BEST and WORST signings in Europe’s top clubs | Oh My Goal

11 jan 2021
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Transfers in football are essential to the success or failure of a team, and the transfer market is like Christmas for football fans. We take a look at both the best and worst transfers ever in the history of the biggest teams in the game like Real Madrid, Barcelona, Manchester United and AC Milan.
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  • Give us your BEST and WORST signings in Europe’s top clubs ⬇️

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My Goal3 dagar sedan
    • Bro Liverpool best signing in torres

      Anush ShahiAnush Shahi3 timmar sedan
    • Atleti best falcao and worst is Joao Felix

      TheCreatureMasterTheCreatureMaster10 timmar sedan
    • Best: Luis Suarez to Barcelona Worst: Greizmann to Barcelona

      Adil RazaAdil RazaDag sedan
    • FC Barcelona : Best = Messi and Suarez Worst = Griezmann and Coutinho Arsenal : Best = Theirry Henry and Aumbemeyang Worst = David Luiz and Ozil

      Golden XYGolden XYDag sedan
    • Maguire to Man UTD

      Farrel Fattah RifasaFarrel Fattah RifasaDag sedan
  • As a Manchester United fan Tottenham Hotspur is also a big team and no one give credit to them

    kaung_myat_ zawkaung_myat_ zaw6 timmar sedan
  • Hmm I would think psgs best signing would be Neymar or mbappe

    Kevivor MeruKevivor Meru7 timmar sedan
  • Ozil has to go to fenerbahce

    Zimma_GMRZimma_GMR7 timmar sedan
  • Isnt Mbappe PSGs best signing? I mean even if he isnt, at least give him an honourable mention

    Reece-ArukoeReece-Arukoe7 timmar sedan
  • Chelsea Best: Lampard Worst: Kepa

    Shane CahillShane Cahill7 timmar sedan
  • eden hazard

    King Kai TVKing Kai TV8 timmar sedan
  • Anyone realised that all bad transfers are not bad players but mad management fault

    Jaden ThoeJaden Thoe10 timmar sedan
  • Judging ozil because of one terrible season is stupid as the sayings say pple will judge you for one mistake and forget all the goods you have done this video is shit you didn't even think how stupid is that even my Lil bro can make a better video not an arsenal fan but I know how ozil helped the gunners saying he's the worst signing is really stupid next tym think and analyze playing football is not easy like making a nonsense stupid video next tym engage your brains oh my goalers not stupidity

    ADAN MohaADAN Moha10 timmar sedan
  • real worst list : hazard

    WARRIOUR_ 053WARRIOUR_ 05311 timmar sedan
  • Ozil was not arsenals worst signing, it should be someone like lord bentder and Yaya sanogo

    Prosith GamingProsith Gaming13 timmar sedan
  • Everyone: Franners and Marouane were the worst Arsenal Signings. The 5 year olds at OH MY GOAL: OzIl

    Karzan QasimHusseinKarzan QasimHussein18 timmar sedan
  • What about Celtic and rangers or is just teams with billions of money 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🙄

    Charlie MulliganCharlie Mulligan20 timmar sedan
  • How tf is frickin messi not Barcelonas top signing

    FBI-ExoticzzFBI-ExoticzzDag sedan
  • Asernal's worst signing is mystafi , not ozil ☹️ . I request for a part to or re-upload

    Mr professor TrimMr professor TrimDag sedan
  • So arsenal is one of the worlds best teams

    Elliot WierupElliot WierupDag sedan
  • We're pissed off when you added ozil to the worst signings

    Mr professor TrimMr professor TrimDag sedan
  • 7:18-7:42 Coming from a AC Milan fan I agree with that but ever since I heard Pirlo became juventus' manager I saw him as a traitor but still hard to hate him.

    eisa sulamaneisa sulamanDag sedan
  • Liverpools best signing is Jurgen klopp

    Rehan Arshad ShaikhRehan Arshad ShaikhDag sedan
  • Nobody gonna talk about how ronaldo should be on this list 3 times!!

    BLaze _aravBLaze _aravDag sedan
  • Can you make a video about Valverde? Please???

    Liam DipLiam DipDag sedan
  • SERGIO RAMOS is Real Madrid's best signing

    Dyarko TribbianiDyarko TribbianiDag sedan
  • Why are u disrespect mazut ozil

    Rufaaci BashiirRufaaci BashiirDag sedan
  • Kaka i think is not that bad at Real Madrid.

  • Add Eden hazard to Madrid's worst signing

    Shray PuriShray PuriDag sedan
  • What about couthino?

  • The fact that they chose ozil as the worst singing for Arsenal he carried the team with alexis for many years and their best year’s since the invincibles. And salah is definitely a better signing than van dijk considering van dijk was double the price

    The Imposter From Fall GuysThe Imposter From Fall GuysDag sedan
  • chelseas worst signing should be fabio paim

    Fifa GamerFifa GamerDag sedan
  • Drogba is the best signing Chelsea ever made

    jaiden cleggjaiden cleggDag sedan
  • It is ronaldo

    Eben Ezer AmanuelEben Ezer AmanuelDag sedan
  • Özil as the worst signing??? Idk football no more >:/

    aqill_ XDaqill_ XDDag sedan
  • Drogba Lampard JT Essien Gullit Zola Cech Ballack Ramirez Desailly Osgood Tambling Bonetti Dixon Harris Nevin Clarke Di matteo Venables Wise Hilsdon

    iicwutecwatiicwutecwatDag sedan
  • This bloody politics. Ozil is not a bad signing. There are more players in Arsenal. The problem is not with Ozil , the problem is Arsenal. And other political issues. These type of channels just bend their knee to political people to potray good into worst. Shame on your channel.

    Muhammedh ShadirMuhammedh ShadirDag sedan
  • Drogba

    Dæmonhund GGDæmonhund GGDag sedan
  • Buffon is a legend my favourite goalkeeper

    Haris NasiriHaris NasiriDag sedan
  • Haha jese I literally laugh out loud he does seem to be jersey shore material what a diva 😂😂😂

    Alan GarciaAlan GarciaDag sedan
  • I think kaka is the best signing for milan No disrespect for pirlo But the Brazilian has won Ballon dor and was a playmaker in milan for years

    Nadeem ShabazNadeem ShabazDag sedan
  • Dude make your videos meaningful some players are not even supposed to be on this video why'd you name adebayo among city's worst?

    Omoyede RichyOmoyede RichyDag sedan
  • This guy is dumb where do you put guys like nicolas Pepe

    Omoyede RichyOmoyede RichyDag sedan
  • Di Maria was worst than Sanchez

    Omoyede RichyOmoyede RichyDag sedan
  • Hazard is the best chelsea signing ever

    Farhat HassanFarhat HassanDag sedan
  • Reals worst signing is Eden Hazard, Kaka at least managed 3+ goals every season

    mr goodbytesmr goodbytesDag sedan
  • Who else thinks young pirlo's face looks a lot like zlatan's???

    Sharan VarierSharan VarierDag sedan
  • How dare you bring the Lord down like that

    Adel ShibbirAdel ShibbirDag sedan
  • i think the Buffon one was pretty obvious. honestly for me, it was between Buffon, Ronaldo and for some reason Dybala

    Caveman_Da_ManCaveman_Da_ManDag sedan
  • Didank Lampogba. Combo of both because couldn’t decide

    CWECWEDag sedan
  • bruv ozil helped them to win the fa cup, world cup, and was insane when he joined edit: and im a city fan

    ZacTFZacTFDag sedan
  • r9 was waaaaaay better than cr7!!

    ZacTFZacTFDag sedan
  • There is no way that özil and Gotez are the worst signing every

    Luka GacicLuka Gacic2 dagar sedan
  • Chelsea worst signing: where is Danny Drinkwater?

    Priyanshi PurohitPriyanshi Purohit2 dagar sedan
  • When will you do a face reveal

    Sheldon YorkSheldon York2 dagar sedan
  • OMG is high-key savage tho💀 "Özil looks more like a youtuber than a soccer player!" Even the tone they said disgrace in, you can literally hear the disgust😂

    David AbbeyDavid Abbey2 dagar sedan
  • Best AC Milan signing is Van Basten No Doubt

    Viernes _3CViernes _3C2 dagar sedan
  • Frank>Drogba

    Viernes _3CViernes _3C2 dagar sedan
  • Chelsea: Best:hazard,Drogba,essien,Lampard,shevchenko, Worst:kepa,werner,havertz

    JAY JAYJAY JAY2 dagar sedan
  • Salah is liverpool's best signing

    Ursula WilsonUrsula Wilson2 dagar sedan
  • Eden hazard is Chelsea's best signing

    Ursula WilsonUrsula Wilson2 dagar sedan
  • The worst Real signing was defenitely Royston Drenthe

    G-TrippG-Tripp2 dagar sedan
  • I feel sorry for Özil. His only sin was that he's sympatizing with Erdogan, that's the reason why he got out of Arsenal's squad and that's the reason why he was harrased until he resigned from the national team. I hate Erdogan let's make clear, but treat a player like him (whom both Arsenal and the national team can thank severeal trophies) based on a political belief is just disgusting 😒😒😒

    Dániel PintérDániel Pintér2 dagar sedan
  • Disliked this video because you said ozil is worst arsenal singing

    kartik waghelakartik waghela2 dagar sedan
  • Remove özil from worst list

    YeEt46 EhSaAn10YeEt46 EhSaAn102 dagar sedan
  • Remove özil from worst list

    YeEt46 EhSaAn10YeEt46 EhSaAn102 dagar sedan
  • Remove özil from worst list

    YeEt46 EhSaAn10YeEt46 EhSaAn102 dagar sedan
  • Eden hazard

    Devon SmithDevon Smith2 dagar sedan
  • Of course ozil is a flop signing with only 150 assists and 75 goals for arsenal Jesse lingard can score these in only one season

    Saad AliSaad Ali2 dagar sedan
  • Ozil was not the worst ever signing in arsenal

    Otrolig 007Otrolig 0072 dagar sedan
  • No i than the worst tranfer is falcao

    Yassen Mohamed Refaat1300Yassen Mohamed Refaat13002 dagar sedan
  • I think kean is the best man u transfer

    Bendik SørengBendik Søreng2 dagar sedan
  • 7:44 you start by spelling his name wrong You say he was the best but then turned to be a flop because he didnt play for 2 years cause of injuries . Its not his fault bro and he refused to get payed and that is a respectable thing to do . Your making him seem like he is phil jones or smth

    Erald LekajErald Lekaj2 dagar sedan
  • You are wrong about Mesut Özil. Olivier Giroud and the likes of him were worse signings

    Sadique YakubuSadique Yakubu2 dagar sedan
  • Ozil is worst signing ever Nicklas Bendtner:laughed in the back

  • I thought that was Football greatest teams! Where is FC Porto?

    Bruno DiogoBruno Diogo2 dagar sedan
  • ozil is our assist king❤

    Kaium hossainKaium hossain2 dagar sedan
  • ozil is only getting left out because kroenke doesn't want to sabotage links with china! Kroenke doesnt put any money in, sacked gunnersaurus at the same time as signing partey, destroyed links with the fans, and left out ozil for critisizing chinas treatment of muslims. kroenke out

    Herbie WaresHerbie Wares2 dagar sedan
  • ozil as our worst signing? MUSTAFI! DAVID LUIZ! GABRIEL PAULISTA! JEFFERS! PEPE! YOU KNOW, THE 72 MILLION POUND FLOP! DENILSON! PARK CHU-YOUNG! a reminder that ozil won 3 fa cups, got assists galore, and was pretty much value for money!

    Herbie WaresHerbie Wares2 dagar sedan
  • Panathinaikos: Best was Warzycha worst Carlitos or Lupou

    manolisdentgamesmanolisdentgames2 dagar sedan
  • Chelsea's top signing is ever is Timo Werner

    David Edwards [U2M]David Edwards [U2M]2 dagar sedan
  • R.Lewandowski will be the best player in the world in the next 5 years

    Bhavesh VisputeBhavesh Vispute2 dagar sedan
  • Didier Drogba

    Luka DereticLuka Deretic2 dagar sedan
  • Kaka and ozil no and zlatan isn't the psg best

    Aimanosi AbdulrazaqAimanosi Abdulrazaq2 dagar sedan
  • I thought mo salah was the best signing

    Shawn JitShawn Jit2 dagar sedan
  • The worst signing in Arsenal history needs to be Mustafi. He was a joke

    Enes HoxhaEnes Hoxha2 dagar sedan
  • Madrid maybe bale

    Exam updates exam updatesExam updates exam updates2 dagar sedan
  • I thought Salah was the best signing for Liverpool when he came along Liverpool immediately became a top tier club but I understand why you could say it’s Virgil

    Mohamed Hazem ツMohamed Hazem ツ2 dagar sedan
  • Wood gates worse than Kaka fml

    TheKopEndTheKopEnd2 dagar sedan
  • i agree that buffan is the best sighnig for juvents

    gaming detectivegaming detective2 dagar sedan
  • Agree

    Stefana BrownStefana Brown2 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool best signing is salah

    U7M4N AHMAD KHANU7M4N AHMAD KHAN2 dagar sedan
  • I choose Salah over van dijk

  • Cancel oh my goal for putting ozil as the worst signing

    Thahamy SaeedThahamy Saeed2 dagar sedan
  • But no. 75 mil is still a lot of money. Go for mane as his price was lesser and he was less injured

    vibhav binanivibhav binani2 dagar sedan
  • 4:34 it should be torres!!!

    Preeti ChoudharyPreeti Choudhary2 dagar sedan
    • Torres was surely not good as expected but played a part in Chelsea winning titles which Shevchenko didn't

      Phil BrooksPhil Brooks2 dagar sedan
  • Where 🤷🏾‍♂️ PSG Best Signing Edinson Cavani😎

    Vinoth SangaVinoth Sanga2 dagar sedan
  • There are 2 worst signing players from Ukraine lol I gonna change that shi

    View Boxed youView Boxed you2 dagar sedan
  • It is not true. In my opinion Chealsea best: John Terry Barcelona best : Johan Cruyff and Diego Maradona Ac Milan best: Ruud Gullit , Van Basten, Rijjkard

    ANUBHABANUBHAB2 dagar sedan
  • I see Mo Salah is a greater signing for Liverpool than Van Dijk the man helped them so much and has been consistant since he joined them.

    Ahmed EmadAhmed Emad2 dagar sedan
  • of course I am the best signings in all of my clubs I am the best

    zlatan ibrahimoviczlatan ibrahimovic2 dagar sedan
  • I think John Terry is another best signing for chelsea

    ANUBHABANUBHAB2 dagar sedan
  • Harry maguire is worse than sanchez tho

    Isyaboyisrael 11Isyaboyisrael 112 dagar sedan
  • Guys stop making so many Ozil comments my fingers will break from liking them

    4tzBro4tzBro2 dagar sedan