Mahrez, Aubameyang, Koulibaly: why some players refuse to play for France - INVESTIGATION

22 dec 2020
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Riyadh Mahrez, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Anthony Lopes : they could all have played for France because they are binational. However, they decided to play for another national selection than their country of birth, France. Why did all these great players refuse to play for the French team? Discover the answer in the new survey of Oh My Goal!
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  • Man, these are the videos I want to see, more of these and less " guess what x player said " please!

    tomas bytomas byDag sedan
  • Thats because of slavery!

    Ter minatorTer minator4 dagar sedan
  • Pepe haha he wouldn't make France's u12s

    Karen's can't Stop karening!Karen's can't Stop karening!5 dagar sedan
  • Yeah it's a personal choice, no one has to blame you for that if you chose with your heart! As far as I'm concerned, I was born in France from a Capeverdian father and a French Caribbean mother, I'm sure I would choose France, and I'd I couldn't enter French NT, I wouldn't go to Cape Verde NT, I prefer letting my place to someone who is truly bound to this beautiful country.

    Jonathan DinoJonathan Dino6 dagar sedan
  • Samir Nasri’s carrer died when he retired from the french national team

    Damian RodriguezDamian Rodriguez6 dagar sedan
  • LOL "Khaled Beydoun" doesn't know shit about France. He often said a lot of fake stuff about France on his twitter account...

    Waris DirieWaris Dirie8 dagar sedan
    • Nice pseudo... Waris Dirie is such a gorgeous woman and very courageous!

      Jonathan DinoJonathan Dino6 dagar sedan
  • Isn't lukakus father congolese ?

    Chris. 179erChris. 179er9 dagar sedan
  • Muslims talking about racism and islamophobia excluding Saudi Arabia which Islamic nations gives rights of freedom of expression too other other religions and they are bragging about those countries who actually giving them a chance talking about rights do other religious people have same rights as Muslims in Islamic nations talking about equality are women even ranked as same as men in Islamic nation ???

    LalanteLalante10 dagar sedan
  • If it weren't for foreign players france would have never won the world cup

    Iman MuhammadIman Muhammad10 dagar sedan
  • They alwayes win world cup with others country player how funny

    Duronta JoyDuronta Joy10 dagar sedan
  • Because they don't want to Betrade there Nation and France is not there Home

    SHAWREELSHAWREEL11 dagar sedan
  • What's Bruno Fernandes doing here

    Samuel TackieSamuel Tackie12 dagar sedan
  • Kenya has sporting talent unfortunately due to mismanagement to me I will never play for Kenya ie cricket and that's the bitter truth by Steve Irungu Jermaine

    steve irungusteve irungu15 dagar sedan
  • Sports in Kenya nowadays went to the grave yards I'm extremely sorry that's the bitter truth by Steve Irungu Jermaine

    steve irungusteve irungu15 dagar sedan
  • To me I will never play for Kenya ie cricket and I will never play for Kenya period by Steve Irungu Jermaine

    steve irungusteve irungu15 dagar sedan
  • IMO there are two main reasons y players chose other nations .Having too much love and desire for - FAME - MONEY.

    OLD IS GOLDOLD IS GOLD15 dagar sedan
  • Pogba brothers?

    Abdalla SAAbdalla SA16 dagar sedan
  • Which players had heritage from Armenia 🇦🇲?

    Mihran SemerdzhyanMihran Semerdzhyan17 dagar sedan
    • Boghossian and Djorkaeff in 1998

      Jonathan DinoJonathan Dino6 dagar sedan
  • Africa will never win a WC if their players continue to choose France, England, and Germany. It is about time that coin turns and players begin to choose their blood.

    Derek GarciaDerek Garcia18 dagar sedan
    • Aubameyang Mahrez Koulibaly Benatia Bennacer Pépé Sabaly Feghouli Belhanda Moussa Sow Brahimi Ghoulam Harit M'Bolhi Delort Ounas Haller Boly Belhanda Saiss Delort Demba Ba Édouard Mendy (And it's only the most famous ones) I can add some non-Africans Guerreiro Lopes Adrien Silva Is this enough?

      Jonathan DinoJonathan Dino6 dagar sedan
  • I’m American but if I played football I would never choose The USA but I’d choose to play for Mexico

    Trucha FooTrucha Foo18 dagar sedan
    • Coz the USA sucks at it coz “soccer” is a “gay” sport and all the athletes choose to play sports like baseball and American football which aren’t popular outside of the US

      The BaltonThe Balton12 dagar sedan
  • @oh my goal I'm a 13 year old boy my mom is from Lesotho but I was born and raised in south africa but then my family also has Botswana roots so can you tell me am I eligible to play for Botswana national team or the Lesotho national team ps I don't know my dad so I don't know where he was born or roots

    skate kingskate king19 dagar sedan
  • Why do certain players sell out there countries and choose to represent countries that tried to suppress them and colonies them and take away there heritage. Kante for chelsea isn't French his African Costa is Brazilian plays for Spain. a lot of French players have been African. If Jamaica was more popular I guarantee sterling would represent Jamaica.

    realnesxrealnesx20 dagar sedan
  • France means discrimination 😂🤣🥴

    abcd sabcd s21 dag sedan
  • This guy never blinks, I swear look at himb

    Anthony GreigeAnthony Greige22 dagar sedan
    • @Usman Akhtari oh yeah he did, well that's once in a whole video tho

      Anthony GreigeAnthony Greige22 dagar sedan
    • @Anthony Greige check between 5:19 to 5:25 u will find lol

      Usman AkhtariUsman Akhtari22 dagar sedan
    • @Usman Akhtari sorry but he didn't ther

      Anthony GreigeAnthony Greige22 dagar sedan
    • 5:19

      Usman AkhtariUsman Akhtari22 dagar sedan
    • he did

      Usman AkhtariUsman Akhtari22 dagar sedan
  • 1:26 that drop 🔥

    Anthony GreigeAnthony Greige22 dagar sedan
  • Few things missing in the video, but great points made

    Bernardo CanecoBernardo Caneco22 dagar sedan
  • Blaming France is unfair. France's youth academies put a lot of efforts and work unbiasedly to train these anti-France immigrants into professionals. One should look back into his actions and see what he did for the country and people where he was created.

    Gunjan RawatGunjan Rawat22 dagar sedan
  • One day we will see why pele, Ronaldinho, Maradona , cr7, Messi , kaka , Neymar , Ronaldo refuse to play for France 🤨

    gadbuz rkgadbuz rk22 dagar sedan
  • If the world embrace Islam and understands Islam as it should be understood, there would be no racism. Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) said, "An Arab has no superiority over a non-Arab nor a non-Arab has any superiority over an Arab; also a white has no superiority over a black nor a black has any superiority over white except by piety and good action. Learn that every Muslim is a brother to every Muslim and that the Muslims constitute one brotherhood."

    Traffic Monsoon AcademyTraffic Monsoon Academy22 dagar sedan
  • Interesante

    Luis BeltranLuis Beltran22 dagar sedan
  • George weah is the president of liberia and i think has the most goals for liberia and his son timothy represents the US, i feel its just about identity

    49349322 dagar sedan
  • ASSOU-EKOTTO - "Was he good enough to play for France"? What does that have to do with the subject? He refuses to play for Frances due to being subject to white supremacy in France. And came to the logical conclusion not to play for France. So bringing up if he is good enough to play for France is irrelevant. And a stupid dig!

    Benjamin GunnBenjamin Gunn22 dagar sedan
  • Munir elhaddadi case with spain and morcow

    Moe OsMoe Os23 dagar sedan
  • Why? Because Camembert smells much better than its maker.

    sam lebonsam lebon23 dagar sedan
  • can you do one about Netherlands please

    AM18ProductionAM18Production23 dagar sedan
  • All ik is africa won the world cup not France lol everytime I see France I see Africa

    Scarlet KingScarlet King23 dagar sedan
  • maybe a version of this but about holland

    Jay WinklaarJay Winklaar23 dagar sedan
  • Zidane is not Arab he is Berber

    Shaan ShamrasShaan Shamras23 dagar sedan
    • @Jazz Ampa I am talking about his ethnicity and language

      Shaan ShamrasShaan Shamras22 dagar sedan
    • He's from Algeria

      Jazz AmpaJazz Ampa22 dagar sedan
  • The real reason Benzema doesn’t play for France is not about racism (even tho it’s part of it) but it has to do with a scandal of Benzema leaking the sextape of another French player, Valbuena. Since then, the coach, Deschamps has never wanted to work with Benzema again, which is understandable. Nowadays, I don’t even think Benzema would make the cut, as the French team is stacked, especially with strikers, like Giroud, Griezmann, Mbappé, Fekir, aouar, martial...

    Gugusse GGugusse G23 dagar sedan
    • @90 BINS and fekir hasn't been selected so martial and coman fills that role

      samir bedahoudisamir bedahoudi11 dagar sedan
    • Fekir and Aouar are not strikers Griezmann hasn’t been good. Mbappe and Martial can play on the wings

      90 BINS90 BINS13 dagar sedan
  • If I did have a option to play for France i would still play for Ireland

  • World cup 18 was won by AFRICA NOT FRANCE .

    Swastik MahapatraSwastik Mahapatra23 dagar sedan
  • very interesting

    Noel BravoNoel Bravo23 dagar sedan
  • J

    Radhika ShastriRadhika Shastri23 dagar sedan
  • Benzema not playing for France: France's big loss

    Devaditya Singh RajputDevaditya Singh Rajput23 dagar sedan
  • Most people choose to play for big teams because they want to win the World Cup. Others because that is where they developed a better sense of football.

    RyujinRyujin23 dagar sedan
  • Maybe because they are NOT French?!?

    RyujinRyujin23 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Romeo KatoRomeo Kato23 dagar sedan
  • Very good video

    Duty holiday MVDuty holiday MV23 dagar sedan
  • Muslim talking about equality🤣😂😂😂

    Born ChyneBorn Chyne23 dagar sedan
    • 😐😅😂

      Jazz AmpaJazz Ampa22 dagar sedan
  • Well, idk about some but mahrez didn't really get to choose whether he could play for france or not because by the time he chose algeria, mahrez was nowhere near even making the french squad

    Ryan JeongRyan Jeong23 dagar sedan
  • Belgium is now a great team

    Freak gamerFreak gamer23 dagar sedan
  • France would be way to Good

    Karlsson LaverdiereKarlsson Laverdiere23 dagar sedan
  • Hakim Ziyech could've also played for the Dutch of they had not fumbled with him by selecting him multiple times and not using him

    Thebe SelefaThebe Selefa23 dagar sedan
  • Too bad Pogba couldn't do this despite both his older brothers playing for Guinea

    Thebe SelefaThebe Selefa23 dagar sedan
    • Because unlike his older brothers he was actually good enough.

      Danne MesiasDanne MesiasDag sedan
  • There is so much pressure now on houssem Aouar too to choose between the two countries

    Sam FSam F24 dagar sedan
  • Sorry but one reason is if there career goes down hill they will be able to carry on there international career because they will play in a country which isn't as competitive I can't see a player like Marhez getting constant games not because Marhez is bad because the France team is so good

    alex xalex x24 dagar sedan
  • England national cricket team

    Kalidin NiteshKalidin Nitesh24 dagar sedan
  • Benzema isn't choosing not to play, Dechamps doesn't want a douchebag in the locker room

    luis sosaluis sosa24 dagar sedan
  • Whoa whoa whoa whoa wait a minute can people from there like Christian Pulisic kid he only played for the USA any cute does not sound right with Christian Pulisic plays for the USA right like he does it wouldn’t make sense for him to go to France Man I thought I knew a lot about soccer not

    L DenL Den24 dagar sedan
  • It's like a outside player will receive support from nation like France only if he/she performs well else will be neglected.

    Emiko SuzukiEmiko Suzuki24 dagar sedan
  • Cause france too much good player. . They never be played

  • Pogba,Kante, Metudi,Umtiti, Mbappe, Dembele and more with out them the never won again

    NEEL GHOSHNEEL GHOSH24 dagar sedan
  • What you call France I call African all star

    zuti limunzuti limun24 dagar sedan
  • I can completely relate to the content here. The fact that reason that Racism is a huge turnoff for immigrants here in France. I'm a brown guy studying in France and I can feel the strong racism here that too in Paris. If you have been in the receiving end at least 4/5 times and it pisses me off. Even this Sunday when I was exiting a Metro a white lady started to shout at 2 black guys, it took us some time to understand it was racial slurs after 2 mins another black women shouted back at the lady. Now this is a area filled with immigrant working class with few native french. And the people here due to racism, also don't trust people of other race unless they know each other well. Additionally Football is viewed as a low class sport while they only approve Rugby, Tennis and others as sport that people should play. Even today if you walk in streets of France you see lot of people openly wearing their national team jerseys. And at times you can see more Algerian jerseys than French jerseys. And as said, the problems affect your other parts like work, housing, etc Google about Génération Identitaire, they look like neo-Nazis.

    Kiran PKiran P24 dagar sedan
  • In actual, Argentina and France can be the best teams. But their players don't play for their respective nations

    Harry jHarry j24 dagar sedan
    • France is already one of the best teams out there, I don't see them improving any of their positions with players that chose other countries instead of them, and unless there are some bad ass half argentinian defenders out there that don't play for them I don't see them becoming world champions before Messi retires

      Andrei TVAndrei TV23 dagar sedan
  • They lost a world cup period

    Paul HuaringaPaul Huaringa24 dagar sedan
  • Bc they are not french Just like half of french team

    cheeki breekicheeki breeki24 dagar sedan

    Dixit Sharma 0.2Dixit Sharma 0.224 dagar sedan
  • Man talking like France was welcoming Africans , It's was forced immigration.

    khalid Rkhalid R24 dagar sedan
  • They are not betray their national. Respect

    Kuy SoursdeyKuy Soursdey24 dagar sedan
  • Chinese national team is stronger than french national team without immigrant players.🦸🦸

    BINIL JOYBINIL JOY24 dagar sedan
    • You mad Chinese team is a farmer's team

      alex xalex x24 dagar sedan
  • Because going to a country that wins single handedly matches only because you are 2% french is a shameful action.These players show that they care about their country more than others like mbappe

    the man the myth the legendthe man the myth the legend24 dagar sedan
  • Nice topic but Khaled beydoun talks a lot of nonsense.

    b Kb K24 dagar sedan
  • This guy sounds like Mr Beast. lol

    GMQGMQ24 dagar sedan
  • Respect for Algerians who could of played for France I have a choice if I was a footballer America or Qatar I would choose Qatar they are a strong team win AFC Cup I really respect Zidane a influence on Arab Respect for Algerians !

    Ifrah AliIfrah Ali25 dagar sedan
  • *We in India are taught that these Africans and Muslims are refugees and illegally enter France, while Millions of our own Indians work in Muslim countries*

    True Ram Bhakt 100%True Ram Bhakt 100%25 dagar sedan
    • What are talking about 👎👎👎

      Sküll Çrúsh3rSküll Çrúsh3r24 dagar sedan
  • I only like the horse

    Man Shun ShekMan Shun Shek25 dagar sedan
  • Even in the netherlands there are players from other countries Ik ben nederlander dus zo weet ik het Even van dijk is an immigrant

    sasuke uchihasasuke uchiha25 dagar sedan
  • They did not chose France as they loved their countries,not like money loving other players who totally forget their original nationality

  • Yay

    Zac HobbsZac Hobbs25 dagar sedan
  • Eden plays for Belgium

    Ansha ShaikhAnsha Shaikh25 dagar sedan
  • Zidane is NOT Arab, he is BERBER from Algeria; Calling him arab is like telling Ronaldo is Chinese

    Florian DFlorian D25 dagar sedan
  • I came from Holland and my parents came from morroco

    ihabihab25 dagar sedan
    • And you identify yourself as a Moroccan or Dutch ?

      Yales Massyl El MokraniYales Massyl El Mokrani25 dagar sedan
  • Off topic but when that guy at the start is called Justin I instantly thought of that meme

    Archie AVLArchie AVL25 dagar sedan
  • Sebastian haller used to play for France now plays for Ivory Coast

    KeighronsportsKeighronsports25 dagar sedan
  • I thought France was a nice and tolerant country because there are many muslim footballer there. But now,..

    cholid habibby nosyacholid habibby nosya25 dagar sedan
  • Same problems in the netherlands🥱

    NaamNaam25 dagar sedan
  • Giroud is good but france could have got pacy strikers

    JOEL JACOBJOEL JACOB25 dagar sedan
  • Oh my goal please make a video of what the hell is happening to Arsenal

    Karl DonesKarl Dones25 dagar sedan
  • 🔥🔥⚽🥅👆👆👆🔥⚽🥅⚽🥅😯 BEST SKILFUL PENALTIES 🔥🔥⚽🥅

    Football HomeFootball Home25 dagar sedan
  • I don't want to see that man please cut your hair 😥

  • Germans:Nervous Laughter

    GlavaToonsGlavaToons25 dagar sedan
  • Benzema form was just horrendous in the years before worldcup .. There were many Black and Muslim players in French team . The fact is just Benzema was just incapable

    Mohammad ZaidMohammad Zaid25 dagar sedan
  • Me thinking about 2022 wc and if benzema gets Algerian citizenship and France and Algeria gets in a single and if benzema plays some part to eliminate them in their group stage. This will be damn interesting

    DN SahooDN Sahoo25 dagar sedan
    • @sergio aguero salty Chelsea fan with fake man city support 😂😂

      DN SahooDN Sahoo23 dagar sedan
    • Benzema

      sergio aguerosergio aguero23 dagar sedan
    • DN Sahoo algeria's manager said he didnt want him because he had slimani 😂 though giroud would bully algeria anyway and make bumzema cry

      ZxcbbnmZxcbbnm23 dagar sedan
  • If someone won a trophy with spurs they are officially the best in history

    GamingFactoryGamingFactory25 dagar sedan
    • Probably not

      VoldemortVoldemort24 dagar sedan
    • Jose maybe :/

      VoldemortVoldemort24 dagar sedan
  • My parents are mexican but I was born in america. But if i was professional i would play for Mexico to represent we're my family originated from.

    Uriel PizzaroUriel Pizzaro25 dagar sedan
    • Yeah it's a personal choice, no one has to blame you for that if you chose with your heart! As far as I'm concerned, I was born in France from a Capeverdian father and a French Caribbean mother, I'm sure I would choose France, and I'd I couldn't enter French NT, I wouldn't go to Cape Verde NT, I prefer letting my place to someone who is truly bound to this beautiful country.

      Jonathan DinoJonathan Dino6 dagar sedan
    • My parents are Costa Rican, I was born in NJ. There would be no hesitation for which country I would play for. I love the USMNT, especially now, but I bleed La Sele.

      Azure Water Bottling of FloridaAzure Water Bottling of Florida23 dagar sedan
  • The biggest reason love for their origins or home country.

    Shree DesaiShree Desai25 dagar sedan
  • the 2 author commendation was absubtly didn't make any sense like the author soccer empire seems racist and talking abt how they disrespected france while they grew up from it. and the author of islamphobia bruh we talking abt races not religion why keep talking abt it?

    linhill joylinhill joy25 dagar sedan
    • i bet the islamphobia author guy is promoting his books lmao

      linhill joylinhill joy25 dagar sedan
  • Atleast 1/3 france players are muslim and Macron is against muslims

    Ahmad LuqmanAhmad Luqman25 dagar sedan
  • 40k odd view 2.4k odd like

    27:P. Sudheer27:P. Sudheer25 dagar sedan