Diego Maradona's final interview sums him up perfectly | Oh My Goal

26 nov 2020
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Diego Maradona, the greatest footballer in history gave one last moving interview. In this interview, Diego Maradona talked about his dreams, his worries and his love for the fans in a heartfelt declaration. Discover Diego Maradona’s touching interview in this video.
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  • A Son of Argentina, but also a Gift for all Mankind! RIP KING DIEGO GOAT FOREVER!

    muhammed rahmanmuhammed rahman3 dagar sedan
  • NEVER END!!!!

    clayton jacksonclayton jackson4 dagar sedan
  • Love you Maradona..!! You are my inspiration..!! I will never gonna forget you. You are always on my mind...!!

    Jitender JituJitender Jitu13 dagar sedan
  • Despite his addiction, his many personal mistakes, some of his ridiculous comments, even his naive political affiliations with world leaders who used him for populist political gain, he is forgiven. Not because he was and will likely remain the best football player in the world, not because of his enormous talent, his gigantic competitive spirit, his sheer genius on the pitch, his grace under pressure, or his camaraderie with teammates, coaches, and fans... but because deep down he was a simple gentle soul who wanted everyone "to eat every day and be well", never mind the considerable hate heaped against him by his numerous detractors. "Forgive us our sins as we forgive those who sin against us"... God has forgiven him; why shouldn't we too?

    Rick WykRick Wyk19 dagar sedan
  • Excellent video.

    OscarspoemOscarspoem23 dagar sedan
  • LMAO HE WAS A JUNKIE ON COKE. COCAINE IS A PED HE WAS HYPED ON DRUGS LIKE COCAINE WHICH IS LIKE SPEED. HE NEEDS TO BE STRIPPED OF ANY TITLES . HE WAS A CHEATER. .THERE IS ONLY ON SOCCER GOD PELE. Pele is the clear winner in all criteria. His three-time World Cup-winning feat, from four World Cup appearances, is unlikely to be matched. Pele scored a Guinness World Record 1279 goals in 1363 games and also collected the following personal records along the way: Youngest winner of a World Cup.

    Long Duck DongLong Duck Dong23 dagar sedan
  • A 60 year old man that misses his parents.Thats how it should be.You brought magic to this world Diego Maradona

    Mr PorscheMr Porsche24 dagar sedan
  • Diego Maradona was and always will be the best person ever to play football. Rest in peace Deigo

    The RandoThe Rando26 dagar sedan
  • It makes you sad! Yet we remember his greatness, his passion when he played! RIP Champion!

    O. ChiodoO. Chiodo26 dagar sedan
  • He was Muhammed Ali of Football ...

    ياسر العمريياسر العمري29 dagar sedan
  • Rip Diego

    max thompsonmax thompsonMånad sedan
  • I want to go to heaven....just to meet him.

    denali warnakuladenali warnakulaMånad sedan
  • you will always remain in my heart❤️R.I.P. Diego Armando Maradona🕊

    TessTessMånad sedan
  • Argetinian Football Association should retire No 10 shirt forever!

    avsroyavsroyMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/fn_Ux6rbia2nynE/video 💔

    margaret Kmargaret KMånad sedan
  • This video brought tears to my eyes. Argentina went through so much hardship in those years and he helped restore some joy and pride to his country and beyond.

    Denis CeballosDenis CeballosMånad sedan
  • Bobo Derry YT....! You must be gay and catholic. Quote You.....! “You will always be my best player of all time “. - No Bobo Dodo 🦤 Londonderry, for a start get a brain 🧠 YOU ARE EXTINCT. R.I.P.

    Stuart JohnsonStuart JohnsonMånad sedan
  • where is the interview?

    PNM SilvaPNM SilvaMånad sedan
  • 60 and he can hardly walk, very sad.

    Gary AngoveGary AngoveMånad sedan
  • There is definitely going to be another Pele or Messi but there will NEVER be another Diego Maradona. R.I.P. D10S and thank you for all the memories. You are, and will always be, the greatest player of all time!

    L10 LL10 LMånad sedan
  • D10S

    Mark MalicMark MalicMånad sedan
  • He was so like Argentina, soo beautiful and yet soo flawed...maybe that's why we loved him more, he mirrored the ordinary guy off the field...he struggled with relationships and addictions, fame, fortune and the loss of it...

    sherp2u1sherp2u1Månad sedan
  • You are loved ❤️

    ZeNa M. BsNoZeNa M. BsNoMånad sedan
  • Great Respect for this man...felt for the hungry kids

    Shaun ChettyShaun ChettyMånad sedan
  • The guy cheated to score a goal with his hand in a World Cup match, kicked a rival player who was on the grown in the head and knocked him out in a brawl in La Liga, slept with hookers and did drugs. I have way more respect for Pele as a role model.

    Nando RoseNando RoseMånad sedan
  • His image will become an icon like those of Che Guevara and Jim Morrison.

    alfredo ibarraalfredo ibarraMånad sedan
  • 😢we lost a wonderful heart. You will always be in our heart.

    veneeth raghavanveneeth raghavanMånad sedan
  • Diego will never be forgotten. Because he live in our heart. ⚽️⚽️⚽️⚽️❤❤❤🇦🇷

    El 10 DIEGOEl 10 DIEGOMånad sedan
  • He was a great man. R.I.P.

    jimb39095jimb39095Månad sedan
  • No Diego , football the game and all the football lovers and all the people whom you gave happiness and hope are thankful to you.. You became bigger than the sport itself..There will never be another Maradona.. You were a gift from the God to this planet..RIP Legend...

    Proud IndianProud IndianMånad sedan

    Tomas TichyTomas TichyMånad sedan
  • Show me a politician who wishes work and food for all his people and I'll show you a flying pig!!

  • Rest in peace Diego! We love you!

    Tito LocomotoTito LocomotoMånad sedan
  • Número Uno Siempre!

    Marc AMarc AMånad sedan
  • Hasta siempre Diego. 🇦🇷🏆❤️⚽🔟 seworld.info/will/fGzbu5fDrYV9zWA/video

    Armando CastellanosArmando CastellanosMånad sedan
  • a *LEGEND*

    Leo FLeo FMånad sedan
  • jah bless his hole family gone but still here

    Gregory ReidGregory ReidMånad sedan
  • Diego lives on, never forgotten 👑❤️

    Sweet BSweet BMånad sedan
  • RIP genius!

    Edward RuaneEdward RuaneMånad sedan
  • Sports brings human near to God..............because it is beyond religion, caste, race and above all hatredness........Maradon teaches us this lesson...........RIP Deigo...We will miss you ever.

    Biplab SahaBiplab SahaMånad sedan
  • He did not say soccer, that is for sure! RIP to the greatest football player that ever lived.

    Jasmin BešićJasmin BešićMånad sedan
  • Drugs are bad for you. RIP Diego!

    Arend BurenArend BurenMånad sedan
  • Hand of God?.......who cares. Maradona was special; he made his own luck.

    Firebrand55Firebrand55Månad sedan
  • The guy is AWESOME

    Peter StablerPeter StablerMånad sedan
  • thank you for this beautiful tribute

    Javier von SydowJavier von SydowMånad sedan
  • interesting

    Hoten HitonokoeHoten HitonokoeMånad sedan
  • "I will miss Maradona every day!" - His dealer.

    TarkusTarkusMånad sedan
  • He was so short

    Will PhippsWill PhippsMånad sedan
  • The name Maradona will be synonymous for generations to come for being the worlds best football player - He left behind a legacy that will be hard to beat. A genius AD10S D10S

    eric mcnamaraeric mcnamaraMånad sedan
  • RIP to my dad who passed in FEB....and to one of my fav IDOLS who I watched as a kid..when he took the CUP in 86. Para Todos los ARGENTINOS EN EL MUNDO, AHORA es el momneto que el LEON que se CAMBIA en un VESTIA...que GANAR la COPA para ARGENTINA!!!!!!

    Richard CalisiRichard CalisiMånad sedan
  • This video is highly appreciated and respected!!!

    Winston Nicholas FernandezWinston Nicholas FernandezMånad sedan
  • THE LEGEND has bowed down but he will ALWAYS STAND IN OUR HEARTS. Teach them, Angels, to play up there!

    KGKGMånad sedan
  • Word UP! 1❤️ PARA SIEMPRE #D1OS#

    Laurissa LisaLaurissa LisaMånad sedan
  • I love Diego Maradona X❤️

    Mark OconnorMark OconnorMånad sedan
  • Diego Maradona, how you amazed and entertained 100's of millions perhaps even a Billion around the world. I only played football because you made me love the sport, and as a result I have enjoyed many years and made many life long friends, at times in life when I felt lost it was football that helped, my team mates I spoke to and team mates I helped in there time of need. I have medals and trophies and many happy memories, friends and old rivals who I sometimes see in traffic, a restaurant or super market, all because I saw Diego Maradona work magic with his feet, Argentina became my second team at every world cup and Napoli my second club. Through it all we see you still smile in this video, your tired legs once took you to highest greatest feats, then struggled to keep you steady on your feet, it saddens me that such a man died alone in his room when he influenced millions to enjoy being with so many others together on a football pitch. As a man I understand life gets tough and you get beat, so I never judged you in life's defeats, I hoped you would one day find in peace and grace us once again and give us another chapter, but no matter you gave us enough magic to last forever...............Thank you Diego.

    Excecutioner147Excecutioner147Månad sedan
  • Only when people die, they become immortalised!

  • Great man.

    D SD SMånad sedan
  • Kevin SwaineKevin SwaineMånad sedan
  • When you realise his name is literally: die, go.

    The JokerThe JokerMånad sedan
  • The best R.I.P from us all in Liverpool god bless you🥇⚘🥇

    Kevin MaguireKevin MaguireMånad sedan
  • Last time I saw him was 2 years back he's so happy that Messi scored an awesome goal, I started watching football cause of him but now he's no more #D10S #RIP forever my idol😔🇦🇷😭

    BeastgameRBeastgameRMånad sedan
  • Rest in peace dear god......

    Pkknair 47Pkknair 47Månad sedan
  • Pray for ..born again..Maradona sir..true sportsman with king n kind heart..😌😌

    Rajshikhar CHRajshikhar CHMånad sedan
  • GOD Doesn't rest, he will play in heaven

    mark donaldmark donaldMånad sedan
  • The beautiful thing is that he actually means it. It is not his media personality bc he is diego and always Spoke how he truly felt and did what he wanted and didnt care what everybody thought about it. Even with all of his troubles he Will always be my number one. There Will never be another diego.

    MarlonMarlonMånad sedan
  • Does anybody know why Diego was walking in a strange way on the pitch in the beginning of the video?

    Lucky MeLucky MeMånad sedan
  • He's in my mind. I couldn't believe it when they said maradona has dies at the age if 60. I thought he might for more decades to live. But finally it's true.

    Champa PutihChampa PutihMånad sedan
  • We love you Diego. Forza Maradona!!!!

    Mr MUNYANGMr MUNYANGMånad sedan
  • Im extremely saddened by his death

    Quickest sleetz.Quickest sleetz.Månad sedan
  • He could have lived for 20 more years, but God loved him so much he called him up quickly...

    Mann ki BakwaasMann ki BakwaasMånad sedan
  • Aww. What a lovable man he was.

    satatas91satatas91Månad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/novKs67TjYGKzqM/video ( Me and Maradona singing together)

    Charles AntonyCharles AntonyMånad sedan
  • Miss you Maradona 😢😭

    Lil peep bgmLil peep bgmMånad sedan
  • We’re all here because we Love this sport. And this Man was the God of the sport we all Love. I hope that all of us humans who are still alive, that when our day comes, we’ll get to meet you in Heaven and tell you Thank You from the bottom of our hearts for giving us happiness in this Life👏🇦🇷

    Ludovic BreixoLudovic BreixoMånad sedan
  • RI,P Maradona 🙏🙏😥😥😥😢😢😢😦😦😦

  • Heartbreaking song for The Legend Maradona: seworld.info/will/aounqq-sj5R91JM/video

    alamgir azadalamgir azadMånad sedan
  • Started with Kobe, ending with Diego, I hate this year so much. RIP 🕊

    Nathan MastersNathan MastersMånad sedan
  • Legendary Maradona was my first introduction to soccer :) Watched, like and share here penalty shocked the world seworld.info/will/oaeUxteUmYqGrIU/video

    Pothohar TribePothohar TribeMånad sedan
  • Player longer? He was 38 when he stopped.

    Franky ValleyFranky ValleyMånad sedan
  • THE ONLY GOD ...all the others players including messi e ronaldo

  • Well at least he is with his parents

    GoingFlexibleGoingFlexibleMånad sedan
  • He's been neglected long ago. His condition deteriorated. His family, physician, lawyers, business partners...preyed on him. Global icon like Maradona should've not been treated as such. Same like any other perished sport superstars the substance means to calm them turns....lethal We're sorry to you Maradona You've been badly treated Now all your misery has gone R I P 😢

    paksuman62paksuman62Månad sedan
  • I hear that God is putting a winning team together to play against evil and Maradona is needed.

    silliewwsilliewwMånad sedan
  • His gift on football probably exceeds by no one. Anyone who watched his training video will definitely believe he is “hand of god” for football the game. Yeah, if he was as dissplined as RC7, he should have a much longer career

    Wen LingWen LingMånad sedan
  • Rest in peace Diego!!! Respect forever!!!

    Herbert MischeHerbert MischeMånad sedan
  • I love diego rip from ireland

    Martin AllenMartin AllenMånad sedan
  • A very rare species, may you rest in peace Diego Maradona. 💐

    Alice IAlice IMånad sedan
  • R.I.P legend. We still have a few more years with the 2nd or Greatest (depends on how you think) player in the world, Lionel Messi. Let’s appreciate before his career comes to an end

    JJ BrothersJJ BrothersMånad sedan
  • rest in peace, Diego Maradona 🌺🌹

    Zee ZedZee ZedMånad sedan
  • Diego your the best soccer player

    Hello there ce ehhssishsjsjHello there ce ehhssishsjsjMånad sedan
  • Bro I still can’t wrap my mind around the fact that the goat has left us. Rest In Peace, Diego. I guess god really did need you more than we did. ❤️😞

    Bucky9016Bucky9016Månad sedan
  • Maradona videos be like "who's on here after Maradona passed... Hold on, we been watching Maradona videos for years now!"

    Jaime leon guzmanJaime leon guzmanMånad sedan
  • i Just wish i could, skip this year to 2021. i am tired of this year. R.I.P great Legend, and leader DIEGO MARADONA. You Will Always be my best Player of all time.

    Bobo Derry YT 999Bobo Derry YT 999Månad sedan
  • He will always be in our hearts ⚽️⚽️🎖🏆

    Eoin HealyEoin HealyMånad sedan
  • Our President is a bad Muppet of Fidel Castro, Maduro, and Cristina Kirchner. Its hard to say this. I loved him and will always love Diego. But Maradona addiction to drugs and politicians were the same, and both killed him. Nunca te voy a olvidar Diego. 🇦🇷 ♥ 💪

    positively curved pikachupositively curved pikachuMånad sedan

    chopperdown911chopperdown911Månad sedan
  • So I was born in 1992, had no chance to watch this magician play... and yet I'm crying while watching this... There is something special about Diego that will make people remember him even in a milion years from now... Rest in peace with your Tota grande DIEGO ARMANDO MARADONA! Saludos desde Bosnia-Herzegovina!

    WorstCaseScenarioWorstCaseScenarioMånad sedan
    • Nobody seems to remember the close relationship he had with Luis Cesar menotti. RIP Maradona.

      Windell BrownWindell BrownMånad sedan
  • Finally, at peace🙏

    Jason FrostJason FrostMånad sedan
  • Flare, talent, creativity, courage and among all his attitude made us love him beyond the sport. Reason I loved football and still remember how I watched Italia 90 world cup and waiting for a little glimpse and magic from the ultimate magician to play the game 🙏

    Niranga PeirisNiranga PeirisMånad sedan
  • He missed his parents. God also accept his this wish

    Muhammad khanMuhammad khanMånad sedan