The most hated players (by fans) in the history of football | Oh My Goal

25 nov 2020
88 405 visningar

Cheaters, mercenaries, trash talkers… football has got them all! There are some players football fans just love to hate. From Sergio Ramos to Marco Materazzi, here are 8 football players that fans hate!
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  • When I saw cr7 in the intro I immediately liked bc I am a Messi fan

    Charlito Rizki GunawanCharlito Rizki Gunawan2 dagar sedan
  • i think Messi should be there coz Ronaldo fans hate him. now i think ronaldo is goat but that does not mean i have to disrespect messi

    Mavel ErwannMavel Erwann3 dagar sedan
  • Lol I'm Irish:(

    Dave MulcahyDave Mulcahy3 dagar sedan
  • Why the fuck is ronaldo in it. Sure he has haters but he's also one of loved players in football 🤣

    Exotic GamingExotic Gaming6 dagar sedan
  • Messi is one of the cleanest players and humans of all time (no intention to initiate a GOAT debate).

    Devjoy BanerjeeDevjoy Banerjee6 dagar sedan
  • Vieira reacted back he is too strong

    Inferno SInferno S7 dagar sedan
  • am i the only one who loves them all?

    LicchioLicchio8 dagar sedan
  • Where's zlatan?

    Gideon GurningGideon Gurning11 dagar sedan
  • How Materazzi not in here

    SZ mattieuSZ mattieu12 dagar sedan
  • Pépé Shoud be on the of his fauls

    KoomansKoomans12 dagar sedan
  • Pepe

    KoomansKoomans12 dagar sedan
  • If they hate him(Ronaldo) they just jealous of u because he’s just too good so they hate him

    Jospin MesheJospin Meshe12 dagar sedan
  • I like Cr7 and Rooney but that wink 😠😠😡😤

    Mrs HulmeMrs Hulme13 dagar sedan
  • Where Pepe???!?!??!!?

    Aly OtefaAly Otefa13 dagar sedan
  • Ediot cr7 is loved by everyone

    Bharti ChauhanBharti Chauhan14 dagar sedan
  • I’m Irish and Roy keane is NOT hated....not trying to be a hater

    Cian O MahonyCian O Mahony16 dagar sedan
  • Keane did not walk out on ireland in the 2002 world cup the manager sent him home because he complained how bad the pitches were

    Big TastyBig Tasty18 dagar sedan
  • What about pepe

    david eddiedavid eddie18 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact Ramos is one of the most hated players and one, if not the most respected player/defender in the world

    Felix GrigoryanFelix Grigoryan19 dagar sedan
  • oh my goal:ramos is the most hated ME:I love his red cards

    THE MANTHE MAN19 dagar sedan
  • Having Anger To Everyone Reaching Success

    praisethegreatpraisethegreat21 dag sedan
  • I love Ramos ❤️❤️❤️❤️💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💖💕💕💕

    hidden worldhidden world22 dagar sedan
  • Ronaldo is not hated. He is the goat of all time and is determined. He might go a little over the top in injuries. BUT HE IS DETERMINED NAD IS THE BEST

    Aditya SrivastavaAditya Srivastava22 dagar sedan
  • Full Bayern squad should be on the list for trolling and trash talk at psg including should be eliminated and lewandowski should be given an injury that he won't play soccer permanently.

    Danny's Fun WorldDanny's Fun World23 dagar sedan
  • I love extreme sterling

    Margaret BallotMargaret Ballot24 dagar sedan
  • You guys know how to turn someone's day upside down

    David DarkoDavid Darko24 dagar sedan
  • oh my god seriously the player with the highest fanbase and the most followers is in this list seriously wthat the heck was that

    Hamdan AbdullahHamdan Abdullah26 dagar sedan
  • Carlos tevez is the most hated player in football for sure

    Pranav ThapaPranav Thapa28 dagar sedan
  • Where is pepe

    Lionel MeesiLionel Meesi28 dagar sedan
  • Cr7 has more fans then messi. What's this they saying smh laughing

    calvin ambersleycalvin ambersley28 dagar sedan
  • Everyone hates messi too lol he should be 5

    Galaxy HZGalaxy HZ29 dagar sedan
  • Ramos can be bad but he loves win .. that's why I love him❤️ . The boss

    Sagnik BhandariSagnik BhandariMånad sedan
  • Where's Pepe n Biscui, ehm, Busquet.. pardon..

    Budhy DarmawanBudhy DarmawanMånad sedan
  • Well many of my friends hate cr7 cuz of messi lol

    Pro plugsPro plugsMånad sedan
  • Hey oh my goal can you remove the spoilers on top right?

    MohMohMånad sedan
  • Cristiano is not hated bro CHILL 😉

    Vansh NaikVansh NaikMånad sedan
  • Pepe 🤣🤣

    pablo Escobarpablo EscobarMånad sedan
  • Andrew Robertson will surely surpass all in one point of time.

    H kinnyH kinnyMånad sedan
  • Ramos is lub

  • me searching for the phil jones comment 🤣🤣🤣

    AppleAppleMånad sedan
  • Ronaldo (HAAAAHHH your kidding right)

    Rosy AkhtarRosy AkhtarMånad sedan

  • Cantona? This fella would kill anyone he saw.

    Einari KiselEinari KiselMånad sedan
  • Rest of the World: R.I.P Maradona England: *Cha Cha real smooth*

    Francisco GandarillaFrancisco GandarillaMånad sedan
  • Pepe

    Jad AchouakJad AchouakMånad sedan

    Arslan JavedArslan JavedMånad sedan
  • Roms

    Ryan MurphyRyan MurphyMånad sedan
  • Why is ronaldo there

    Faze_yousupha YTFaze_yousupha YTMånad sedan
  • The most loved footballers, i believe one of them would be kante

    Desmond ChelseaDesmond ChelseaMånad sedan
  • God bless Maradona

    Louise PassarelliLouise PassarelliMånad sedan
  • I got zidane

    Louise PassarelliLouise PassarelliMånad sedan
  • And nobody hates Pique for Trash talking Absolutely no sportsmanship His stupid fouls (pulling clothes of others)?

    TejasTejasMånad sedan
  • who love messi wtf

    Aiman SyafiqAiman SyafiqMånad sedan
  • OMG have forgotten Figo and I'll never forgive him. Greedy merchant

    NathanNathanMånad sedan
  • Stop hating on Sterling he's just a victim of fake news and lies and ppl don't understand him

    NathanNathanMånad sedan
  • Naymer is the king of goats

    supremekxd thegoatsupremekxd thegoatMånad sedan
  • i hate messi

    supremekxd thegoatsupremekxd thegoatMånad sedan
  • Stfu about ramos

    Rojaun DixonRojaun DixonMånad sedan
  • 3:13 PFRRRRR... Oh please...

    Aryan JangraAryan JangraMånad sedan
  • 2:18 oh yeah?? are they even rivals??!!! so many players have exchanged between arsenal and chelsea... luiz, cole, giroud, willian that i almost forgot they were rivals ( of course i m kidding, but i m also roasting)

    Aryan JangraAryan JangraMånad sedan
  • I think Zlatan Ibrahimbic should be here

    Anibhal SalgadoAnibhal SalgadoMånad sedan
  • Where's Pepe at on this list

    Darrhian TvDarrhian TvMånad sedan
  • Pepe should have been in the list.

    Saptarshi Ghorai XI-ASaptarshi Ghorai XI-AMånad sedan
  • Luis figo should be there

    Siddhant KhandelwalSiddhant KhandelwalMånad sedan
  • messi

    Dion-Davar Randjbar MoshtaghinDion-Davar Randjbar MoshtaghinMånad sedan
  • 10th icardi

    gaming hacksgaming hacksMånad sedan
  • 9th Luis Figo

    gaming hacksgaming hacksMånad sedan
  • I don't blame Suarez for doing this hand ball He saved his team

    Chris KoutsChris KoutsMånad sedan
  • Where is Pepe ??

    Alain DelonAlain DelonMånad sedan
  • Luis Figo👿

    Nkanyiso ApheNkanyiso ApheMånad sedan
  • Bro we hate pessi tooo😍😍😍😂😂😂😂

  • Where is pepe,he is a bully.

    Aniket MandalAniket MandalMånad sedan
  • Ronaldo is the best

    Knaby 142Knaby 142Månad sedan
  • Mauro Icardi, anyone?

    Matthew LoMatthew LoMånad sedan
  • Thank you maradona

    Mezmerizelm10 Ttaf fanMezmerizelm10 Ttaf fanMånad sedan
  • Those who think ramos and cr7 are bad guys should stop following ⚽

    Milind PatekarMilind PatekarMånad sedan
  • i don't think ronaldo should be on this list

    Samia ElkhatibSamia ElkhatibMånad sedan
  • R.I.P Legend

    Savita VyawahareSavita VyawahareMånad sedan
  • Ronaldo have max followers in instagram and oh my goal is saying ronaldo is hated lmao

    Yatharth SapraYatharth SapraMånad sedan
  • Who likes Ramos tell me In comment

    Yatharth SapraYatharth SapraMånad sedan
    • me

      Farhan Tahsin AngkonFarhan Tahsin AngkonMånad sedan
  • Oh my goal is drunk

    Yatharth SapraYatharth SapraMånad sedan
  • Sike to all who says OMG is a ronaldo fan

    Farhan Tahsin AngkonFarhan Tahsin AngkonMånad sedan
  • Pepe now "thank god they forget me" 😂

    cool Dahabcool DahabMånad sedan
  • whjat the hell is this oh my goal. i dont get it. why is ronalo in it. where is messi come on

    madhav nairmadhav nairMånad sedan
  • who thinks they forgot pepe

    Zeyad HaithmZeyad HaithmMånad sedan
  • Where is Joey Barton.

    Viernes _3CViernes _3CMånad sedan
  • Cr7 forever

    Buswas RaiBuswas RaiMånad sedan

    Lil EscobarLil EscobarMånad sedan
  • Where is pepe

    עומרי קלייןעומרי קלייןMånad sedan
  • Legend never die💪...#diego

    Rory PérezRory PérezMånad sedan
  • Where is pepe?

    Abhiram EditzAbhiram EditzMånad sedan
  • If var was present ,when ramos started to play football,he would have got twice the no of red card ,he has 😕

    Abhiram EditzAbhiram EditzMånad sedan
  • Where is pepe? We hate him from the bottom of our heart....

    Harun Rashid AnsariHarun Rashid AnsariMånad sedan
  • I'm true fan of C.Ronaldo.

    Umesh PatilUmesh PatilMånad sedan
  • Zinedene zidane tbh

    Ali ShalabyAli ShalabyMånad sedan
  • How can stepovers and smiling in court be ammunition?

    Fardeen B SadiqFardeen B SadiqMånad sedan
  • Pele bcz he's a fraud

    Leo MessiLeo MessiMånad sedan
  • Precise

    Soorya KarthikSoorya KarthikMånad sedan
  • ronaldo gets criticised for tax fraud as if messi has never been a tax fraud.

    nazilnazilMånad sedan
  • No-one hates Ramos

    R7 OPR7 OPMånad sedan