This photo of Di Stefano shows just how much football has changed | Oh My Goal

8 dec 2020
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We found a photo of Alfredo Di Stefano at Real Madrid dating back to 1964… Another time, another football too! The photo shows just how much football has changed, in nearly every way! Even the current rules and tactics are different today… Discover the photo that shows just how much football has changed and why in this new video!
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  • The Passionate fans is what most missing now .. Some even don’t care about game but just to showoff with selfies on social media 😔😣

    Sumedh KanadeSumedh Kanade2 dagar sedan
  • I would like people to not use phones

    António AntunesAntónio Antunes8 dagar sedan
  • One time a kid kicked my shingaurds and was sawing I fouled him

    Angela MurnaneAngela Murnane11 dagar sedan
  • “70% of you watching haven’t subscribed “ 150 thousand views versus 2.5 million subs Me: how do you sleep when you lie to me?

    InfericsInferics14 dagar sedan
  • This felt like a whole documentry but its on 8 minutes lol

    Stamford BridgeStamford Bridge17 dagar sedan
  • The reason I don't subscribe is because of the occasion guy with horse head

    Ronnie DweetnoRonnie Dweetno20 dagar sedan
  • I mean that logo is same as today. How ? 🤔

    latesh sawantlatesh sawant21 dag sedan
  • So.....ur saying that ramos and pepe cause the invention of shin guard??

    mr nobodymr nobody22 dagar sedan
  • Shin guards have never saved me

    gxl_mattgxl_matt22 dagar sedan
  • I would like you make videos on I dian football, Kolkata Derby, Durand Cup, Immortal 11 of Mouhan Bagan

    Rohit ThombreRohit Thombre22 dagar sedan
  • Oh My Goal: Look at this photo! Also Oh My Goal: 8 minute video with 4 ads

    ꧁Zephis꧂꧁Zephis꧂23 dagar sedan
  • Not only football -.- sadly

    David NateDavid Nate24 dagar sedan
  • 3:45 every guy has his hair done ✔️

    BARCASTBARCAST24 dagar sedan
  • Liverpool vs juventus was not a ucl final get your facts correct @ohmygoal

    Aswin RajendranAswin Rajendran25 dagar sedan
  • To the 1% out of the 99% of you who relize this comment I legitly hope you have a great day 😊

    zaidar adnanzaidar adnan25 dagar sedan
  • He didn't mention Sarri cause sarri doesn't smoke, he eats cigarettes !

    sourav rahmansourav rahman25 dagar sedan
  • di stefano played for three countries : columbia , Argentina , Spain

    Ron SarkarRon Sarkar26 dagar sedan
  • 2:26 I laughed so hard....🤣🤣

    Ro RonRo Ron26 dagar sedan
  • Now this is the type of content I like from oh my goal

    Ng Zi ChaoNg Zi Chao26 dagar sedan
  • What about Jamie Vardy and Radja Naingolan I hope I spelt that correctly

    Jonni AdamJonni Adam27 dagar sedan
  • 2:48 there is a guy with sunglasses on, if you look close...

    Kim_ 02Kim_ 0227 dagar sedan
  • the guy asking to subscribe while pausing the video has got to stop

    DanielDaniel27 dagar sedan
  • Early days were more beautiful than today's. no phones more friends ,more playing,

    48 Swarnadip Dutta48 Swarnadip Dutta27 dagar sedan
  • Old Trafford in the recent years sounds less noisy. I compared it to a 2006 and the atmosphere sounds great. Or maybe it’s because the new cameras have better audio recording so the clean sound makes the crowd sound less passionate

    Syabil AzfarhakimSyabil Azfarhakim28 dagar sedan
  • Today playrs more sensable than old era

    Nabeel MalikNabeel Malik28 dagar sedan
  • The most complete footballer ever in history. No debate.

    Esteban CambiassoeEsteban Cambiassoe29 dagar sedan
  • 3:55 I wish

    Raymond GaraRaymond Gara29 dagar sedan
  • The Franco government intervened? Lofl. You've got to piss your pants with Barca. The working class club? Bahahaha

    El ZorroEl Zorro29 dagar sedan
  • Amazing photo Different mentality. The mist influential player in history. Made Real Madrid into the biggest club in the world.

    El ZorroEl Zorro29 dagar sedan
  • players now are made by paper are so weak haha

    Sebastian ZetSebastian Zet29 dagar sedan
  • Ppl following from August 2018

    Adam ShaltootAdam ShaltootMånad sedan
  • Some of people shows in this photo are rest in peace

    amazing worldamazing worldMånad sedan
  • Maradonna claimed that van basten was the best player he had ever faced

    bennie albersbennie albersMånad sedan
  • At this stage, the only thing I'd like to see return is the full stadiums ❤🥰

    J WJ WMånad sedan
  • i would like VAR to disappear

    Rahmaan AliRahmaan AliMånad sedan
  • Back when people were classy

    mario trasvinamario trasvinaMånad sedan
  • Oh my goal, how good was di stephano

    Van- Helsing GCCVan- Helsing GCCMånad sedan
  • What about sarri he smoked in 2019

    Adrian KeelsonAdrian KeelsonMånad sedan
  • That's because soccer used to be a man sports before, now is just a bunch of pussies! Zlatan is the only old school real man playing soccer nowadays.

    Fer RamirezFer RamirezMånad sedan
    • Messi as well , he doesn't dive.

      Mehul GohilMehul GohilMånad sedan
  • Hala madrid🙏

    Thandolinethu MkhizeThandolinethu MkhizeMånad sedan
  • I'd definitely like to see simpler jerseys

    ShreenaathShreenaathMånad sedan
  • Is no one going to talk about Dr stifani's bald head which shows how old he is?!

    John SmithJohn SmithMånad sedan
  • No advertising on jersey, I hate that they spoil the identity of a team.

    Alano MirandaAlano MirandaMånad sedan
  • And what is van persie doing right beside bojan??

    Eduless kdkEduless kdkMånad sedan
  • Maradona didn't just smoke lé Siggarratés, he did a pak of kilo's of drugs

    karinakarinaMånad sedan
  • 1:10 damn, that must be hurt and no one talk bout it 😢

    Liandy TebeLiandy TebeMånad sedan
  • The beautiful game is important, not the players

  • So worth.. 💁🏻‍♂️

    UNBOXIN' GuyUNBOXIN' GuyMånad sedan
  • We dont subscribe to your channel because it is not football stories

    jimu méyajimu méyaMånad sedan
  • 3:42 I thought he was gonna say: THEIR HATS!

    Spartan LeaderSpartan LeaderMånad sedan
  • why vardy kick corner flag ?

    putraputraMånad sedan
  • 2:10 unsubscribing right now!

    Arson RautArson RautMånad sedan
  • Football really has evolved

    Masilive MpahlwaMasilive MpahlwaMånad sedan
  • Football was always a greatest sport and will remain always, and all those greats will remain Legend of football too, but now a days it becomes more efficient, more tactical, more technically sounded, more professional and more competitive...

    Rohn SohanRohn SohanMånad sedan
    • @Mehul Gohil First of all, Zidane is a player of modern Football, second you compared Ozil to Cryuff and Maradona, no, Ozil has great abilities and class which is destroyed by his current club, but if you're you talking about old Football Legends like Cryuff or Maradona than compared them to modern Football Legends like Henry, Ronaldo Nazario, Ronaldinho, and most of all Messi and Ronaldo...

      Rohn SohanRohn SohanMånad sedan
    • And that's why we will never see players like cruyff, zidane,Maradona and so on. This modern football has killed players like ozil.

      Mehul GohilMehul GohilMånad sedan
  • When time changes we are supposed to change too

    BTS ARMYBTS ARMYMånad sedan
  • How sad , Di Stefano was such a simple and great legend and now you have Pogba ?

    Natal KumarNatal KumarMånad sedan
  • 6:20 I saw them for the 1 st time in the entire video

    118_93 B Tanvir Siddique118_93 B Tanvir SiddiqueMånad sedan
  • RIP LEGEND grande diego

    Ruud GullitRuud GullitMånad sedan
  • Everything else I dig, but I've never gotten into the multicolored array boots. These days wearing black ones makes you stand out.

    Joe BJoe BMånad sedan
  • Video suggestion: Make a video about footballers who died on the pitch.

    Kate Agyemang-DuahKate Agyemang-DuahMånad sedan
    • Why

      James JiloJames Jilo14 dagar sedan
    • @Ashraf Mohammed yeah

      Omar MohamedOmar Mohamed18 dagar sedan
    • @Greet Gysen if your family member died on the pitch would you be grateful to see that type of comment on a video 🤦🏾‍♂️

      Ashraf MohammedAshraf Mohammed26 dagar sedan
    • @luti.113 lutendo so what? Get the f outta here

      Greet GysenGreet Gysen26 dagar sedan
    • That's dark🤐

      luti.113 lutendoluti.113 lutendoMånad sedan
  • I am one of the 30 % of the subscribers who watch omg daily

    ReeticulousReeticulousMånad sedan
  • How didn't u mentioned Maurizio Smoki

    Reece BaptisteReece BaptisteMånad sedan
  • I don't think cigarettes was the reason we lost diego so early

    BK gamesBK gamesMånad sedan
  • Don't know who's the guy who appear suddenly in the middle of the video and take our concentration away but am sure he ain't a football player and it's so annoying

    Cupo VadeoCupo VadeoMånad sedan
  • Can u react to dragon stanovic


    Deborah LuckDeborah LuckMånad sedan
  • I'll bring back the Kits without sponsors, definitely.

    Alex TorresAlex TorresMånad sedan
  • The photo of Braithwaite celebrating after scoring 9 goals, shows how much football has changed. Pessi and Penaldo score 3 goals, even with pens.

    The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
    • POV: You're the problem

      Aryaman8000Aryaman8000Månad sedan
  • It's getting irritation after seeing this guy again again

    Vishal SonarVishal SonarMånad sedan
  • Can you please make a video about Per Bredesen who played in Ac Milan and Fredrikstad football club who was the first Norwegian football club in the Champions League?

    Torkild Grøn-MartinsenTorkild Grøn-MartinsenMånad sedan
  • Di Stefano is a legend of Real Madrid 🤍🤍

    Inazuma11playInazuma11playMånad sedan
  • It's sad to see people so concentrated in their favourite player, Messi or Ronaldo. If they play good but their team loses, it's fine for people. If their team wins a crucial match, but their player doesn't score, people are sad. All they want is their player scoring goals so that they can flex on others instead of just getting entertained and supporting their team in the road. Is this Fantasy Football or what?

    Shambhav GautamShambhav GautamMånad sedan
  • I realized that each player didn't have their names on their shirt explain in a video please

    Tonikka BurnetteTonikka BurnetteMånad sedan
  • Last night Was the night that the world was introdust tho the Romanian rasist ref bravo România bravo 😡

  • Find out what happened between PSG and Istanbul Basaksehir

    YesYesMånad sedan
  • To think that athletes before used to smoke a lot, drink and may have even used drugs and still be able to perform for the history books makes you wonder how naturally good they play. Bloody legends

    GhostWishing GTGhostWishing GTMånad sedan
  • Why does spanish names sound good

    Hamdi MireHamdi MireMånad sedan
  • Di Stefano played for Colombia too

    Thomas MessinaThomas MessinaMånad sedan
  • Real Madrid should project him more just like how Barca projects J. Cruyff!

    Abhinav TripathyAbhinav TripathyMånad sedan
    • they have a stadium with his name

      Chemical BChemical BMånad sedan
    • The photo of Braithwaite celebrating after scoring 9 goals, shows how much football has changed. Pessi and Penaldo score 3 goals, even with pens.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan
  • What about sponsored leg hair.😂😂

    F22 GamingF22 GamingMånad sedan
  • 2:28 LOL?

    winneralways1winneralways1Månad sedan
  • I think everything that has change , was made for a great reason! Nowadays clubs get lots of money as sponsors, so it's normal to advertise the company that is sponsoring you( simple jersey was the only thing I think we can change and go back to the past).... Simple jersey is always nicer

    Ronny QuatreRonny QuatreMånad sedan
  • We all already know that Maradona smoked R.I.P the best Argentinian ♥️♥️♥️

    ismail faisalismail faisalMånad sedan
  • Argentina god of football Messi Maradona Di stefano

    Rahul Sastha BCOMRahul Sastha BCOMMånad sedan
  • U forgot sarri.?....

    VMT GamingVMT GamingMånad sedan
  • That without any Sponsors too look so classy.

    Abha ChoudhuryAbha ChoudhuryMånad sedan

    M IM IMånad sedan
  • Maurizio sarri also

    Theo JacobusTheo JacobusMånad sedan
  • I want to live in 1968 era

    Nilan FernandoNilan FernandoMånad sedan
  • What the hell is happen to Clement Lenglet?

    Raif Sarkar RohanRaif Sarkar RohanMånad sedan
  • 0:55 surprise 😑

    VyomiVyomiMånad sedan
  • 4:29

    Gabe GochGabe GochMånad sedan
  • people don't realize how much Pelé was ahead of his time. you will never see a photo of Pele smoking, the guy just did the things that cristiano does today 50 years ago, and nobody praises him as they do with Cristiano. The guy changed the way an athlete should behave, took good care of his body and had the body of a real athlete (not very common in his time, which caused changes in training etc). For this and more he was considered THE athlete of the century, even ahead of a certain Michael Jordan.

    Luiggi Nicolo PaganiniLuiggi Nicolo PaganiniMånad sedan
  • The only thing that I want to return from that era is #NORASICM And also the #RESPECT given in that time

    Big DogBig DogMånad sedan
    • 1950 - 60s the world is still have segregation, especially happend in western country. You even cant find colour player play in Europe, ok maybe one or two person is available like jair da Costa, Eusebio, but just few name

      Suryo ArdiSuryo ArdiMånad sedan
  • Why did Tarzan pop up in my video

    Wouter WallaartWouter WallaartMånad sedan
  • Do a "What the hell happened to Barça's defense". I don't even know what is Barça's defense anymore???😤😤😤🤣🤣🤣

    aqill_ XDaqill_ XDMånad sedan
    • @The Wumpus dude this stuff used to be funny but now is getting kinda cringe

      Dante EspositoDante EspositoMånad sedan
    • @The Wumpus True tho. Reality speaks louder than expectations.

      aqill_ XDaqill_ XDMånad sedan
    • The photo of Braithwaite celebrating after scoring 9 goals, shows how much football has changed. Pessi and Penaldo score 3 goals, even with pens.

      The WumpusThe WumpusMånad sedan

    WZRD MODsWZRD MODsMånad sedan
  • 0:42 Sari hold my packet

    SuperBobSuperBobMånad sedan
  • Really hate how you every time remind us to subscribe. WE WONT. WE WILL WATCH ONLY

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  • Don't want to subscribe now , it's getting annoying every time when I see that guy .

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