French footballers are under fire after denouncing police violence | Oh My Goal

7 dec 2020
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"The Michel Zecler Affair" added further fuel to the fire in the debate surrounding police violence in France. Footballers have recently taken a position with regards to this very sensitive topic. Antoine Griezmann, Kylian Mbappé and even Benjamin Mendy condemned police violence; But this stance caused controversy on social media. Some police unions, politicians and even French citizens didn't like this one bit. How should we react to footballers' stances on police violence and societal issues? Find some of the answers in our new Oh My Goal investigation!
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  • Football

    Icymiix _YTIcymiix _YT8 dagar sedan
  • ahahaa lol

    baptiste brigandbaptiste brigand15 dagar sedan
  • The guy wearing the suit is ugly from inside and out

    Saif AlshammariSaif Alshammari24 dagar sedan
  • Police attack people and police got attack by people is completely out of comparison..

    Mr BotakMr BotakMånad sedan
  • Why do we have police if they are the ones being brutal

    David-denzel DwumahDavid-denzel DwumahMånad sedan
  • Fire those police, and jail them

    Rey HamzahRey HamzahMånad sedan
  • Marcus Rashford spoke for kids and we love him, we'll love Kylian and Griezmann like we love Rashford for voicing out against injustice

    Im on YouTubeIm on YouTubeMånad sedan
  • 😭😭😭france should change for better

    ImmxrtqlRxpqxrImmxrtqlRxpqxrMånad sedan
  • I'm not condoning police violence as in real cases where police is violent for minor trespasses.....but if police was not violent by nature, a lot of other entities more violent then them would disturb lives of normal citizens with impunity. People keep in line not out of respect for authority but due to the fear of it.

    Vaishnav NegiVaishnav NegiMånad sedan
  • Police is beating black people like they were animals, and now this has to be on secret? Oh dear...

    Tiago Filipe Vaz TFVTiago Filipe Vaz TFVMånad sedan
  • Most of the French national team is black👁

    ALPHAALPHAMånad sedan
  • This is just horrible

    Raff HollandRaff HollandMånad sedan
  • Hi, just wanted to say. Here in where I live , 3 days ago, a 25 year old guy got shot to death by a police officer because he didn't have a mask. Protests are happening all over the country...

    Elio HasaElio HasaMånad sedan
  • This is why Bin Laden bomb people 👀

  • france goverment slowly wanna be usa

    FEVEN 7FEVEN 7Månad sedan
  • Haha

    ????Månad sedan
  • I wish they stood up to the racial comments of Macron against Islam

    Say No MoreSay No MoreMånad sedan
  • Guys I am because you are . You don't hate people because they are black police suffer with humility imagine you were black and you were being treated like this how would you feel. People have families please have mercy on people

    Adedayo AdewoleAdedayo AdewoleMånad sedan
  • Violence against the police only exist because they oppress the people; the second half metaphor doesn't work with logic.

    Jim CarreyJim CarreyMånad sedan
  • French police represents the ideology of their government.

    Sikandar ShahSikandar ShahMånad sedan
  • France needs guillotines back

  • The violence against the police only happened because the police are violent to others

    ItsJustRomarioItsJustRomarioMånad sedan
  • atleast some one is showing some spine in india all the media is sold out atleast u r doing good for ur country and football by questioning authorities thanks a lot man

    Pranjwal SinghPranjwal SinghMånad sedan
  • since when did a footballer put his life on the line to protect strangers

    Conservative PatriotConservative PatriotMånad sedan
    • what they (cops) did was wrong the french police should reform

      Conservative PatriotConservative PatriotMånad sedan
  • If you are a Muslim or from Africa , France is not the right place

    mohammedpilote669 haddadmohammedpilote669 haddadMånad sedan

    aiman Shahymaiman ShahymMånad sedan
  • No racism

    Prince ButheleziPrince ButheleziMånad sedan
  • France has gone mad 😒😤

    Arham ShaikhArham ShaikhMånad sedan

  • Hey Oh My Goal, could you guys show what happened in the PSG vs Instabull match?

    mrdawit08mrdawit08Månad sedan

    Deborah LuckDeborah LuckMånad sedan
  • 1312

    Mir SamiMir SamiMånad sedan
  • Would this video make the same impact if the music producer was white french? Did Mbappe and Griezman made any comment for the rape of a diabled teen girl by a guy from this miniroties? Absolutely NOT.

    Sebastian LukajSebastian LukajMånad sedan
  • Here for all racism police :

    Red PlayerRed PlayerMånad sedan
  • Find out what happened between PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir

    YesYesMånad sedan
  • Rip to the one who took video if it is bandh

    Paocha TouthangPaocha TouthangMånad sedan
  • Heeyy police agency accept your mistake

    Aditya SrivastavaAditya SrivastavaMånad sedan
  • Wow face reveal

    Aditya SrivastavaAditya SrivastavaMånad sedan

    Miloš BajčetićMiloš BajčetićMånad sedan
    • Hey I post it too I though I was only one who know N.W.A here 😅

      Red PlayerRed PlayerMånad sedan
  • #stopracism This is the stuff we need to stop

    Milo CholMilo CholMånad sedan
  • And that's what he did to Muslims

    Farooq AnwerFarooq AnwerMånad sedan
  • The same people who were assigned to protect us are now being brutal. What kind of a world do we live in? #stopracism Our governments are now letting its citizens down

    Mark MuhuMark MuhuMånad sedan

    Septi HanifSepti HanifMånad sedan
  • Make a video on what actually happened last night between psg and Istanbul 🙄

    Ahmedkoradia KoradiaAhmedkoradia KoradiaMånad sedan
  • Fuk da police

    isaiah spinksisaiah spinksMånad sedan
  • First their president is against muslims, now the police are against black people!!!

    Yousef QuadYousef QuadMånad sedan
  • This is really bad

    Jonah KennedyJonah KennedyMånad sedan
  • Critizing Michael Jordan and wearing his Short lmao bu t true and sad

    SamSamMånad sedan
  • France people need to take action ASAP

  • Polices got attacked while on duty is a part of their job..but civilian got attacked by polices for doing nothing is totally wrong..not that i disrespected police..but those two footballers were not in wrong if they didnt stand for police like how they stand for the civilian..

    Mr BotakMr BotakMånad sedan
  • Disgusting. These police are getting out of hand. Utter Shit

    Alex TOTY - PACYBITS and FIFA ChannelAlex TOTY - PACYBITS and FIFA ChannelMånad sedan
  • And there obviously not gonna speak about muslim women getting stabbed near the Eiffel Tower(...) Islamophobia needs to stop

    Ayo AhmedAyo AhmedMånad sedan
  • I can’t believe racism still exists aft George Floyd’s death

    • @David he was charged for his crime. so wats the point of killing him..... he didnt murder any one. be respectful to everyone. black lives matter. its just the colour of their skin. doesn't mean that they r different from others. stop racism!!!!!

      Doodled BoyDoodled Boy12 dagar sedan
    • George Floyd was a theft and an armed robbery. You need at his wikipedia

      DavidDavidMånad sedan
  • Racists a weak people...

    Matthew MartinsMatthew MartinsMånad sedan
  • Being racist to Muslims Belng racist to black people Wtf is going there in france

    FGIPFGIPMånad sedan
  • Braithwaite can stop this with a snap.

    The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • I am devastated. how could ppl do this

    micah rozgonymicah rozgonyMånad sedan
  • And also for oh my goal

    Min etlaVMin etlaVMånad sedan
  • Police brutality is wrong but trying to dehumanize them and act like they don’t have families behind the uniforms, leads those with law enforcement as family looking at the whole cops are bad mentally with a grain of salt.

    DusDusMånad sedan
  • Why the hell these police officers are racist first the U.S.A then France police officers are thinking they are like gods but they fight people for no reason

    Vanja GorgioskiVanja GorgioskiMånad sedan
  • #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Shadow7Shadow7Månad sedan
    • All lives matters

      DavidDavidMånad sedan
    • Alm

      Gianluigi DonnarummaGianluigi DonnarummaMånad sedan
  • Screw French police

    Hassan KhreissHassan KhreissMånad sedan
  • Dont compare Maradona & the Two French players...Maradona is a Legend..the others are just normal footballers...Mbappe>Griezmann.And what does it have anything to do Maradona...Its just not as many people love the 2 Normal footballers like they love MARADONA. Rest of what u say is OK...STOP RACISM.

    Vanlalchhuanga ValteaVanlalchhuanga ValteaMånad sedan
  • - what the fuck is going on in France ? i see France = Egypt the same , this is so wrong i only blame the bad management the stupid president and who work with him ? everybody in France should talk and film any brutality happen .

    mrdievirusmrdievirusMånad sedan

    CR7best CR7CR7best CR7Månad sedan
  • France are just trying to run away from exposure on violence based on race

    braniac IQ 2000 transsit erabraniac IQ 2000 transsit eraMånad sedan
  • The point that footballers should play only football is very wrong as they to are people and have experienced what the people belonging to other profession have experienced so a good job by griezmann and Mbappe. Also great video. It was very informative and learned some new things

    Lakshya PittiLakshya PittiMånad sedan
  • #downwithMacron

    Zack RyderZack RyderMånad sedan
  • Footballers are making their countries proud. They should be given better rights. #JusticeForMichel #JusticeForFootballers #MacronOUT #StopRACISM

    Abrar Gaming OPAbrar Gaming OPMånad sedan
  • French police is like a Uttar Pradesh (up) police of India . 🙏🙏

    Sports And gamingSports And gamingMånad sedan
  • In India "ANDH BHAKT" would have been boycott football 😂😂. if some indian players raise their voice against hatred and crime.

    Sports And gamingSports And gamingMånad sedan
    • True 😂😂

      Harsh PhullHarsh PhullMånad sedan
  • Green screen isn't working properly

    Abhishek SinghAbhishek SinghMånad sedan
  • Who's going to tell Justin to change the hair

    Celiwe SimelaneCeliwe SimelaneMånad sedan
  • I live in France and it's hard I paly for lyon

    edwin van der vyveredwin van der vyverMånad sedan
    • ,?

      baptiste brigandbaptiste brigand15 dagar sedan
  • The poor french

    edwin van der vyveredwin van der vyverMånad sedan
    • lo

      baptiste brigandbaptiste brigand15 dagar sedan
  • I can't help but notice it says fringe at like 58 seconds.

    E SE SMånad sedan
  • Why are people getting mad at players speaking up? They aren’t people? They don’t have to voice themselves they have to only play

    S TS TMånad sedan
  • Police officers were meant to take care of people and protect the people but today police officers are taking the advantage and trying to kill people.... I really don't understand what is happening to this world..... Hands of to all French footballers who stood up for a man who is no one related to them....... This is humanity...... Atleast some people in this world have a good heart.....

    Alwyn Binu VargheseAlwyn Binu VargheseMånad sedan

    Peppa ShepPeppa ShepMånad sedan
  • What the hell is happening to these people....

    Thor GrootThor GrootMånad sedan
  • Feel like France is the most racist country in the world for some time now...

    Jacy BongoJacy BongoMånad sedan
  • How french footballer aren't citizen? Of course they have each & every right to speak on that. Also that french team won a 2018 world cup including antino & kylin mbappe . They had won world cup for franch and now they are being criticise by tweeting against that police officer..... What a shame? 😡😡😡

    Saroj KhatriSaroj KhatriMånad sedan
  • Footballers also have the right to speak.

    Arjun KrishnaArjun KrishnaMånad sedan
  • Dude, France is as racist and nationalist as it gets. Why is this surprising to anyone? "My France" ain't done shit for anybody other than white French people.

    billymemonablebillymemonableMånad sedan
  • Stop Racism.We are all equal 🖐🏻🖐🏼🖐🏽🖐🏾🖐🏿

    Elmondre SmitElmondre SmitMånad sedan
  • France is an African country!! 😆

    I am hereI am hereMånad sedan
  • Racism must stop

    Charlie DaviesCharlie DaviesMånad sedan
  • Grezman is a really good person at heart he supported ansu fati when he was racially abused

    Amal ARAmal ARMånad sedan
    • @baptiste brigand who asked ur useless opinion

      Amal ARAmal AR15 dagar sedan
    • no

      baptiste brigandbaptiste brigand15 dagar sedan
  • Macron is going to far

    Flame Swords10Flame Swords10Månad sedan
  • Respect to the footballers who argued against it 💙

    Amal ARAmal ARMånad sedan
  • Imagine if the person was zlatan

    SneaXSneaXMånad sedan
  • Stop this racism

    Amal ARAmal ARMånad sedan
  • Is police wearing a mask🙄

    Sonu kumar soren 4602Sonu kumar soren 4602Månad sedan
  • Call Maguire

    BadManBadManMånad sedan
  • Police doing a Police thing nothing new here. If you want to stop cop brutality protest is not the answer. Just kill the family member of that cop and from next time they will think twice doing these stuffs.

    Dont you know we're at warrrDont you know we're at warrrMånad sedan

    MsdianMsdianMånad sedan
  • Stop racism 😢😢

    Sundesh ChettriSundesh ChettriMånad sedan
  • This problem is going on all around the world thank you Griezman and Mbappe

    Radhika GupteRadhika GupteMånad sedan
  • The most hated guy in OH MY GOAL has turned loved 😍

    Abhinav Sumeet KAbhinav Sumeet KMånad sedan
  • The line at the end was fantastic, " You can't call Maradona a legend for his genius and his outspokenness and then meanwhile go and tell Mbappe and Griezmann to shut up and dribble" In my opinion, The man who didn't wear a mask should have been punished with a fine not with punches..