The 6 craziest matches won by forfeit | Oh My Goal

21 nov 2020
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Football is sometimes home to some very bad surprises. Real Madrid in the Copa del Rey, Paris Saint-Germain in the Champions League, AS Roma in Serie A...All these big clubs have lost games through forfeit after they made major blunders.
Some clubs like Napoli lost via forfeit after an extreme injustice. Discover the craziest matches won by forfeit in this new video.
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  • If the voice is mine, than your next video should be what the happened to the romanian football

    Ramon NisteRamon Niste2 dagar sedan
  • Never seen such stuffs ever before

    Srinjoy DebnathSrinjoy Debnath10 dagar sedan
  • 1:58 This did not age well

    The DeflektorThe Deflektor12 dagar sedan
  • And Real madrid went Trophy less in 2015 because of that dumb mistake 🤦‍♂️

    Can't Touch ThisCan't Touch This14 dagar sedan
  • The Napoli one was unfair cuz it wasn't Napoli's fault

    Simon SamuelSimon Samuel18 dagar sedan
  • I thought he said the real champions league 😂

    Cesar HernandezCesar Hernandez18 dagar sedan
  • Napoli win appeal to replay previously abandoned clash with Juventus

    Brekelsveld HomeBrekelsveld Home19 dagar sedan
  • Honestly the Italian Leagu wrong for deducting a point. I would at least understand not redoing the game because of the tight schedule, but that's too far. They were told not to go by the city because of the Covid outbreak where they were based on the information I received. I hope they take it back the point at least.

    Samuel MontanoSamuel Montano20 dagar sedan
  • Who is here after napoli took the point against juventus

    Angelo DoumitAngelo Doumit21 dag sedan
  • Who's here after Juventus is being forced to play the game against Napoli?

    WIERDBOWIERDBO21 dag sedan
  • Napoli have won an appeal the match will happen

    S.K. SPORTSS.K. SPORTS22 dagar sedan
  • Napoli dosent have anymore that Point Behavior they didn't Cheat, The FIGC Gave their Point back...

    Sir Alex FergusonSir Alex Ferguson22 dagar sedan
  • Napoli didn't cheat and now they won there case you cheat

    Kabir SinghKabir Singh23 dagar sedan
  • Juventus vs Napoli is a rematch bruh.....not

    Pranjay MehtaliaPranjay Mehtalia23 dagar sedan
  • I know the first incident, its not a forfiet

    Mazen AlaaMazen Alaa24 dagar sedan
  • The Juventus and Napoli match was decision by the Italian Cup, Napoli got punished for trying to keep its players and Juventus players safe

    Mex TacoMex Taco25 dagar sedan
  • Legia - Celtic in 2014, Champions League III round of qualification First match: 4-1 to Legia Second match: (2-0 to Legia) Forfeit - 3:0 to Celtic The score: 4:4, Celtic qualifies due to a goal in Warsaw

    escxurbanescxurban25 dagar sedan
  • wtf memphis depay was playing for lyon since 1997?

    Literal TrashLiteral Trash25 dagar sedan
  • How is that napoli’s fault that they couldn’t travel for covid guidelines. Either postpone the game and if they are still not allowed later then give them a point each

    Armaan MartinsArmaan Martins27 dagar sedan
  • Romania-Norway?

    Danivda 21Danivda 2129 dagar sedan
  • Neymar skills goals

    CursedEditsCursedEdits29 dagar sedan
  • I feel like the refs have some responsibility in making sure players are eligible too?

    Jonathon MatzkeJonathon MatzkeMånad sedan
  • I’m morrocan and support waydad and I was so mad when they gave the other team the win

    Akram SalihAkram SalihMånad sedan
  • Bro the thumbnail is wrong because cr7 has a different hair cut in 2020

    Tatyana VolodkinaTatyana VolodkinaMånad sedan
  • You're forgetting Chapecoense. The opposition forfeited to give them the trophy because of the plane crash. Wonderful sportsmanship!

    Cruz CaffaroCruz CaffaroMånad sedan
  • Serie was bought by Juve

    NathanNathanMånad sedan
    • just let me tell u some epic glitch will happen to acmilan this season and juve will win serie a i am betting

      Literal TrashLiteral Trash25 dagar sedan
    • @no name ikr every time

      NathanNathanMånad sedan
    • Finally someone who knows that juve are cheaters

      no nameno nameMånad sedan
  • what about albania vs serbia in 2015? that shit was crazy.

    Johnny SinsJohnny SinsMånad sedan
  • Napoli couldn't fo much though

    Syngraal FnSyngraal FnMånad sedan
  • Please make a video about the European Super League and why it's a horrible thing for football.

  • I was in the stands i was going to kick their asses cuz im morrocan and even i support the rival of widad i supported cuz im Moroccan

    Anouar ChahtiAnouar ChahtiMånad sedan
  • The Juve-Napoli game should’ve never been forfeited. It’s clear that Napoli were blocked from traveling to Turin. The Serie A is obviously corrupt in favor for Juventus

    Nolan ConnollyNolan ConnollyMånad sedan
    • Yes, agreed

      Anonymous MinionAnonymous Minion15 dagar sedan
  • Serbia vs Albania euro qualifications

    Egli LalaEgli LalaMånad sedan
  • For Real Madrid it was Villarreal's fault not the player

    Sourish TiwariSourish TiwariMånad sedan
  • How can you miss the 2 most strange forfeits!? The first one was in the African champions League of 2015 A team from Algeria was playing against one from Madagascar (I don't recall the names) Anyway algeria is in North Africa and Madagascar is faaaaaar away in South Africa The first leg was in Madagascar and the Algerian team couldn't make it to Madagascar due to the long traveling distance and the lack of transport so they were considered defeated 3-0 by the CAF After that the Madagascarian team thoutgh that they are nearly qualified to the next round, Al they had to do was going to Algeria dispite the traveling difficulties hoping they won't lose by a 4 goals margin, which is pretty hard if they spent all the match in defence, so the match started and they indeed conceded 4 goals! Which makes them out of the tournament, but in the second half they managed to score a goal which can take them all the way through the next round by the goals away rule, but unfortunately for them in the last minute of the game they conceded the 5th goal! And comeback to Madagascar with a an embarrassing loss! The second game was in the European champions League at the 80's I can't remember which year exactly or which teams but anyway, team A has lost the first leg 3-0 at the opponent stadium, The second leg ended up with them winning 4-1at Thier own field! So they should be out due to Goals away but the plot twist happened when the UEFA canceled the game because the qualified team B had played with a player who wasn't included in the official 23 list! So the second game was considered as 3-0 forfiet and both teams were level again!! UEFA had to organise a third game to separate them And team A had won that game 2-1 and get qualified eventually

    Mohamed PedrouMohamed PedrouMånad sedan
  • بلايلي يصل العالمية⁦♥️⁩🤣

    Mohamed PedrouMohamed PedrouMånad sedan
  • Napoli didn't deserve to lose to forfeit. They tried to keep cr7 safe.

    Nathan DesmondNathan DesmondMånad sedan
  • 4:28 About those pathetic sore losers you say there was an extremely suspecious desisions against them ? What about us ES Tunis?!!!! there was a lot of desisions against us such as one hell of a disallowed penalty in the second leg that will make the 3 from Chelsea vs Barcelona looks like a joke ! (Their defender looked like a handball goalkeeper !!!) Also if you don't know WAC won the champions league in 2017 vs Al Ahly with the help of the referee and then in 2018 CAF decided to make it up to Al Ahly with a crocked referee in the first leg against us with 2 penalties out of nowhere!!! (have you ever saw someone getting a penalty for tearing his own shirt?) Only for us to beat them in the 2nd leg in the greatest rimontada in CAF champions league history so they decided to go back to help WAC again against us only to fail again ! They're nothing but sore losers

    Daoud KhalilDaoud KhalilMånad sedan
  • Serie A is a clown of a league

    Reeyan UdaniReeyan UdaniMånad sedan
  • Video idea: What happened to Arshavin

    icyy o daddyicyy o daddyMånad sedan
  • Tell us about Mokhtar Dahari, the third highest goal scorer in international game

    Fattah LuffyFattah LuffyMånad sedan
  • the juve napoli should been cancelled

    lara balayantolara balayantoMånad sedan
  • Bruh, this video is just 🤯

    Murewa RajiMurewa RajiMånad sedan
  • I still remember that day im real Madrid fan

    Simon PierreSimon PierreMånad sedan
  • Tbf in the Napoli case the team refuse to take the plane and go to Turin before they were obligated not to go to Turin, and also in that period another italian team, Genoa, had 14 cases and played regurally!

    Andrea RicciAndrea RicciMånad sedan
  • The local federations recommended but thr league said they should attend the the game they could have gone but they had four starters out

    Sergio AnelucciSergio AnelucciMånad sedan
  • Very amazing n sweet video

    Sweet Priyanka ChopraSweet Priyanka ChopraMånad sedan
  • Please do a video about the best UEFA Champions League finals ever

    arjun prakasharjun prakashMånad sedan
  • Vijjjareall

    Faiz FalconFaiz FalconMånad sedan
  • I'm Morrocan and i was furious at the ref because they disallowed a penalty and a goal in the first leg and in the second half they disallowed a goal and gave a penalty to esperance for no reason and plus esperance probably paid BOTH refs

    Karim KhalifaKarim KhalifaMånad sedan
    • I mean second leg not second half

      Karim KhalifaKarim KhalifaMånad sedan
  • That was the most interesting video I have ever watched that oh my goal have uploaded 🙌🙌

    tekkerz boy unarinetekkerz boy unarineMånad sedan
  • Nah explain me how did napolu cheat??

    Rissvin PanchadcharamRissvin PanchadcharamMånad sedan
    • He's a juve fan

      no nameno nameMånad sedan
  • The last one is disgusting I feel sorry for the Moroccans

    Rush WarsRush WarsMånad sedan
  • This year in the second leg of zamalek vs raga. They postpone it 10 days for ammount positive casses in raga. The final was only 5 matches after second leg and the other Tam (AL ahly had break of 30 days until the final) then they postpone both second leg and final again for 7 days and 20 days to final. The final is HOPEFULLY be played 27 of this month between the greatest African El classic (AL ahly vs zamalek) in their own ground Egypt at burj AL cairo (their stadium just like San siro). Imagine if there would be fans there for the match.

    hisham Shalabyhisham ShalabyMånad sedan
  • Juve were d**** to napoli

    Rissvin PanchadcharamRissvin PanchadcharamMånad sedan
  • We should appreciate having a great player like Ronaldo and Messi. Soon we will miss them just like we now miss Khabib The Eagle 😭❤

    RealityMay TravelRealityMay TravelMånad sedan
    • Yes

      HAR MEMESHAR MEMESMånad sedan
    • Exactly

      Patrick KpodjiePatrick KpodjieMånad sedan
  • Lol Cadiz beat real again

    Mudassir KamranMudassir KamranMånad sedan
    • On forfeit tho

      Glenda NavarroGlenda NavarroMånad sedan
    • Yes bro

      Mujtaba KamranMujtaba KamranMånad sedan
    • Yes bro

      Mujtaba KamranMujtaba KamranMånad sedan
  • Do not forfeit, it's a horrible idea

    Tangeni IiputaTangeni IiputaMånad sedan
  • good vid!

    Ismaile NjieIsmaile NjieMånad sedan
  • 48th

    Ismaile NjieIsmaile NjieMånad sedan
  • 0:40

    Anton VolkovAnton VolkovMånad sedan
  • Yep oh my goal is back

    Jaya IyerJaya IyerMånad sedan
  • Napoli should have not forfeited that match the also got a 1 point deduction cuz their players got COVID health is more important than football. Serie A made a mistake there should have postponed the match

    TyneeMaxTyneeMaxMånad sedan
  • Football fans like here

    Prashanta PaudelPrashanta PaudelMånad sedan
  • When you are an amateur player but mistakenly put the difficulty on legendry

    Divenaldo PenaldoDivenaldo PenaldoMånad sedan
    • Your spelling is still amateur

      Lkue Luek Luck LkeuLkue Luek Luck Lkeu12 dagar sedan
    • legendary*

      AcoRus animationsAcoRus animations16 dagar sedan
    • Lol smh

      csd 05csd 05Månad sedan
    • Ya

      SnoopySnoopyMånad sedan
    • Lmao true

      BruhBruhMånad sedan
  • Who else replies to their own comments?

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    • Dont you do it man ??

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    • Nice really ??

      Aman TheLegendAman TheLegendMånad sedan
    • Me

      Ctrl alt De LigtCtrl alt De LigtMånad sedan
  • Oh my goal saying Champions league forfeit 😯😯😯 When he said African champions league 😑😐

    Torrick CampbellTorrick CampbellMånad sedan
    • But it aint good if it aint european one

      KoBrKoBr25 dagar sedan
    • but the most famous one is

      Abdirahman MuseAbdirahman Muse28 dagar sedan
    • It’s the same thing my guy champions league isn’t just Europe’s

      Say No MoreSay No MoreMånad sedan
  • This much more common in fifa

    Samuel BiswasSamuel BiswasMånad sedan
  • I have never seen a live football match

    U VarshithU VarshithMånad sedan
  • I bet even the coach of that team who won could not believe it

    Ekrem MusliuEkrem MusliuMånad sedan
  • 7 of zlatans most savage quotes

    yuliyuliMånad sedan
  • I Only Seen Forfeit Match On Football Games, In Real Life, Nah...

  • imagine witnessing a forfeit on tv

    Prithvviraj MajumdarPrithvviraj MajumdarMånad sedan
    • @Gifted Cobalt Bee Same

      Javierm2011Javierm201117 dagar sedan
    • I did Juve-Napoli

      Gifted Cobalt BeeGifted Cobalt Bee24 dagar sedan
  • I saw a forfeit match between the two biggest clubs in Egypt, Al Ahly an Al Zamalek, in the Egyptian League.

    Omar KhalifaOmar KhalifaMånad sedan

    Street FreestylerStreet FreestylerMånad sedan
  • I barely understood Real Madrid's thing

    Maadhav PremMaadhav PremMånad sedan
  • What's funny (not for Real fans tho) is that they lost to Cadiz again this season.

    Farhan LabibFarhan LabibMånad sedan
    • Rush Wars lol ur mad

      brnlxisbrnlxis10 dagar sedan
    • @VIDEO GAMING HD what's funny (not for barca fans) They wont even be 2nd in the league

      XDNOPES YTXDNOPES YT13 dagar sedan
    • @XDNOPES YT what's funny (not for Cadiz fans tho) is that they will still get relegated

    • What's funny (for cadiz fans) is that yall beat both real madrid and barca

      XDNOPES YTXDNOPES YT14 dagar sedan
    • @Rush Wars just ignore the barca kids bro. HALA MADRID

      Bellal AfzalyarBellal Afzalyar21 dag sedan
  • This is oh my goal's most interesting video by far. Keep up the good work guys.

    Shreyansh GuptaShreyansh GuptaMånad sedan
  • Video idea: "Will Messi and Ronaldo ever become 2nd choice players who come off the bench for the final few minutes or will they remain first choice till the last day of office?" Like so Oh My Goal can see

    Fan SiteFan SiteMånad sedan
    • That's a really good idea, I hope they can be the first choice until they retire tho.

      Meow MehmetMeow MehmetMånad sedan
    • Great idea

      One Indian boy 2One Indian boy 2Månad sedan
  • African champions league final bruh

    35- 7735- 77Månad sedan
  • Cr7 In Thumbnail=VIEWS

    RMĀ CR7RMĀ CR7Månad sedan
  • 9th comment pls can u give me a heart

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    • BEGGERS!!!!!!!!

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  • You spelt cadiz wrong in the thumbnail🤪

    Jeremiah Fiifi AwotwiJeremiah Fiifi AwotwiMånad sedan
  • Who else didn't know that forefit exists?

    *INDIAN* Justin Y.*INDIAN* Justin Y.Månad sedan
  • Who r big fan of soccer stories like this Comment

    Kritan PudasainiKritan PudasainiMånad sedan
    • It aint soccer

      fifa_monstah _fifa_monstah _Månad sedan
  • Early notifications team where are you 👇 👇 👇

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  • Liked everyone comments oh my goal pls can u heart this

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    • @La Pulga Messi would never ever say that

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  • Super content oh my goal

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  • Why captions are spanish auto generated 🤦🏻‍♂️

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    • Exactly

      ralte colneyralte colneyMånad sedan
    • Y que tiene de malo wey?

      Every arsenal YouTuber fans _0Every arsenal YouTuber fans _0Månad sedan
    • It is the problem with MANY youtube videos...

      La PulgaLa PulgaMånad sedan
  • I think Ronaldo should have finished his career in real only am i theonly one

    Abhideep JainAbhideep JainMånad sedan
  • ive never seen a forfeit match

    Fraser PotterFraser PotterMånad sedan
    • You can never see a forfeit match indeed, infact nobody can

      niku Nayalniku Nayal24 dagar sedan
    • I thought this was a joke that nobody get ....

    • okay well in real football

      Fraser PotterFraser PotterMånad sedan
    • In pes ???!!

      [Mř]ŇØBØĐÝ[Mř]ŇØBØĐÝMånad sedan
    • @Street Freestyler really bro

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  • I was doing my homework but this seemed important

    • Dont tell my parents🤫😅🤣🤣🤣🤣

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    • Sort your priorities

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    • Are homeworks even a type of work😂😂

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    • same bro.

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    • Lol😅

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  • Big fan...

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  • Yo!

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  • In the thumbnail you spelled CADIZ wrong.

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    • Lol

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