

      HusseinHussein9 dagar sedan
    • Yes to morocco 🇲🇦

      Sevn UpSevn Up11 dagar sedan
    • Should be somewhere like New Zealand, what a country.

      Shashvat SinghShashvat Singh14 dagar sedan
  • i live near qater so im going

    Malikb485Malikb48514 timmar sedan
  • Just put it in Atlanta Georgia and there are better one in the US

    Faze_ omaryFaze_ omary4 dagar sedan
  • Why his eyes look like he no sleep

    Yanir MichaYanir Micha5 dagar sedan
  • Do u guys remember the last world cup in Asia??? So my question is would the referees help watar win the games just like they did with south Korea in 2002???

    Oscar LopezOscar Lopez6 dagar sedan
  • People working in Qatar are immigrants from countries where they don't know basics of rights! Those families want food more than rights actually.

    bHm CR7bHm CR79 dagar sedan
  • How about modern slavery in the united states?

    Christine KhalilChristine Khalil10 dagar sedan
  • Nice video. Like it. I didnt see video like this on BBC News.

    Khun OoKhun Oo10 dagar sedan
  • French are big name in wc, but look how they treat migrant..so stop pretending you care et all

    fmiftahfmiftah11 dagar sedan
  • I like his Voice and haircut

    Junk TVJunk TV12 dagar sedan
  • This guy is a politician he has no place in sports.

    M. SamiM. Sami12 dagar sedan
  • maybe china world cup 2043

    Barrak AlqattanBarrak Alqattan12 dagar sedan
  • islam...what do you expect?

    gegenismgegenism12 dagar sedan
  • Bro shut up ppl went to Russia and stop complaining bro OK omg f*#$ing racist islamophobic

    Flypd CryptFlypd Crypt14 dagar sedan
  • Xavi came to India lol

    JaredHasARedNoseJaredHasARedNose14 dagar sedan
  • Please don’t post videos without having any direct evidence

    The alone WalkerThe alone Walker14 dagar sedan
  • I live in Qatar and my neighbor is a construction worker and they are being treated very fairly . I don’t think anyone have evidence on this.

    The alone WalkerThe alone Walker14 dagar sedan
  • Should be KSA

    1808尺卂Ҝ卂几1808尺卂Ҝ卂几14 dagar sedan

    SmackSmack17 dagar sedan
  • I’m exited for 2026 in North America

    Bonnie ClarkBonnie Clark17 dagar sedan
  • What is Qatar bribe you to delete this video.

    EMAN imatesEMAN imates17 dagar sedan
  • Football world cups should be held only in democratic countries.

    Saikat DasSaikat Das18 dagar sedan
  • Get with God and Jesus Christ before it’s too late God blessed us with Jesus Christ and everything and Jesus died for our sins to give us eternal life

    JJacob23_JJacob23_18 dagar sedan
  • Oh no Qatar Out Bribed fifa more than our corrupt countries! Shame on them!

    The Philosophy ClubThe Philosophy Club19 dagar sedan
  • Only some know this is the second video on this topic.

    Shashank abShashank ab19 dagar sedan
  • 2:29 He look likes he supports the red devils. Lol. The sun been mean to him.

    Don Corleone MoreyagaDon Corleone Moreyaga19 dagar sedan
  • I must watch 2022 world cup

    Grace OkenwaGrace Okenwa19 dagar sedan
  • My question is what will happen to the stadiums after the World Cup What would they use them for and if we will get a South Africa 2.0

    Some_ghost _in_your_bed_roomSome_ghost _in_your_bed_room20 dagar sedan
  • all of this is a big lie. I’ve been living in qatar for over 15 years and all of this nonsense that people say doesn’t exist. You can’t talk about the country when you haven’t seen it or visited it. When south Africa hosted the 2010 world cup, no one complained that it was a desert etc, now look what happened to south africa’s stadiums, they are all abandoned and destroyed

    CallmeclapzCallmeclapz20 dagar sedan
  • NIKE are doing the same thing. Qatar are not alone on this issue.

    AfalaaAfalaa20 dagar sedan
  • Better Qatar than United States that had no culture of Football. Ffs your egg game is only played at USA.

    firenz shahfirenz shah21 dag sedan
  • This video have not taken any opinions from Qatar side

  • Football loses money wins

    Kevin LinaresKevin Linares22 dagar sedan
  • regenerate foreskin foregen.org

    Bobu BobBobu Bob22 dagar sedan
  • This is what we need in oh my goals... Info like this is a gem❤...

    Dead XDead X23 dagar sedan
  • Coming from Canada Europe, money dosen't mean anything this will be the worst fifa of all time

    ArcticwolfArcticwolf24 dagar sedan
  • Workers are working in these countries and these jobs because they see them as the best chance, if they are given a different and better alternatives in which they will be able to provide for their families they would go for the better alternative. I am not with Qatar on what they are doing I'm against this but if we just keep reminding ourselves about the issues we are being worse than Qatar and the other countries instead someone needs to give Qatar and the other countries solutions. And cancelling what they are doing is not a solution as all the migrant workers will not be able to provide for their families.

    3iyal Wayel3iyal Wayel24 dagar sedan
  • And ppl say I treated labour badly

    Vladimir MakarovVladimir Makarov24 dagar sedan
  • One country which is not known for football shouldn't be host a ceremony like football world Cup

    Akash MandalAkash Mandal24 dagar sedan
  • Europe and America are totally idiot are comments "labour blood". SHAME on them, they just hate to muslims people and middle east too. So, good job Qatar, we believe you🇶🇦❤️

    Yogie Prabowo WinotoYogie Prabowo Winoto24 dagar sedan
    • Betul betul betul

      Ozamataz BuckshankOzamataz Buckshank23 dagar sedan
  • You are hatter 👀

    Yogie Prabowo WinotoYogie Prabowo Winoto24 dagar sedan
  • It's coming home It's coming home It's coming Football's coming home It's coming home It's coming home It's coming Football's coming home It's coming home It's coming home It's coming Football's coming home It's coming home It's coming home It's coming Football's coming home Everyone seems to know the score They've seen it all before They just know They're so sure That England's gonna throw it away Gonna blow it away But I know they can play 'Cause I remember Three Lions on a shirt Jules Rimet still gleaming Thirty years of hurt Never stopped me dreaming So many jokes, so many sneers But all those oh-so-nears Wear you down Through the years But I still see that tackle by Moore And when Linekar scored Bobby belting the ball And Nobby Dancing Three Lions on a shirt Jules Rimet still gleaming Thirty years of hurt Never stopped me dreaming It's coming home It's coming Football's coming home It's coming home It's coming home It's coming Football's coming home It's coming home It's coming home It's coming Football's coming home It's coming home It's coming home It's coming Football's coming home It's coming home Three Lions on a shirt Jules Rimet still gleaming Thirty years of hurt Never stopped me dreaming Three Lions on a shirt Jules Rimet still gleaming Thirty years of hurt Never stopped me dreaming Three Lions on a shirt Jules Rimet still gleaming Thirty years of hurt Never stopped me dreaming Three Lions on a shirt

    FIFA By JPFIFA By JP25 dagar sedan
  • Years and years football World Cup happen in Europe America etc etc football belongs to everyone in the world so what’s wrong in qatar hosting World Cup 2022

    Mohamed NushrathMohamed Nushrath25 dagar sedan
  • Xavi is unhappy! He is sad but just can't say. Mute the audio, watch his facial expressions and body language and you'll know whether he is happy or not. 0:35 and 1:06

    Russel StudiosRussel Studios25 dagar sedan
  • I love your hair 😂😂

    no nono no26 dagar sedan
  • I agree with Roy Keane

    Nellie GallagherNellie Gallagher26 dagar sedan
  • Pure nonsense and baseless write what you have knowledge and evidence ,have you been there have you seen it stop poor article writing

    Jay PsJay Ps26 dagar sedan
  • Fifa only care about money

    NoNameBoys 1904NoNameBoys 190426 dagar sedan
  • Qatar is 🗑

    MaximACEMaximACE26 dagar sedan
    • Where are you from

      BARDYBARDY16 dagar sedan
  • At this point I don't think boycotting this event would be the best protest. So many workers have died for this tournament boycotting the event is like saying they died for nothing. I think players should as a form of protest take a moment of silence each match for the people who have lost their lives building these stadiums as a form of protest. Even if FIFA dosen't want them too.

    luis Araujoluis Araujo26 dagar sedan
  • The World Cup 2022 actually really need to be relocated!!!!!!

    Ashraf AhmadAshraf Ahmad27 dagar sedan
  • Why is it that this is getting so much more publicity than what happened in Brazil for the 2014 World Cup? Brazil had very similar issues. They relocated entire neighborhoods of people in order to make way for new buildings and international guests. Workers also lost their lives in 2014.

    Eric RodriguezEric Rodriguez27 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/aITIvre1j4WaqXU/video

    Md Azizul ChowdhuryMd Azizul Chowdhury27 dagar sedan
  • was there not slums and human rights abuse at the past 2 world cups look at who built brasil 2014 stadiums and 2010 south africa why are youtalking about it now thats coming from a greek and italien

    dimitri dionisopoulosdimitri dionisopoulos27 dagar sedan
  • Wait U.S.A is angry i get England but USA you jokin me rn

    yassine zyassine z27 dagar sedan
  • Cool

    Nec FloNec Flo27 dagar sedan
  • Human rights violations in an Islamic state?

    SHIRLEY ShineSHIRLEY Shine27 dagar sedan
  • it isnt a disgrace. i live in qatar and its amazing. i agree with xavi and 2:56 thats my dads company

    ReqxerReqxer27 dagar sedan
  • Siilka hoyada u sheeg

    Omar zOmar z27 dagar sedan
  • Well all the things you are right but the lgbtq it is there religion if you want them to respect lgbtq why not they respect Islam

    DanaDana27 dagar sedan
  • People have no idea about how fucked up Middle East is.. Go to South Asia, there's always a victim that witnessed traumatic moments in middle east.. There are thousands of cases when the owners raped female workers along with their family members.. Keep your eyes open

    Hasanul BannaHasanul Banna27 dagar sedan
  • India Problems Descrimination

    TiTaN GamingTiTaN Gaming27 dagar sedan
  • You look like batistuta

    69 Music69 Music28 dagar sedan
  • Now that I found out what westerners think of Qatar, I can easily say that 95% of whatever they think are assumptions as I loved there as a migrant for 12 years.

    MaanasMaanas28 dagar sedan
  • Qatar is one of the safest countries in the world and if you did your research you would know that so shut the f up and stop spreading rumors about my country

    Saoud Al-MeerSaoud Al-Meer28 dagar sedan
  • Listen yes people died making the stadiums but so have others in different world cups Like Brazil, South Africa and even some in Russia

    Fish SkiFish Ski28 dagar sedan
  • Baseless claims bid

    Sadik DaherSadik Daher28 dagar sedan
  • Reuploaded but added some stuff

    Tony WahibTony Wahib28 dagar sedan
  • It's just bout money 💵💰🤑

    Rocky SRocky S28 dagar sedan
  • This guy doesn't know what the F hes talking about .. all false statements

    khaled daoukkhaled daouk28 dagar sedan
  • Racisme you are races thats it

    moody batakjimoody batakji28 dagar sedan
  • Qatar is doing amazing you haven’t been here and viewed the stadiums. If everyone in Qatar can live with the heat you can definitely stay in it for only a bit

    alyaa idkalyaa idk28 dagar sedan
  • A heaven can stand because there is hell beneath it

    Islamitisch verdedigersfrontIslamitisch verdedigersfront28 dagar sedan
  • this world cup will be forgotten

    brandon villegasbrandon villegas28 dagar sedan
  • Footballing History, and you mention England..... 😂 😂 😂 😂 I was expecting Deutschland

    Kennito De Van GavaniKennito De Van Gavani29 dagar sedan
  • Booooooo say no to racism. You are just against it. Where do you want it to happen in your backyard 😹😹😹. Ohh common stop being racist.

    Ali IbrahimAli Ibrahim29 dagar sedan
  • So no one talking about how Brazil and south africa hosted their world cup without having proper development in their country. It's ashame that this youtube channel is famous enough and still criticising them which all western media's do without proper checkup. Atleast we are football fans and appreciate their effort.

    Mohammed AzharMohammed Azhar29 dagar sedan
  • You know what all these things Oh my goal is saying I think it’s of Qatar being a Muslim country people get abused in countries like USA let alone Qatar so this thing of relocating the host country is acceptable will guys refund the money used to build all these stadiums .Qatar was rebuilding for at least 10years so there is no relocation of the host country in my opinion ✋🏾💯

    • @WADANI SOMALIYEED 😂 😂 😂 emojis doesn’t make you sound smarter lmao ✋🏾✋🏾✋🏾 Sir, we are arguing what country has more racism. The US isn’t one, first of all do you know that the UN human rights regulations were promoted by the US? Does the US still owned slaves? Aren’t the most successful athletes and celebrities black? Dont blacks make up the largest amount of city council in the larges cities in America? Isn’t segregation now illegal in the US? Isn’t the US the number country where non whites want to live in? Case closed!!!

      FreshnewzFreshnewz15 dagar sedan
    • @Freshnewz what you are talking about is history you’ve saying they owned slaves even the US owned slaves 😹✋🏾

    • @WADANI SOMALIYEED Flase propaganda. There’s more racism in Mexico and in East Asia. More racism in the Middle East where they actually owned slaves. You must be one of those BLM cult members that believe in all that critical race theory propaganda

      FreshnewzFreshnewz16 dagar sedan
    • @Freshnewz 😹😹😹🚮 who you tellin that mate I know US alright and there is no where in this world more racism takes place than the US 😹😹✋🏾

    • I live in the US and people don’t get abused. That’s nothing but communists propaganda. I’m Brown, we have anti discrimination laws. The problem we have in the US is corruption where some people take advantage of some people and a culture of victim minded people that will cry discrimination over nothing.

      FreshnewzFreshnewz16 dagar sedan
  • Yes

    Tshidi PhiriTshidi Phiri29 dagar sedan
  • I think Russia should of got it again

    Ben KempthorneBen Kempthorne29 dagar sedan
  • Qatar ...mke infrastructure ....grt....nd the country mke one of the most infrastructure .........

    Monojit DasMonojit Das29 dagar sedan
  • Overall, when we play in Qatar 2022, we can dig mass graves under the stadium.

    Przemysław FrankowskiPrzemysław Frankowski29 dagar sedan
  • no

    Md Nur E Alam Khan HimelMd Nur E Alam Khan Himel29 dagar sedan
  • 𝕀 𝕨𝕚𝕝𝕝 𝕙𝕠 𝕓𝕔 𝕚 𝕝𝕚𝕧𝕖 𝕚𝕟 𝕜𝕦𝕨𝕒𝕚𝕥

    Nothin NothinNothin Nothin29 dagar sedan
    • Go not ho

      Nothin NothinNothin Nothin29 dagar sedan
  • How about the disasters in human rights that happened before when it was at Brazil and South Africa ? You're simply a racist. You hate Arabs (Specially Muslims)... If you aren't, you are working behind Haters politics.

    Ahmed Youcef ElkhaoirizmiAhmed Youcef Elkhaoirizmi29 dagar sedan
  • Just because Qatar is a Muslim country, people talk#stop islamophobia

    Issack BulleIssack Bulle29 dagar sedan
  • We all need to abandon fifa and especially the 2022 world Cup

    Ryan CoackleyRyan Coackley29 dagar sedan
  • Europeans cant watch the game for 90 minutes too hot

    Purvik SalianPurvik Salian29 dagar sedan
  • Right that they get treated badly but it’s way better than where they live in their countries if anything they chose to come to the country to get some money to be able to live , don’t get me wrong this is wrong but it’s better than where they came from

    Zak ariaZak aria29 dagar sedan
  • really appreciate the things you explained abou labhour system in quatar, they really treat abroad labhours as an slave

    anil shresthaanil shrestha29 dagar sedan
  • Fuck oh my goal

    immortal gamer_immortal gamer_29 dagar sedan
  • Why talk this now

    sultan alemadisultan alemadi29 dagar sedan
  • Running out of content makes this channel talk bullshit about other countries lol 😂 By the way Qatar inaugrated The Al Rayyan Stadium yesterday . Way to Go Qatar !🇶🇦❤

    Aadarsh Thekkethara Suresh BabuAadarsh Thekkethara Suresh Babu29 dagar sedan
  • United states gets mad at everything.

    Minhazul AbedinMinhazul Abedin29 dagar sedan
  • People had no objection while South Africa hosted. People had no objection while country like Brazil hosted back to back world cup and Olympics. Why are you worried here.

    Minhazul AbedinMinhazul Abedin29 dagar sedan
  • Im from Ireland and my Dad's cousin was in Qatar working on the stadiums He is back in Ireland thankfully

    Killian LynchKillian Lynch29 dagar sedan
  • Imagine if nobody came to the world cup and the stadiums were empty

    Soccerking FenichSoccerking Fenich29 dagar sedan
    • That would be a sight

      Ravi DadzRavi Dadz28 dagar sedan
  • Who is else is hella surprised Xavi speaks good English😂

  • This dude sound like MrBeast, i just cant unhear it😂

  • thank you for the mentioning and the recognition Algeria's team

    Confused PotatoConfused Potato29 dagar sedan
    • Yes sir🇩🇿

      WcfootballWcfootball26 dagar sedan