Does Leo Messi really act like a dictator at FC Barcelona? | Oh My Goal

8 jan 2021
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Lionel Messi is often described as a dictator at FC Barcelona. He decides everything, he decides on the signings, who plays, etc… But does Messi really rule with an iron fist at FC Barcelona? Or has this been completely invented by certain “real powers” in Barcelona? The answer is in Oh My Goal’s latest investigation!
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  • Yes Netflix should go to Barca and make a series about messi on 'How i faked my retirement & how you can do it too"

    Apon. ComApon. ComDag sedan
  • Messi is better then all of the barcelona coaches and board combind

    AppleApple3 dagar sedan
  • I really think messi as the emperor of barca would have done far less damage than it the club have now

    Adarsh SomanAdarsh Soman4 dagar sedan
  • Messi is atrue footballer...........we criticize everyone that blames messi for everything

    Tanvir ForaziTanvir Forazi4 dagar sedan
  • My guys this man is the club now he is trying fix it as much as he can before he might leave and they make him sound like a bad guy

    Edin ImeriEdin Imeri6 dagar sedan
  • And they have no actual prove. U gotta be in the dressing room to find out Not speculations

    DanDan7 dagar sedan
  • I thought first that the voice-over was from Mrbeast

    FIFAKIPFIFAKIP7 dagar sedan
  • He lost 4 major finals he done all he could do

    Rishi RenjithRishi Renjith8 dagar sedan

    Rishi RenjithRishi Renjith8 dagar sedan
  • If messi asked to sign a player its because of the club management board doesn't know how to spend the budget just wasting money

    Rishi RenjithRishi Renjith8 dagar sedan
  • There may be some people who hate or blame Messi but there are millions of fan who love him

    Prabesh ThapaPrabesh Thapa9 dagar sedan
  • Because don’t know behind the scenes

    Jack BinghamJack Bingham10 dagar sedan
  • If Messi chose transfers then MSN would have been re United again

    ManavManav10 dagar sedan
  • If anything he deserves to act like this.

    ManavManav10 dagar sedan
  • This is exactly why Messi deserves to leave Barcelona because there's just to much drama and behind this absolutely alien like footballing icon is a normal Argentine human being who has feelings like everyone else- who has feelings and emotions and can be particularly shy.If he could go he will get the relief from stress that he gets at Barcelona because honestly you can feel very isolated knowing that there are hundreds of thousands of people who are always on your case

    Nhlanhla MadikizaNhlanhla Madikiza10 dagar sedan
  • Think and then speak... if he is a dictator why he didn't left?

    Emi PopEmi Pop10 dagar sedan
  • Messi = barcelona . we all know that except some fake fan .

    shib sankar Lahashib sankar Laha11 dagar sedan
  • Messi should leave Barcelona and join Juventus😅😅😅😅

    Typical Phantom GamerTypical Phantom Gamer11 dagar sedan
  • Cr7 wants to play football better than yesterday.. Not to be an Icon. Fuck that Cr7 hater

    Steve Saji GeorgeSteve Saji George11 dagar sedan
  • Trusting Messi too much, will badly affect Youngsters at Barca, and fact is that it already affected players like kubo, Eric garcia, Jurado...

    Steve Saji GeorgeSteve Saji George11 dagar sedan
  • Leo Messi ack like a dictator on the field in the past he can show authority on the pitch with Xavi and Iniesta xD

    Nathanael EdricNathanael Edric11 dagar sedan
  • True content

    Mukhtaruddin ShahMukhtaruddin Shah11 dagar sedan
  • This is fake

    Marwan OkalMarwan Okal12 dagar sedan
  • No he's a leader not a dictator. He's the goat 🐐 he's an idol

    Nishay SayaniNishay Sayani12 dagar sedan
    • He’s not a goat he’s the ghost in big games lmaooo

      Max imiliousMax imilious6 dagar sedan
  • this video should be shared to others

    Benjil TanBenjil Tan12 dagar sedan
  • And all the fake news starts from this channel 😐

    Zeba RaisaZeba Raisa12 dagar sedan
  • when messi leaves all will be revealed

    Keith SavioKeith Savio13 dagar sedan
  • Dictator! You can do anything to gather more views and likes

    Siddharth dasSiddharth das13 dagar sedan
  • I trust Messi more than any President.Barca would have been in much better position if Messi would have took all descions instead of Bartomeu.

    Visca El BarcaVisca El Barca13 dagar sedan
  • The truth is Neymar was the king at Barça before because after ney left the situation went from exelent to good to bad to worse and now possibly bankrupt

    Bhavna MandaliaBhavna Mandalia13 dagar sedan
  • Messi is The Greatest Of All Time 👑🐐

    ambesh karanjitambesh karanjit13 dagar sedan
  • I think that guy is Dream

    good nicegood nice13 dagar sedan
  • Kim Jong Messi

    S0S_360IIS0S_360II13 dagar sedan
  • That's one of the many reasons I prefer Messi over all the other players

    Hope 777Hope 77713 dagar sedan
  • Barca would've been in a much better situation if Messi took every decision

    Rajarshi Dutta GuptaRajarshi Dutta Gupta13 dagar sedan
  • These are just some perks of being the greatest player of all time

    Rajarshi Dutta GuptaRajarshi Dutta Gupta13 dagar sedan
  • first of all media ha shut there mouth if they like cristiona than dont hide it ad criticize messi h egave everythink to barca also setien is just trying to get excusess to his mistakes

    shadow 0614shadow 061413 dagar sedan
  • Messi is the best player in the world 🌍 world

    Khaldoon ArmoutiKhaldoon Armouti13 dagar sedan
  • He should be. . . . This is the way.

    Red hoodRed hood13 dagar sedan
  • “I love you more than my father” hahaha

    Troy TaylorTroy Taylor13 dagar sedan
  • Barca is Messi's 2nd home after Rosario. He loves the club from his deepest parts of his heart. He can obviously launch his decision what can be good for barca or not as he have seen the club from its nearest. He have the power to lead the club but not like a dictatorship!

    Sulekha Guha ThakurtaSulekha Guha Thakurta14 dagar sedan
  • If Messi had power over transfers at the club, Suarez would have never left... No one ever thought about that.

    A DA D14 dagar sedan
  • Netflix after watching this:ok let's go barcelona

    dathu jrdathu jr14 dagar sedan
  • 💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓💓

    Parthasarathi SahaParthasarathi Saha14 dagar sedan
  • Do an video about Promes kill

    RilxdoRilxdo14 dagar sedan
  • Messi is like the dad of FC Barcelona

    Anirban ChakrabortyAnirban Chakraborty14 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact: The time of the video changes when you click on it. Try it out

    Snigdha SinghSnigdha Singh14 dagar sedan
  • If messi had so much power , he wouldn't have allowed Suarez transfer.

    Imran KhanImran Khan14 dagar sedan
  • Am gonna be honest whats a diclator

    ALIYEL HafiziALIYEL Hafizi14 dagar sedan
  • Barcelona most buy Erling haaland

    mussie ambesajermussie ambesajer14 dagar sedan
  • Dubai can't buy Messi

    Aayush PoudelAayush Poudel14 dagar sedan
  • Barca is bankrupt now after paying Messi's salary for all these years

    Inazuma11playInazuma11play14 dagar sedan
    • Lol!Barca annual revenue after pandemic:650m euros Bayern revenue before pandemic:670m euros.

      Visca El BarcaVisca El Barca13 dagar sedan
  • Justin cracked at fortnite my guy uuuuù

    ØP LightningØP Lightning14 dagar sedan
  • New video on oh my Ronaldo

    VibhavVibhav14 dagar sedan
  • Just cause everybody likes Messi doesn’t mean u can trust him

    Lukeyboy12 3Lukeyboy12 314 dagar sedan
  • Eric Olhats doesnt know a thing about Messi! He can go to the barca locker room and see for himself!

    Parrot PlayzParrot Playz14 dagar sedan
  • Even if he's the dictator still beter than bartameau

    Shipra BhartiShipra Bharti14 dagar sedan
  • If you are seeing my comment, itd a reminder to dislike and in subscribe this channel

    Shubash Lm10Shubash Lm1014 dagar sedan
  • No.

    UltraGodOp - CoDUltraGodOp - CoD14 dagar sedan
  • The amount of money youtubers get by just Messi's name 😂😂😂😂

    Harsh BhatiaHarsh Bhatia14 dagar sedan
  • He disappears when the team plays poor. He isolated players from the team and retired from Argentina twice. He one of the best players ever, not the best leader.

    Guapo SavvyGuapo Savvy14 dagar sedan
  • Don't speak for things you don't know.You can't have a bunch of people that know nothing about barcas philosophy only because you know that you will get more views.Also where is pique or what is pique doing now for the club at this crisis? Nothing.If there is someone to blame here is surely not Messi.He said his opinion on everything and you know what?He was correct on everything.So I'm unsubbing because your football knowledge is big but you don't use it to give to other people too.You just provoke people for no reason to get views

    the man the myth the legendthe man the myth the legend14 dagar sedan
  • Poor Leo 😔.Barca doesn't deserve him anymore!

    KARTHIK JSKARTHIK JS14 dagar sedan
  • Great job man

    Bruno KoechBruno Koech14 dagar sedan
  • Aside from being the best olayer in the world . He acts bit like a child not as a best player of the world while cr7 acts more a bit like the best player of the world . I think thats what the difference between cr7 and leo character . No offense to leo. Its just my opinion.!!!

    Akshat shahAkshat shah14 dagar sedan
  • lol OMG bringing up the "I love you more than my father" joke

    FM StegenFM Stegen14 dagar sedan
    • Lovee ur vids FM STEGEN 😍 ❤

      afoo aqeeafoo aqee14 dagar sedan
  • If Messi decides who leaves who stay, MSN will play forever.........

    Abhishek SinghAbhishek Singh14 dagar sedan
  • You look like BRUNO

    Saransh AgrawalSaransh Agrawal14 dagar sedan
  • Sigan Titando lo que quieran al final la verad absoluta es de Messi y sus alrededores. COMO DIJO DIEGO " LOS PERIODISTAS SON GENTE QUE EN SU VIDA HAN PATEADO UN BALON Y SE SIENTEN CON DERECHO A OPINAR" By: Maradona 😂

    And oAnd o14 dagar sedan
  • if Messi was the dictator he wouldn't want to leave Barca ( I'm a Madrid fan ) I gotchu Barca fans

    Pranay SiddharthPranay Siddharth14 dagar sedan
  • You can utilise his humbleness. You can't win 6 Balon d'Ors.

    rohit srohit s14 dagar sedan
  • At Thai point if a player goes to Barcelona it doesn’t mean they are good it’s just that Barcelona need average players because they can’t find the best anymore

    Manuel Baut104Manuel Baut10414 dagar sedan
  • Just bartomeu things

    YuGPaTeL10YuGPaTeL1014 dagar sedan
  • He was fine till 2016 until bartameou has started his play .

    Akhil NallaAkhil Nalla14 dagar sedan
  • Messi decides who should stay but suarez and neymar leaves 🤦‍♂️

    Abel RoyAbel Roy14 dagar sedan
    • I think you forget when Koeman arrived..He said no more special treatment..And that Missy had no say anymore..And Neymar left because he wanted to mess he couldn’t stop him..So get your shit and your facts together

      Max imiliousMax imilious11 dagar sedan
  • Messi si amd always will be My IDOL , THE GOD OF FOOTBALL for me...!! LOVE YOU MESSIIIIIIIIIII........!!😘😍🥰

    Himanshu YadavHimanshu Yadav14 dagar sedan
  • Tf why bring ronaldo in messi matter

    SamsungJ7 NxtSamsungJ7 Nxt14 dagar sedan
  • people who are saying messi as a dictator........... me : you all are approaching your death very very soon

    Piyush ChourasiaPiyush Chourasia14 dagar sedan
  • The dislikes are likes missed by *Morata*

    Mr DiamondMr Diamond14 dagar sedan
    • 😂

      Khomba ThounaKhomba Thouna14 dagar sedan
    • lol

      FM StegenFM Stegen14 dagar sedan
  • The goat is soo humble

    Anus TahshinAnus Tahshin14 dagar sedan
  • ......................Griezmann. Dembele. Pedri. Messi De jong. Busquets Alba. Araujo. Pique. Dest

    Kush TripathiKush Tripathi14 dagar sedan
  • He got Barca to pay him 45 millions a year!! What does that tell you!! Has disappeared last 4 or 5 years in Champions..but that is ok!! Just see what is happening with Argentina's National team!!

    Delia MartinexDelia Martinex14 dagar sedan
  • Thank you @ohmygoal for clearing these type of thoughts from fake Barça fans and also some other teams one.....we cúles never ever came into these traps but still thank you for speaking out loud Once again thanks @ohmygoal

    Haritashva ShrivastavaHaritashva Shrivastava14 dagar sedan
  • Stop accusing him.. He's already been burdens by what Bartomeu doing... Just leave him alone... 😤😤😤

    New BornXoXNew BornXoX14 dagar sedan
  • If Messi that powerful why his friends (like Suarez) get bad treatment by the club? Think again...

    HUGOHUGO14 dagar sedan

      KARTHIK JSKARTHIK JS6 dagar sedan
  • Hu

    Raphael DimianRaphael Dimian14 dagar sedan
  • Messi is honest player that's why the fans can trust him no matter what he pushes himself so he can be better and better every day so he can still make us entertaind and admired

    Henry AlmonteHenry Almonte14 dagar sedan
  • Justin looks like bruno fernandes but with a wig 😂😂😂

    Yahia Champ21Yahia Champ2114 dagar sedan
  • I love this content..I haven't finished the video yet but I can tell that yuh really knoe Messi..I'm all the way in China but I love Barcelona n I've got to knoe how Messi really is AND I've realized from the beginning that Messi isn't a DICTATOR AT ALL n what I love bout him is that he doesn't love CLOUT he doesn't like FAME but he knows that he's the best in the WORLD👑

    TheRealBrian NoelTheRealBrian Noel14 dagar sedan
    • Yep bro that's a good one,power,powerful

      Marino SakidinMarino Sakidin14 dagar sedan
    • Yep bro thats a good one,power

      Marino SakidinMarino Sakidin14 dagar sedan
  • Messi has the right to be a dictator to be honest coz he probably runs this club better

    TCM CityTCM City14 dagar sedan
  • Please make a video on a female soccer player

    Milan QP7Milan QP714 dagar sedan
  • Oh my goal and the press are a bunch of haters

    Fernando VegaFernando Vega14 dagar sedan
  • *I pray anyone that sees this is successful in life*

    Can i get 1 SubCan i get 1 Sub14 dagar sedan
  • come to city

    Tie Tie TimoTie Tie Timo14 dagar sedan
  • Fuck the new coach he literally kicked out Luis Suarez I want the old days back MSN BBC

    Futboll Fan across the worldFutboll Fan across the world14 dagar sedan
  • How the hell is he a dictator at barca yall dont even know what that means if he decided who plays then I am pretty sure griezmann and braithwaite wouldnt be played so often and puig wouldnt always be on the bench im disliking this nonsense

    Adrian Da GoatAdrian Da Goat14 dagar sedan
  • Hello oh my goal. When I watched Liverpools match today, Barry had something he carried that I was confused.

    Lockwar The NarratorLockwar The Narrator14 dagar sedan
  • If you say messi never gives transfer requests except from Kün Aguero why did you make a video about him giving a transfer request for Martinez from Inter Milan

    Miropten WonderkidsMiropten Wonderkids14 dagar sedan
    • MONEY!!!! (Mr krabs photo)

      Yash SewarikYash Sewarik14 dagar sedan
    • 🤫🤫 🤣🤣

      Drez #Drez #14 dagar sedan
  • Send me ur location. DON'T EVER CRITICIZE MESSI

    Mayank AhlawatMayank Ahlawat14 dagar sedan
    • Lmaooo Messi sucks

      Max imiliousMax imilious14 dagar sedan
  • Messi not a dictator 🤡

    Oliver JadosOliver Jados14 dagar sedan