8 things you didn't know about Bruno Fernandes | Oh My Goal

16 dec 2020
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Bruno Fernandes is one of the best midfielders in the world at the moment. But do you really know everything about the Portuguese midfielder Bruno Fernandes? In this video, you can discover 8 things you didn't know about the Manchester United playmaker Bruno Fernandes!
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  • At what place will end United this season?

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My GoalMånad sedan
    • @Irina Cobel They are first right now u know...

      DynamoXDynamoX11 timmar sedan
    • 1st or 2nd

      Emanuelplays 122Emanuelplays 122Dag sedan
    • @Holden Hughes fair play, dont know how youve shithoused your way there

      Zeyad ElSawyZeyad ElSawyDag sedan
    • @Soccer Fun With Aranyak funny considering we’re 3 points clear of 1st

      Holden HughesHolden HughesDag sedan
    • @Zeyad ElSawy look at us now smh

      Holden HughesHolden HughesDag sedan
  • He is not the best and Man Utd the best in Lingardiniho

    Nicola Di leoneNicola Di leone3 dagar sedan
  • Pogba is better than bruno Fernandes

    qoordheere Naashkaqoordheere Naashka3 dagar sedan
  • Nice video but how did you know about all these facts. Please answer Oh My Goal 🥅

    Umer AhmedUmer Ahmed3 dagar sedan
  • Bruno fernandes is my favorite player

    Julieta BorgesJulieta Borges4 dagar sedan
  • He was so clapped as a child look at his teeth

    Seth ThomasSeth Thomas4 dagar sedan
  • United are gonna win the premier league this season

    Yunus ValliYunus Valli4 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/tv/QHBOQYrFQgcZAbyQCbYLjA.html

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  • Bruno u changed manchester I just like u

    KINARAKINARA6 dagar sedan
  • Bruno Fernansh

    nic emerynic emery7 dagar sedan
  • Whats with the guy in the horse mask??

    Ali ZidanAli Zidan7 dagar sedan
  • K

    ICYCrewICYCrew7 dagar sedan
  • He couldn't lace debruynes boots

    Graeme LeachGraeme Leach8 dagar sedan
  • Without bruno we are nothing 🤧

    Aaron JeremyAaron Jeremy8 dagar sedan
  • These people compared pirlo to fernandes A deep playmaker to an attacking midfielder

    K GK G8 dagar sedan
  • We need two more players like Bruno that gonna cry when to sign for Man U and we will be back in our glory days!!! Amazing guy! Make us wonder why we sign likes of Di Maria, Falcao,Schweisteiger and many more!

    Darko JovevskiDarko Jovevski9 dagar sedan
  • 5:51 he plays football manager 😲😄

    Mr professor TrimMr professor Trim11 dagar sedan
  • Already a Man Utd legend in my book

    AFNAN StudioAFNAN Studio11 dagar sedan
  • 新国王!

    l keaisixul keaisixu11 dagar sedan
  • When he started playing with Mn United his start price in fantasy prime league was 8m

    Hamdy HassanHamdy Hassan11 dagar sedan
  • I knew 5 of the 8 already I wonder why (read my name)

    Manchester United fanManchester United fan12 dagar sedan
  • Pronounced Fer-nan-desh not Fernandez he ain't spanish

    Art *Art *12 dagar sedan
  • What a player

    Choychun SaifChoychun Saif12 dagar sedan
  • Did he smile when he went to prison

    Juicy ContentJuicy Content12 dagar sedan
  • Pause at 3:49, is his hand small??

    Kaviraj KashelkarKaviraj Kashelkar12 dagar sedan
  • First I'm hoping

    Amejah 464Amejah 46413 dagar sedan
  • If I was accepted by man unt I would be in tears😢😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

    Nathan LefitoNathan Lefito13 dagar sedan
    • I love the man very much and want to learn more about his I interest

      Sherri DavisonSherri Davison12 dagar sedan
    • I'.have started dating someone that loves football any advice on what I should watch .I'm American and watch football

      Sherri DavisonSherri Davison12 dagar sedan
  • When will FIFA & PES make that jumping penalty taking technique available???????🎮

    Lazy HustlerLazy Hustler13 dagar sedan
  • Bruno is an "Inspiration To Anyone Who Works Hard To Achieve The Impossible" Truly there's nothing Impossible as long as you work hard..Bruno is also emotional and thats how good players playing for the badge should be Am Really Happy Manchester United Signed him

    shukri olatishukri olati13 dagar sedan
  • Lol.... Premier league goalkeepers who are crying

    onunkun Victoronunkun Victor14 dagar sedan

    Alex KAlex K14 dagar sedan
  • i knew bruno all my life

    TTVBL4ZE FNTTVBL4ZE FN14 dagar sedan
  • Man don’t show my guy Sam Johnson at 5.23 - West Brom are too bad for him - he gets wronged by West Brom every game. He literally saved Bruno’s penalty and then Bruno had to take it again because he was off his line. Shame on you Soccer Stories

    Ali & Sulaiman IshaqAli & Sulaiman Ishaq15 dagar sedan
  • A Special gift to United.. Thanks for all you've done and thanks in anticipation for what you're gonna do.

    Tobiloba OlaoyeTobiloba Olaoye15 dagar sedan
  • Poli

    സയനൈഡ് സുനിസയനൈഡ് സുനി15 dagar sedan
  • I do find this channel amusing. The guy speaking clearly knows nothing about football 🤣

    ChubbyChecker182ChubbyChecker18215 dagar sedan
  • True

    Game BredGame Bred16 dagar sedan
  • Wilfread zaha next

    Yum yum cooking recipesYum yum cooking recipes16 dagar sedan
  • It’s not Fernandes it’s Bruno fernance

    Trainer FurretTrainer Furret16 dagar sedan
  • Just subscribed😊😂

    Yussuf HassanYussuf Hassan16 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/rJGZ2MfMaKSp1oE/video

    Kushal PaudelKushal Paudel16 dagar sedan
  • That’s Jorginho’s technique

    MastroGamingMastroGaming16 dagar sedan
  • Now we are second on the table cause of him LoveBruno

    Bangis ZamaniBangis Zamani16 dagar sedan
  • He missed more than one haha Karl Darlow saved one as well

    Ballantyne BrosBallantyne Bros16 dagar sedan
  • He had an assist again for a crucial late winner against wolves!! Damn!! Best player in the league.

    MohamedDeeqMohamedDeeq16 dagar sedan
  • 3 years ago he was unknown ?? He was very known when he was playing for Sampdoria

    You're a PeasantYou're a Peasant17 dagar sedan
  • I have footbal videos

    The FutbolThe Futbol17 dagar sedan
  • True United forever

    David BarnesDavid Barnes17 dagar sedan
  • 5:27 LMAO!!!!!!!!

    Life of FootballLife of Football18 dagar sedan
  • Anthony martial next plz 🤩

    cross_a_gad cross_a_gadcross_a_gad cross_a_gad18 dagar sedan
  • He should keep playing midflied

    Michael JosephMichael Joseph18 dagar sedan
  • 🙂

    Caleb CheruiyotCaleb Cheruiyot18 dagar sedan
  • Imagine him at Real Madrid

    Alex AndreiAlex Andrei18 dagar sedan
  • The unused week preferably x-ray because theory scully number barring a common millimeter. gigantic, nutty period

    Chris GeorgeChris George18 dagar sedan
  • As a utd fan i can tell that we would be mid table if bruno didn't came in

    btw_its _ghostbtw_its _ghost18 dagar sedan
  • That first clip was perfect for tik tok

    Abulele NxumaloAbulele Nxumalo19 dagar sedan
  • If i see a subscribe ad in a middle of a video.. Im unsubscribing.

    MagnusMagnus19 dagar sedan
  • My midfielder!!

    97 Hov97 Hov19 dagar sedan
  • The clubs that rejected him will be very sad

    olufela ibukunolufela ibukun20 dagar sedan
  • Jorginho should take remedial penalty lessons from Bruno

    Bill WilliamsBill Williams20 dagar sedan
  • I have football videos

    The FutbolThe Futbol20 dagar sedan
  • Pen merchant

    xxx waltertacionxxx waltertacion20 dagar sedan
  • He's reunion member. A strong one

    Nugroho EryNugroho Ery20 dagar sedan
  • BRUNO ❤️

    Aurindom BorahAurindom Borah20 dagar sedan
  • merry Christmas

    TommySkidTommySkid20 dagar sedan
  • How I wish I could go back to 2004

    Benjamin TanuwiraBenjamin Tanuwira20 dagar sedan

    manolisdentgamesmanolisdentgames21 dag sedan
  • 330000's view :)

    Xi iXXi iX21 dag sedan
  • Bruno u have a special kick so I can score always Penaldo: hey imposter u suck I can shoot penalty better than u

    《FTG\LYNX》《FTG\LYNX》21 dag sedan
  • A golden signing for United

    Адилбек НурлашевАдилбек Нурлашев21 dag sedan
  • The savior

    rakib sabujrakib sabuj21 dag sedan
  • Don’t want to know anything about Bruno but I surely know he is going to be worse soon..... 😂😂😂 because playing in the team with no talent & becoming the hero of team means a joke

    Akibul WadudAkibul Wadud21 dag sedan
  • Bruno cry while coming to man u what is lingardinho doing

    Mr DreddMr Dredd21 dag sedan
  • Bruno Pernandes

    Cliqcz YTCliqcz YT21 dag sedan
  • He’s definitely knight in shining armour

    Mahad MohamedMahad Mohamed21 dag sedan
  • Bruno changed man utd the way many of them cannot💞

    zayanzakkariya zakzayanzakkariya zak22 dagar sedan
  • I'll subscribe when you change your name from soccer to football :)

    Goran KrstevGoran Krstev22 dagar sedan
  • Pls do face reavle

    Dean CamilleriDean Camilleri22 dagar sedan
  • Magnifico

    VogonyoTVVogonyoTV22 dagar sedan
  • At 3:01 there isn't Bruno Fernandes written at the bottom, benzema is there, check it OH MY GOAL haha

    iSulevids™iSulevids™22 dagar sedan
  • Hey if you r watching this video😠😠😠

    Bonga SokhelaBonga Sokhela22 dagar sedan
  • 5:12 the best part of this video, even got emotional at that part.

    ZJD 85ZJD 8522 dagar sedan
  • Tavalo hahahah

    x SLASHx SLASH22 dagar sedan
  • Maybe ole has a backup CB after all.

    Fabish MutsoliFabish Mutsoli22 dagar sedan
  • Lmao...5:29 "now its epl goalkeepers who are crying" lol...

    MMofope FabunmiMMofope Fabunmi23 dagar sedan
  • 7:42 the moment you realize my boy is playing ps2 is when you know he is pretty old.

    teratr8onteratr8on23 dagar sedan
  • when he said he cried because he moved to machester i thought they were too bad 4 him

    IS7IS723 dagar sedan
  • Bruno monster fernandez

    Madhavan KumariMadhavan Kumari23 dagar sedan
  • He's an Espada

    Omar JimenezOmar Jimenez23 dagar sedan
  • Oh my goal you got that wrong the best player on manchester United is lingardiño

    Leonel EspinosaLeonel Espinosa23 dagar sedan
  • Already a United legend in me eyes❤️

    • Achievements like this are what we expected from Paul Pogba before we could call him a legend. Unfortunately he did nothing for us, yet wants to leave. Good riddance.

      Lancer EvoLancer Evo9 dagar sedan
  • I thought that Szayel was the Nr. 8 Espada...Seems I was wrong.

    Andrei 13Andrei 1323 dagar sedan
  • 7:16 what type of training is this??

    AKGAKG23 dagar sedan
  • GGMU

    Nopal slokinakalNopal slokinakal23 dagar sedan
  • Class

    Nopal slokinakalNopal slokinakal23 dagar sedan
  • Buno is a best

    Conor PARKHILLConor PARKHILL23 dagar sedan
  • hey.8 things and 8 is his favourite number what he only have 8 and 8

    Islamic WordsIslamic Words23 dagar sedan
  • I can't lose and have a smile on my face ‼️

    Romaine FowlerRomaine Fowler23 dagar sedan
  • The mature thread consequently approve because view presumably slip around a calculating coffee. murky, acidic behavior

    Hurline RoseHurline Rose23 dagar sedan
  • One day you guys call him Penandes and another day you make a video praising him. You guys are so pathetic. Fake news, calling Ronaldo - Penando and Bruno - Penandes. You guys should try to learn stuff from 433.

    Harimurali JHarimurali J23 dagar sedan