Why Samuel Eto'o is the most disrespected player EVER | Oh My Goal

31 okt 2020
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In the entire history of football there hasn’t been another footballer as disrespected as Samuel Eto’o. Eto’o was kicked out of Barcelona by Guardiola, snubbed from the Ballon d’Or and discarded by Real Madrid. Learn all about it in our brand new video.
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  • for me the best striker of all time after ronaldo and suarez

    MajinAngel777MajinAngel777Dag sedan
  • Guardiola clearly hate African Player

    daniel amiruldaniel amirul2 dagar sedan
  • Eto, Drogba, and Weah, are 3 of the top 5 Africans players ever.

    Good JujuGood Juju9 dagar sedan
  • Thumbs up to this video for recognizing Eto’s talent & achievements, not enough respect from Barca fans either in my opinion and given our current poor state of form especially in the No9 area, should leave room for reflection on what he accomplished for us during his time at FCB. Much love to Eto

    Socrates 77Socrates 7711 dagar sedan
  • That's racist not disrespectable

    Hanad geesiHanad geesi13 dagar sedan
  • Eto is a legend,great person off the field too.

    Ronald MadziroRonald Madziro14 dagar sedan
  • I think he was disrespected because he played for Madrid

    Acuraguy07Acuraguy0715 dagar sedan
  • pep is a racist. i won't be surprised if he sells sterling

    luthando sethuluthando sethu18 dagar sedan
  • How I wish I could go back to 1998

    Benjamin TanuwiraBenjamin Tanuwira18 dagar sedan
  • He was a great Forward even when there's Messi... He always delivers a win a goal... He is a legend

    Gil-Galad ValarGil-Galad Valar18 dagar sedan
  • Becourse he is black and African

    Hawisa StarBoyHawisa StarBoy21 dag sedan
  • the right way to say it underrated or unappreciated

    Magdi AliMagdi AliMånad sedan
  • Eto'o is a legend 🔵🔴. He was soo good. He doesn't deserve the criticism he receives.

    PanekaFCPanekaFCMånad sedan
  • I've always seen him as a great number 9 and a perfect player. Loved this guy, his play with both Ronaldinho and Messi was just a joy to watch!

    C23 stC23 stMånad sedan
  • His made enough money to not be bothered about being respected

    Carl JeremyCarl JeremyMånad sedan
  • He's not the most disrespected lmao

    John KenJohn KenMånad sedan
  • one of the most underrated he top 5 number 9 in history

    iso blackiso blackMånad sedan
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    The Seed Of AbrahamThe Seed Of AbrahamMånad sedan
  • Even back home in cameroon, eto’o is so disrespected. But he’s legendary status can’t be ignored

    Fulem De MambuFulem De MambuMånad sedan
  • coz he was an illegal

    ADITYA GhimireADITYA Ghimire2 månader sedan
  • Samuel Eto'o is a legend racism is for stupid and insecure sets of people

    McBrian MillerMcBrian Miller2 månader sedan
  • Proud to be from Antalya where Eto'o spent 3 years as an amazing striker.

    Mimi GottfriedMimi Gottfried2 månader sedan
  • Not in Africa

    Lizwi MchunuLizwi Mchunu2 månader sedan
  • U guys haven't done a video on Nigeria's JJ Okocha

    Chibuikem UbesieChibuikem Ubesie2 månader sedan
  • In my opinion Eto’o is the most underrated player in the history and prove that Pep is racist person

    Samuel KosnandarSamuel Kosnandar2 månader sedan
  • What a beast he was one of the most explosive strikers ! Definatly too underated unfortunatly...

    BayakuyaBayakuya2 månader sedan
  • Correct your statement. In Europe alone, in Africa we love this guys and Asia love him as fuck

    harry jonesharry jones2 månader sedan
  • Show me some respect..I told you you forget Samuel. Eto'o on your last five disrespectful Barcelona players

    Mamud IdrisaMamud Idrisa2 månader sedan
  • His career speaks for himself

    Natural BreedNatural Breed2 månader sedan
  • Legend😍🖤💙

    Andrea LagravineseAndrea Lagravinese2 månader sedan
  • As an Inter fan, Eto'o is one of my all time football heroes.. after the amazing 2010 treble year, he single handedly carried the team in 2011. Much respect legend!

    BadBoySaaamBadBoySaaam2 månader sedan
  • Samuel Eto'o is the greatest african players of all time and he his in the top 10 best of all time

    Zulu MiguelZulu Miguel2 månader sedan
    • And no,I'm not asking,I'm stating this. Don't care about any of your opinios

      Zulu MiguelZulu Miguel2 månader sedan
  • I think Abraham's zlatan he was most

    best FC highlights skillsbest FC highlights skills2 månader sedan
  • He won 4 champions leagues 1 - Real Madrid 2 - Barcelona 1 - Inter Milan

    Thabo LangaThabo Langa2 månader sedan
  • Mou hardly criticized him.

    alex xoxxalex xoxx2 månader sedan
  • Samuel Eto'o and Didier Drogba is one of the greatest African player and they left their mark in Europe

    Nathanael EdricNathanael Edric2 månader sedan
  • If he was from Argentina people would be trying to make the argument that he was the greatest striker of all time.

    Randall StubblefieldRandall Stubblefield2 månader sedan
  • Africa's all time best

    sir georgesir george2 månader sedan
  • Eto'o is literally playing in my favorite club in every league, so I admire and respect him since then.

    Resaldi Ramadhan PutraResaldi Ramadhan Putra2 månader sedan
  • I love Eto’o he is one of the best African player to ever touch the pitch.

    PHILLINHOPHILLINHO2 månader sedan
  • The world doesn't like a strong and proud black man. I'm just glad Samuel never gave into the negative stereotypes expected of people like us.

    Marcus HollowayMarcus Holloway2 månader sedan
  • Guardiola is shambles..

    Arijit PanditArijit Pandit2 månader sedan
  • they disrespected him by not including him in the most disrespected barcelona players video lol

    Queasy Huggins ZWQueasy Huggins ZW2 månader sedan
  • Maturity is when you realise Mourinho isn't a villain

    Vedant KhandelwalVedant Khandelwal2 månader sedan
  • Every player pep hates are amazing players

    Sonata Ch.Sonata Ch.2 månader sedan
  • Black Lives Matter 🙏

    Mr ツкнαrυs #gorkhaMr ツкнαrυs #gorkha2 månader sedan
  • The only player to win champions ligue back to back with 2 different clubs consecutively

    Jack PotterJack Potter2 månader sedan
    • I think you mean the only player to win the treble back to back with 2 different clubs

      Rohith RamanRohith Raman18 dagar sedan
    • Nope. Desailly in 93' & 94'. Paulo Souza in 96' & 97'. Pique in 08' & 09'.

      Kevin LemarchandKevin Lemarchand2 månader sedan
  • Leave eto'o alone he's a fantastic African player he should not be disrespected by the media

    Gracia NolgaGracia Nolga2 månader sedan
  • Eto, snejider, ineista, xavi , and Henry all in my opinion deserved a ballon dor

    Tisito SaidiTisito Saidi2 månader sedan
    • ikr all legends

      R PrR Pr2 månader sedan
  • Racism is everywhere.. #SayNoToRacism

    Boss Yasha IIBoss Yasha II2 månader sedan
  • Ever wondered why the most famous coaches usually are the most despiriting. They ruin a players congidence and career

    Haider AliHaider Ali2 månader sedan
  • Pep sold him still Eto conquered

    Capt. CoCoCapt. CoCo2 månader sedan
  • Etoo> zlatan

    Jmg10Jmg102 månader sedan
  • wonderful

    Doko JamesDoko James2 månader sedan
  • Eto is op and of

    ChucklesChuckles2 månader sedan
  • No cap

    ChucklesChuckles2 månader sedan
  • The Ballon’dor is resist in my opinion

    X productionX production2 månader sedan
  • Eto'o is the greatest African player ever ❤️

    ambesh karanjitambesh karanjit2 månader sedan
  • Eto'o is so disrespected even Oh My Goal disrespected him. We must give him all respect cos he is is the most decorated African legend.

    Adewale Nii AkinshemoyinAdewale Nii Akinshemoyin2 månader sedan
  • i thought it was ronaldo or lukaku bit still, adding etoo makes it even worse sadly

    mr goodbytesmr goodbytes2 månader sedan
  • had he played 4 Chelsea instead of barca for all those years, he would be having a statue outside stamford #respect

    etajak kenethetajak keneth2 månader sedan
  • Eto'o would definitely make my Barcelona All-Time 11. He wasn't the best or the most elegant, or the most intelligent. But he has the heart and courage to play 90 minutes and endure through hardships..

    qzentiqqzentiq2 månader sedan
  • Racist:Oh my goal

    Abdur RehmanAbdur Rehman2 månader sedan
  • He can play like 25 at the age of 40 . That say something about his fitness.

    Edreen PasangEdreen Pasang2 månader sedan
  • 3:04 the guy look like Messi

    Manish TamangManish Tamang2 månader sedan
  • That's why pep will always be second Fidel to any manager

    Benedict WeitzBenedict Weitz2 månader sedan
  • Its just racism Messi didn't deserve the 6 ballon dor Mané did he won all there was to win except AFCON but sent his team to the final Messi got digrased 4 - 0 missed out on la liga and won nothing but since hes white he must be the winner

    FUNKTUBE GHFUNKTUBE GH2 månader sedan
  • Africa's Kinggggg

    Ives Mekontchou FoziIves Mekontchou Fozi2 månader sedan
  • Etoo was a legend who remembers Gyan who took Africa the furtherst in a world cup what a playwr and robbed vs Uruguay

    Jayden ZulhayirJayden Zulhayir2 månader sedan
  • My favorite Barca player of all time.

    Omar BarryOmar Barry2 månader sedan
  • He won 4 UCL. He won the champions league with real madrid in 1998 because he played 3 games before his January loan

    alex nicealex nice2 månader sedan
  • 🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲

    freddyx 2004freddyx 20042 månader sedan
  • 2:20

    Raju MitraRaju Mitra2 månader sedan
  • Hands down for the Legend No matter what But if you're a true football fan you'll respect him N It's a utter disgrace that the most beautiful game on the planet has only a downside of racism.

    Prince RajputPrince Rajput2 månader sedan

    Tarun ATarun A2 månader sedan
    • Stop looking for a argument

      NumebayNumebay2 månader sedan
    • No one is trying kid

      NumebayNumebay2 månader sedan
  • He is one of those player whenever i remember him he comes up smiling face 😀in my mind. What a Lovely player and one of the all time greats.

    SAGAR SAHUSAGAR SAHU2 månader sedan
  • He actually looks like Douglas Costa

    Ng. LeonardoNg. Leonardo2 månader sedan
  • Eto was the best African player I'm so sad he Didn't win the bal'ondor

    Emmanuel JoshuaEmmanuel Joshua2 månader sedan
  • the disrespect to lampard

    Clayton Carlos TivaneClayton Carlos Tivane2 månader sedan
  • No disrespect but for me etoo was the winner for the 2006 fifa ballon d'or not Cannavaro

    God FirstGod First2 månader sedan
  • Eto’o is the best African player of all time no 🧢

    Ze African DadZe African Dad2 månader sedan
  • I respect him

    Nasreen BanoNasreen Bano2 månader sedan
  • He deserve to win balondor 2005 he is the best 9 ever

    rene aminrene amin2 månader sedan
  • MOTM:- "0:52 - 0:56"

    Stay FocusStay Focus2 månader sedan
  • True African.😍😍😍

    Siphephelo MasondoSiphephelo Masondo2 månader sedan
  • So successful yet so underrated! 😑...... Everyone deserve respect

    Keni KathKeni Kath2 månader sedan
  • Its crazy he doesn't have a ballon d'or. But we should remember that a piece of metal given based on a group of people's opinion doesn't equate to a great player. A great player is the one who's showed it on the pitch and that is all that matters.

    Shiraz HassanShiraz Hassan2 månader sedan
  • Samuel eto one of the best strikers ever a legend and Idol of african strikers and players great man. Like if you agree

    laptop cliniclaptop clinic2 månader sedan
  • Who say he is disrespected he was greatest player to player our no 9 yes he has pep hate him but we have great respect for him ask barca fan

    legend killerlegend killer2 månader sedan
  • Eto'o was a great player for Barca and for all the clubs he played, inspiration for african Football, whatever happened to him was injustice he deserve respect...

    Rohn SohanRohn Sohan2 månader sedan
  • I respect him allot hes one of my idols appart ronaldinho messi neymar ansu ronaldo phenamenon suarez pedri trinçoa dembele rivaldo and thienry de jong and dybala

    Xiayden DjaoenXiayden Djaoen2 månader sedan
    • @Jojo Dawide i now and iforgot the other one haåland sancho rashford and felix and loutoro martinez

      Xiayden DjaoenXiayden Djaoen2 månader sedan
    • Lmao Ansu and pedri is ur idol already damn this two players are are guarante gonna go down as a legend and future superstars pedri is gonne be the king of midfiel in couple years and ansu is going to be worldclass attacker scoring alotta gaols only thing that could stop them is injury or mentality they already have the talent

      Jojo DawideJojo Dawide2 månader sedan
    • @ONLY MOHAMMED PEACE BE UPON HIM yeah and mbappe

      Xiayden DjaoenXiayden Djaoen2 månader sedan
    • Let’s say the whole Barca team with out dybala

  • I'm the only one to think that Pep is kinda racist or anyone else ?

    Sean CollnelSean Collnel2 månader sedan
    • No, Many people think so. I don't think he is a racist, but just dumb when it comes to dealing with people.

      AntaresAntares2 månader sedan
  • Oh My Goal today be like - Let's make a video on Marcus Rashford the respected player and Samuel Eto'o the most disrespected player in history.

    Task ForceTask Force2 månader sedan
  • An icon on Fifa 21

    The Real ZoltBoyThe Real ZoltBoy2 månader sedan
  • seworld.info/will/eKeumJjSj5Sg2nk/video

  • Always Love Him Whatever Happens

    S KaushikS Kaushik2 månader sedan
  • Why is racism real

    Yousuf IslamYousuf Islam2 månader sedan
  • Can you do Samuel Eto’o vs Pep Guardiola

    Enam IslamEnam Islam2 månader sedan
  • Why eto is a fraud seworld.info/will/monbmdydjZqKyIE/video

    CdxstCdxst2 månader sedan
  • Can u do ¨What if Messi and Ronaldo had a release Clause¨

    Melvin CriolloMelvin Criollo2 månader sedan