The 8 El Clásico "traitors" | Oh My Goal

7 nov 2020
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Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are two rivals who can’t get on. It’s a historic rivalry! This rivalry can often be felt during Clasicos. But sometimes, there are what we’ll call Clasico “traitors”. Players who were fans of Real Madrid and FC Barcelona, before eventually playing for the rival team!
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  • yeah right COUTINHO IS NOT THERE

    Rian AugustineRian Augustine9 dagar sedan
  • Figo, Ronaldo -& Luis Enrique El classico traitors of my time.

    Alpha ChingónAlpha Chingón16 dagar sedan
  • 😂😂😂I already knew about this

    Dondor ShullaiDondor Shullai17 dagar sedan
  • Well - you can't call Iniesta or Zidane "Traitor". The deeds of most players here is hardly treacherous. NO HATE, but not really "traitors".

    Chander MohanChander Mohan18 dagar sedan
  • These are only 7 not 8

    Mostafa AbouhargaMostafa Abouharga18 dagar sedan
  • If modric really loved Barcelona,then he would have not scored that goal vs neto,dest and pique

    Subhan SheraliSubhan Sherali19 dagar sedan
  • Show us proof, Everyone comment for proof

    Subhan SheraliSubhan Sherali19 dagar sedan
  • I think ozil can go Barcelona after Messi leave FBC

    VibhavVibhav20 dagar sedan
  • No doubt that loyalty is very important but also considering the fact that bad form and injuries can occur anytime its bit harsh to be toxic to the players for choosing the clubs who offers more salary. PS: Just my opinion and I won't be hurt enough to call them traitors

    Im on YouTubeIm on YouTube20 dagar sedan
  • why is the title the 8 when there is 7 ?

    Fran Krsto MajeticFran Krsto Majetic20 dagar sedan
  • Iniesta be like, if you can’t beat em, join em

    Ali HaiderAli Haider20 dagar sedan
  • It's ok to be fan of both but if u hate them it's fine as long as it isn't toxic...honestly I don't care for both

    Ahmed MahmoudAhmed Mahmoud20 dagar sedan
  • How come I'm not in the vid. The list is bullshit😠

    Josep Maria BartomeuJosep Maria Bartomeu21 dag sedan
  • Pepa

    Thabang RamatsekisaThabang Ramatsekisa21 dag sedan
  • Messi Dog😂😂😂

    True Ram Bhakt 100%True Ram Bhakt 100%22 dagar sedan
  • “Uzeel”

    emmanuelemmanuel22 dagar sedan
  • What Andres Iniesta did in Barca cancels out his past and he cannot be classified as a traitor

    Akshit SojiAkshit Soji22 dagar sedan
  • Laudrup??? Bruh gotta put up a better video with that title

    Oliver WengOliver Weng22 dagar sedan
  • "He even call his dog messi"😂

    makubo danielmakubo daniel24 dagar sedan
    • Lol

      Anonymous MinionAnonymous Minion21 dag sedan
  • I see you left Sterling out of the list, Sterling once was fan of MU, but played for Liverpool & MC but not United

    Tim KuTim Ku26 dagar sedan
  • Lmao " his dog is called Messi" that's more like a disgrace than honour

    Rahul VattaparambilRahul Vattaparambil26 dagar sedan
    • Lol

      Anonymous MinionAnonymous Minion21 dag sedan
  • this is not traitor its between dream vs profession

    ManythingManything26 dagar sedan
  • Hit the like button.

    Mahamed YuusufMahamed Yuusuf28 dagar sedan
  • If phil couthino loved real then why did he say "i want to sign for barca" huh

    king of laughterking of laughter29 dagar sedan
    • @king of laughter we talking about cothibk

      Anonymous MinionAnonymous Minion21 dag sedan
    • @Anonymous Minion i dont believe u and if ney loved real why did he turn them down for santo Santos

      king of laughterking of laughter21 dag sedan
    • 💲

      Anonymous MinionAnonymous Minion21 dag sedan
  • r9 has played for both

    mohamed alimohamed aliMånad sedan
  • At first, you showing the "calma" to keep us from comments was so funny

    zaddy galzaddy galMånad sedan
  • 😂🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    zaddy galzaddy galMånad sedan
  • I loved jose Mourinho's face at the end

    Harjeet KaurHarjeet KaurMånad sedan
  • Coutinho's Career was destroyed by Barca. And Many other players and Now Barca is destroying itself. Karma never dies..... And there is nothing like a traitor in football If U don't join ur rival clubs. Moreover, Real Madrid can never be compared with Barca they are a far superior club with a huge number of UCL titties

    Raja SarkarRaja SarkarMånad sedan
  • There was only seven

    Jodie Fergusson-BatteJodie Fergusson-BatteMånad sedan
  • Ronaldo Nazario El Fenomeno

    Henry DjangmahHenry DjangmahMånad sedan

    Krish SolankiKrish SolankiMånad sedan
  • When you play soccer with your friends and your teammate scores a own goal 😤

    dacimucidacimuciMånad sedan
  • Iniesta's Story is hilarious 😂😂. So Pjanic doesn't know his idol😂😂.

    हराme Hoonहराme HoonMånad sedan
  • All Brazilians like Real Madrid 😁

    Inazuma11playInazuma11playMånad sedan
  • Well it's truly a good vedio after so many days from U guys 👍

    Corrina BaeskensCorrina BaeskensMånad sedan
  • Is anyone here Balkan or am i the only one 😂😂

    PA1NPA1NMånad sedan
  • If you are looking for a professional hacker to provide hacking solutions

    Ludwig KonradLudwig KonradMånad sedan
  • Imagine Ozil. Playing with Xavi.ineista.fabregas.

    Hassam AliHassam AliMånad sedan
  • Also kubo and fati

    Quickheadshot -_Quickheadshot -_Månad sedan
  • I like the video's but please let someone else do the voice over... Andreas Iniesta really? Does this guy actually watch football? Surely not😂

    Bas van DijkBas van DijkMånad sedan
  • That Isco named his dog "Messi" could be an insult towards Messi thoug 😂

    Mista KnistaMista Knista2 månader sedan
  • forgetting OG Ronaldo???

    Amirul AziziAmirul Azizi2 månader sedan
  • Browns in for the money

    Keelan BrownKeelan Brown2 månader sedan
  • How in the hell does that make them traitors if they were fans

    Sinovuyo PikokoSinovuyo Pikoko2 månader sedan
  • It's so funny

    Issak BeinujrIssak Beinujr2 månader sedan
  • All the Barcelona players loved real madrid when they were young and all the real Madrid players loved Barcelona when they were young lol

    I AM SOMEONEI AM SOMEONE2 månader sedan
  • Real Madrid was/is the best place to peak your career...that’s why everyone wanted to play there

    SIDAFSIDAF2 månader sedan
  • What abt Ansu Fati and Take Kubo?

    Keith DiasKeith Dias2 månader sedan
  • Idiot

    Jamiu AliJamiu Ali2 månader sedan
  • Barca player: I slightly preferred real over barca in my childhood Oh my goal: Traitor! I will personally escort you to the fiery depths of hell unless you repent for such sin you disgusting human being.

    ALiteral_Watermelon zALiteral_Watermelon z2 månader sedan
  • Is it just me or modric looks like johan cruyff

    Pallavi AjitPallavi Ajit2 månader sedan
  • Just because you support the rivals as a kid doesn’t mean they are traitors

    Football MemesFootball Memes2 månader sedan
  • I think Özil is TRAITOR If Barcelona coach don't love him then why should he go

  • Liking another club doesn't mean traiting

    East SideEast Side2 månader sedan
  • Iniesta never said he supported Real Madrid. He said he hated Barca for some time because Barca thrashed his home team.

    Sarvesh KSarvesh K2 månader sedan
  • Also Isco is a barca fan but plays for real madrid

    Brandon TrujilloBrandon Trujillo2 månader sedan
  • Not zizou

    Indira Aruwa-OcholiIndira Aruwa-Ocholi2 månader sedan
  • Ozil to Barca wouldn't have worked then. Since Messi was dominating with Barca

    Ajit ThapaAjit Thapa2 månader sedan
  • Even OMG knows we're here for comments not the video 😅

    Ajit ThapaAjit Thapa2 månader sedan
  • where is the 8th number?

    Tejal BasakTejal Basak2 månader sedan
  • So oh my goal is doing click bait now too😆

    zhabiz 515zhabiz 5152 månader sedan
  • After watching this I got a theory If your a fan of barca and dream of playing there then u'll go to real Madrid, same goes for the opposite. Could this be a curse?

    Mo. AhilMo. Ahil2 månader sedan
  • So technically this is click bait cause your over exaggerating the title

    Shaanyyyboyyy YTShaanyyyboyyy YT2 månader sedan
  • People change 💴 💰 💵 🤑

    Jad GhanemJad Ghanem2 månader sedan
  • Isco's dog's name is Messi😆😅😂🤣

    Julkarnaeen ArafJulkarnaeen Araf2 månader sedan
  • i think its not 100 percent true

    JefersonJeferson2 månader sedan
  • Iniesta shock total shock

    Nolando99Nolando992 månader sedan
  • What about Brazilian Ronaldo, figo, Luis Enrique??

    Aks 29Aks 292 månader sedan
  • Next video : why do left footed players have poor weak foot usage

    Pes boy zaddyPes boy zaddy2 månader sedan
  • Wow, I would have loved to see Isco play for Barça. He has what we Barcelona fans would call Barça DNA. Wonderful technical abilities, passing, dribbling, even shooting, one of the best attacking midfielders. He is very underrated in Madrid. Isco + Messi = 😍⚽

    Ankit BhattacharyaAnkit Bhattacharya2 månader sedan
  • Kawajats man

    Minty873 NcubeMinty873 Ncube2 månader sedan
  • You forgot Luis Enrique

    Shivang BhardwajShivang Bhardwaj2 månader sedan
  • According to this video kubo and fati should have been included

    SidSid2 månader sedan
  • Hey ansu fati told that he was an Real Madrid fan

    Pl10 YesPl10 Yes2 månader sedan
  • Everyone Is A Gangstar Untill The Real Gangstar Arrives #BartomeuTheGOAT

    Issum HossainIssum Hossain2 månader sedan
  • bye

    Anwar MohamedQadarAnwar MohamedQadar2 månader sedan
  • bye

    Anwar MohamedQadarAnwar MohamedQadar2 månader sedan
  • Ozeeel.

    Abhiman TiggaAbhiman Tigga2 månader sedan
  • still mr. Parking bus is the biggest traitor, and they miss to mention

    Kurogane HimeKurogane Hime2 månader sedan
  • Neymar rejected real but said he wants to play for them fam mans a traitor to all

    Abdulhakim BabatundeAbdulhakim Babatunde2 månader sedan
  • Fati

    Razor10Razor102 månader sedan
  • Video idea day 2: Who is Josef Bican the player who scored the most goals, the forgotten striker. I just found out about him recently and would love it if you would make a video on him.!!😀

    Jaden PathJaden Path2 månader sedan
  • you should do the manchester derby traitors...

    Muhle MagongoMuhle Magongo2 månader sedan
  • why zidane triatior

    Paul MuscatPaul Muscat2 månader sedan
  • Bob

    GalaxyHunter_YT7GalaxyHunter_YT72 månader sedan
  • Switch them teams.

    Kaung Myat HanKaung Myat Han2 månader sedan
  • Why the heck isn't bartomeu on this list

    Mr. WhiteMr. White2 månader sedan
  • Özil at Real was so good. It's a shame he left.

    United is BestUnited is Best2 månader sedan
  • Imagine ozil in barca with iniesta, xavi and messi...

    Isuru RajapakshaIsuru Rajapaksha2 månader sedan
  • Modric loves Barça because he is Johan Cruyff 🤫🤫🤫😂

    Rowdy TVRowdy TV2 månader sedan
  • It's good that Ozil didn't sign for barca later he part one of the greatest counter attacking teams in Europe

    anup tirkeyanup tirkey2 månader sedan
  • Oiii where is #8????

    Dominic LhouvumDominic Lhouvum2 månader sedan
  • last time i was this early was the area 51 raid was going on

    Ahmed MansoorAhmed Mansoor2 månader sedan
  • Luis Figo and Ronaldo, brazilian, played for both the teams!! How stunning is that!! People say that Messi plays for money and so he does not perform well with Argentina. But did you know that Cristiano Ronaldo rejected Barca because Real offered him 19m dollars whereas Barca offered "only" 17m dollars. I got to know this from Oh My Goal itself Now say, who plays for money? Neymar all this while: I love Real but I played for Barca

    Abhirup DasAbhirup Das2 månader sedan
  • Man Guardiola let go a legend midfielder like ozil, nvm but barca can sign ozil now if they want, more or less perfect replacement of inesta

    Cassavi KwantexCassavi Kwantex2 månader sedan
  • Didn't expect iniesta🤣

    jabra •jabra •2 månader sedan
  • So how was zidane a traitor?

    KoBrKoBr2 månader sedan
  • What about setien 🤣🤣

    Daniel choiDaniel choi2 månader sedan
  • Hiii

    AJ GAMER FMAJ GAMER FM2 månader sedan