12 things you didn't know about Diego Maradona | Oh My Goal

28 nov 2020
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Diego Maradona's death is a huge shock for all the fooball fans, but it goes beyond that. We know a lot of things about Diego Maradona: his skills on the pitch, his personality, his addictions, his judicial troubles... But in this video, you can discover 12 things you probably didn't know about the Argentinian legend Diego Armando Maradona!
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  • All football fans should watch the movie so incredibly inspirational

    Nathan MainaNathan Maina13 dagar sedan
  • Rip maradona

    Daniel. GT GamingDaniel. GT Gaming20 dagar sedan

    Piyush MehtaPiyush Mehta24 dagar sedan
  • Thank you for this video

    Rayant EllulRayant Ellul26 dagar sedan

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  • Rip maradona

    Railly LuciaRailly Lucia29 dagar sedan
  • The Greatest Player Ever: Maradona😎

    Christopher AnglinChristopher AnglinMånad sedan
  • Many players achieved soccer at super star level, only Diego Armando Maradona achieved it to God level. You have all my respects, not only as the best soccer player in the universe, but also as a person with the biggest heart that put food for the starving children and for helping the poor.

    akira akiraakira akiraMånad sedan
  • Diego Maradona was right about the corruption of the Vatican church. He got my total respect for standing up against them. He is a bigger saint than the Pope.

    akira akiraakira akiraMånad sedan
  • Make some about our country Nepal

    Dipesh Bikram KunwarDipesh Bikram KunwarMånad sedan
  • Always fearless and flawless love from Nepal..... Rip

    Dipesh Bikram KunwarDipesh Bikram KunwarMånad sedan
  • don’t cry that’s he’s dead just be happy he was here

    BleddxrBleddxrMånad sedan
  • The greatest to ever play the game

    mrstefanationmrstefanationMånad sedan
  • I think for my own opinion The Power of Mr. Diego Maradona they Give to Mr. Lionel Menise it's my onw knowleadge Because Closeness of That Two Guys Mr. Maradona Give The Vertude To Mr. Menise I Hope you Understand Caravan English It's A Filipino Expression Okay Bey to every One Have aGood Day T.Y.

    antonio copuacoantonio copuacoMånad sedan
  • Honour...⚽

    Marvin NavarroMarvin NavarroMånad sedan
  • not a trainer, but a Father Freekicker

    Ham AlAHam AlAMånad sedan
  • Rip the man the myth the legend Diego Maradona

    Roblox BoiRoblox BoiMånad sedan
  • Diego, you were the greatest of all time inside the soccer field. R.I.P. Argentina and Boca fans love you for ever!!!!!

    Augusto PiombiAugusto PiombiMånad sedan
  • You know he played a game for Tottenham when they faced inter in1986

    Yana SarovaYana SarovaMånad sedan
  • fouled 23 times without VAR is pretty incredible

    Fred McBillyFred McBillyMånad sedan
  • The best of the best

    riantokamisriantokamisMånad sedan
  • Despite all his human flaws and mistakes, think of the joy Diego brought to the world before criticizing him personally. He was football’s greatest!

    Trace WilliamsTrace WilliamsMånad sedan
    • He brought MORE JOY TO TENS OF MILLIONS OF PEOPLE than any leader has done for its people.

      pabo 197886pabo 197886Månad sedan
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  • You did not even mention Napoli, what a shame

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  • Wowww

  • seworld.info/will/nKTM3dynnGmlzWQ/video

    Vigour ToonVigour ToonMånad sedan
  • Rip..legens

    Juerinus JustinJuerinus JustinMånad sedan
  • When maradona and pele retired Ronaldo and Messi became the goats when they retire who will be the goat or goats

    ImbruhedImbruhedMånad sedan
  • ............................R.I.P.................... ........................ LEGEND.......................

    Abdul k RIHAFAbdul k RIHAFMånad sedan
  • I wish I had all his skills. RIP Diego Maradona 😭😭 legend and patriot of Argentina

    NathanNathanMånad sedan
  • R.i.p legend you will be in all of our hearts 😔

    Sto GamingSto GamingMånad sedan
  • watching this videos while Argentinian, man, it is impossible to finish watching them without getting your eyes watered

    zaloargzaloargMånad sedan
  • Rip legend Maradona 🙏

    Simon LyngdohSimon LyngdohMånad sedan
  • me : mom why do people die Mom : when your in the garden which flowers do you pick? me : the most beautiful ones

    Onalerona PuleOnalerona PuleMånad sedan
  • Počivaj v miru Diego🙏😢😢😢 Največji nogometaš vseh časov in velik človek 🌹🙏

    Anamarija PetjeAnamarija PetjeMånad sedan
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  • you looked great as an Atlas Lion Diego. Morocco loves you. RIP

    Videos formehdiVideos formehdiMånad sedan
  • Rip our hero

    Atuye PromiseAtuye PromiseMånad sedan
  • Diego you’ll never be forgotten el piebo deoro

    Talhah Bin TariqTalhah Bin TariqMånad sedan

    kornholigokornholigoMånad sedan
    • *You Know Why my Heart Beats* *I Saw M.a.r.a.d.o.n.a* *I Saw M.a.r.a.d.o.n.a* *Napoli Tifosi*

      Thomas Of Torquemada MCDXXThomas Of Torquemada MCDXXMånad sedan
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  • Thank you for everything DIEGO

    Edgardo BlancoEdgardo BlancoMånad sedan
  • Rest in peace Legend. Diego Maradona is a football god, A Genuis, HERO, Legend ,An Icon and without doubt, the greatest footballer of all times. The Main G.O.A.T. He's the best player in the history of football by far,No player comes close. He's the best among the best. The greatest of all the greats. Diego Armando Maradona is a football Grandmaster. The Boss of the Bosses. There'll forever be another Diego Maradona Bcos he's irreplaceable. Diego Maradona will never die..He's Immortal and eternal. Diego lives, Legends never die !

    Emeka Eric1947Emeka Eric1947Månad sedan
  • Diego Maradona is a God🕊️🕊️⚽⚽

    cokecokeMånad sedan
  • So proud he played in Morocco 🇲🇦

    Mounir GrinjaMounir GrinjaMånad sedan
  • Rip the legend pele will join him

    Mahalaxmi ThapaMahalaxmi ThapaMånad sedan
  • He died and his religion was Christian he will never rest in peace

    • What do you mean you stupid

      51_50 KING51_50 KINGMånad sedan
  • We love you Diego

    maleek rock starmaleek rock starMånad sedan
  • nunca eh odiado a Maradona pero lo respeto mucho.

    MCJoseMCJoseMånad sedan
  • 1.Maradona 2. messi and c ronaldo 3. L ronaldo 4 zidane 5. Pele 6. Fadil vokrri

    ELENA Toys and FunELENA Toys and FunMånad sedan
  • I am so happy maradona died 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂 😂

    mahamed abdulaahimahamed abdulaahiMånad sedan
  • Can we all take a moment and see how rebellious he was 😆 but if he didnt he would have been hurt all the more he had to strike back sometimes with his fists but most from football dominated the pitch and lived his life to the fullest you cant say he never, he had everyone he needed. He got the stuff he went through dark times he got what he had coming (not in a rude way) a man cant go to being famous to not young enough nowadays you age then retire but in his day he never retired he was just there watching instead of playing. He is a fan and the best, The legend of football some may say, you cant say pele or Maradona is better but if u had to its Maradona he won more tournaments but they have the same story, came from poor backgrounds and raised up to be a star no matter how poor or rich theres still a chance and if u are poor just keep in mind the rich kid wont always be the one to bat the ball :) it means that they wont always get what they want. The people that train hard all day every day like Maradona did will win in life but the rich kids can lose their money in minutes if u have no money I guess u cant lose any can ya, It didnt hurt Maradona the fact he got injured. The pain came from his poor place and his talents live on :)

    Agent KyronAgent KyronMånad sedan
    • God will deal with you

      51_50 KING51_50 KINGMånad sedan
  • Whole world mourned for him and wept. A rare honour very few could imagine. Great loss to the sporting world.

    Abdul Latif SattiAbdul Latif SattiMånad sedan
  • Every human is bound to die. Famous people like Michael Jackson, Maradona, George Michael etc have everything but have nothing in terms of Soul satisfaction . Money satisfy's the body but not the Soul. For Soul satisfaction you need to follow Quran and Sunnah completely , plus you go to HEAVEN after death, excellent

    Afthabgull BangashAfthabgull BangashMånad sedan
  • Legends never die,, he will live in our hearts,, Diego is Eternal 😨😰😓😭

    Aaymaan Ryan KhanAaymaan Ryan KhanMånad sedan
  • He is a god

    CRAZY vloggerCRAZY vloggerMånad sedan

    Subhrajya RoySubhrajya RoyMånad sedan
  • Ronaldino was also given a standing ovation at Bernabeau during el classico

    Subhrajya RoySubhrajya RoyMånad sedan
  • Football Genius. GREATEST. GREATNESS

    Gary ManstaGary ManstaMånad sedan
  • I thought I would learn something...

    Ronny QuatreRonny QuatreMånad sedan
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  • Heartbreaking video of #Maradona seworld.info/will/aounqq-sj5R91JM/video

    alamgir azadalamgir azadMånad sedan
  • Rip Maradona a true legend

    Luis RiveraLuis RiveraMånad sedan
  • I can't stop sobbing for this great human more i know more i love him

    Victoria IsazaVictoria IsazaMånad sedan
  • Oh my goal should do a 99 things about maradona video like so they can see

    Carl Freezy 29Carl Freezy 29Månad sedan
  • Maredana

    inas Abdelamirinas AbdelamirMånad sedan
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    inas Abdelamirinas AbdelamirMånad sedan
  • He was 2nd to God in Argentina.

    Luigi PellegriniLuigi PellegriniMånad sedan
  • Rip diego,thank u very much 4 wat u did 4 us.

    Madela :wat agreat memory tune. PeterMadela :wat agreat memory tune. PeterMånad sedan
  • thing nr. 13 - he slapped his girlfriend seworld.info/will/rm-uu6vTappkvnE/video

    Pauli MankerPauli MankerMånad sedan
  • Loved you& undoubtedly, I will love you forever Dear Maradona.. Rest in peace legend

    HeRiSh PaLaNyHeRiSh PaLaNyMånad sedan
  • One of his student facundo paraira is playing in indian club kerala blasters

  • say argentina....its autonatic we know diego maradona....sya maradona..we wil think of argentina...maradona argentina....argentina...maradona

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  • Big time Chávez, Castro and now Escobar oh boy I nothing else to say!

    galant cadencegalant cadenceMånad sedan
  • RiP Kingen på Bollen RiP

    Fred EricFred EricMånad sedan
  • 4:33 if play today against defender nowadays.. he can score more goals because nowadays defender suck and dribbler is very protected just like Messi and C Ronaldo

    adjeast ludinadjeast ludinMånad sedan
  • thank you for this !

    TredLandTredLandMånad sedan
  • Thank you thank you Maradona for beautiful Futbol you had bringing in life. Play beautiful up there in the sky with angels GBU Maradona!

    Carousel WillyCarousel WillyMånad sedan
  • Oh My Goal is So moved, That he even made a voice crack and did not mention it

    TheSrathBaneTheSrathBaneMånad sedan
  • 50 fouls on him in Italia 90... more than 100 fouls in a single player in 2 world cups!! still playing and cruising to finals!!!! only Diego can

    Ritaraj DattaRitaraj DattaMånad sedan
  • God of football

    Ajayi TimilehinAjayi TimilehinMånad sedan
  • Rip legend

    BJ Kemp 2012 2nd channelBJ Kemp 2012 2nd channelMånad sedan
  • This is a Legend that will never be replaced by any one. R. I. P Diego Maradona

    Zoran StevanovicZoran StevanovicMånad sedan
  • 🙏❤️🙏

    Mo TouzaniMo TouzaniMånad sedan
  • No pleaseee!!!!How can Maradona be in heaven if he doesn’t even believe in a god?!!!They even created a church for Maradona and he did not do anything.HE CAN’T BE IN HEAVEN.

    Pro D4bloPro D4bloMånad sedan
  • The legend.. ❤ rest peacefully..

    Sudhanshu RanaSudhanshu RanaMånad sedan
  • 6:55 That was said by Pele not diego

    Vanilla ThunderVanilla ThunderMånad sedan
  • We can't pretend he was a nice guy because he's dead

    james from hitc sportjames from hitc sportMånad sedan
  • El número uno!!!

    Freeman bmxriderFreeman bmxriderMånad sedan
  • RIP Diego.... There will never be anyone like you..

    Swapnasree RoySwapnasree RoyMånad sedan
  • crazy how ppl get more attention only when they are dead

    Preslin DavidPreslin DavidMånad sedan
    • ????? This can be applicable to some people But it will never be applicable to Maradona He got wayyy more attention when he was alive Oh my goal is just posting many vids when he died to get money

      ZamddZamddMånad sedan
  • Maradona - Una notte a Napoli A Tribute to the GOAT 🐐 🔟 seworld.info/will/pKTG27zKgX-ksHU/video

    Ghassan AlghamdiGhassan AlghamdiMånad sedan
  • Can you do "What the hell happened to Sheffield United?"

    Manos KokManos KokMånad sedan
  • Losing Diego Maradona was similar when we lost the King of Pop and Queen of Rock

    Khairil Zakky HKRKhairil Zakky HKRMånad sedan
  • they are 2 eras of the world cup competition, before 86 and after Madonna goals against England, England that was honoured, even the loser benefit from Maradona genius and famousness. Most Respect from Morocco.

    LUTH1978LUTH1978Månad sedan
  • G.O.A.T

    naim manafnaim manafMånad sedan