99 facts that make Lionel Messi so special | Oh My Goal

10 dec 2020
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Lionel Messi is a legendary Argentinian footballer. And even though we know A LOT about Lionel Messi, here are 99 things about him, so you are sure to learn a lot more about this Argentinian and Barcelona star.
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  • 3:30 Robert Lewandowski: am I a joke to you???

  • 100: Messi once played for atletico madrid

    Joel 478Joel 478Timme sedan
  • He is very small

    Samuel CarcamoSamuel Carcamo19 timmar sedan
  • Messi Has over 710 in his career!

    Nhonho JumbaNhonho Jumba2 dagar sedan
  • He is number 10

    Sriyan KarkiSriyan Karki2 dagar sedan
  • 6:33 Messi big chest

    Khôi-7A2 25.Nguyễn Trần AnhKhôi-7A2 25.Nguyễn Trần Anh2 dagar sedan
  • 100th messi is the most ballon d’or winner

    Azoz 225Azoz 2252 dagar sedan
  • Next story.....Eden Hazard

    Lentinchon HaokipLentinchon Haokip2 dagar sedan
  • 100:Messi is the G.O.A.T

    Charl KarelseCharl Karelse3 dagar sedan
  • 100 He won 6 golden boots

    Helly & ParajHelly & Paraj4 dagar sedan
  • 100:Messi hated Brazilian Ronaldo

    Julia WanjiruJulia Wanjiru6 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/rmy3zJvNo6ujuqc/video

    Notpersonalyattractive.Notpersonalyattractive.6 dagar sedan
  • Robert

    Juliet KatabalwaJuliet Katabalwa7 dagar sedan
  • fact 100: Messi`s full name is Lionel Andres Messi

    Morvins SintilMorvins Sintil7 dagar sedan
  • 100 he toke growth hormones

    Sahar DaviesSahar Davies8 dagar sedan
  • 100: when pele said “messi cant score with his right foot” But messi shows it right after it

    Mr NobuddyMr Nobuddy8 dagar sedan
  • Nr.100 messi was born on his birthday🤔

    tachtical_pandatachtical_panda9 dagar sedan
  • 😑😑😑

    Syed tahmid IslamSyed tahmid Islam11 dagar sedan

    EGO MACHAEGO MACHA11 dagar sedan
  • The 100 thing is that neymar is still in touch with Messi

    Phoemix Kelly uffPhoemix Kelly uff11 dagar sedan
  • For Watford fans seworld.info/will/Z5e1l6bXZ3h13ZM/video Who remember that day vs the foxes

    Scenes From The VicScenes From The Vic14 dagar sedan
  • Messi had a crush on his teammate sister

    Zaydaan CajeeZaydaan Cajee16 dagar sedan
  • Erling Haaland

    RunsheRunshe17 dagar sedan

    Shreyaas RanaShreyaas Rana17 dagar sedan

    Abraham KuttikattilAbraham Kuttikattil18 dagar sedan
  • Dybala

    LionalGamingLionalGaming18 dagar sedan
  • 100 fact:He almost joined Chelsea when he was teenager

    Jarek BrowneJarek Browne18 dagar sedan
  • Never knew BOJAN was his cousin till this day. Thanks for the great job Oh My Goal

    Charlene ColbyCharlene Colby18 dagar sedan
  • 100 th thing about messi this is his worst season since 2016

    Abhiraj SinghAbhiraj Singh19 dagar sedan
  • 100:He dyed his hair blomde

    Kaito EnenduKaito Enendu19 dagar sedan
  • 100th fact: Messi could’ve moved to Real for $300 million and could have got paid $30 million but his family convinced him to stay at Barcelona

    Aklil HaqkhwaAklil Haqkhwa20 dagar sedan
  • Super benzoooo

    omar ashrafomar ashraf20 dagar sedan
  • 100: he is a left foot player 😂

    Zohra KanjiZohra Kanji21 dag sedan
  • 100: ronald and messi were born 835 days apart which is the same as their sons cristianinho and thiago!

    walter the roadmanwalter the roadman21 dag sedan
  • 100 th thing is messi is the godd of football

    Umar FarooquiUmar Farooqui21 dag sedan
  • We wanna see Leroy sanè

    Tarisa ConistanceTarisa Conistance22 dagar sedan
  • 100th : Messi scored 91 goals in a calendar year

    Temor 99Temor 9922 dagar sedan
  • Messi is good I guess

    Muhammad MuhammadMuhammad Muhammad22 dagar sedan
  • 100th Messi is the smallest player In la liga

    StrangerStranger22 dagar sedan
  • 100:he was the first player to score 50 goals in a single la liga season

    rotimi sulymanrotimi sulyman22 dagar sedan
  • 100:He is the first player to score 50 goals in a single la liga season

    rotimi sulymanrotimi sulyman22 dagar sedan
  • 100:Messi has a tatoo that are lips and they are his girlfriend's lips

    Mostafa AbouhargaMostafa Abouharga22 dagar sedan
  • 100: his name is not dthdtygde6hdrr

    איתן כהןאיתן כהן22 dagar sedan
  • Man, gonna miss him and Cristiano

    Muu AoMuu Ao22 dagar sedan
  • 100 he was almost signnd at Ajax at loan

    Mathijs BeuteMathijs Beute23 dagar sedan
  • 100: Lionel Messi won a international trophry

    Kenneth TisaraKenneth Tisara23 dagar sedan
  • If he misses Ron maybe he should join juv an they will destroy serie a an uefa

    Olivia MartinezOlivia Martinez23 dagar sedan
  • The 100th fact is Ronaldo is better than him

    Zaki AbzZaki Abz24 dagar sedan
  • Future fact: Messi has the most goals for a single club.

    Akshay T GeevargheseAkshay T Geevarghese24 dagar sedan
  • The unusual plantation descriptively last because salesman immunochemically damage in a gleaming death. hypnotic, black-and-white zinc

    matt waldmanmatt waldman24 dagar sedan
  • 101: he is short

    Alpha AimerAlpha Aimer25 dagar sedan
  • 100: his coach made a deal with him that every goal he woukd score he would get a sweet treat

    S Ibrahim Kashif VIII-W-BS Ibrahim Kashif VIII-W-B25 dagar sedan
  • Messi won 4 ucl

    preethi rameshpreethi ramesh25 dagar sedan
  • 100th fact:messi only has 2 red cards0l

    Rabee SkRabee Sk25 dagar sedan
  • Do a Dani alves 99 things

    Gaming ProGaming Pro26 dagar sedan
  • Messi son loves Cristiano

  • TO LOOSE 3 FINALS STRAIGHT YOU NEED TO PLAY 3 FINALS -----to those who say Ronaldo is better than him

    The Blue GeneThe Blue Gene26 dagar sedan
  • 100:Lionel Messi has scored the most goals in la liga history

    Family ToursFamily Tours26 dagar sedan
  • His coach give him cookies to score with header

    Swayam HaqueSwayam Haque26 dagar sedan
  • Hes better than cristiano ( fact)

    youssef elbannayoussef elbanna27 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: he is a person

    Blazethunder170Blazethunder17027 dagar sedan
  • Marcus rash ford

    Tavaughn SmithTavaughn Smith27 dagar sedan
  • Messi has never dive

    Jayden SaysayJayden Saysay27 dagar sedan
  • Italy Spain starts world War 3 over Messi

    Adithyan RajeshAdithyan Rajesh27 dagar sedan
  • 99 things about rashflash/rashford 🙃

    citi boyciti boy27 dagar sedan
  • He almost when to jail

    Christian JesúsChristian Jesús27 dagar sedan
  • Thomas Muller or Robert LewanGOALski

    Ben LambertBen Lambert28 dagar sedan
  • Eusebio

    Nashrudiin MohamedNashrudiin Mohamed28 dagar sedan
  • Messi likes bananas

    Morgan grimshawMorgan grimshaw28 dagar sedan
  • 100:Messi and Ronaldo has been at every event for the ballondor

    Timandra LoweTimandra Lowe28 dagar sedan
  • 100: Growth Hormone Deficiency

    Reacting With Noah OdonReacting With Noah Odon28 dagar sedan
  • H

    degyldnegamers03 65degyldnegamers03 6528 dagar sedan
  • 100:Messi wants neymar back asap

    itz.fatimalopez zzitz.fatimalopez zz28 dagar sedan
  • 99 facts about mo salah

    Rayhan BayatRayhan Bayat29 dagar sedan
  • 100:he broke the record of most goals scored in a season 92 goals

    sweaty_gaming 1sweaty_gaming 129 dagar sedan
  • 100 fact he is 5 feet 7 inches tall

    Deborah AzalekorDeborah Azalekor29 dagar sedan
  • Do a 99 things for all of them, I like the series!🔥

    Tedd MKTedd MK29 dagar sedan
  • Messi was very close to join Chelsea

    Moses OtienoMoses Otieno29 dagar sedan
  • He only speaks Spanish

    Deborah AzalekorDeborah Azalekor29 dagar sedan
  • He signed his first contract on a napkin

    Deborah AzalekorDeborah Azalekor29 dagar sedan
  • He has over 700 career goals

    Deborah AzalekorDeborah Azalekor29 dagar sedan
  • 100: messi cried doring traning when maradona died

    Anik HyseniAnik Hyseni29 dagar sedan
  • Goat

    Paola Alejandra Castro TapiaPaola Alejandra Castro Tapia29 dagar sedan
  • 100 - messi is called the next maradona

    Abu Dzar HamdanAbu Dzar Hamdan29 dagar sedan
  • 100th fact : Most legends of the game and present players know messe is GOAT

    Sameer KSASameer KSA29 dagar sedan
  • 100: he almost signed for Chelsea in 2014

    SS10 f2p FmmasterSS10 f2p Fmmaster29 dagar sedan
  • Sry 99

    Satya YTSatya YT29 dagar sedan
  • Pls tell 100 things about Robert Lewandowski!

    Satya YTSatya YT29 dagar sedan
  • Messi is the only player to both score and assist in his teens , twenty's and thirty's in the world cups...............like a GOAT

    PrajwalPrajwal29 dagar sedan

    Alba GuevaraAlba Guevara29 dagar sedan
  • 100: the diifference of age between Ronaldo and messi is the same between Thiago messi and CR7 JR

    Gabriel RaducuGabriel RaducuMånad sedan
  • Can win a ballondor with out winning champion league

    Far15Far15Månad sedan
  • 100:he's 170cm

    Rayane AlladjiRayane AlladjiMånad sedan
  • 100; messi is the highest paid soccer player

    Banele CeleBanele CeleMånad sedan
  • lewandowski

    ParthivSan 7ParthivSan 7Månad sedan
  • He almost signed for rangers

    josias bOnILLajosias bOnILLaMånad sedan
  • 99 Things about Kevin de brune or hazard

    Yarno De SchryverYarno De SchryverMånad sedan
  • Talk about riyad mahrez

    Yehya ShamiYehya ShamiMånad sedan
  • 100: Messi use to take pills during the game

    KillerlionKillerlionMånad sedan
  • Can u say 99 things about MO SALAH ?

    Kamel HamamKamel HamamMånad sedan