Mbappé reveals how Cristiano Ronaldo inspired him in a moving letter | Oh My Goal

19 dec 2020
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Cristiano Ronaldo is Kylian Mbappé’s idol, that’s no secret. But did you know just how much Cristiano Ronaldo changed Kylian Mbappé’s life? In this video, we’ve come up with a letter Kylian Mbappé would write to Cristiano Ronaldo if he wanted to pay tribute to him. This letter contains real facts, and other things that didn’t take place, but one thing is certain: it’s completely inspired by Mbappe’s real admiration for Cristiano Ronaldo!
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  • So mbappe didnt write it?

    abdalla libanabdalla libanDag sedan
  • Omg 🥺🥺

    Ilias ParaskevaidisIlias Paraskevaidis7 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe looks so ugly...he looks like Ronaldo's dog

    naman kathurianaman kathuria11 dagar sedan
  • I love this love you oh my goal

    Champak da GamingChampak da Gaming12 dagar sedan
  • I hope Cristiano watches this.....

    Ishaan ParkarIshaan Parkar13 dagar sedan
  • I'm a kylian mbappe fanboy my self lol

    XELEQXELEQ13 dagar sedan
  • ✈️✈️✈️

    Adenipe KoredeAdenipe Korede13 dagar sedan
  • The 8 minutes felt like hours because of how heartwarming this story is

    FOTBOLL AYEFOTBOLL AYE14 dagar sedan
  • The Greatest player in Champions league The Greatest player of Portugal The Greatest player in the Premier League The Greatest player in La Liga The Greatest player to be soon in the Serie A The Greatest player of Europe The Greatest athlete & most professional football player the world has ever seen The Greatest player of all time. CR7 The King Goat

    MatuidicharoMatuidicharo14 dagar sedan
  • The greatest goalscorer, the greatest winger, the greatest aerial player, the greatest leader, the greatest athlete, the greatest mentality, the most complete player, the most entertaining player, the most generous & unselfish player outside the picth, the best football player in the history, CR7 The king Goat 🔥

    MatuidicharoMatuidicharo14 dagar sedan
  • AMAZING video 😢😭

    Shamsa SajidShamsa Sajid15 dagar sedan
  • Ok here is my story How CR7 inspired me. My name is Pedro I am 51 years old. I was overweight 230 pound drinking and eating junk food every day. Watching CR7 commitment and discipline I said to myself why not turn your physic to look like CR7. I did and for the last five years no a single drop of alcohol and I ate healthy foods. At 51 I have a six pack. I did it. You can see my picture at my Facebook cover photo my name is Pedro Padilla Sr... thank you CR7 for inspiring so many people. Namaste...look at my SEworld channel picture that’s me as of today. The middle picture I was 190 pounds.

    Pedro .PPedro .P15 dagar sedan
  • 442oons just got more content lol

    rahul waghmarerahul waghmare16 dagar sedan
  • I love how he thinks that messi is still better than CR7

    Aarya NairAarya Nair17 dagar sedan
  • Is this a real letter bro??

    Abdi BasitAbdi Basit19 dagar sedan
  • ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕥 𝕥𝕠𝕦𝕔𝕙𝕚𝕟𝕘

    M. Shiklong TaetaeM. Shiklong Taetae19 dagar sedan
  • Thanks oh my gool because this motivete me before every game

    Ravinder KaushikRavinder Kaushik19 dagar sedan
  • and then people say soccer is just a sport

    mr.jeffy 2mr.jeffy 220 dagar sedan
  • Thanos: " Kylian Mbappe going to Real is inevitable" *snaps

    Marcus HollowayMarcus Holloway22 dagar sedan
  • Mbaape always follows his idol cr7

    Piyush VishwakarmaPiyush Vishwakarma22 dagar sedan
  • This got me really emotional

    Casper vdHovenCasper vdHoven24 dagar sedan
    • How

      Michelle HowardMichelle Howard15 dagar sedan
  • That's how u pat respect ronaldo haters

    Samarth79Samarth7924 dagar sedan
  • Damn this was so good and almost sounded true

    Keshal PathakKeshal Pathak24 dagar sedan
  • I feel the same way Mbappe feels, CR7 is also my idol, my inspiration, I admire him, and I debate for him bc he is the GOAT

    Musleh DagenahMusleh Dagenah24 dagar sedan

    KliotanKliotan24 dagar sedan
  • Everyone: who else is crying Me: I would but I’m holding it in cause I’m at a party

    Enzo TanEnzo Tan24 dagar sedan
  • I was once in the same hotel as Real Madrid when ronaldo played there... well we found out as soon as we had left so that was sad.

    OkumuOkumu24 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe should go to United to take the #7 in tribute for Ronaldo 🤧 never gonna happen thou fml 😂

    VvSClout YTVvSClout YT24 dagar sedan
  • Don't let 442oons see this 😂

    Andrew NgwenyaAndrew Ngwenya25 dagar sedan

    Stole JankovskiStole Jankovski25 dagar sedan
  • This is just one guy,I know for sure there are billions of people who are inspired by this legend. Love both of these legends💓. Even though I prefer Messi,I have mad respect for Ronaldo. My advice would be take the good things from everyone. Love everyone 💕. Lots of love to oh my goal for showing me this video 🤩. Mad love from India ❤️

    Abayan LeoAbayan Leo25 dagar sedan
  • Does Mbappe know about this letter? oh my goal 🤣

    Pao ChongloiPao Chongloi25 dagar sedan
  • This is so emotional😭😭 Cristiano really is the best and will always be the best!!!

    hayden thomashayden thomas25 dagar sedan
  • mbappe the next galactico

  • "calma"it's c. Ronaldo .

    Iba15Iba1525 dagar sedan
  • What a letter..

    Multiple TotsMultiple Tots25 dagar sedan
  • He Replaced Zlatan! He had a photo with Cristiano!! He was called by Chelsea!!! He was called by Zidane!!!! He scores from Neymar's asist!!!!! He has many nicknames!!!!!! He helped France to win a world cup!!!!!!! He is Kylian.

    Loyd EricsonLoyd Ericson25 dagar sedan
    • Cartoon ninja turtle

      Anees Fatima YasirAnees Fatima Yasir19 dagar sedan
    • And he is a cartoon turtle

      Anees Fatima YasirAnees Fatima Yasir19 dagar sedan
  • Meanwhile at the corner Pessi fans crying and barking why not idot at Messi? Lmao 😂

    william jungswilliam jungs25 dagar sedan
  • Fictional letter lmao,,,

    Razz GurungRazz Gurung25 dagar sedan
  • Title: mbappe reveals how Ronaldo motivated him End: this was a fictional letter

    Mehak DagaMehak Daga25 dagar sedan
    • But by real events. Not made up.

      ・ Levy・ Levy24 dagar sedan
  • how do they do sports

    Genel İstatistiklerGenel İstatistikler26 dagar sedan
  • It is mbappe bday today

    Wazza THFCWazza THFC26 dagar sedan
  • Me: enjoying mbappe's letter At last: fictional letter Me: WTF

    God of GamingGod of Gaming26 dagar sedan
    • Just enjoy. It is by real events so. All of that happened but he didnt write a letter.

      ・ Levy・ Levy24 dagar sedan
  • One of the best video !!!!

    AyushAyush26 dagar sedan
  • Covid is the best .

    Corona Virus Organization .Corona Virus Organization .26 dagar sedan
  • what the hell happened to oh my goal

    Abdiwahab OthmanAbdiwahab Othman26 dagar sedan
  • After watching this it made me so emotional 😭

    Vedant’s CreationVedant’s Creation26 dagar sedan
  • Today is mbappes birthday(20 December)

    Shahrul Hisham MansorShahrul Hisham Mansor26 dagar sedan
  • No one comes to the level of cristiano

    tanjil ferdoustanjil ferdous26 dagar sedan
  • how about ronaldo and mbappe get a room

    Jaden AmbakiJaden Ambaki26 dagar sedan
  • I will be the next football legend remember me

    Rene SebastienRene Sebastien26 dagar sedan
  • Thanks kylian we love u because u hated barca😀😀

    Among UsAmong Us26 dagar sedan
  • who else thinks cr7 is watchhing this

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  • 442Toons Enters the Chat....

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  • Woow great job ❤️❤️

    Abhishek SinghAbhishek Singh26 dagar sedan
  • I like soccer stories 😎😋😃

    sara hassansara hassan26 dagar sedan
  • 99 things about Barcelona

    sara hassansara hassan26 dagar sedan
  • Kylian mbappe you inspired me to play football and my dream is to meet you at 2018 world cup final when you and France won I had goosebumps KYLIAN MBAPPE 😀

    K7K726 dagar sedan
  • Love it!!🤩🔥

    Tedd MKTedd MK26 dagar sedan
  • CR7 is the best

    Sham TesfaySham Tesfay26 dagar sedan
  • happy birthday kylian Mbappè

    Anotida SandenguAnotida Sandengu26 dagar sedan
  • Why does he exaggerate everything he would be like : He was a legend no no more than a legend it was undiscribable 🤔🤣🤣

    FFFatexipackFFFatexipack26 dagar sedan
  • this is fictional its not real

    ROEY PERVOROEY PERVO26 dagar sedan
  • This was really heartwarming but it is fictional I think. In the fourteenth second it is written on the top right corner. Did you see Pele's tweet for Messi. It was really nice.

    Shashank SamarShashank Samar26 dagar sedan
  • Legends don't create followers, they create more legends

    Srinjoy DebnathSrinjoy Debnath26 dagar sedan
  • Vocês precisam ver o vídeo desse link .😮😮😮😮😮

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  • The best video on cr7 the legend

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  • മല്ലു സിംഗ്

    Mahesh NairMahesh Nair26 dagar sedan
  • Young CR7 was unbelievable. CR7 : " I admire Mbappe, he is really an amazing player".

    Md FahimMd Fahim26 dagar sedan
  • Best video omg

    Victor VictorVictor Victor26 dagar sedan
  • Omg this video was amazing🥰❤🧡💛

    Oihik DeyOihik Dey26 dagar sedan
  • Cr7 Goat ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏❤❤❤❤❤❤

    Migom PatirMigom Patir26 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe you couldn't be touch the level of Cristiano Ronaldo he plays 1man team and win single handedly and mbappe you play with lots of stars

    J2K MASTERJ2K MASTER26 dagar sedan
  • Cristiano is clearly better than mbappe

    shisir thapashisir thapa26 dagar sedan
  • I think now i can make CR7 as my Idol

    Emmanuel-Ben VlogsEmmanuel-Ben Vlogs26 dagar sedan
  • stupid fanboy

    Wisdom TedamWisdom Tedam26 dagar sedan
  • C. Ronaldo is an idol as well as favourite player for young players. And L. Messi is a choice and favourite of big, experience as well as legend player. But both of them are best

    Debonil DasDebonil Das26 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe to real madrid for sure. Siiiii

    surujsuruj26 dagar sedan
  • PSG fans say thank to the GOAT

    Player MinecraftPlayer Minecraft26 dagar sedan
  • Who else almost cried during this vid 🥺🥺🥺

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  • Mbappe has more talent than Neymar, hazard,Holland or halland?

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  • Emotional video oh my goal😢😢😭😭

    Ab cdAb cd26 dagar sedan
  • Dude Amma cry😢 These r the type of vidoes that make u smile on a football pitch So inspirational and I subbed to all your channels because of this one video............CR7 My idol

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  • cristianothe gay

    Sane kaleSane kale26 dagar sedan
    • Stfu neymar fan

      Ab cdAb cd26 dagar sedan
  • Who thinks Kylian is a fanboy of Cristiano?

    Nathan OkikioluNathan Okikiolu26 dagar sedan

    ParthnParthn26 dagar sedan
  • Cr7 greatest❤️❤️❤️

    Abhinav RAbhinav R26 dagar sedan
  • King Cristiano❤️ and future king Mbappé❤️

    Sk SkSk Sk26 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe says messi is the best football player also

    Miski GuledMiski Guled26 dagar sedan
  • one day mbappe and ronaldo will play with each other

    Bloxy DarrellBloxy Darrell26 dagar sedan
  • This voice over.... Wtf ... Cringe

    aztro187aztro18726 dagar sedan
  • Did he really said all that to Ronaldo??

    Uno DinoUno Dino26 dagar sedan
  • Mbappe chill they are still long we to become like him

    Isaac HaIsaac Ha26 dagar sedan
  • Messi Choosed Fati as his next Successor and Ronaldo Seems to have chosen Mbappe

    Il Babbeo ItalescoIl Babbeo Italesco26 dagar sedan
  • Make a video what the hell happened to arsenal again

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  • Messi is better than Ronaldo lis like saying a goat vs a flop

    Beamlak MollaBeamlak Molla26 dagar sedan
    • Shut up Ronaldo is way more better

      XxMooyCowXxXxMooyCowXx26 dagar sedan
  • How can you get inspired my a flop

    Beamlak MollaBeamlak Molla26 dagar sedan
  • I literally cried it's so beautiful

    Donel KalondaDonel Kalonda26 dagar sedan
    • ?

      Michelle HowardMichelle Howard15 dagar sedan
  • That was BOOTIFILLLLlLlLlLllLlLlLlLLlLlLlLlLllL

    amoug usamoug us26 dagar sedan
  • So basically this video was all Bs because the letter wasn’t real

    Gregory LynnGregory Lynn26 dagar sedan