5 footballers' whose wives were already rich | Oh My Goal

24 dec 2020
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Football stars earn a lot of money and their companions are "lucky" to live this comfortable lifestyle. But some of them have managed to build up substantial wealth without the help of their husbands! This breaks the cliché: "Football players' wives are with the player only for the money." And breaking this cliché feels good.
Here are 5 wives of football players who were already rich before they met their husbands.
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  • Hey soccer stories!! Ik u ain’t bullshit like oh my goal news But since it’s ur partner channel so please inform it not to be so biased They make all negative content on messi and praise Ronaldo in every video!! Now the thing Budweiser did to messis victims(goalies) they distributed beer to all of them It’s soo cool But none of u will cover it up It’s just sad and unethical

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  • What The Hell Happened To Oh My Goal

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  • *Fact : Shakira is 9 times richer than Pique*

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    • @Frizie I think you don't know that a person having 140 IQ is so intelligent.

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    • @Mark Amoah Even soccer stories has made a video on him last year you can see it.Eveything is there in the video.

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