Why Edinson Cavani's suspension for racism has created a huge controversy | Oh My Goal

12 jan 2021
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Manchester United star Edinson Cavani was suspended for words he wrote on an Instagram story to a friend. This led to a lot of questions like, were Edinson Cavani’s words racist or is this just a cultural misunderstanding? In Oh My Goal’s latest investigation, we look at what Edinson Cavani said, if his suspension was fair, and a lot more.
0:00 Introduction
1:05 Was Cavani wrong?
6:00 Past incidents
8:55 Lasting impact
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    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My Goal4 dagar sedan
    • In Uruguay, Racism is very rare. Uruguay is one of those countries in South America very rich in culture and education. Not many Uruguayan in North America. You can find them but not many. As far as I heard Uruguayan love dark skin people they married to them very fast. 💞👍

      GConstanza NunezGConstanza NunezDag sedan
    • Hi

      Presidents singPresidents sing2 dagar sedan
    • Idk

      Kamal Bahrin SudinKamal Bahrin Sudin2 dagar sedan
    • Great

      MGaye99MGaye993 dagar sedan
    • Cavani's punishment was blown well out of proportion, John terry used an actual racial slur, and suarez used a word on a pitch and received the same punishment. At least Cavani apologised unlike those two.

      Marcus HollowayMarcus Holloway4 dagar sedan
  • Damn I must be the most racist guy in the world because everyone time I found some of my black friends in a club I would scream negritooo and go hug them

    Jorge GomezJorge Gomez4 timmar sedan
  • Cavani did nothing wrong. It was his friend and it is like a kickname he didn’t use it offensively

    ChrisBeSellingChrisBeSelling6 timmar sedan
  • 😠

    Talha ÇakıcıTalha Çakıcı10 timmar sedan
  • People are over exaggerating. Since his friend had any complains there is nothing wrong.

    håvôç 0990håvôç 099010 timmar sedan
  • South America was never colonized with the oppression of the United Kingdom this the reason they cannot understand or willing to understand South American culture. The UK as well as the USA believes they set the tone for the world especially where these issues are concerned which is nonsensical. They are the ones who should try to understand other cultures not the other way around.

    romario francisromario francis12 timmar sedan
  • This shit is news? Come on!!! People are dying let’s talk about that!!!! Wow

    Carlos OrantesCarlos Orantes13 timmar sedan
  • It’s just a wake up call for South Americans...

    Quaba R6Quaba R614 timmar sedan
  • No Cavani not wrong he just call his friend who he love ...😢😢

    Juliana RyngksaiJuliana Ryngksai15 timmar sedan
  • As an Indian I knew what must have happened even before watching the video.

    Dainino KiraDainino Kira20 timmar sedan
  • Racism would not exist if people stopped believing about race. We are all One 💙

    aibok hujonaibok hujon21 timme sedan

    FCB ForeverFCB Forever22 timmar sedan
  • This “doctor” is just an American from Latin descent who claims she speaks for all of us. It’s a cultural difference, that’s it. I’m from Argentina and live in Buenos Aires, here, like Uruguay, we call each other by looks. “Gordito, negrito, etc.”

    Bryan GonzalesBryan GonzalesDag sedan
  • NO! Absolutely no. As latina myself, we use terms about how we look or wearing as kind hearted nicknames to show affection. In Latin America racism is very rare . We are Regionalist mostly than racist. We make remarks to how we think or how we act, or how much we have not by the color of the skin 🤔 In Cali, Colombia, black is a beautiful color.

    GConstanza NunezGConstanza NunezDag sedan
  • The N word comes from the word negro anyways 😂 The world is a bunch of snowflakes - grow some skin

    SilentiSilentiDag sedan
  • The only one that is racist here is the FA.

    Muaz BaharinMuaz BaharinDag sedan
  • Negro is NOT a racist word. The reason why white ans black Uruguayans say it all the time is because WE'RE indeed not racists. People in the first world have these huge complexes about their own existence. We don't, we all see ourselves as Uruguayans. We don't believe in race beyond human race ergo what first world nations consider race we consider only skin color. In that context saying back is the same as saying fat, tall, thin or short. Its a physical characteristic. Nothing more, nothing less.

    BurnRoddyBurnRoddyDag sedan
  • People who consider this racist are the actual racists. This is our society nowadays, under the illusion that they’re being progressive in which case it only creates more negativity. Western politics are a joke. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

    RickRickDag sedan
  • I don't know why every time people take it as racism

    Krishna DesaiKrishna DesaiDag sedan
  • That's not fair tho bc he is speaking in his own language

    epicrite 6gamingepicrite 6gamingDag sedan
  • Fa sucks

    worknehbaysa bulaworknehbaysa bulaDag sedan
  • Shout out Nick Gurr

    Drip GodDrip GodDag sedan
  • .... hmmm que se puede esperar de otro argentino?? ... en fin ....

  • This is very common, I get called güerito, which directly translates to “little white.” One of my other friends we call “cotorrito” which translates to “little parrot” because he talks a lot. These are really harmless nicknames

    Alan AlvaradoAlan AlvaradoDag sedan
  • This is why you can’t say anything these days. It’s retarded cavani did nothing wrong. He’s from Latin America and he was responding to a friend. In South America Brazilians and Venezuelan people call each other that all the time. Cavani did nothing wrong

    CabSebas 10CabSebas 10Dag sedan
  • FA isnt a joke, its the whole circus company. Thats racist from the FA.

    Crazy CreatorCrazy CreatorDag sedan
  • Way to bring politics into this

    Xenon 26Xenon 26Dag sedan
  • Bro (with long hair) are you the one who is behind the horse head 🐴 🙄🙄

    Zackylalrinawma BossaZackylalrinawma Bossa2 dagar sedan
  • Ghana Vs Uruguay: Suarez handball and Uruguay go through Manchester United - Liverpool: Suarez uses the N-word Manchester United - Liverpool: Suarez does not shake Evra's hand Social Media: Cavani uses the N-word

    JoproTheGamerJoproTheGamer2 dagar sedan
  • Cavani looks like Richard Ramirez the serial killer look it up

    Armand DishaArmand Disha2 dagar sedan
  • This is outrageous!

    Benbob The FekrBenbob The Fekr2 dagar sedan
    • (Star Wars memes intensifies)

      Benbob The FekrBenbob The Fekr2 dagar sedan
  • How stupid and what a complete waste of time! This is his culture, that’s the way South Americans talk! My Mexican teammate calls me “huero” which in Mexico is a term of endearment, literally means WHITEBOY, it’s not offensive, that’s his culture and I appreciate it ! Now stop with all this racist bullsh&t!

    Oscar CarusoOscar Caruso2 dagar sedan
  • The FA has always have their skirts to high up

    D MoneyD Money2 dagar sedan
  • It ok

    Emmanuel AntwiEmmanuel Antwi2 dagar sedan
  • Cavani: hello Social Media: RaCist

    Elaiouus 17Elaiouus 172 dagar sedan
  • that was not racist is a culture of uruguay

    Pby GamesPby Games2 dagar sedan
  • So u saying cavani is suspended for speaking his own language this must be a joke what is this nowadays racism is too much and over talked

    Azur Services & Investments LtdAzur Services & Investments Ltd2 dagar sedan
  • Cavani:speaks his language English media:so we need to find the historical meaning of the term

    Trash boiTrash boi2 dagar sedan
  • Negrito means in Uruguay kind of like bro. I know that because I’m from Uruguay

    Reviews Of cleatsReviews Of cleats2 dagar sedan
  • He didnt mean nothing though and its his friend he wrote it to plus his friend didnt make any bad claims about it 🤦🏾‍♂️ they hust tryna put him out

    Y.M.M. ProductionžY.M.M. Productionž2 dagar sedan
  • when a black calls someone nigga isnt racism but when a white does it it call racism

    ALVI Z HasramaALVI Z Hasrama2 dagar sedan
  • This is all B.S. Now the world has become a police for how you talk to your own childhood friend?

    Kwesi BoatengKwesi Boateng2 dagar sedan
  • cry baby generation! this is what we get!

    Kwesi BoatengKwesi Boateng2 dagar sedan
  • I am from England and we treat black people the same

    Sundus HayatSundus Hayat2 dagar sedan
  • Negrito is no the same as Nigga

    Dieter Quispe VelardeDieter Quispe Velarde2 dagar sedan
  • We don't say blanquito? Idk about Uruguay but white people are called often called "Mono" un Colombia, I remember sometimes we Joked with a white friend and called him "poca luz" (little light) in reference to his resemblance a white movie character, so Yeah... Idk, I am darkish and some Friends call me negrito and I Like it, i don't agree that it has to be taken out completely, Yeah there is all this issues but erasing a word (specially considering the endearing meaning it has in latam) is not going to help solve the issues any time soon

    José CorreaJosé Correa2 dagar sedan
  • Us Latinos/Hispanics always give each other these nicknames that sound offensive but it’s not meant to be, so don’t always go and assume that someone is racist. Don’t be offended for others if they aren’t offended.

    MadreMadre2 dagar sedan
  • Why?!?!?!?!

    4934932 dagar sedan
  • It is 100% a racist word (you can’t reasonably debate otherwise) that just happens to be a term of endearment in some regions but the people and the Uruguayan institutions trying to turn this into the FA being racists for sanctioning him is them trying to tell someone that using a racist word is okay because they themselves don’t find it racist and that’s completely idiotic at best

    David 1298David 12983 dagar sedan
  • From a club point of view I’m glad he is suspended for Saturday however it is completely undeserved and he shouldn’t have been suspended he did nothing wrong

    Ciaran O’ConnorCiaran O’Connor3 dagar sedan
  • They say negrito over there in South America

    Lil BRANDTLil BRANDT3 dagar sedan
  • What part do they not understand that saying negrito to a friend or relative is not offensive in Latin America?. Please, let's learn to know the differences of different cultures and together we defend the values of the human being in every corner of the planet.

    Heber M PoliteHeber M Polite3 dagar sedan
  • So that the English stop saying the word mate because for the South Americans it refers to a brown skin color and all happy superiorly moral English teaching us all to speak

    claudia riosclaudia rios3 dagar sedan
  • I don’t see how it’s racist if it’s his language

    naodofficial.01naodofficial.013 dagar sedan
  • Hey @SoccerStories at 3:30 the subtitles read "their" instead of "there".

    Sinyama Dudu MundiaSinyama Dudu Mundia3 dagar sedan
  • It's not racist. It's a typical form of expression in south america not just uruguay.

  • My country name is Montenegro 🇲🇪 which contains i guess bad word but for us no and we don’t have black people

    Danilo832Danilo8323 dagar sedan
  • This Dr. doesn’t realize how many people are called “Blanco” as a term of endearment just as I am sometime called “negro” as a term of endearment and it’s not racist!!!

  • He is not wrong! We speak like that and that’s it.

  • English r too racist that they term every colour Racist. Lets see how will U describe people

    Ts Lun ZouTs Lun Zou3 dagar sedan
  • Aaa... everyone seems to play the victim role everywhere

    Ts Lun ZouTs Lun Zou3 dagar sedan
  • The comments 🤦🏾‍♂️

    Agyena OseiAgyena Osei3 dagar sedan
  • No man of all cultures should be offended by another man call him by his collar

    Dayne BonnickDayne Bonnick3 dagar sedan
  • I know he's right

    Dayne BonnickDayne Bonnick3 dagar sedan
  • You all so stupid...if someone told u black its an international insult while if someone said the f word its ok....like wtf logic If someone called me negro I will just treat it like other insults!

    Peter FarhatPeter Farhat3 dagar sedan
  • Its a close friend of his which I don't think is racist. Because his friend might not find it Racist.

    DuckMilkPieDuckMilkPie3 dagar sedan
  • Yeah ,FA is clearly racist ....Fuck FA ,we lost EFL because of them😤😤. If Cavani was there we would have a chance to beat man city.

    Maximus BlazeMaximus Blaze3 dagar sedan
  • Anyone from Uruguay come here and explain please 👇

    Mohamed PedrouMohamed Pedrou3 dagar sedan
  • We all know that cavani is not racist. It's just FA is broke that's why they need some money.

    secretsecret3 dagar sedan
  • Uruguayan language is so dumb that it doesn't even realise that it's racist

    Kabir BhattacharyaKabir Bhattacharya3 dagar sedan
  • Cavani isn't racist, Uruguay is

    Kabir BhattacharyaKabir Bhattacharya3 dagar sedan
  • He said “ thanks nigga”

    Muhammad SnowdropMuhammad Snowdrop3 dagar sedan
  • if black and white are racist term, English need to erase one part of speech among Eight.. Adjective. All adjective words express that noun... fat man, short man, tall man...

    Saw Eh Tamu HtooSaw Eh Tamu Htoo3 dagar sedan
  • Its so common to say “negrito” in spanish speaking countries and no one finds it offensive

    Matthew SilvaMatthew Silva3 dagar sedan
  • That is just how Spanish people speak, people who speak English just don't realize how it works, even my Dad's black friends are okay with him calling them negrito, because they know it is how Spanish slang works

    David Plays and vlogsDavid Plays and vlogs3 dagar sedan
  • Taken out of context, still bad though

    TheMadRaxTheMadRax4 dagar sedan
  • Cavani's punishment was blown well out of proportion, John terry used an actual racial slur, and suarez used a word on a pitch and received the same punishment. At least Cavani apologised unlike those two.

    Marcus HollowayMarcus Holloway4 dagar sedan
  • If you call At You White? I’snt Racism If you Call at you Yor friend Black ? Its Racism ..... Stupid Minds

    Jairo KarpioJairo Karpio4 dagar sedan
  • It’s not acceptable in Europe and Cavan I is in Europe Also what is all the fuss about he just got a suspension and 100 grand fine which he earns back in a week

    Gamer BoyGamer Boy4 dagar sedan
  • Danish Professor Reports the FA for “Cultural Racism” Against Cavani : seworld.info/will/qp630NPdiZqLmGg/video

    Leonel WilkinsLeonel Wilkins4 dagar sedan
  • It's really eurocentric. English meanings of words aren’t the gold standard. We need to understand that different cultures have different meanings of words. In Uruguay or Southamerica it’s a term of endearment. Anyone with half a brain knows that you were in no way being racist. Same old media and jealous rival fans trying to stir it up. Danish Professor Reports the FA for “Cultural Racism” Against Cavani >> seworld.info/will/qp630NPdiZqLmGg/video

    Leonel WilkinsLeonel Wilkins4 dagar sedan
  • Now she is thinking for them lol lady is lost with her opinion

    Josue AlvaradoJosue Alvarado4 dagar sedan
  • I’m Mexican and so is my sister and we called her negra and they called me morena so In America Latina is so normal to used this language

    Yes CastilloYes Castillo4 dagar sedan
  • That’s literally how us Latin Americans speak. No se preocupen amigos, the FA is just soft. I ain’t letting no damn Englishmen take away my language, fuck them privileged ass foos!!

    Julian De La CostaJulian De La Costa4 dagar sedan
  • This is very similar to the Romanian referee who called someone negro or something like this, while it is how they call them in Romania.(Psg vs Türkish team) Im from Hungary and we call them néger, and its not disrespectful as well.

    András KirályAndrás Király4 dagar sedan
  • Bro he is just talking his language

    Santiago UmanaSantiago Umana4 dagar sedan
  • Whites are getting on Cavani for saying " Negrito" (Which isn't racist) but are calling black the n-word (which is racist). Someone explain to me how does this work? I never understood it.

    Gabriel's Official ChannelGabriel's Official Channel4 dagar sedan
    • Same here bro

      Grow With Tunir - YouTube JourneyGrow With Tunir - YouTube Journey2 dagar sedan
  • You guys should leave Cavani alone, he has done nothing wrong. Enemies just want to destroy his last days of football. As an Africans we all know the players and countries who doing racism in football so you should go for them and the innocent Cavani alone.

    Francis KuppourFrancis Kuppour4 dagar sedan

    Crafty ImaginationSpaceCrafty ImaginationSpace4 dagar sedan
  • I'm sorry but a lot of Latinos always say this to good friends they have nicknames..I grew up with Latinos and trust me if your sensitive to the word "Nigrito" then you've heard nothing yet...

    Andrew AlvesAndrew Alves4 dagar sedan
  • Cavani was not wrong it is a friendly name In his language

    don't mess with medon't mess with me4 dagar sedan
  • My mother n grandmother called me negrito since i was born, until today,.. im blond, and im quite sure they re not racist or ofensive at all. This is such a full type of ignorance about another lenguage and culture. Also he started texting Gracias.., so he was talking in spanish; he didnt thanks in english...soo. Its Just a messunderstanding.

    Facku PFacku P4 dagar sedan
    • If u can not understand that in spanish calling a family member or a close friend, negro or negrito, is a love and affect demostration.. who is the real racist?

      Facku PFacku P4 dagar sedan
  • Look, I don't like Cavani ! Actually he is an example negative in my son education! But this is bull shit! Is a big ,,trend,, in these days around the world to do a ,,storm,, from a whistle! Cavani, let's be clear , is not neymar Jr, is more mature and more educated! Is not guilty in my opinion! I'm white , father of black son !

    Ionut MihaiIonut Mihai4 dagar sedan
  • Make a video about Outcast United

    lonely sapienlonely sapien4 dagar sedan
  • Justice for Cavani

    oofedoofed4 dagar sedan
  • He not even say the N words

    MingishereMingishere4 dagar sedan
  • But shoutout to them for bringing this whole racism in bcuz south america is a well known for discrimination against black people

    Eta MHEta MH4 dagar sedan
  • I totally hate when english media just says bullshit every time, every country has their own terms and neither the english nor nobody in fact can change that Again english media blowing stuff out of proportion

    Eta MHEta MH4 dagar sedan
    • Right, they act like English is the only language in the world.🤦🏻‍♂️

      Ricardo _Ricardo _2 dagar sedan
  • I think cavani,s post missunderstood by FA

    Obaid alblushiObaid alblushi4 dagar sedan
  • Oh my goal: Cavani is the most humble football player ever Few months later, Cavani suspended for racism while speaking his language lmao

    Eta MHEta MH4 dagar sedan