Do Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi hate each other? | Oh My Goal

23 okt 2020
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Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo may not be competing for everything these days, but there was a 9 year period where these two goats went head to head on EVERYTHING. Who deserves the belt in a battle royale pitting Messi v Ronaldo?
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  • Messi

    Adolphe 12Adolphe 128 dagar sedan
  • against juvent

    Sarah TinglomkimSarah Tinglomkim22 dagar sedan
  • When he scores from penalty messi fans are jeoulous and call him penaldo. When he does not scores messi fans call cr7 can't even score a peanlty. Everybody hates me because i am too good

    Mariyam RooyaMariyam Rooya25 dagar sedan
  • Messi

    dean kachikaudean kachikauMånad sedan
  • Cr7 is better

    a33lam Canal acabadoa33lam Canal acabadoMånad sedan
  • Barca crashed Juve 2-0 in the Champions League. Now OH MY GOAL decide who's the winner.

    GOUTAM SAHAGOUTAM SAHA2 månader sedan
  • Cr7

    ZEFA GAMINGZEFA GAMING2 månader sedan
  • This just shows that even the Ballon'dor is not enough to decide who is better

    The Mo ViewThe Mo View2 månader sedan
  • Literally the only difference between the two players is that Ronaldo is taller than Messi... Like if you agree

    Nadeem Rana - 53441/TCHR/BBTNadeem Rana - 53441/TCHR/BBT2 månader sedan
  • 1:40 false barcelona wasnt defending champions, Barca won 2006 while Milan won in 2007

    ThaiFinneNThaiFinneN2 månader sedan
  • Messi

    Anicet 10Anicet 102 månader sedan
  • If you love Messi you hate Ronaldo, If you love Ronaldo you hate Messi....but if you love them both you love football

    Mr PKMr PK2 månader sedan
  • for me ballondors or trophies dont matter that much . marcelo bielsa hasnt won anything but is still the best manager for pep

    logan w2slogan w2s2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo and Messi are both exceptional good.

    Arwa ChataiwalaArwa Chataiwala2 månader sedan
  • messi is the best

    SavioSavio2 månader sedan
  • Barca won 2-0 from Juve with Messi in the worst form . He is missing chances he used to score in . The end of an era 😱😱😱

    Tanish ShawelTanish Shawel2 månader sedan
  • Cristiano Ronaldo obviously, no doubt

    Haakku DonHaakku Don2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo

    tej bahadurtej bahadur2 månader sedan
  • ronaldo is the best forever

    C R 7 KIDC R 7 KID2 månader sedan
  • Messi 🔥

    AryeshAryesh2 månader sedan
  • Difference between them is CR7 claim to be the best whilst MESSI people claim him to be the best.. CR7 self boast..MESSI humble guy..

    Joshua BonyamJoshua Bonyam2 månader sedan
  • messi

    Cristy MoralesCristy Morales2 månader sedan
  • Both the players 😌

    FR7 FreestylersFR7 Freestylers2 månader sedan
  • Oh my goal has nothing to post. You made a video in this topic before.🤦🤦 Oh my messi sucks

    Aniket YadavAniket Yadav2 månader sedan
  • Juventus 3 Barcelona2

    Sumita JaggaSumita Jagga2 månader sedan
  • Just enjoy their brilliance in the sport FFS. Let them and us enjoy their final years of football. Stop comparing. They both are GOATS.

    Bernard Silverio FernandesBernard Silverio Fernandes2 månader sedan
  • Messi is a very good player but CR7 is better

    Ada OkekeAda Okeke2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo

    Faisal JoudFaisal Joud2 månader sedan
  • That world cup part got me😂💔

    Olotu CyrusOlotu Cyrus2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo

    Lolitha MsumzaLolitha Msumza2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo is way better

    NubeNube2 månader sedan
  • Messi gang like here😂

    Najih SkandorNajih Skandor2 månader sedan
  • You didnt answer the question

    Stuart VoizeyStuart Voizey2 månader sedan
  • Did oh my goals just said 11 ballon d'ors? 0:35

    Magical MessiMagical Messi2 månader sedan
  • Why I am watching this video and I know Messi and Ronaldo have good relationships 🤗🤗

    Magical MessiMagical Messi2 månader sedan
  • no

    Luke BakerLuke Baker2 månader sedan
  • 5:12 he looked like Sergio Ramos in this picture

    LogicalSymmetry339LogicalSymmetry3392 månader sedan
  • Cristiano siiiiiiii

    Prasanna RajPrasanna Raj2 månader sedan
  • The belt winner is ronaldo

    Abz DalalAbz Dalal2 månader sedan
  • no one ever talks about the fact that messi won the olympics gold, reached the world cup final (the biggest stage in sport - let alone football) reached 3 copa del rey finals... AND WON THE GOLDEN BALL IN EVERY INTERNATIONAL TOURNAMENT! messi is surrounded by players and fans that don’t support him and no one ever appreciates the fact that messi does most the work on the pitch, he drops back to help and controls the game, providing passes and opportunities for the team that are often wasted. (yes he missed a penalty) but that’s the only thing that people focus on. Messi does so much work for the team and just gets criticised.

    theotheo2 månader sedan
    • Lmao 😂😂 he has never achieved a international trophy for the senior Argentinian team 😂😂 he has always broke down under pressure 😂😂😂 I don't need to remind you the UCL AND THE COPA AMERICA DO I ? I don't say he is the best.... He is magical .... He has earned everyone's respect ..... But in the end we all know CRISTIANO is more decorated on the club and THE INTERNATIONAL level 🔥

      Aayush KulkarniAayush Kulkarni2 månader sedan
  • Should be 12 ballon d’ors combined if Ronaldo won 2018 but sadly didn’t which is annoying just pointing that out

    Fadi AjinaFadi Ajina2 månader sedan
  • Legit running out of ideas, so bring this up for the 100th time -_-

    Ahmed QureshiAhmed Qureshi2 månader sedan
  • Messi messi messi

    hadi toqeerhadi toqeer2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldooooo

    Stano JendekStano Jendek2 månader sedan
  • The title is do they both hate each other? The video:rivalries

    Joey GamingJoey Gaming2 månader sedan
  • Another day another reason to unsubscribe,like a week isn't over yet,I ain't a child,another reupload,really?? You are just greedy af

    THANOS the mastermindTHANOS the mastermind2 månader sedan
  • Barca sucks at the elclasico

    Shahriyar 2022Shahriyar 20222 månader sedan
    • Barca sucks

      Shahriyar 2022Shahriyar 20222 månader sedan
  • Cr7

    Kanaan male voices and others HmarKanaan male voices and others Hmar2 månader sedan
  • Fans of each player hate each other, they just respect each other

    InfraRedViperInfraRedViper2 månader sedan
  • Messi All the way

    Kuku MyominKuku Myomin2 månader sedan
  • Mesii

    Kuku MyominKuku Myomin2 månader sedan
  • Messi is the best 👑👑👑🌎🌎🌎

    AlandAland2 månader sedan
  • Lionel Messi the belt Ronaldo close behind runners up

    Ahmad KhanAhmad Khan2 månader sedan
  • Both of them are beasts in their own. We must say we're lucky enough to watch these guys grace the beautiful game that we all love.

    Ujjwal KarkiUjjwal Karki2 månader sedan
  • Video idea: What did Kyle Walker throw out against West Ham ?

    Alex JAlex J2 månader sedan
  • *quarantine starts again* Oh my goal: sweats

    KostalgicKostalgic2 månader sedan
  • Legends know this is a repost

    Frank WisemanFrank Wiseman2 månader sedan
  • This is the number of times OMG has uploaded this video. 👇

    chargero steronechargero sterone2 månader sedan
  • 100 💯 messi

    Kenzou LewisKenzou Lewis2 månader sedan
  • for me it is cristiano ronaldo better than messi

    Nigussu FeyissaNigussu Feyissa2 månader sedan
  • Do Pickford and Courtois really hate eachother ? Like so Oh My Goal can see

    Rithvikiscool 64Rithvikiscool 642 månader sedan
  • Cr7

    Azmaien Football OfficialAzmaien Football Official2 månader sedan
  • Well Messi is the best

    aditya jay pillaiaditya jay pillai2 månader sedan
  • RONALDO better

    OltiOlti2 månader sedan
  • Cr7....... 😎😎😎😎

    soumya ranjansoumya ranjan2 månader sedan
  • Running out of ideas?

    Alves AlkAlves Alk2 månader sedan
  • Haaland or Mbappe who is the best

    Fullmoon BasaiawmoitFullmoon Basaiawmoit2 månader sedan
  • Oh my goal I recommend a video about the proof of the FIFA cover curse please its real every year

    Karl DonesKarl Dones2 månader sedan
  • Cristiano Ronaldo 🖤

    Muhammad HudaybiyaMuhammad Hudaybiya2 månader sedan
  • Did oh my goal for get we have subscribed to their other chanells

    Aditya SAditya S2 månader sedan
  • Lionel Messi Is the best footballer in the history of football messi is the best he dominates and reads the game before he starts playing

    Nathan Drummer BoyNathan Drummer Boy2 månader sedan
  • Only legends know it's re-uploaded

    - CWSA -- CWSA -2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo-"For me, I am the best" Oh my goal-"RonAlDo sAid tHAt hE iS bEtTer thAN MesSi" Amazing journalism 👌

    Jaysurya SisodiyaJaysurya Sisodiya2 månader sedan
  • Why why why?this bull shitt you are uploading....

    Nahida ParvinNahida Parvin2 månader sedan
  • Leo is better Score goals , create goals Ronaldo is more of a finisher In short , RONALDO is a goalscorer who scores lots of goals and Messi is a playmaker who scores lots of goals

    devang chauhandevang chauhan2 månader sedan
  • Messi is the King of football

    N.N.SHERPAN.N.SHERPA2 månader sedan
  • This reuploaded

    ali hasanali hasan2 månader sedan
  • Messi for me is the best player but cristiano Ronaldo is still a awesome player

    Jimmy SiuceJimmy Siuce2 månader sedan

    Some Random ShitSome Random Shit2 månader sedan
  • do not care messi better than ronaldo

    Inside InsideInside Inside2 månader sedan
  • Bro the last round won’t make sense Ron prob won’t play and we will be good player down

    SITV HDSITV HD2 månader sedan
  • Of course Ronaldo is good but he has only one problem MESSI

    Pratham SharmaPratham Sharma2 månader sedan
  • Both of them had a terrible year in 2018 Messi: His team lost 6-1 to Spain Lost 3-0 to Croatia Got eliminated from the 2018 WC in the round of 16 Ronaldo I’d say had a more terrible year His team fell to Uruguay in the round of 16 and at the end he was shown a yellow for yelling at the referee. 2 months later on his first UCL with Juventus he was shown a red card for just touching someone’s hair :(

    David VillaDavid Villa2 månader sedan
  • Give me a shout out plz

    Inferno WolfInferno Wolf2 månader sedan
  • Ronaldo

    גור לרוןגור לרון2 månader sedan
  • Cr7

    Fergie's SonFergie's Son2 månader sedan
  • Legends know......this was reuploaded :/

    aqill_ XDaqill_ XD2 månader sedan
  • Reply 1!=CR7 2=Messi

    ClixalClixal2 månader sedan
  • How about one on Napoli?

    maximus1318ablemaximus1318able2 månader sedan
  • Who else loves the voice !!!

    Bhavya MoolchandaniBhavya Moolchandani2 månader sedan
  • I speak on behalf of others that this channel sucks,I would rather watch 442oons,it has more exciting news,step up oh my goal😤

    Benard MuchiriBenard Muchiri2 månader sedan
  • Cristiano Ronaldo!!!

    Tedd MKTedd MK2 månader sedan
  • I think messi won because he has more balloon do'rs than Ronaldo

    NAWAR MZIRINAWAR MZIRI2 månader sedan
  • Cr7

    Papa SamuraPapa Samura2 månader sedan
  • What’s next do footballers like to kick the ball?

    W DW D2 månader sedan
  • They don't even hate each other and besides didn't they already make a video about this like find something new

    Daniel.L.FootballDaniel.L.Football2 månader sedan
  • for me MESSI is the best,,,,,,,but i respect them both

    MessiMartin MaxMessiMartin Max2 månader sedan
  • I still laugh when people make these weird comments like Penaldo and Pessi. 😂

    Task ForceTask Force2 månader sedan
  • CR7>everyone

    REMO CrackREMO Crack2 månader sedan
  • but i like all of them

    Oheneba AduOheneba Adu2 månader sedan