5 football stars made stronger by religion | Oh My Goal

6 jan 2021
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Today, Oh My Goal has a video for you about footballers and religion. Many footballers like Özil, Giroud, Kanté, Pogba, Ribéry, Neymar, Kaká and even Firmino have become better players and better humans thanks to religion.
Whether they are Christian, Muslim, Jewish, Hindu, Buddhist, some players have made their religion a real strength. A look into 5 players who have become stronger thanks to religion in this second episode of Life Goal.
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  • One day a video with this topic will include Ronald Araujo

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  • 💯Jesus

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  • I belong to Jesus is legendary

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  • Make another video and remove Neymar pls. What nonsense Neymar believe in God 😂😂

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  • Jevon White remember the name 2030 I will become like neymar

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  • Legends know its re uploaded

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  • If neymar was a strong christian he wouldn't have done tattoos, he wouldn't have been going to ungodly parties and be diving

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  • So what happens when Mo Salah leaves Liverpool? Do Anti Islamic and hate crimes go back up 50%?

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  • Same old video Just a remake. Oh my god.....

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  • Same old video Just a remake. Oh my god.....

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  • Ngolo Kante the legend who always smiles😊😊

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  • Islam is beautiful ❤️

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  • What the Muslim guy said about mo salah and Muslims it's true. Except for mané and salah. They're not just like us. They're better than most of us!!!

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  • 3 muslims, the beauty of Islam 🖤

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  • Where is Ozil

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  • Maybe we have different religions but we live in harmony🥺🌝

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  • I Love JESUS ❤

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  • OH LORD MY GOD, I PROMISE TO PUT HUGE SMILE ON THE FACE OF AT LEAST A MILLION PEOPLE IF I EVER MAKE IT AS A PRO. I Might not be the best in the world now, but I believe I will be in a short span of time by the help of your grace, blessings and favours. 🙁🙏🛐⚽🏆

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    • May you succeed. Don't forget your parents and ur friends, and also don't fight. Be serious in ur career. Plus don't forget ur love of football for money.

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  • I am happy to be a Muslim and we respect all regions people

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  • I am happy to be a Muslim and we respect all regions people

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  • All this guys are legends

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  • Next video idea 99 things about Dani Alves

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  • To Be Honest I Thought Gabriel Jesus Would Be There

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  • Ohh Jesus Thank you...

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  • Go see my chanel for soccer context

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  • How the fuck is Kaka not in this video?

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  • You forgot kaka

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  • What about O my goal what's your religion

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  • Anyone reading this comment :3 .Can u give a min and watch my Messi one dance edit ? it would take less than a minute

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  • Video Idea: Players who you wouldn't belive won an important trophy (world cup, champions league)

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  • Also imagine Oh My Goal makes a YT channel that focuses on woman players, since men football is more popular than women football.

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  • Messi also is quite religious lol But wow I wonder how Kante’s feet felt after standing......if he was standing

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  • Here is an interesting story: The 1994 World Cup final was between Brazil and Italy. The match initially went scoreless and went into the penalty shoot-out and the decisive penalty was to be taken by Roberto Baggio who previously had never missed a penalty in his entire career. Baggio aimed but the ball went over the crossbar and Italy lost. This led to massive protests against Baggio and he had to retire. Later reports claimed that Baggio had converted into Buddhism a few months ago which had ended the aggression in his game and his desire to win.

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  • Messi ?

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  • Jai bhole , hey god protect this world from evils 🕉️☪️✝️

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  • What the hell happened to Dani Alves . He is not in psg

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  • you guys just repeat topics

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  • My internet repairer likes Mohammed Salah 😂 No joke!

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    • Alhamdulillah

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  • This is the power and beauty of the game❤️❤️❤️

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  • Religion only devides

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  • I like how these videos always have a life lesson at the end.

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  • Slow n steadily taken w out hurting anyone..... A great video 🙏💞❤️

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  • 3 Muslim,2 Christan ..who says Muslim don't get success

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  • Kaka

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  • Neymar jesus son😚☺

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  • On tiktok we call this ✨Reposting ✨

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  • We don't even need to be legends to know that this is a reupload

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  • 4:00 he said Neymar like if he was angry at him

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  • Bobby

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  • Jesus is not a christian, he is a muslim and he is not a god, he is a prophet and messenger of Allah

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    • @Zaka Libdeh talk less

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    • He was literally Jewish.

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    • Yeah bro tell them 💯

  • Islam is curse to mankind.

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    • @Manap Eer so true I'm muslim and even I know Christianity doesn't teach them to say stuff like that.

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    • ... and you're a curse of your religion

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  • Kante and mane look the same LOL😂😂😂😂

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  • So like kaka wasn’t The biggest Jesus supporter in all of football.

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  • If you haven't already get with God and Jesus Christ before it's too late God bless us with his son Jesus Christ and Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins so that we can go to heaven

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    • Soo why christian workship jesus but not workship the god that make jesus?

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  • I am not lying, but i met Kante in Asda (UK) near Chelsea at 11 pm! He was very kind to take a picture with me and my uncle even though he was in a rush.

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    • @KING ROMANTIC OFFICIAL Also stop using the same emoji 7 times for two different comments

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    • @Darth Revan It is a place near battersea

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    • @KING ROMANTIC OFFICIAL If i was i would have not said it on youtube

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    • @Musa Al Yaqubi it was in the summer of 2019- international break

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    • @A. Boutaleb Thank you

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  • Thanx for the video...i was totally depressed...and looses hope more & more time passed...after watching the video.. I can go more of more of my patience....and i will never give up..thank u very much...while i have Allah there must be way...Allah will give me. Insha Allah❤️

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  • I am a Muslim, Not a Terrorist

  • 200th comment! siiiiiiii

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  • Hey guys I just wanna let you guys know that Jesus loves you and he is willing to forgive all your sins. You just have to accept him as your lord and personal saviour. I'll see you guys in heaven 😉

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  • I love you Jesus by Steve Irungu Jermaine

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  • I don't want to play Cricket to be famous I want to play Cricket to glorify God so help me God in Jesus name Amen by Steve Irungu Jermaine

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  • I'm a born again Christian by conviction and I'm not ignorant by Steve Irungu Jermaine

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  • God is faithful by Steve Irungu Jermaine

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  • Im christian, and as we know muslims and christians, and even the different groups in christians, had our fights and clashes. I think that must have to stop, we are different but we pray to the same God. What also I wanted to say it is that Sadio it´s very probably to be the type of person that you are literaly the oppositive person to sadio, but you could still have a very great friendship.

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    • We are together in this

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  • kaka

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  • Alhamdulillah 3 Football Players are Muslims

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    • What the fuck is this comment? Whats the problem with Christian players?

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  • I'm disappointed to not see firmino and alisson on this list

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    • @miles junior why not

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    • I don't think so

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  • Neymar, the guy known worldwide by cowardly diving at every chance he has? Really? So without God he must be a terminal, comatose patient!

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  • All Brazilian players are religious

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  • Love your vids keep up the good work man

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  • What the hell happened between Sergio Aguero and pep Guardiola

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    • Nothing

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  • Damn bro kante really crazy on a field but on the outside field wowww

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  • InshaAllah one day i will play for liverpool inshaAllah ☝️❤️🤲💯

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    • Amen Lovren is goat

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  • waiting for some atheist comments

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  • i believe islam bc my dad amd mom was

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  • Only og’s know this is reuploaded

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    • Lovren is goat

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    • Og here

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  • Casmiro is playing tennis?

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    • Lovren is goat

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  • Hello

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  • Jesus Christ my lord and saviour. Glad to see great players living for Christ.

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    • Lovren is goat

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  • Jesus Christ my lord and saviour. Glad to see great players living for Christ.

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    • You are on a crooked path, God willing you 😔😔😔

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    • Lovren is goat

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  • I swear this is a reupload

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  • Every thing all right but why Im feeling it’s reuplode Or I Just saw so many Videos Omg

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  • ✝️🙏🏼☦

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    • I didn't ask but ok, he isn't the worst

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    • Lovren is goat

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  • All Brazil Squad GOALS in the Copa America 2019 All About Brazilain Football seworld.info/will/n6-up8zVbmydnok/video #Brazil #Football #Goal

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  • # road to 3mil before end of the year

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    • Lovren is goat

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  • Pogba isnt a convert,he was a muslim from birth

    • @Sham Tesfay was he Christian before?

      Agan BragancaAgan Braganca9 dagar sedan
    • He wasn't Muslim from birth

      Sham TesfaySham Tesfay10 dagar sedan
    • Get your facts straight

  • Neymar👑👑👑

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    • Lovren is goat

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  • Kaka was literally a paster.

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    • Pastor

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    • Pasta*

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  • Omy goal can u pin my comment Pls block @the wumpus a request from ur subscriber

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  • Jesus is Lord, Yahshua Hamashiach is Lord!

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    • @Fernando Sanchez I don't know who is that cuz I believe in Allah the almighty

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    • Naef Ayub there is only one God friend, the one that died for our sins. We must all repent and trust in Yahshua Hamashiach Our King. Yahshua is perfect!

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    • And Allah is lord

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