20 LEGENDARY Diego Maradona quotes - “Watching Messi play is better than s*x” | Oh My Goal

25 nov 2020
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Despite his tragic death, Diego Armando Maradona will always be a part of football history. For his genius, his trophies, his grand gestures, his fits of rage and for what he said. Maradona always had a way with words. These are the best Diego Maradona quotes. Rest in peace Diego.
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  • :"c

    juan jose cedeño caraballojuan jose cedeño caraballo2 dagar sedan
  • Rip legend

    Sourav RajputSourav Rajput2 dagar sedan
  • 🤧🤧😥😥😥😥

    Nexton MarakNexton Marak18 dagar sedan
  • Maradona is on top of everyone & its so crystal clear ! Second one is Ronaldo the Phenomeno, the original Ronaldo & that is so crystal clear as well ! Behind these 2 comes Leo Messi, Zidane, George Best, Pele, Ronaldinho, CR, Rivaldo, Roberto Carlos, Van Basten, Johan Croif, Dennis Bergkamp, Steven Gerard, Tierry Henry, Iniesta, Xavi, Zlatan, Luis Figo, Andrea Pirlo, Del Piero ... etc etc ... But the biggest motherfuckers of all times where Roy Keane, Eric Cantona & Paul Gascoigne , lol

    galousisgalousis23 dagar sedan
    • @galousis ... yawn, i have lived thru both Pele and Maradona, and both are great. Going by numbers, well 3 > 1.

      Byebye DumpByebye Dump20 dagar sedan
    • @Byebye Dump I have no reason to cry, but be happy i have seen the best of all times playing. Take another example, Giannis Antetokumbo is considered the best player in NBA last few years. He has no NBA ring in his hands yet ! So you see that the criteria is not the number of trophies. It is something significant, but not the main criteria. Pele was promoted by media as the best of all times for commercial & advertising reasons of the time by FIFA. Pele was a good player, did something memorable with his team, but that's just it, nothing more or less. Maradona did THE magics on the filed, he demonstrated such skills & in so many levels that no one till today ever did so again.

      galousisgalousis20 dagar sedan
    • @galousis ... which defender? LOL.

      Byebye DumpByebye Dump20 dagar sedan
    • @Byebye Dump I told ya, even e defender could have won 3 World Cups. When we say the best we mean by skills and magics on the field, not by number of cups. Number of cups is something personal someone can be proud of, but this does not make him the best of all times.

      galousisgalousis20 dagar sedan
    • @galousis ... 3 world cups, keep crying to yasself.

      Byebye DumpByebye Dump20 dagar sedan
  • En otras palabras, siempre dijo que chinge su madre medio mundo....

    healthdioshealthdiosMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/f42Yz7nKpqZ42mg/video

    Pi Network Tiền Điện TửPi Network Tiền Điện TửMånad sedan
  • He was an assh*le what the fu*k are these dirty compliments . I did not expect this from you Diego😒

    Ruby RaiRuby RaiMånad sedan
  • MARADONA TRIBUTE VIDEO🎯 : seworld.info/will/r37XztaRbJdnzqM/video

    24xPES24xPESMånad sedan
  • “My legitimate kids are Dalma and Giannina.The rest are a product of my money and my mistakes” Who would actually have the balls to say that about their children?

    Slick WizSlick WizMånad sedan
  • tax evasion, drug and alcohol abuse... what an idiot player

    water dropswater dropsMånad sedan
  • The best of the best quote " i hate everything that comes from united states.I hate it with all my strength"

    Qaiser NiaziQaiser NiaziMånad sedan
  • Maradona. Mo. i. Miri. Ne. Planet nuk. Matet. Sot. Njeri. Me ate

    Fabio ToskaFabio ToskaMånad sedan
  • Every one is here to die yet every one is so busy preparing for this life.Prepare for the never ending life after death.follow Quran and Sunnah completely will see you successful in this life plus here after.

    Afthabgull BangashAfthabgull BangashMånad sedan
  • I loved all of his quotes

    chris papachris papaMånad sedan
  • Rip Maradona hates me!

    Adir ChowdhuryAdir ChowdhuryMånad sedan
  • 00:44 He hated everything from the USA, but strangely appeared in a MacDonald's commercial.

    Abhirup NayakAbhirup NayakMånad sedan
    • the full context of the quote was about him criticizing American politics, government, and policy. not its people or their food lmao

      OmarOmarMånad sedan
  • God fearing Blessed man.Legend .Always shows sportman spirit.MARADONA your absence is paining

    sumod mathewsumod mathewMånad sedan
  • I am Maradona who makes goals who makes mistakes.. 😢i am black or white I'll never be grey in my life.. 😢when God decides it's time He will come for us.. 😭beautiful and heart melting quotes from the ONE and ONLY Diego maradona.. You will always be Diego Armando Maradona the legend.. forever in our 💕.. RIP legend🙏

    Kanili NKanili NMånad sedan
  • Is nice to be a genius but mostly important is to have character. The charming of a person is his kindness

  • The handsome card locally skip because vegetarian repressingly mark abaft a windy thunder. abortive, subdued hallway

    Alexander WilisowAlexander WilisowMånad sedan
  • 🇦🇷⚽️🇦🇷

    Vuk WolfVuk WolfMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/gYDRud3Yg31n32A/video legends never die

    DjenkiDjenkiMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/gYDRud3Yg31n32A/video legends never die

    DjenkiDjenkiMånad sedan
  • seworld.info/will/gYDRud3Yg31n32A/video legends never die

    DjenkiDjenkiMånad sedan
  • RIP😥

    Vincenzo loverVincenzo loverMånad sedan
  • Hasta siempre Diego. 🇦🇷🏆❤️⚽🔟 seworld.info/will/fGzbu5fDrYV9zWA/video

    Armando CastellanosArmando CastellanosMånad sedan
  • What a legen! R.l.P

    Jasmine WestJasmine WestMånad sedan
  • 0:25. SAVAGE

    LegandaryMo MurshedLegandaryMo MurshedMånad sedan
  • Beautiful

    cristi axintecristi axinteMånad sedan
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    Danny chongDanny chongMånad sedan
  • DIEGO!!!!

  • The hero

    Balson NaoshekpamBalson NaoshekpamMånad sedan
  • Can you please share the music?

    George ConstantinouGeorge ConstantinouMånad sedan
  • More than a footballer he was a easy go human being. He loved every thing rich or poor. Drug Or drink what ever across him. R. I. P legend.

    Shaji KodiyatuShaji KodiyatuMånad sedan
  • m.seworld.info/will/aaKym9rYpmaTqaM/video Diego Maradona memories

    Headlinext TubesHeadlinext TubesMånad sedan
  • Everyone will go...!!!! It is up to you to take care of yourself and be very careful. the drug is not safe. and it is well known 🙏🏾

    Borbow AhmadeyBorbow AhmadeyMånad sedan
  • Greatest of all time Diego Armando Maradona. R. I. P.

    Levan BerulavaLevan BerulavaMånad sedan
  • 0:45 .....

    Giovanni SanzGiovanni SanzMånad sedan
  • Great footballer noone like you sir

    mohan Pantamohan PantaMånad sedan
  • Rest in peace. This is very sad news. Fuck 2020

    Maroof HossenMaroof HossenMånad sedan
  • I cant put a player whose sole international achievement is a U20 WC medal, Maradona had achieved and surpassed everything Messi done for Argentina when he was starting to shave. Diego was just sensational, unparalleled ability and in the 80s when he was at his peak an absolutely a monster of a player

    eric mcnamaraeric mcnamaraMånad sedan
  • There is only one maradona the best football player in the entire world history

    Abdelmalik el amriAbdelmalik el amriMånad sedan
  • C ronaldo Messi Maradona best players that ever lived! pele is overated and not better than these players!!!

    ELENA Toys and FunELENA Toys and FunMånad sedan
    • @ELENA Toys and Fun ... sure, records are meant to be broken. He will NEVER break the 3 world cups though.

      Byebye DumpByebye Dump22 dagar sedan
    • @Byebye Dump my friend ronaldo is breaking records! he is doning what no palyer has done before. This era is so much more advance than peles time!

      ELENA Toys and FunELENA Toys and Fun22 dagar sedan
    • 3 world cups belong to Pele alone. 17yo scoring in a world cup final ... never done before and not since to this day. RIP haters.

      Byebye DumpByebye Dump22 dagar sedan
  • That last quote by Diego Armando Maradona broke my heart 😭😢

    Swaroop PavanSwaroop PavanMånad sedan
  • "I am black or white. I'll never be grey in my life". I loved that one.

    Larry OusmanLarry OusmanMånad sedan
  • “In my times, if someone were to look at a colleague’s wife...” That’s for you, Ryan. From a real legend himself. And he’d probably have shot you if he had the chance.

    Keith HiewKeith HiewMånad sedan
  • Rip

    Ina AdelinaIna AdelinaMånad sedan
  • Thanks

    bia kenarbia kenarMånad sedan
  • David Beckham still the best footballer in the world..

  • When i see maradona playing is enjoyable and great. And when i am watching Maradona's lifestyle on outfield especially after him retired. It hurts my eyes. RIP Diego

    Eggie AlfiansyahEggie AlfiansyahMånad sedan
  • “In my heart I’m Palestinian.” - Diego Maradona.

    AbuMaxAbuMaxMånad sedan
  • Imagine calling your kids mistakes.. respect 📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉📉

    rondowestb4rondowestb4Månad sedan
  • He liked to smoke cigars alot.

    Hector LopezHector LopezMånad sedan
  • Maradona is the best player of all time 1/ Maradona 2/ pelé 3/ messi 4/ Ronaldo brazil 5/ CR7

    ErashErashMånad sedan
  • What a guy😎

    GrumpyTinasheGrumpyTinasheMånad sedan
  • Diego. Rest in peace. Excellent entertainment you've shown us all in The United States of America you've hated.

    john smithjohn smithMånad sedan
  • Here's a tribute art to Sir Diego Maradona. Have a look : seworld.info/will/i5vJ1cS2gZqVuH0/video

    Anup PaulAnup PaulMånad sedan
  • Heart Breaking Song For Maradona: seworld.info/will/aounqq-sj5R91JM/video

    alamgir azadalamgir azadMånad sedan
  • "if the pope is so worried about the poor he should sell his gold ceilings" ....

    kakoo lykakoo lyMånad sedan
  • R.I.P Maradona

  • Me: See's the title,Your Gay!!!!!,guys he's gay!!!!!!.

    ExodusExodusMånad sedan
  • Let me add another great quote by Maradona "I Wish CRISTIANO RONALDO was born in Argentina."

    North 7North 7Månad sedan
  • When I hear about he die I just feel like hart broke I was just saying there no way he die and still today I keep saying no way he die R.I.P. #1💫

    Edgar LimonEdgar LimonMånad sedan
  • wished he looked after his health more and not ended up taking drugs when he was younger

    Shademan IrvanipourShademan IrvanipourMånad sedan
  • Messi must win FIFA world cup in 2022 for Maradona.

    Thunder AppleThunder AppleMånad sedan
  • "Maradona had Argentina in his heart and Colombia in his nose" - Copied comment.

    Riz PRiz PMånad sedan
  • Time up ,God decided.rest in peace the genius

    Moses MoriMoses MoriMånad sedan
  • There is and will be only one Diego.

    StormStormMånad sedan
  • If later in 2070 I was still alive I'll tell my children about "Once upon a time in football..." -Pele -Puskas -Lev Yashin -Johan Cruyff -Maradona :))) Nostalgia will never age.

    Did I lose the war in Berlin?Did I lose the war in Berlin?Månad sedan
  • Legend. Never dies.....

    gallery adridgallery adridMånad sedan
  • If this is what diego quotes then i cant imagine what ibrahimovic would quote

    V1ClxpsV1ClxpsMånad sedan
  • This was it and the world were lucky to see him or watching on tv

    Ali 62Ali 62Månad sedan
  • RIP tho

    Alex BatupeAlex BatupeMånad sedan
  • Rest in Peace Legend🔥💙😔🙌🏽

    Kevin TriggyKevin TriggyMånad sedan
  • What a humble man. He was so much better than messi

    superfleasuperfleaMånad sedan
  • 😢 😢 😔 R.I.P

    EightyDropEightyDropMånad sedan
  • No doubts Pele > Maradona

    True Ram Bhakt 100%True Ram Bhakt 100%Månad sedan
  • Only watched World Cup matches & started watching Only Argentina matches because of Diego Maradona in 1990. Legend no one was like him as a footballer.

    Sabeel Travels UKSabeel Travels UKMånad sedan

    Alan RaptorAlan RaptorMånad sedan
  • Legends never die

    Sen torSen torMånad sedan

  • Bro he had such a fast life. In his 60 years he fit 100 years..

    Marco AlonsoMarco AlonsoMånad sedan
  • Can u please make 100 facts about the legend Diego Armando maradona Franco

    Inferno WolfInferno WolfMånad sedan
  • Don't be sad. When there's another soccer star in the future, you know who he is.

    Albert EinsteinAlbert EinsteinMånad sedan
  • Sei sempre stato una persona umile , hai aiutato le persone più povere al mondo e sei stato il più grande campione del mondo sia in campo che fuori! Tutto il mondo ti ama e non ti dimenticherà mai ! Vola vola tra le nuvole e non temere che nessuno lassù ti giudicherà mai..❤ Dieguito hasta la vista siempre. ❤

    Rossana FioriniRossana FioriniMånad sedan
  • Calling his own children as mistakes hes the best footballer hes not the best human being

    KruEZKruEZMånad sedan
    • Facts like what the hell was that

      rondowestb4rondowestb4Månad sedan
  • rip legends

    Khiruddin OthmanKhiruddin OthmanMånad sedan
  • HEY, Diago, why you hate everything from america?

    Rich SandersRich SandersMånad sedan
  • I pray for Allah to his soul rest in peace. Also I hope his magical power to get Messi & Argentina team which will win fifa world cup 2022.

    Zahirul IslamZahirul IslamMånad sedan
  • Lived the lives of 100 men

    Brett SkinnerBrett SkinnerMånad sedan
  • Imagine messi winning the 2022 world cup and kissing the cup like maradona and pointing him .

    Shamik PandeyShamik PandeyMånad sedan
  • diegitoooooo

    Pablo FredianiPablo FredianiMånad sedan
  • Maradona: if i die i want to be born again and i want to be donald trump d.trump: hey, you. i want to be ur wife one day.. maradonna: r u a gay, donald.. messi: stop guys. r u kidding me

    Kamek ManusiaKamek ManusiaMånad sedan
  • maradona: watching messi play is better than sex messi: im getting worse now maradona: im dying now. i hate u..

    Kamek ManusiaKamek ManusiaMånad sedan
  • 😭🥺🥺🥺😭he was such a humble l, loyal,and God Fearing Footballer .. May His Soul Rest In Peace..😭🤞 We will miss u very much....😭🥺🤞

  • The quote on the thumbnail is absolutely correct, and playing football is also better than sex

    Shilpa VishwanathanShilpa VishwanathanMånad sedan
  • "In my heart I'm a Palestinian" Maradona

    Ashkar AlamAshkar AlamMånad sedan
  • I really hope that they don't start milking his death for views

    AshyAnklezAshyAnklezMånad sedan
  • Enough has been said and I'll say it there will be no other Maradona the greatest soccer player of all time#Rip Maradona as you said when the time to go reaches God will come for us indeed it was your time will forever treasure the moments I saw you play on the Tv.

    Ousmane IbrahimOusmane IbrahimMånad sedan
  • As an American we don't care if he hates us we still will miss you 😢

    Dead BeatDead BeatMånad sedan