8 players who regretted leaving their clubs | Oh My Goal

5 jan 2021
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Griezmann, Neymar, Fabregas, they all enjoyed their icon status at their teams but gambled it all on a transfer, only to regret it afterwards. Sometimes, things don’t go the way you expect them too, these are the top players who regretted leaving their clubs.
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  • Messi will join aguero

    Football highlightsFootball highlights11 timmar sedan
  • Coutino is a great player, I don't really see why he is being unlucky in Barcelona

    Annotated Medical TutorialsAnnotated Medical Tutorials19 timmar sedan
  • Tbh torres won the champions league at Chelsea while liverpool won nothing so its a bit of wash

    Mark SingerMark SingerDag sedan
  • What do u think of Barcelona now dude ? Just wait and watch the team transition is almost done with my team Barcelona and I am still confidence that my Barcelona can beat any team and win every trophies this season from next season my team Barcelona will starte to dominate every big team in Europe like before

    Koko JeevanKoko JeevanDag sedan
  • pogba and cesc very different juve much better club than united

    Daniel Brendan DolatabadiDaniel Brendan Dolatabadi2 dagar sedan
  • But now they’re in their downs? I’m a Chelsea fan 4 life but Pogbas been in 🔥 this season.

    CWECWE2 dagar sedan
  • Riquelme was so good

    koolwhatkoolwhat4 dagar sedan
  • You forgot someone 🇧🇪🇧🇪🇧🇪

    Ofentse PhumeOfentse Phume4 dagar sedan
  • Ahuh We Found The Best Singer "Soccer story"

    TanvirEditzTanvirEditz4 dagar sedan
  • He is showing off his singing

    Playsystem XPlaysystem X5 dagar sedan
  • who realized it were only 7 players not 8

    Pumpkin PlaysPumpkin Plays6 dagar sedan

    Axel GarciaAxel Garcia6 dagar sedan
  • That song he was singing in style was actually from pes 2018

    Young DangoteYoung Dangote6 dagar sedan
  • Torres career died living liverpool.

    Fight Back TVFight Back TV7 dagar sedan
  • Neymar never regretted' He got new friends at PSG

    Fight Back TVFight Back TV7 dagar sedan
  • Eden hazard

    Chris LansChris Lans7 dagar sedan
  • Griezmann Just scored 4 goals in the previous 2 matches 😂

    Chetan SharmaChetan Sharma8 dagar sedan
  • u forgot eden hazard but the video is awesome

    Ohidah GiftOhidah Gift8 dagar sedan
  • Not many would regret it, they are earning millions now

  • Well Torres won UCL UEL with Chelsea...Liverpool presented Torres a plan that would be creating a great squad but that meant that they would be competing 6-7 years after...Torres didn't had that much time so he left...when Liverpool stared winning Torres has already retired so he made a good decision leaving.

    Riserd KolajRiserd Kolaj8 dagar sedan
  • Me: What a great OMG video, yet again. After seeing Pogba ( before 19/20) Also Me: What the...............Hell happened to OMG 😱.

    The DHEE ShowThe DHEE Show8 dagar sedan
  • I don’t think naymar regrets it

    Alex hernandezAlex hernandez9 dagar sedan
  • Alexis Sanchez???

    Ainzo97ultra oAinzo97ultra o9 dagar sedan
  • where is ozil?

    sandeep maharjansandeep maharjan9 dagar sedan
  • Torres still had one of the most successful careers of the 21th century. When he returned to Atletico, he was very good

    OfficialColdiman2OfficialColdiman29 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/aJfal7epbGRz1JM/video

    Appy mabizela mfanakaziAppy mabizela mfanakazi9 dagar sedan
  • You said 8 players but it is only 7

    Mohamed ahmed DahirMohamed ahmed Dahir9 dagar sedan
  • It’s true though Griezmann joined Barça when they were playing so badly and when Atletico were playing so well

    Austin MenyaAustin Menya9 dagar sedan
  • Play that have been rejected is I good idea

    black knife 47black knife 479 dagar sedan
  • I hope the videos get copyrigjted by the producers of the son because its really cringe. I miss the Oh my goal of couple years ago when you could watch a video with cringing...

    Endre SchuchtàrEndre Schuchtàr9 dagar sedan
  • Stop singing

    Christopher OfiliChristopher Ofili9 dagar sedan
  • What about hazard

    Arka 2.2Arka 2.29 dagar sedan
  • Come on Torres left to win the Champions League

    NertizenNertizen9 dagar sedan
  • When he sings, sounds like fluffy 😆😆

    NikhilNikhil9 dagar sedan
  • Sanchez should definitely be there his career is ruined

    DT 17DT 179 dagar sedan
  • Werner and kai havertz?

    Luciano RedyLuciano Redy9 dagar sedan
  • Coutinho did a very good job without selling him they wouldnt have signed Van Dijk or Allison

    Ayman OfficialAyman Official9 dagar sedan
  • How did Eden Hazard not make it to this list 🤔🤔🤔

    Aditya KavathekarAditya Kavathekar9 dagar sedan
  • Fact : Most players are associated with barca

    MR. DANKMR. DANK9 dagar sedan
  • Wow Klopp’s English is so dang.

    PESPES9 dagar sedan
  • Moral of the video: Pogba only regrets.

  • griezmann should really stay at atletico

    Angry FadeAngry Fade9 dagar sedan
  • how could you forget alexis

    teemu pukkiteemu pukki9 dagar sedan
  • You left hazard I guess

    johnson vincentjohnson vincent9 dagar sedan
  • nah neymar has achieved more than barcelona as a hole club and thats facts. So I dont know what ur on about

    I AM AlessioI AM Alessio10 dagar sedan

    Huruiala OctavianHuruiala Octavian10 dagar sedan
  • Torres could’ve been one of the greatest centre forwards of all time maybe even the greatest but he threw that all away if you don’t count winning the prem and the ucl

    ma Juma Ju10 dagar sedan
  • Lmao I instantly thought of Coutinho,Rodriguez,Pogba,Neymar,Pogba

    Magical Doggo knMagical Doggo kn10 dagar sedan
  • Best of 2021: The OG voice singing meme songs

    Asongwe AnyeAsongwe Anye10 dagar sedan
  • Half of the players are related to barca

    Tanushree ChatterjeeTanushree Chatterjee10 dagar sedan
  • Mo Salah is going to be in this list if he leaves Liverpool

    Saswati Das BairagiSaswati Das Bairagi10 dagar sedan
    • 🤦‍♂️

      mustafa abdullahimustafa abdullahi5 dagar sedan
  • James rodrigues??🙄.

    Aditya JaikumarAditya Jaikumar10 dagar sedan
  • Hazard should have been in this one

    Kelly NkpulumaKelly Nkpuluma10 dagar sedan
  • Ney is not regretting 😂 dude...barca is regretting 🤣🤣🤣🤣, ,

  • The commentator here is dreaming of becoming a Singer maybe. What the hell happened to him?😂

    Ahmed TawaneAhmed Tawane10 dagar sedan
  • “Thank u, next?” Nice one 😂

    SnaKeSnaKe10 dagar sedan
  • Coutinho is not playing because his injured

    Wtf JjWtf Jj10 dagar sedan
  • 6:30 when he said grizeman left the best Atletico madrid and joined worst fc barcelona after listening these words i disliked the video😡 You hater!

    Bonted YTBonted YT10 dagar sedan
  • Alexis Sánchez should be number 1 here

    Gabriel AmbroseGabriel Ambrose10 dagar sedan
  • Actually Coutinho wasnt a bad signing. He wasnt treated properly from the staff of Barcelona

    Dhimiter ThomajDhimiter Thomaj10 dagar sedan
  • where is giroud.he regrets leaving arsenal to be benched at chelsea

    Micheal WoodeMicheal Woode10 dagar sedan
  • The singing tho

    Rayan SadekRayan Sadek10 dagar sedan
  • This video title should be player regret joining and leaving Barcelona

  • Mario Gotze and Mat Hummels should have never left BVB and Bayern respectively. you Mr. Narrator, are a genius!

    Reindoff BaafiReindoff Baafi10 dagar sedan
  • now Griezman regrets it

    Rashad Danugraha HendarsoRashad Danugraha Hendarso10 dagar sedan
  • If Torres stayed there wouldn’t have been any champions league for Chelsea

    Mauro RamosMauro Ramos10 dagar sedan
  • You forgot Hazard

    Ronewa MulovhedziRonewa Mulovhedzi11 dagar sedan
  • Funny that most of these stories have Barcelona involved😅

    Merint ThomasMerint Thomas11 dagar sedan
  • Voice over is a bad singer!

    Dakshaman ThamiDakshaman Thami11 dagar sedan
  • griez just needs a haircut and shave

    Saarav ParekhSaarav Parekh11 dagar sedan
  • Coutinho Griezman And the worst of all; Hazard

    itz_ebun _aitz_ebun _a11 dagar sedan
  • 1:14 WTF DID HE SAY????

    surujsuruj11 dagar sedan
  • Congratulate this man for his singing!!!

    Joseph ?Joseph ?11 dagar sedan
  • Actually BARCA are regretting, after buying Griezmann.

    Dhruv JhaDhruv Jha11 dagar sedan
  • Griezmann is liability on BARCA.

    Dhruv JhaDhruv Jha11 dagar sedan
  • Should have put hazard instead of neymar

    M1st4rE1it3M1st4rE1it311 dagar sedan
  • Hey what about Eden Hazard

    Sony ChackoSony Chacko11 dagar sedan
  • This is how good he sings (no need to like) (:

    Daniels MansoorDaniels Mansoor11 dagar sedan
    • Ok I won’t

      Chrisking The 69thChrisking The 69th9 dagar sedan
  • And then there is CR7. ....what can I say about him.

    noel biju oommennoel biju oommen11 dagar sedan
  • Couthinio left, liv won champions league, then epl and couthino lost to liverpool 4-0, then he defeated barca 8-2 and won the UCL Conclusion : Barca is unlucky for couthinio

    Saransh AgrawalSaransh Agrawal11 dagar sedan
  • alexis sanchez?

    alexis nikhilalexis nikhil11 dagar sedan
  • Tbf to Torres I would rush my comeback and risk injury to play in a World Cup And he went and won it so I’d say it was worth it

    Yusuf AhmadYusuf Ahmad11 dagar sedan
  • But,although Torres regretted to leave Liverpool to Chelsea with 50m and dropped then,he still got sucess and scoring important goals,I am a liverpool fan and I said this

    Hồ Thị Triều MinhHồ Thị Triều Minh11 dagar sedan
  • You are in a mood.... Arent you...🎶

    Sayuj SurendranSayuj Surendran11 dagar sedan
  • Neymar is in a nice journey with PSG

    BD ChampBD Champ11 dagar sedan
  • 5:16 And Scott Mctominay scored a brace in 3 minutes 🙃

    Spy _88Spy _8811 dagar sedan
  • Next video plz why Barcelona and Real Madrid hate each other so much plz

    Ridhi GuptaRidhi Gupta11 dagar sedan
  • I think you forgot Alexis Sanchez to man utd

    Ljuis MukaLjuis Muka11 dagar sedan
  • Some funny singing there!

    mo lusiomo lusio11 dagar sedan
  • Hahahaha to many barca player

    Azeem ZairyAzeem Zairy11 dagar sedan
    • @Saksham Bansal in COVID-19 BARCELONA HAVENT BEAT REAL MADRID IN 2 years so yea until u actually get close to actually beating us pipe down

      MaxxMaxx11 dagar sedan
    • @Silver Wallz let the bottlers alone hahaha

      MaxxMaxx11 dagar sedan
    • 8-2🙂🙂🙂

      Silver WallzSilver Wallz11 dagar sedan
    • Hahahahaha to 5-0 Barcelona Real Madrid

      Saksham Bansal in COVID-19Saksham Bansal in COVID-1911 dagar sedan
  • Özil

    Teddy WestsideTeddy Westside11 dagar sedan
  • I'm very annoyed because everyone says Joe as if we're always average

    Angela MurnaneAngela Murnane11 dagar sedan
  • I was thinking where is eden hazard 😕

    yahya kareemyahya kareem11 dagar sedan
  • Yusuf PeerbhaiYusuf Peerbhai11 dagar sedan
  • Sanchez?

    Moise SHEMAMoise SHEMA11 dagar sedan
  • Music😍

    Hafizur MahdiHafizur Mahdi11 dagar sedan
  • Where is hazard he also should be in this list

    PES DOCTORPES DOCTOR11 dagar sedan
  • you said 8 players you only mentioned 7

    nathan sekinathan seki11 dagar sedan
  • Nice

    Romeo KatoRomeo Kato11 dagar sedan
  • Don't sing please 😭

    ᮃᮛ᮪ᮓᮤᮃᮔ᮪ ᮞᮠ᮪ᮃᮛ᮪ᮓᮤᮃᮔ᮪ ᮞᮠ᮪11 dagar sedan