Oh My Goal's predictions for the 20/21 Champions League's group stage | Oh My Goal

14 nov 2020
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Barcelona, Real Madrid, Juventus - all the best teams are in the Champions League this year. But who out of Barcelona, Real Madrid and Juventus will make it to the knockout rounds of the Champions League? Find out in this video where we share our predictions...and let us know yours!
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  • Dude, You are Genius.

    AxtronAxtron8 dagar sedan
  • Little did he know juventus would go on to beat barca 3-0

    JahirJahir12 dagar sedan
  • Cringe

    LukaLuka23 dagar sedan
    • Stop the cap

      Yonni TenelemaYonni Tenelema4 dagar sedan
  • conspiracy theory: oh my goal decides the champions

    Earl DEarl D25 dagar sedan
  • ronaldo, behind messi...

    Earl DEarl D25 dagar sedan
  • The way the predicted Manu's fate yet we thought they would go through awesome stuff oh my goal

    The Crossover gamer 2.0The Crossover gamer 2.025 dagar sedan
  • Bro he got them all right

    Lixsi ReyesLixsi Reyes28 dagar sedan
    • Yeah he did bro

      Yonni TenelemaYonni Tenelema4 dagar sedan
  • Neymar skills goals seworld.info/will/h6zH0qm9qYyisnU/video

    CursedEditsCursedEdits29 dagar sedan
  • Correct

    *HuZzY;.p BS*HuZzY;.p BSMånad sedan
  • every prediction was correct of my goal is ricked

    Lakshya SinghLakshya SinghMånad sedan
  • Hahahahaha...Messi won't be there in Barça...Hahahajjajajajaja.He will be in some other Team and if its PSG..BOOM

    Shams MohammedShams MohammedMånad sedan
  • All accurate 🤯🤯🤯

    Tofazzal HossainTofazzal HossainMånad sedan
  • He is an alien they are al correct like psg winnign Man u

    extratypical gamerextratypical gamerMånad sedan
  • Every one of them were right 😦

    RalphRalphMånad sedan
    • Nope juve finish above barca

      WhıtêjŕWhıtêjŕ8 dagar sedan
  • Who here knowing they were right

    cat fishcat fishMånad sedan
  • OMG Oh My goal was right 3:00 wait 10 secs

    rony mon Josephrony mon JosephMånad sedan
  • Plot twist:This video was made with time machine 😂

    Smk memesSmk memesMånad sedan
  • He was right! Mu didn’t go through

    Maxim Kozhukhov bMaxim Kozhukhov bMånad sedan
  • Man u will ho through

    Kartik DavdaKartik DavdaMånad sedan
  • that was perfect lol

    Thunder ProThunder ProMånad sedan
  • they got everyting right...

    Blue!Blue!Månad sedan
  • Who is here when Barack is eliminated from the champions league

    Prince BeastPrince BeastMånad sedan
  • Only 1error wow gj

    ALMA ZZALMA ZZMånad sedan
  • All your predictions came trye

    FloppyFloppyMånad sedan

    Sadiq RazaSadiq RazaMånad sedan

    Sadiq RazaSadiq RazaMånad sedan
  • bro your predictions were correct unbeliveable

    Hekmat MottalibHekmat MottalibMånad sedan
  • bruh they’re all correct exept juve first and barca second

    Georges HajjarGeorges HajjarMånad sedan
  • All correct bro

    Jyshree JethwaJyshree JethwaMånad sedan
  • I knew that man u will bottle it

    Juan Diego SalazarJuan Diego SalazarMånad sedan
  • Your predictions were right

    Hala MadridHala MadridMånad sedan
  • All predictions right

    Albert John NielsenAlbert John NielsenMånad sedan
  • OMFG how did you predict everything right???? That’s crazy!

    Kai TatezawaKai TatezawaMånad sedan
  • Me psg fan after groups

    emgo123emgo123Månad sedan
  • Wow stunning predictions. And now it a come true....

  • They are right

    Arjun DeshpandeArjun DeshpandeMånad sedan
  • Liverpool will win the UCL

    Darren CallanDarren CallanMånad sedan
    • Psg is gonna win@Huguenot

      Radiance OzakpolorRadiance OzakpolorMånad sedan
    • Psg

      HuguenotHuguenotMånad sedan
  • 4 weeks ago: Your all wrong Today: THEY GOT IT ALL RIGHT

    • Almost except for barca finishing 1st and juve 2nd but still all the teams they said would go through were correct

      Mr Sniper 366Mr Sniper 366Månad sedan
  • You got almost everything right except that juventus is at the top of his group instead of barca

    Croat 03Croat 03Månad sedan
  • Whos here after inter didnt qualify

    Mohamed Khalid'sMohamed Khalid'sMånad sedan
  • Chelsea will win this time ,anyone agree, c'mon blues

    Zosangzuala ZualaZosangzuala ZualaMånad sedan
  • Ummm. Do y’all realize that they guessed everything that happened

    Yousef TVYousef TVMånad sedan
  • Im surprised by the fact that how could u be so accurate😬

    Roshan MallaRoshan MallaMånad sedan

    Bryan SantosBryan SantosMånad sedan
  • Oh My Goal got them all right!

    Rohith RamanRohith RamanMånad sedan
  • Well it was the other way

    Lil BRANDTLil BRANDTMånad sedan
  • Coming here after the group stage and see that they predicted right every single one of them (except cr7 was the one who lead juventus to top the group, and barca right behind)

    Filipe LourençoFilipe LourençoMånad sedan
  • ive just watched this when the groupstage has finished they've got it all right

    Block##Block##Månad sedan
  • These predictions were right OMG (GOAL) 😱

    xD_aaren GamingxD_aaren GamingMånad sedan
  • All prediction of yours was right

    Rudraraj BhattacharyaRudraraj BhattacharyaMånad sedan
  • Prediction 8/8

    Ahmed AlshamsiAhmed AlshamsiMånad sedan
  • Man he got 100%

    AshiAshiMånad sedan
  • Yes allllllll correct

    Mohammed FadoulMohammed FadoulMånad sedan
  • Whaaaaaaaaaat

    Mohammed FadoulMohammed FadoulMånad sedan
  • You were right about group H

    Imma BamideleImma BamideleMånad sedan
  • 2mistakes @ohmygoal just incredible prediction except group B

    Murodbek SalimovMurodbek SalimovMånad sedan
  • Wtf u guess all of them correct🤯

    Kenny-YKenny-YMånad sedan
  • Bruh ronaldo got barca

    ownies clanownies clanMånad sedan
  • Every single prediction was correct

    Abhiram RAbhiram RMånad sedan
  • Your pridictition are right

    Mohammad RazaMohammad RazaMånad sedan
  • The way he pronounced Rennais and Leipzig as well 😭😭😭

    Han SoloHan SoloMånad sedan
  • lmao they predicted group B right. I expected them to put Inter thru with Madrid

  • Bro he got all the predictions right

    LEE 10LEE 10Månad sedan
  • Yo he predicted everything correctly Next step winner of champions league

    gogeta samagogeta samaMånad sedan
  • liverpool

    Diamond gamingDiamond gamingMånad sedan
    • @Pablo Miranda uh sure!

      Diamond gamingDiamond gamingMånad sedan
    • @Diamond gaming wanna be my friend?

      Pablo MirandaPablo MirandaMånad sedan
    • @Pablo Miranda yh

      Diamond gamingDiamond gamingMånad sedan
    • @Pablo Miranda liverpool 4 ever!

      Diamond gamingDiamond gamingMånad sedan
    • You play ROBLOX?

      Pablo MirandaPablo MirandaMånad sedan
  • All he says is true

    Musab MursalMusab MursalMånad sedan
  • You must be from future

    zack 01zack 01Månad sedan
  • How did they get everyone correct

    PaulndawgPaulndawgMånad sedan
  • Bro Wtf y’all predicted everything right 💀💀

    Zeus RyugaZeus RyugaMånad sedan
  • Literally each prediction was right

    Onkar RathOnkar RathMånad sedan
  • Hala Madrid they qualified suck on my fat one barca fans

    this is a name so deal with itthis is a name so deal with itMånad sedan
  • So accurate

    Ronit Jo21Ronit Jo21Månad sedan
  • Your predictions are mostly correct. Cool

    Ramesh LamaRamesh LamaMånad sedan
    • All of them were

      Malek ElbeshtiMalek ElbeshtiMånad sedan
  • Illuminati confirmed. All of them were right.

    Mohammad ZghaibMohammad ZghaibMånad sedan
  • Spot on

    Spectacular GamingSpectacular GamingMånad sedan
  • All predictions came true Why won't you believe in PSG will beat Bayern then I will be happy of PSG winning their first ucl And ney too

    Jibin GeorgeJibin GeorgeMånad sedan
  • Spot on

    RoshladRoshladMånad sedan
  • *GENIUS*

    PaskritPaskritMånad sedan
  • Anyone have this in their recommendations

    Mister KODMister KODMånad sedan
  • Oh my goal can see future Manchester United crumbled like they predicted wow hands of

    Siddhart GSiddhart GMånad sedan

    YuT_ LiverpudlianYuT_ LiverpudlianMånad sedan
  • Guys is it me or did he get all of them right

    Masooma UmerMasooma UmerMånad sedan
    • Yeah

      Masego PeegaMasego PeegaMånad sedan
    • Yes lol

      MIKO mikoMIKO mikoMånad sedan
  • Who is here after group stage

    MM_ theboyMM_ theboyMånad sedan
  • The predictions were all correct

    NmaraqaNmaraqaMånad sedan
  • Oh wooow

    RyanRyanMånad sedan
  • Nice prediction, Man United will qualif... Sike u got da wrong NUMBER

    Asian Sky LandAsian Sky LandMånad sedan
  • HOW????

    AnonymousAnonymousMånad sedan

    PotatoChipXBPotatoChipXBMånad sedan
  • ,

    Alex_MBAlex_MBMånad sedan
  • All were correct 😲

    Lm10 The legendLm10 The legendMånad sedan
  • They prediction are 100% correct. CONSPIRACY??????!!!!!!!!!

    Vin RichadoVin RichadoMånad sedan
  • Me watching this after everyone has qualified realizing they were all accurate 🤯

    Faisal ArabiyatFaisal ArabiyatMånad sedan
    • Sooo true

      Ashwin DastpeshAshwin Dastpesh39 minuter sedan
    • Except one Juve won the group

      Ayush Biswas GamingAyush Biswas Gaming27 dagar sedan
    • Ya you are right but everything else is correct

      Faisal ArabiyatFaisal ArabiyatMånad sedan
    • Not exactly, Juve finished ahead of Barca 😏

      Rajveer SinghRajveer SinghMånad sedan
    • @Amin Tijani i mean man u messed up so that was a good prediction.

      manzar rahmanmanzar rahmanMånad sedan
  • Oh my god, your prediction is 100% matched. How on the earth ??? Genius

    shisir thapashisir thapaMånad sedan
  • lol you got them all spot on!

    Nufail VhoraNufail VhoraMånad sedan
  • Amazing how Oh My Goal predicted EVERYTHING CORRECTLY. Illuminati confirmed?

    Putra Junior CubingPutra Junior CubingMånad sedan
  • You got everything right wow

    Who Actually Am iWho Actually Am iMånad sedan
  • Just realised that he got all of them right 🤭

    Ayaan SyedAyaan SyedMånad sedan
  • they got it all right lmao

    Bonnaffoux mBonnaffoux mMånad sedan
  • This was spot on 😳

    Ivan BIvan BMånad sedan
  • I can’t believe OMG got all of these predictions correct

    Armando DiazArmando DiazMånad sedan
    • @mhphsmm 0263 yes

    • Group G???Barcelona is only runner up and juventus is group winner.

      mhphsmm 0263mhphsmm 0263Månad sedan