99 facts that make Erling Haaland very special | Oh My Goal

7 jan 2021
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Erling Haaland has his name on everyone’s lips. Haaland may even break all goal scoring records! But before he gets that far, let’s learn more about the Norweigian star Erling Haaland!
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  • Give us the "Fact 100"

    Soccer Stories - Oh My GoalSoccer Stories - Oh My Goal9 dagar sedan
    • He is the second-fastest runner in the Bundesliga.

      Wihan RouxWihan RouxDag sedan
    • @Somebody 32 norrrrway

      Thomas BoyleThomas Boyle2 dagar sedan
    • Fact 100 : HE IS A BOY

      Arcadia SammyArcadia Sammy2 dagar sedan
    • Fin fact: the body you guys put his face on, on the thumbnail is a Dane ;)

      Jeppe UhrenholtJeppe Uhrenholt3 dagar sedan
    • Haaland is a human being

      My uncle is a member of the House of LordsMy uncle is a member of the House of Lords4 dagar sedan
  • The handball shift in the thumbnail is the Danish one

    Marcus NielsenMarcus Nielsen5 timmar sedan
    • Shirt

      Marcus NielsenMarcus Nielsen3 timmar sedan
  • I know haaland more than anyone I know is Insta

    gamerps5 gamerps5gamerps5 gamerps55 timmar sedan
  • Fact 100 he is tall🤣

    Memes' WorldMemes' World12 timmar sedan
    • This is so fun to watch as a Norwegian

      Rock girlRock girl3 timmar sedan
  • 99 facts about coutinho please

    charlie redcharlie red15 timmar sedan
  • Yoo Mino Raiola is the agent of how many players?

    JoproTheGamerJoproTheGamer18 timmar sedan
  • Haaland's idol is Zlatan.... now we know why interview's with Haaland are like this😂😂

    dambus555 PLdambus555 PLDag sedan
  • They told 3 facts without me noticing 😂

    yasio boloyasio boloDag sedan
  • He is blonde

    Nima SayadNima SayadDag sedan
  • that why haaland not want join mu roy kane must apologis 1st

    roxE-roxE-2 dagar sedan
    • Love you videos???

      yasio boloyasio boloDag sedan
  • Erling haaland third Idol is Lionel messi

    Osvi HerreroOsvi Herrero2 dagar sedan
  • His father was the victim of Roy Keane's brutality and United are still hoping to sign him😂

    Don MакаvэliDon Mакаvэli2 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: he beat neymar's psv

    aurientalauriental2 dagar sedan
  • Can you plz do 99 things about pogba

    Afthak AyanothAfthak Ayanoth2 dagar sedan
  • Rusa watching this he What no I am the best

    king codyking cody2 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: hes good

    Reinis ZiemelisReinis Ziemelis2 dagar sedan
  • Fact: 100 Keane didn’t actually end Håland’s career it was an injury to his other knee that ended it.

    Knut BryngelssonKnut Bryngelsson3 dagar sedan
  • 5:20 Thas a lie in a video in salzburg he said he never played fifa

    Liverpool YnwaLiverpool Ynwa3 dagar sedan
    • Which was more than a year ago.

      Knut BryngelssonKnut Bryngelsson3 dagar sedan
  • This is so fun to watch as a Norwegian

    Jakob Apalset VassbøJakob Apalset Vassbø3 dagar sedan
    • Love you videos???

      dcoog anmldcoog anml2 dagar sedan
  • errm u put haaland in the Danish handball kit instead of the Norwegian on

    Noah Brøchner FagerbergNoah Brøchner Fagerberg3 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100 is haaland he was clocked at 22.9 miles per hour against psg

    Almaza AmmachAlmaza Ammach3 dagar sedan
  • He ate Like a horse at Molde

    Joi DaBoyJoi DaBoy3 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: "Haalands a blond"

    Kelvin Kwame OkyereKelvin Kwame Okyere3 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100 his dad ingured Roy Keane

    Mohammad Al-AwartaniMohammad Al-Awartani3 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: He recorded one of the fastest speeds in the Bundesliga

    eioshen boboieioshen boboi3 dagar sedan
  • This that

    ICYCrewICYCrew4 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100 he is human 🤯

    Tumac Cerna HerreraTumac Cerna Herrera4 dagar sedan
    • If he had the face of Claudio Marchisio then he would cost three times more expensive than now.

      eioshen boboieioshen boboi3 dagar sedan
  • In the thumbnail haaland have the danish handball shirt on😂

    MAILUNDMAILUND4 dagar sedan
  • His dad's face and harry maguire are kinda like the same.

    IwanasyIwanasy4 dagar sedan
  • In thumbnail haaland is wering a Danish Handball shirt but he is Norwegian

    somebody 123somebody 1234 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: He is know for being good at the game

    Huni GamingHuni Gaming4 dagar sedan
  • The rapper thing is overused by this shit channel

    Robert RobertRobert Robert4 dagar sedan
  • Make a video on my idol javi Martinez from Bayern Munich

    Stefan RosenbuschStefan Rosenbusch4 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: He recorded one of the fastest speeds in the Bundesliga

    sehhi vootysehhi vooty4 dagar sedan
  • At 4:50 oh my goal made a mistake like if you saw it


    • He’s really funny.

      sehhi vootysehhi vooty4 dagar sedan
  • Please do Harry kane

    Abdul-Rahman ChaudriAbdul-Rahman Chaudri5 dagar sedan
  • Next 100 facts JAMIE VARDY PLEASE

    FOXDENFOXDEN5 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact he is actually a robot made by his parents who are engineers

    Malcom De AmaralMalcom De Amaral5 dagar sedan
  • he is a goal scorer

    game Comedygame Comedy5 dagar sedan
  • He’s a good player for 100

    Jack BinghamJack Bingham5 dagar sedan
  • If he had the face of Claudio Marchisio then he would cost three times more expensive than now.

    JOK JeoJOK Jeo5 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: He recorded one of the fastest speeds in the Bundesliga

    Ailsa NiAilsa Ni5 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: He's just can't not score!

    Hubba BubbaHubba Bubba5 dagar sedan
  • He plays football

    • Are we not gonna talk about the danish handball kit?

      Ailsa NiAilsa Ni5 dagar sedan
  • he is a robot

    Keilan McManusKeilan McManus6 dagar sedan
  • you know the handbal shirt used in the beginning is from Danmark

    Mathias HøjerMathias Højer6 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100 could be he is a boy

    Cjay NewmanCjay Newman6 dagar sedan

    hanuhanu6 dagar sedan
  • Fact 💯: Erling is the only player to score 11 goals in 14 matches and youngest

    James MCplayzzJames MCplayzz6 dagar sedan
  • 100 he didn’t sign to Manchester from molde because because of my uncle because he wouldn’t get to play that much (he saved hållands career)

    All in KazAll in Kaz6 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: he’s not leaving Dortmund until we win a trophy

    Dan DA little ManDan DA little Man6 dagar sedan
  • Fact: 100 he loves interviews

    William KopslandWilliam Kopsland6 dagar sedan
  • Am i the only one who noticed thats it’s a danish handball shirt and not a norway at the front ig the vid lol

    William NielsenWilliam Nielsen6 dagar sedan
  • There is another fact: he is an ikea sofa

    Ethan ExistsEthan Exists6 dagar sedan
  • Haaland and mbappe will be rivals like messi and ronaldo on day mark my words

    Rubab AminRubab Amin6 dagar sedan
  • this is like me playing fifa on beginner mode and score thousand goals in few games

    GameEverydayGameEveryday6 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100. His favorite sentence is Why not?

    BK007BK0076 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: he is from another planet

    Kristian TautraKristian Tautra7 dagar sedan
  • Are we not gonna talk about the danish handball kit?

    we wewe we7 dagar sedan
  • Hes blonde

    Twisted- LinguaTwisted- Lingua7 dagar sedan
  • hes my favorite player he is zodiac cancer like me we are both blonde what else xd

    Red InfernoRed Inferno7 dagar sedan
  • Why the hell did he choose Norway?

    Dappz DappaDappz Dappa7 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: He once got kicked out of a club

    Felix GrigoryanFelix Grigoryan7 dagar sedan
  • the fact they use mikkel hansen shirt in the edit

    Magnus LyseMagnus Lyse7 dagar sedan
  • he will go in to history 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

    Rapids SimpsonRapids Simpson7 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: There is a 20% chance that Oh My Goal will make a "What the hell" video about him in 10 years.

    Cyborg Eats Food ツCyborg Eats Food ツ7 dagar sedan
  • It’s much easier to score these days then before

    ANT BLOXANT BLOX7 dagar sedan
  • seworld.info/will/qJqcs8Szp2NfmJs/video

    Dynamic CosmicDynamic Cosmic7 dagar sedan
  • Bro haaland obviously sprinted 6.60 metres in 6 seconds

    JezzyBaconJezzyBacon7 dagar sedan
  • Do 99 facts about fred

    Liverpool suger!Liverpool suger!7 dagar sedan
  • Haaland is better than Cr7

    Frank Waltet EbietomereFrank Waltet Ebietomere7 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: He has won less than 10 caps for Norway (I think)

    Adren SharapolliAdren Sharapolli7 dagar sedan

    Anotida SandenguAnotida Sandengu7 dagar sedan
  • 100 he loves football😂😂😂😂😂

    nabil kattaninabil kattani7 dagar sedan
  • he is a football player

    canincanin7 dagar sedan
  • Absolute beast, he's made for the top for sure.

    Andy DatexzzyAndy Datexzzy7 dagar sedan
  • the first norway player to score againts psg

    Christian Ajkwa HutaurukChristian Ajkwa Hutauruk7 dagar sedan
  • Beast mode 💪.

    jsbrobbey200jsbrobbey2007 dagar sedan
  • Fact 101: he has sprinted 60 yards in 6.64 seconds

    Moha WWEMoha WWE8 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact 100: he does not want a girlfriend

    Norbert Pantiru MafteiNorbert Pantiru Maftei8 dagar sedan
    • Cuz he scored n slot

      ICYCrewICYCrew4 dagar sedan
  • Fun fact 100: he is better than his dad

    Norbert Pantiru MafteiNorbert Pantiru Maftei8 dagar sedan
  • In a norwegian interwiev he said he almost never play fifa

    Cristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos AveiroCristiano Ronaldo Dos Santos Aveiro8 dagar sedan
  • 33 goals in 33 games, not 33 goals in 32 games

    Alexandru UilecanAlexandru Uilecan8 dagar sedan
  • Fact 101: he wants to move to Chelsea

    hexhex8 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: He is the only Norwegian to get the golden boy of the year.

    AmxnAmxn8 dagar sedan
  • Fact 100: he watched a FIFA youtuber named Zweback if you know you know

    George Petkov Football ChannelGeorge Petkov Football Channel8 dagar sedan
  • 100 things he never go bathroom after sleep😂

    Mc FloMc Flo8 dagar sedan
  • FACT 100: Along with Ronaldo and Zlatan, he also Idolize Swansea City Legend Michu and has performed his celebration while on international duty.

    Samuel Achedzi Mbir-BondzieSamuel Achedzi Mbir-Bondzie8 dagar sedan
  • 99 facts about David Luiz please

    L DonahueL Donahue8 dagar sedan
  • Love how the handball Haaland have a danish national shirt on!😂

    MoziMozi8 dagar sedan
  • He's rap G.O.A.T

    Karlo CrčićKarlo Crčić8 dagar sedan
  • make more content about haaland i like it

    Rafi FajrulRafi Fajrul8 dagar sedan
  • 3: 20 LMAO he sleeps with the balls he makes hat tricks with......maybe that's why his addicted to scoring goals.

    Single EntitySingle Entity8 dagar sedan
  • That Rap Music Video was cringy 😬😆

    aqill_ XDaqill_ XD8 dagar sedan
  • Technically there i 98 facts because you repeated that juve barca and other big clubs want to sign him

    Tiberio OrsiniTiberio Orsini8 dagar sedan
  • I’m Norwegian

    Football fanFootball fan8 dagar sedan
  • 99 things about pele

    Yahia AhmedYahia Ahmed8 dagar sedan
  • Man got bars tho🔥

    Ice Cream GuyIce Cream Guy8 dagar sedan
  • diffrent swedish striker I thought he was norweigen ???

    Ray JhaveriRay Jhaveri8 dagar sedan