The horrible story of Georgina Rodriguez before she met Cristiano Ronaldo | Oh My Goal

15 nov 2020
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In January 2017, the world met Georgina Rodriguez for the first time. She's the girlfriend of the most famous footballer on the planet. The young woman gives the impression that she's living the dream life on social media.However, her life could have been completely different if she hadn't shown just how tough she is. Before becoming CR7's biggest supporter and soulmate, Georgina Rodriguez had to overcome some difficult trials.
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  • In my opinion she was just very lucky and her appearance helped her a lot

    ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ Κ.ΠΑΝΑΓΙΩΤΗΣ Κ.2 timmar sedan
  • CR7 Georgina you are best women

    Gucci kingGucci king23 timmar sedan
  • Georgina Rodriguez

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  • 2:10 gave me goosebumps

  • I am CR7’s biggest fan, and i LOVE georgina for him ❤️

    KeziaKezia2 dagar sedan
  • Thanks gucci Hahahahahaha

    Vidal LapardeVidal Laparde3 dagar sedan

    Leader Magazine - Inspiration & MotivationLeader Magazine - Inspiration & Motivation3 dagar sedan
  • #Respect

    CousheezyCousheezy3 dagar sedan
  • Very nice at least he didn't look for a rich bitch

    Amira SbittyAmira Sbitty4 dagar sedan
  • Money can buy happiness

    The unconventional talksThe unconventional talks5 dagar sedan
  • Gold digger?

    Julie PowellJulie Powell6 dagar sedan
  • Cr7 could get millions of hot girls better than this one , why to keep only one if you are the king ?

    Ozzy SabbathOzzy Sabbath6 dagar sedan
  • so all the korean drama where poor girl meeting rich boys are true . damn

    BerZekBerZek7 dagar sedan
  • *This is so much more of the story of modern Cindrella...who made up her mind and her life for a better destiny...the heeds over heals is seriously turning her up* 💗

    Friday FrogFriday Frog7 dagar sedan
  • I hope Ronaldo keeps this on. He shouldn't bring his old shitty playboy behaviour into this relation smh

    Human DemonHuman Demon9 dagar sedan
  • She beautiful inside and outside,love her❤

    Lintang HanunLintang Hanun9 dagar sedan
  • Cristiano needs to be much more revered and respected because he choose "his half" with the hearth not like financial situation or as a star in any plan although he was already in that moment when they meet a star ... regarding his value as a football player and his character I don't think there''s anything left to say Respect Cristiano Ronaldo I hope one day I will meet you it's a dream for me but maybe.....❤❤❤

    The power of mindThe power of mind10 dagar sedan
  • She’s so beautiful

    Me MeeemeeMe Meeemee11 dagar sedan
  • It doesn’t matter how beautiful you are on the outside if you’re not beautiful inside as well. Georgina appears to possess these qualities. CR7 was wise to recognize a good thing.

    Elisa ProrokovicElisa Prorokovic11 dagar sedan
  • I just respect and be happy for them both. God has purpose for each one of us life, because he loves us. May God bless you guys.

    Francis KuppourFrancis Kuppour11 dagar sedan

    Mayank Singh KoliMayank Singh Koli11 dagar sedan
  • Much happiness for you guys🙂

    kozma ferenczkozma ferencz12 dagar sedan
  • imagine how gassed her dad is gonna be when he gets out. man straight up hit the lottery

    TijjyTijjy12 dagar sedan
  • they had me at 'Argentinian'

    General KushGeneral Kush12 dagar sedan
  • Ronaldo donate a lot of money for cherety..good wife will support n not up sad n angry

    Ahmad zafieAhmad zafie12 dagar sedan
  • Lucky girl u win jackpot

    Ahmad zafieAhmad zafie12 dagar sedan
  • Her life is a wattpad story 😭😭

    Lamar AlqahtaniLamar Alqahtani13 dagar sedan
  • The fact that she didn't quit her job as a sales person even after christiano confirmed they were dating, she was forced to do it because of the constant stalking and bulling in her job shows how much she beliefs in hard work and making your own money as a woman

    Stacy BrendaStacy Brenda13 dagar sedan
  • Out all his girlfriends I like her the most she comes across as humble, loyal and not at all shallow her beauty is just a bonus.

    Stevie KooStevie Koo13 dagar sedan
  • Imagine coming from difficult backgrounds and now she met the man who makes her a princess. God blessed her and her family.

    Samicha ChaiyakulSamicha Chaiyakul13 dagar sedan
  • She is so nice! The Best suitable girl for Ronaldo, I think. Hopefully, I think that, they will get merry in future!

    Kaba 228Kaba 22813 dagar sedan
  • i don't like when mens are here and there to find wife. It's miracle to stay and focus .

    tadesse Habeshatadesse Habesha14 dagar sedan
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  • Now imagine a normal guy who is salesman and some big female beautiful, extremely rich star asks him to go out. He barely has the money to pay the rent and next day.... he lives like a king. Now tell me about women discrimination hahahahahahahaha

    Tomasz CzTomasz Cz16 dagar sedan
  • She is stunningly beautifull but im not suprised hes got it all Cristiano hes the classiest person in the cosmos hes one of the best football players on earth the most famous person on the planet and it gose on and on he is the Man no doubt about it the lucky bastard

    Blue BluezBlue Bluez16 dagar sedan
  • Bruh i thought she was already a celebrity wow shes one of the luckiest women ever congrats

    CipheredCiphered16 dagar sedan
    • What's funny is that I am not even sure that she knew how famous and successful Ronaldo was when she first saw him....

      LiorLior6 dagar sedan
  • WTF she was born on 94

    infamous_infamous_17 dagar sedan
  • What’s so horrible about this story? It’s another rich man saving a girl’s life.

    Gcobani NojoziGcobani Nojozi17 dagar sedan
  • Cr7 kids r very lucky to have two amazing parents!

    Tess AndersonTess Anderson17 dagar sedan
  • Who cares

    MrBlondepassionMrBlondepassion18 dagar sedan
  • Poor her, must be horrible quitting your job because you have a rich and famous bf 😂

    Waldo GarciaWaldo Garcia18 dagar sedan
  • In South America we show no respect to this type lf women. They are fake, they call them "climbers". They cannot stand for themselves, they need somebody powerful at their side to solve their insecurities.

    The VikingThe Viking19 dagar sedan
  • Match made in heaven they say😎

    Smiles.Smiles.19 dagar sedan
  • What an absolutely lovely couple! 😍

    lcestrellalcestrella20 dagar sedan
  • So what’s so tragic about someone working? or someone’s parent dying? !This shit happens daily to many ppl !

    Bogdan AlexBogdan Alex20 dagar sedan
    • What's tragic about a parent dying? 🤣

      Pika DeadPika Dead19 dagar sedan
  • Is a great Family !!❤ I wish that they are together forever🙏

    kids Karate trainingkids Karate training20 dagar sedan
  • They meant for each other. So glad Cristiano choose her instead of Irina.

    Tele GnesTele Gnes23 dagar sedan
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  • CR7 Has such a big heart!

    GhostAceGhostAce25 dagar sedan
  • Beautifulgirl in abd out

    Maria JennerMaria Jenner26 dagar sedan
  • Mdnd

    Humanity victoryHumanity victory26 dagar sedan
  • The presentation of the video didn't make any sense loo

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  • Adorable pairs ❤️we wish u both stay forever 😍georgina is a gd person

    Kani MozhiKani Mozhi27 dagar sedan
  • Beautiful Souls Meet Beautiful Souls!

    Incognito AlucardIncognito Alucard27 dagar sedan
  • You two guys make a couple plz never separate for us. I love you and your contribution to our beautiful soccer.

    Webster RunesuWebster Runesu28 dagar sedan
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  • she went through so much pain, wohh stop trying to glorify her she didn't achieved anything, no offence i don't hate her but please

    black catblack cat29 dagar sedan
  • Her story is so touching if is true.

    Grace OkenwaGrace Okenwa29 dagar sedan
  • People who rise from poverty usually share same value, Irina's parents were loaded back in russia so she never understood Christiano work ethic, Georgina understood that

    Sai RenSai Ren29 dagar sedan
  • Wait so does this mean messi is brother in law of cr 7 I meant she is Argentinian so?

    Husna MahadHusna Mahad29 dagar sedan
  • Perfect match

    Graham ArjoonGraham ArjoonMånad sedan
  • Fame money wealth etc. This is a big test from Allah.

    Evelyn TiuEvelyn TiuMånad sedan
  • solution

    kamal nathkamal nathMånad sedan
  • Make a movi like cenderela

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  • Cinderela

    Wira Herwinda SariWira Herwinda SariMånad sedan
  • fake news

    Stefan GherghinoiuStefan GherghinoiuMånad sedan
  • And she gave up her education too??

    sinjini biswassinjini biswasMånad sedan
  • Why is it a horrible story...because her mother died? What a clickbait. Marrying a multimillionaire is an easy life

    La ArsLa ArsMånad sedan
  • An horrible past? Its al about money here. Very horrible to be a balletdancer and saleswoman at gucci. GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE...

    Imzouren HoceimaImzouren HoceimaMånad sedan
  • I don't think that she really lives him but ok

    Panagiota NtalaPanagiota NtalaMånad sedan
  • Here, the lucky one is cristiano.

    Jo elJo elMånad sedan
  • what about this👇👇👇👇👇

    Science & Technology 6GScience & Technology 6GMånad sedan
  • Great girlfriend

    Arham SajidArham SajidMånad sedan
  • ❤❤

    Riza BarrukuRiza BarrukuMånad sedan
  • Congrat to him , this girl is a good girl compare his ex if he was marry the russian girl , soon he will het divorce .

    van vovan voMånad sedan
  • She never misses any of his games and shes so into it. Great soul!

    ejuveejuveMånad sedan
  • Oh my goal need to make a video on someone What the hell happened to Is a must😅😅😆😆

    RoshanRocks GamingRoshanRocks GamingMånad sedan
  • Georgina is what today is because of Cristiano Ronaldo

    Nandan ShettyNandan ShettyMånad sedan
  • Imagine if she met up with Messi in Argentina

    Liyathandwa ManiLiyathandwa ManiMånad sedan
  • Not a fan

    janine williamsjanine williamsMånad sedan
  • The best couple ev

    Chalpang AlhassanChalpang AlhassanMånad sedan
  • Raho Update

    Navinkumar HardahaNavinkumar HardahaMånad sedan
  • What If she went to work late that day...😳

    YUDI / MixMashCentral #CTNYUDI / MixMashCentral #CTNMånad sedan
  • Seems like when you work in a Gucci store and rich footballer comes to your store there's no way you can't fall in love

    lamrin lost soullamrin lost soulMånad sedan
  • "So much difficulties"! What on earth is he babbling about? Why do losers try to exaggerate stuff to get a few clicks?

    Valeen 78Valeen 78Månad sedan
  • And we thought she's the lucky one :")

    Abu Bakor SiddiqueAbu Bakor SiddiqueMånad sedan
  • what should i say if this is a horrible life?? 🤣

    Mi KuMi KuMånad sedan
  • CR7 is just too lucky

    Uche Uzuigwe NwaliUche Uzuigwe NwaliMånad sedan
  • Respect ✊🏿 for her

    Surag BhusalSurag BhusalMånad sedan
  • They were made for each other. ♥️

    Anas JawadAnas JawadMånad sedan
  • From humble beginnings you know your get a good women

    Darren HancockDarren HancockMånad sedan
  • Daer Oh My Goal, we don't care about footballers gilfriends, we care about the footballers

    MaFar ShortsMaFar ShortsMånad sedan
  • 0:06 and she is also a gold digger

    MaFar ShortsMaFar ShortsMånad sedan
  • Is love cr7: marry her. Bless you both

    Y CamaraY CamaraMånad sedan
  • Georgina is an eye candy.

    Petey PetePetey PeteMånad sedan
  • *Georgina* ❤️ *Cristiano*

    WeeeWriterWeeeWriterMånad sedan