How does Kylian Mbappé spend his money? | Oh My Goal

30 nov 2020
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Kylian Mbappé is the 4th highest paid footballer in the world in 2020 according to Forbes. This placement in the financial rankings matches his career: astonishing. But how does Kylian Mbappé spend this money? Find out some of the answers in this video!
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  • why does kylian sound like a french version of vin diesel

    Jr GuerreroJr Guerrero22 dagar sedan
  • Humbled 🙌🏽👏🏽

    Oliver GonzalezOliver Gonzalez23 dagar sedan
  • I don't like him😐.

    LM 10 FanLM 10 Fan25 dagar sedan
  • Hé is overrated

    Luca073 _Luca073 _25 dagar sedan
  • 1:59 Lakko sims vibat musiikista :D (only finland people know)

    AkuBoi123AkuBoi12328 dagar sedan
  • "Soccer Stories" :/

    UK Drill NewsUK Drill NewsMånad sedan
  • I guess he spends it like all the other footballers ...

    • Not really cause most footballers don’t earn anything close to him.

      ————————————————————————Månad sedan
  • What is the song used when Ferrari comes kind a hiphop song can anyone name it plz

    AQUILAAQUILAMånad sedan
  • The wiggly ravioli transmurally arrest because appeal joly strap notwithstanding a elderly beginner. moaning, spotty snowboarding

  • Next video on omg is going to be how does mbappe wear his boots. How does messi drove his car on road Why does ronaldo use restroom Lol

  • Not watched the video. Just came here to say who cares how people spend their money.

    David HenryDavid HenryMånad sedan
  • Can someone explain those guys with the horse mask on thier head 😁😁😁😁😁😅😅

    Jonathan KobbyJonathan KobbyMånad sedan

    Faiz KhayFaiz KhayMånad sedan
  • Anyone noticed the look on that little boys face 3mins into the video.. XD

    samuel clarkesamuel clarkeMånad sedan
  • What a hell is happening to Kylian Mbappe

    Guy Carmel HakizimanaGuy Carmel HakizimanaMånad sedan
  • Mbappe is a legend at his age these days 🔥 Lots of love from India. Who all Indians are viewing this video hit like 🙏🇮🇳

    Indian Vlogger AyanIndian Vlogger AyanMånad sedan
  • Ohmygoal can u please do what the hell happened to robben

    Ardin FirouziArdin FirouziMånad sedan
  • Can u please do what the hell ha

    Ardin FirouziArdin FirouziMånad sedan
  • RIP Emiliano Sala And David Unsworth rip ❤️❤️😭😭

    Niall Richardson ManCitySuperfanNiall Richardson ManCitySuperfanMånad sedan
  • why does it honestly matter

    koobkoobMånad sedan
    • Nobody said it does..........

      ————————————————————————Månad sedan
  • Oh my Goal do you know why you are not getting that many subs because you don't spend time reading really good comments.Thats the only reason now that I know of.

    Mahamed YuusufMahamed YuusufMånad sedan
  • He has Big hands noticed??

    KnightviiKnightviiMånad sedan
  • He also spent his talent...

    Gontrand JojoGontrand JojoMånad sedan
  • Make a video about the millions salah earns

    Afraz Arshad37Afraz Arshad37Månad sedan
  • what is the song in the end??

    Kevin DanielssonKevin DanielssonMånad sedan
  • He's following his idol... Ronaldo by donation

    Darasimi JohnDarasimi JohnMånad sedan
  • Oh shirt its a story!!!

    sanghamitra neogsanghamitra neogMånad sedan
  • The subscribe guy is boring

    Smallie TvSmallie TvMånad sedan
  • You may have a troubled life Diego.But now finally peace is here!!!!Go on your way to return god his hand!!!!

    Burner DiscBurner DiscMånad sedan
  • In weed

    pewksipewksiMånad sedan
  • i remember when he spent 1 million after the WC win!!!!

    Muhle MagongoMuhle MagongoMånad sedan
  • And how small he is

    Aayan SidikiAayan SidikiMånad sedan
  • Mbappe gets paid for how silly he is lol 😆

    Aayan SidikiAayan SidikiMånad sedan
  • either put that ad in begining or in the last

    Aayush AcharyaAayush AcharyaMånad sedan
  • Fake

    Marwan OkalMarwan OkalMånad sedan
  • Should make a video regarding rashford helping kids from starvation

    HY GhostHY GhostMånad sedan
  • Inspired

    Alwy LahmarAlwy LahmarMånad sedan
  • Let’s be real: what’s it to you 🤔

    Stezer 9Stezer 9Månad sedan
    • Nothing. It doesn’t have to mean anything to you to be interesting 😒

      ————————————————————————Månad sedan
  • He is really overrated. Lewandowski is paid less than him is the most funny thing.😂😂

    Yogesh SangwanYogesh SangwanMånad sedan
    • Age matters a lot

      ————————————————————————Månad sedan
    • See the age difference bro

      rabbit gamerrabbit gamerMånad sedan
  • How Neymar spends him money Asks twitch daily for anew account

    Diagner RecordsDiagner RecordsMånad sedan
  • Big money is killing the sport

    Cesar DavidCesar DavidMånad sedan
  • Get ideas

    35CristianoRonaldo35CristianoRonaldoMånad sedan
  • Am not that type of guy but he should but he should Cameroon am not from there but i know their economy isn't stable Frances economy is pretty stable

    VillianVillianMånad sedan
  • That's crazy but who tf asked?

    LazyRoll 24LazyRoll 24Månad sedan
  • When He Says Hey! Don't Panic.. That's The Moment Which Panics Me The Most 😐

    TechygameTechygameMånad sedan
  • The outro was new😅😂😂

    Pats ShettysPats ShettysMånad sedan
  • You mean sponsered athletes should worry about clothes😂🤔.

    Shree DesaiShree DesaiMånad sedan
  • Why always in middle of the video you always talk like a stupid that makes no sense

    Min etlaVMin etlaVMånad sedan
  • Money 💰💰 Girls: 🤑🤑🤑

    AminAminMånad sedan
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    Joe WealthJoe WealthMånad sedan
  • What the hell happened to Mendy

    Pollen HlatshwayoPollen HlatshwayoMånad sedan
  • So,Nobody is gonna talk about Mbappe's PS5 he recently bought and posted it on instagram

    NightPantherNightPantherMånad sedan
    • @Werka1403 Well yeah you are god damn right!

      NightPantherNightPantherDag sedan
    • I think he received it for free, because he was on the cover of fifa

      Werka1403Werka14032 dagar sedan
  • He is my favourite soccer player MBAPPE ⚽

    K7K7Månad sedan
  • Mbbape : my idol is cr7. I do thing like cr7 Cr7: think about i spend alot

    Muhammad khanMuhammad khanMånad sedan
  • In mirzapur style : Lifr ho to aisie ho na to jhand barabar

    biju patrabiju patraMånad sedan
  • successor of Ronaldo nazario (R9)

    Sahil MarchandeSahil MarchandeMånad sedan
  • In Barca vs Paris Dynamo help them to win . Am I right

    Harsh ThakurHarsh ThakurMånad sedan
  • wtf why does that guy tell me not to panic

    Terminat0r69Terminat0r69Månad sedan
  • 2:23 the translation is painful

    powerllessspowerllesssMånad sedan
  • The Future GOAT 🐐 family first we love to see it

  • I use to be a huge mbappe fan but now he’s kinda over rated.I have a feeling oh my goal is gonna make a video about.WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING TO KYILLIAN MBAPPE?

    Can dis Burrito get 1k before 2021 ?Can dis Burrito get 1k before 2021 ?Månad sedan
  • We will talk about the yacht and plane mbappe is still young

    Mamadou BaldeMamadou BaldeMånad sedan
  • What song was the show me the money

    Adrian KeelsonAdrian KeelsonMånad sedan
  • I kinda hate it when someone interrupts the video telling u to subscribe I think it is pretty annoying

    ArtMazingArtMazingMånad sedan
  • Next video: why aguero didnt give tribute to maradona🤔🤔

    Yahya ZovicYahya ZovicMånad sedan
  • 415k from world cup thats a lot bro

    izzyboichaizzyboichaMånad sedan
  • Everyone: Kylian Mbappe Subtitles: Kylian ambape

    TheAwesomeGoalkeeperTheAwesomeGoalkeeperMånad sedan
    • 😂😂

      TCC DeoxysTCC DeoxysMånad sedan
  • Who seen Raul Jimenez’s injury

    Bayron PedrozaBayron PedrozaMånad sedan

      TCC DeoxysTCC DeoxysMånad sedan
    • That was brutal. Hope he recovers

      Purav JPurav JMånad sedan
    • Me bro

      Lerone PerryLerone PerryMånad sedan
  • mbappe at 21 year old with 42 million me 21 year old eating cereals and watching and wasting my time 😶

    napynapyMånad sedan
    • Drinking beer

      Lex KanyimaLex KanyimaMånad sedan
    • Ur not alone my friend 😎😂😂

      Rahul DasRahul DasMånad sedan
  • I would never give to charity ik sorry but that's the truth

    Lemon KingLemon KingMånad sedan
  • Question of the day. Why did Bernd Leno wear Arsenal's away kit vs Wolves yesterday?

    Cristina TabordaCristina TabordaMånad sedan
    • @Aarshabh Raj Adhikari yes true

    • Cuz his and Patricios jersey were of same colours so to avoid confusion

      Aarshabh Raj AdhikariAarshabh Raj AdhikariMånad sedan
    • Because the home one looked like the Wolves keepers kit!

      Mohammed AhmedMohammed AhmedMånad sedan
    • @Pokemon Bloxxers 😂😂😂😂

      Anurag ShahiAnurag ShahiMånad sedan
    • Because he forgot to wash his home kit?

      Pokemon BloxxersPokemon BloxxersMånad sedan
  • I can wear PSG, Without Neymar.

    WorldUnitedWorldUnitedMånad sedan
  • U guys should mind ur business and stop searching into players money and private live

    moses addomoses addoMånad sedan
    • If it’s on the internet it ain’t private

      Moiz AhmedMoiz AhmedMånad sedan
  • Do a video on Paula Depena who refused to have minute of silence for Maradona

    MPS - ActiMPS - ActiMånad sedan
    • @Lance Vance ok

      MPS - ActiMPS - ActiMånad sedan
    • @Hamberger xd

      MPS - ActiMPS - ActiMånad sedan
    • Have a little more

      Lance VanceLance VanceMånad sedan
    • We have the same amount of subs:D

      HambergerHambergerMånad sedan
  • Do RashfordMBE💪🏿

    khalitimankhalitimanMånad sedan
  • How lod is Mbappe

    Mohau HlongwaneMohau HlongwaneMånad sedan
  • Oh my goal literally brags for players more than they do for themselves

    Tekkz FootballTekkz FootballMånad sedan
  • Show me the mooneyyy! Its all about the lifestyle 🗣🎶🎶

    Mohamed ShaneefMohamed ShaneefMånad sedan
  • I am 86

    Yusuf AhmedYusuf AhmedMånad sedan
  • *Me when I get $10:* 🥳🙏💥💯🔥🤯🤑😆

    Albert EinsteinAlbert EinsteinMånad sedan
    • Ikr

      Anonymous MinionAnonymous MinionMånad sedan
  • 0:24

    Vyacheslav YakushevVyacheslav YakushevMånad sedan
  • Here before 10k views

    Oliver MC cluskeyOliver MC cluskeyMånad sedan
  • The coolest ninja turtle is kylian

    Jalal HassounJalal HassounMånad sedan
    • 😅😅🤣🤣

      LM 10 FanLM 10 Fan25 dagar sedan
  • 0:50

    Виллиам УильсонВиллиам УильсонMånad sedan
  • 3:01 the guy is so triggered with than fan girl hahahaha

    Lil TseasLil TseasMånad sedan
  • i am early this time

    Oheneba AduOheneba AduMånad sedan
  • hi

    Oheneba AduOheneba AduMånad sedan
  • 0:53

    Jeff MartinJeff MartinMånad sedan
  • Let’s gooo mariooo

    Ilyas SirajIlyas SirajMånad sedan
  • ya know, I've been starting to watch oh my goal less because that guy in the middle that says " subscribe now because your football knowledge will be unbeatable

    Sebastien BrouwerSebastien BrouwerMånad sedan
    • @Sebastien Brouwer yes

      Anonymous MinionAnonymous MinionMånad sedan
    • @Anonymous Minion same but omg he's annoying

      Sebastien BrouwerSebastien BrouwerMånad sedan
    • I just press skip 10 seconds

      Anonymous MinionAnonymous MinionMånad sedan
  • You may have a troubled life Diego.But now finally peace is here!!!!Go on your way to return god his hand!!!!

    Anustup NaskarAnustup NaskarMånad sedan
  • How many oh my goal channels is there there was a list and I subbed to all

    Jessica BradfordJessica BradfordMånad sedan
  • I will be the next Kylian Mbappe

    Glen OpokuGlen OpokuMånad sedan
    • 19-year-old hopper. You can clean toilets for the rest of your sh*t life

      GERIGERIMånad sedan
    • Good luck! Keep working hard

      Yaseen AllamYaseen AllamMånad sedan
    • I wish youll be!

      ZekorexZekorexMånad sedan
    • Dream on bro i trust you

      Buyisani MhlongoBuyisani MhlongoMånad sedan
    • Remember the name

      Christian MoranChristian MoranMånad sedan
  • Firtdth

    WHATS 6x3WHATS 6x3Månad sedan
  • T

    WHATS 6x3WHATS 6x3Månad sedan
  • I should be like Mbappe and sane when i grow up so i don't waist money

    KillerlionKillerlionMånad sedan
  • Idk about how he spends his money but I know he goes for one mill in fifa 21 Edit thanks for the likes I never had do many mabye for you it might be little but it means a lot to me and I'm not tryna beg for like just have a great day .

    Zak MoZak MoMånad sedan
    • @Kickn Alife ya I guess division rivals are the way but if you do all of that while some opens packs with money and gets mbappe like I juenely hate pay to win it's like a shortcut to fifa.

      Zak MoZak Mo23 dagar sedan
    • @Zak Mo mbappe 1 mio. 10 weeks if u are half decent with div 3 and gold 3 of champs without any packluck. I think it’s ok. Trust me if ur team gets strong EA will kick in with freakn script. Horrible for us elite 1 players

      Kickn AlifeKickn Alife23 dagar sedan
    • @Kickn Alife ik but if your a free to play and don't get any pack luck you have to grind your way and it takes months to get to where the pay to win players are.

      Zak MoZak Mo23 dagar sedan
    • U know That pro Players become their own 99 cards and 3 icons for their choice? So getting the other 7 positions is easy and not that expensive. Just btw..

      Kickn AlifeKickn Alife23 dagar sedan
    • @InYourDrum bought him or packed ehiter way it's hard to get him in fifa

      Zak MoZak MoMånad sedan
  • Me- skipping video from 1:09 to 1:25

    Arjun ThapaArjun ThapaMånad sedan
    • Yeah I did that to

      Zak MoZak MoMånad sedan
  • Im better than kylian mbappe (defender btw) Me vs kylian mbappe Falling cuz he too fast

    Ibrahim AbduIbrahim AbduMånad sedan
  • How Kylian Mbappe went all the way from "Who is Mbappe"......TO......How he empties his pockets Damn!!!...This guy is having a LIT LYF🔥🔥......

    TFR GaminzzTFR GaminzzMånad sedan